Celtic Circle Crossing

I step beyond my mortal thoughts
into the Void of Sacred Ways
into the Core of Sacred Truth
upon the Web of Spirit's Hand:
I stand amazed -
and know I am.

Phoenix rising
Dove descending
Two aspects of One Spirit;
And manifesting
In the blending,
You call my Name: I hear it.

Within a tear, the Oceans roar;
within a flame, stars glisten;
within a leaf, grand forests grow;
within a Child, God listens.

I stand in transition
transfixed by the Fire
that falls from your Hand
and spirals me higher
til all that's within
is the same as without --
and I am that Fire
and I hold no doubt.

No longer pondering at the Portal -
I step within your Word...
and all my Soul is filled with glory,
and all my Self is stirred...
How awesome does thy Light illumine!
there are no words to say...
How powerful thy Touch igniting
this heart of mortal clay!

Death is but a simple name
Man wrote upon a Door
With a raven on the lentil's ledge,
announcing "Nevermore!"
And yet the Truth is merely that:
tis a name that holds no breath
Man feared the bridge across the creek
and so, he called it "Death"

Vision intensified by His will,
As if, like the dawning, all was still:
Breath held, heart paused,
Soul braced on the edge...
Awaiting the touch of the Spirit,
Of Light reaching out to what's near it:
Breath held, heart paused,
Soul braced on the edge
Of His Cup.

Tis so silent
And imperceptible
That tis hard for Man to see
That his Home
Once known as Eden
Has become Gethsemanee.

The secure ground
Must be found
Within me...
It is not

By light, so lit
By thought, so writ:
And once done,
Done forever;
By hand, so formed
By heart, so warmed
And once done,
Done forever;
By will, so spun
By faith, so won:
And once done,
Done forever...

"Here," the Angel says,
"wait patiently on the day;
for all that comes --
all that the Spirit wills -
flows as the river,
neither tarrying
nor hurrying without pause;
neither moving
one pebble without cause;
wait, sit here -
share this cup of tea...
and in this joyful stillness,
God will call
and answer Thee."

It isn't easy
To reckon the way
Of the Wind:
It hides its footprints
In the clouds.

We've all done the best we can
With what we've learned and understand;
We've all lived the best we know
With what we're given here below;
We've all loved the best we could -
No matter how we felt we "should";
And who we are is quite enough
Even though the Stone's still rough;
We do our best with what we're given -
And leave the polishing up to Heaven.

"It is enough", She says,
"to be here, to be still,
to pray with me;
leave well until tomorrow
the Visions of Prophecy."

The grasses know
The oak trees know
The stream and rock agree
That Spirit's grace
Pervades all space
Beyond all we can see;
In every bird
Resides the Word ...
She breathes within the sea:
And so, 'twould seem
Tis not a dream
To feel Her love in me.

Tis a gentle stream
In this mystic dream
That draws me to its depths,
That nothing else
Remain of self
Except Thy sacred Breath.

In the rustling of the leaves
God speaks
And the autumn wind believes.

All souls are equal in design
The difference set by need
What learning hasn't been attained
The circumstance will feed:
To learn that eyes deceive the most
Seeing color, beauty, strength
And never once to glimpse the soul,
And see the truth within;
To learn that senses tend to steer
Along the shallow shores
Avoiding depths they tend to fear
And seeking nothing more;
To learn that life is what you seek
And love - all that you are -
All yours to be, deny, or curse
All yours to heal or scar.

Like the sun
Has no coming
And no going
But rather
An eternalness
And warmingness
Gently touched
And smiled upon
By God.

You are unique
You are important
You are a gift of God:
To me
To yourself
To others...
We each are...
And that's what's beautiful.

In my darkness, She beckons me -
Like a back-door lantern on a stormy night;
In my weakness, She carries me -
Like the gentle wind of morning's first light;
In my poorness, She heals me -
Like a springtime rain on my fevered heart;
In my gladness, She sings with me -
Like a chord resolving my minor part.

Conversation with Jesus:
"Hold me, forever."
"I'm holding you, Child."
"I'm scared. And I'm cold."
"And I'm here."
"Lead me to safety."
"Keep hold of my hand."
"I'm lost in this darkness."
"No fear."

Prodigal Daughter
O Lady, tis only me
come knocking at your Gate;
I know tis dark and chilly, too...
and yes, it's kind of late...
but, Lady, tis only me
come Home from foreign shores...
how wondrous then to feel Your hug
before I reach the Door!

