Time of Change: signs

a touch of alchemy
a touch of lightning
and the self metamorphosizes
and no one realizes
what comes of that -
it just is.

there will be this change
and in this change
our hearts and eyes and mind will change
and the path will become visible
and we will slip through the veil
as if through a door
and a new world will unfold before us
and we will have no words.

i saw us slip up and through
and though i did not see us as changed
yet i knew we were
and all about us was not yet formed
yet the path was solid
and each in turn helped the next through
and i looked all around
and beheld a tree manifest before us.

slowly, mindfully, i went to the tree
and knew it to be holy, sacred, waiting
and i knelt before her
with my hands against her bark
and she said to me,
'welcome home, children'.

and i saw you next to me
and you also had knelt
and i heard her whisper something to you
and you smiled
it was a smile that lit up your whole soul
and you glowed softly
and i could not help but smile -
you had found peace.

she then said to me,
'be gentle with your thoughts and words
be mindful;
all you choose to want is here
and will manifest for you;
and i thought of a cat
and she laughed:
'you cannot manifest a cat;
they come and go as they please;
i am sure you will find one though.

i turned and watched
as more people came through
what seemed a portal -
and many seemed puzzled to be here -
though none afraid.


Lightning flash -
and i am not the same;
Dust and Ash to
Light and Fire are changed;
Sacred Touch
assures me I belong;
Weave of Love
remakes me in Its Song.


A sacred spark of alchemy
and I am changed –
it is not that I am not here,
but that you cannot see me
or hear me,
as if I were a ghost;
neither can I speak to you
nor bring you “here”,
because this “here”
is not a place or time –
it is outside that paradigm –
and so I cannot bring you “here”
nor is it wise for me to stay –
our paths diverge,
and I must go my way.


It is a Set of causes and conditions
It is a Grace beyond all expectations
It is a Touch that alchemizes each
It is a Change that none can know or teach.


Talk to the Hydrogen source; It knows it is One with the Force -
Knows that Carbon and Neon exist, knows that some of these things co-exist…
But "Water" is not in its Lore; not on the Table of Elemental store;
So It has no construct what water might be, has no use for the word, "Alchemy".
... "Magic. Bah, humbug!"...


What sparks this Alchemical Change?
What determines which Sentience is touched?
What frequency Shift so tranforms,
that i can't even know who i was?


The waterways are shifting
Deep beneath the mantle
Upon the Earthmother’s shoulders
The waterways are shifting
To fit new patterns
Migrating to new destinations
Along new meridians
As the ley-lines shift as well
And within me I must allow
For that same change and shift
A deepening and lift
Change my pulse to match Hers
Change my heartbeat
Change my breath
This is not death
But alchemical resurrection
A new direction
A new connection
And within me I must allow
Beyond all my fears right now
I must breathe it in and change
Shift and rearrange
Become reborn into the Earth
And know myself anew.

Alignment: 12-21-2012