Journey to the Sky-People

I centered and grounded preparing for a Journey to the Sky-People for clarification of Tee's Vision. This was an incredibly difficult Journey. I don't know how much was me being hyper (even the drums were too fast, too loud, too much) or whether I was already tapping into the "environment" of my destination. Having voiced my intent, perhaps the Path there was so "different", as to affect me in some energy way. In any case, I turned the drums off, and resumed my Journey.
Finally, I ended up in a "place" where I was in "contact" with the Sky-People. It seemed as noisy as a crowded bus station. I called my intent out to them, seeking two specific "entities". One was "Light, or Fire", and the other was "Cloud, or Water". There didn't appear to be anyway these "entities" could manifest themselves for my limited Human conceptual skills. At some level, we agreed on a contact-visual. They used the "color-sparkly-beams" like I had seen in the movie, "The Fifth Element": Yellow for Light/Air; Red for Light/Fire; Blue for Water/Cloud; adn Green for Earth/Fire.
Although I could hear many, many "voices", the Ones who were talking to me were clearer, more intense, somewhat louder. The message they had, basically, again had to do with the Call and with the Change. There seemed to be many other "entities" or "spirits" there, that didn't feel I should even be there - nevermind asking questions. As if I were way too limited, unevolved, to even have the smallest comprehension of where I was, "who" they were, what I was even doing. However, the two - who I had asked aid of through my intent - did give me some information that I could use.
They spoke of cycles, in the sense that they (the Sky-People) revealed themselves to "others" in a cycle before Changes. It was their Calling to do this - a Directive of the Prime Source/ Original Cause. They revealed themselves for "chosen others to see", although they were visible to all. They went in a particular order, according to the "Directive".
"For Tee, then, last year the "Light/Air" manifested; and this year the "Cloud/Water". That she incorporated their message within the paradigm of nuclear holocaust is the plane of existence/understanding that she is at. Not that such things won't transpire. They could. But nothing is pre-set at all levels. It reflects a very very major Change for her. Tell her to watch next year, and the following years (as those are her cycles), and then she will know what to do. Not before."