Welcome, Crow!
Your Heyokah medicine is not lost on me...
You weave cacophonous glyphs
and black feathers
upon your Shield for protection;
but I know your Name
and Sacred Ways;
I know your Song
of balance and change...
Welcome, Crow:
I honor your Labyrinthine Spirit.

One crow speaks to me of rain;
Two crows, of some profit gained;
Three, of seeking; Four, of Sight;
Five, of moving toward the Light;
Six, the pull of Karmic choice;
Seven, of an Ancient Voice;
Eight, preparing; Nine, of fame;
Ten, the Sacred Law reclaimed.

One Crow, two Crow,
call my Name
Three Crows
balance Ice and Flame
Moon and Ocean
cross my Trail
Tidal Runes
of Horn and Grail;
One Star, two Star,
give me Sight
Three Stars key
the Gate of Light
Earth and Heaven
weave the Plan:
Crafters of
the Way I am.

Hamlin, revisited
Crow knows, but heís not saying
Whatís the price the piperís paying:
The rats have sued him and the town
For emotional damage and kinfolk drowned.