Earthmother speaks to me:
"You don't believe yourself...
You don't believe
you own the power of the Universe within you...
But you do.
You don't believe
your touch on my pulse releases my soul to heal itself...
But it does.
It is your Journey to trust...
to journey until you trust...
And focus...
on the Gift you have been given...
Focus your love to heal...
Trust I will receive you,
because I already have."

In communion with the Earth,
I so become;
To hear her voice
and feel her soul as One:
Come, Visions of the Truth,
in Firesong --
That Life commune with me
and I belong.

Dimensions shift ....
quietly, imperceptibly:
a change in the Ocean's breathing
a sun-shadowing of Cirrus-touch
a quickening of Earthmother's pulse;
And so, within me
-- in the deep Stillness --
I feel Her take my hand:
"It's time to go."

The path lays before me;
Spiraling higher -
Each step a new center;
Each breath a new fire.
I am my own Path,
By choice and by call,
A small Celtic knot
In the Earthmother's shawl.

I can hear the rolling thunder
of ancient drums,
echoing in the night,
just beyond my Sight;
Earthdaughter comes --
her angry eyes flash,
tearing the darkened sky asunder...
she walks in Light;
she dances in the Fire
she comes before the blue-corn Moon,
wearing ashes and warpaint;
she sings to the Mountain,
and it erupts in joy.
--Paybacks are hell...

Rustling the leaves,
caressing the Web,
Earthmother sings
with trembling breath;
I spread my wings
and soar upon
her currents of dreams
and far beyond...
and find in Her lyrics
the core of my Spirit --
the heart of Her song.

Here, the Earthmother
dons her shamanic Mask
painted in golds and roses
in ashes and mosses;
Here, the Earthmother
chants her Sacred Song
rumbling deep intonations
soft incantations;
Here, Earthmother
dances about her Hoop
drawing the Questor to enter
her Mystic Center;

I watch as the Earthmother strums
the glowing ley-lines
of this Terran Web
-- like a celestial Harp --
with songs my Soul remembers;
She plays the haunting melodies
from a Time beyond Time,
drawing the mystic Breath
from out my Spark Wind across burning embers.