Ho! Eagle:
Sister of the East,
etched against the sunrise - ...
as an earth-toned star
above the Mesa’s breast - ...
Sing your Spirit-cry
that draws the Sun to freedom
and, eager, draws me too,
ever onward
to my Sacred Quest.

swift in your passage,
racing your shadow
across the Plains,
empower me--
lead me
to the place of quiet Rains.

The eagle tastes the wind and knows
the journey of the rain,
upon the current of the sky
from oceans far away.

Eagle Journey
I was watching an eagle fly. She landed on a branch. I was thinking about connecting with her. And, suddenly, I am on her branch. The nest between her and me is empty. Then, poof!, I am in the nest - small as an eaglet. Uh-oh! I know what that means! She is going to make me learn to fly. Yes, indeed! She reaches in and snaps me over the edge of the nest. Pure panic! "I can't fly!", I yell. And she says, "Of course not; not as long as you think you're human. Think you're an eagle!" Finally, she catches me, and flies back up into the nest. Uh-oh -- not the nest... Yes...here we go again... I have a feeling she's going to do this until I learn to fly. I tried to visualize through my panic of being an eaglet, of knowing myself to be an eaglet. That slows my fall. I managed to crash land into a lower branch. After a very long time of calming myself down, I managed to fly-hop to a higher branch. And I felt I was getting it... soon I would be flying.

The vision shifted, and next, I was flying as an eagle. I was trying hard to keep my perspective as an eagle. Suddenly, I must have made that complete shift to an eagle, and I heard:
"Now be an eagle-shaman - not a shaman being an eagle, but an eagle being a shaman...so to see not landforms but web-energy lines." And it worked...How cool was that!