Oh, my Lady of deepest blue,
I feel your Spirit here,
Within me and around me
Soothing every fear...
Reaching through my Universe
To touch my Sacred Star -
My Lady, I feel your Presence
And know you are not far...
More like the Universal Wind
That breathes through deepest Space
Surrounding and investing all
With Spirit's Sacred Grace...
And so, within this lonely soul,
I feel thy Peacefulness:
You lay your hands upon my heart,
And leave me truly blessed.

Spirit Shaman
To hear without listening
the music of the Spheres
To see without looking
the beauty that appears
To feel without touching
the essence of Love
To know without thinking
the wisdom thereof
To walk without footprints
upon the smooth sand
To stand without shadows
where very few can
To love without question
what Spirit deems to send
To reach without breaking
the soul of a friend.

"Wish you were here",
I wrote on my prayer.
I sent it to Heaven;
I thought You were there.
Then came a reply
From out of my dark,
"You look in the Tomb,
when I'm here in your heart."

As deep and intricate as a Weave can be
Is that which Spirit creates
Connecting ancient Celtic rites
With certain future dates;
Their tombs aligned to catch the light
On each mid-winter's eve
And so the Son was born that night
To touch those who believe.

A gentle fire
Runs along
The ley-lines of my soul,
Neither burning
Nor consuming
But rather lighting
A soft blue glow
Upon my Web,
Revealing the Sacred Maze
Within me.

If you shift perspective,
you shift the Chaos
Into a labyrinth of Light;
And so the Children
who seek the Spirit
Can follow the Path at night.

The sand
Moves through the hourglass
Only as Spirit wills:
Or absolutely still.

When darkness seeps into the soul
Til self, in imposed blindness,
Denies all else and loses
Perspective of the Whole...
Tis time to lay all thoughts to rest
Til self can smile in finding
Reality's illusions
Are only that, at best.

Have you ever drunk of a Rainbow,
Or eaten of its bread,
Wandered its sacred hallways
Or walked upon its thread,
Conversed with Spirit deeply
Or danced within its Fire?
Have you ever drunk of a Rainbow,
And not been lifted higher?

If I want for something,
Then I must believe
I do not have it:
Believing that illusion
Perpetuates the want.

Behold, in the cup of my hand
Are all the stars of the universe,
Rivers dancing into waterfalls,
Green pastures
And grand mountains,
Eagles and unicorns,
My closest friend
And fiercest enemy...
So then, when I perceive the Truth, I see
There is no want, only choice.

Epiphony: the Choir of Epiphany
In harmony of Spirit's Call,
we sing in praising - one and all...
communion in one Family
to celebrate Thy Mystery.
In house or church, we drink Thy wine;
we break Thy bread, becoming Thine:
this Invitation holds us bound
within a sacred, mystic Sound.
How wondrous does Thy Love bestow
that Touch of Spirit we all know -
to spark within each heart and tone
such Love and Peace as brings us Home.
(Tune: #660 in the Hymnal - "O Master let me walk with thee...")
Maryton, Henry Percy Smith (1825-1898)*

I am the Word,
Of the Word,
With the Word,
Defined by the Word,
An Utterance of the Word:
A sound
A concept
A way of Life –
All that is
Seen and unseen…
I am the Word;
God spoke me,
And I am.

I am too serious
And yet
Not nearly evolved
As I expect;
Higher, the Angels
Laugh and smile -
"Lighten up," they say,
"let go for a while."

The path lays before me;
Spiraling higher -
Each step a new center;
Each breath a new fire.
I am my own Path,
By choice and by call,
A small Celtic knot
In the Earthmother's shawl.

Not seen as Oneness,
The experience only known
By the awakening
Of the philosopher
Who rolls away the stone.

You are already
in the palm of God’s hand;
you are just not aware of it.

Make right your heart,
and become like the rain.

"If you invite me in,
then I shall respond;
for I was already there,
but was not in your awareness."

Yes, there is always a choice -
but it is veiled in depths
of unacknowledged, unknown fear,
so that the conscious mind of the Self
does not recognize the existence of choice in its heart,
and cries.

Sometimes the change is so deep
I have no clue of its happening
except for the subtle ripples
in the currents of my heart.

You are never lost. You are Here.
You believe you are lost because
you believe you should be somewhere else.
But...you are Here.
Enter then into the present of this Place
like a centered and grounded stranger -
confident, open, and at peace.