Holistic Tower of Babel

That is an interesting vision... seeing the Tower of Babel incident, not just in the sense of linguistics but also in the sense of fragmentation of the Whole, of Oneness... of the Knowing of Oneness. As it is true that the healing must first begin with Self, so then I work on my own inner Babel... my different voices that speak to different needs and desires I have... going to work or not, exercising, eating right (or Krispy Kremes, Starbucks,etc...), journeying, self-growth counseling, yardwork, social and spiritual responsibilities... Then, beyond my inner linguistics are my own issues that fragment me... issues that deal with fears and insecurities that exist because I believe their illusions and their existence. And the biggest issue of all: dealing with the false assumption of separateness from the Whole of Creation, from others, from approval/acceptance/love, from fear/gossip/trouble... I have come to understand that my World is a reflection of my perception, laid like a picture negative upon the Light of Spirit. And it is all One; I am all One; we are all One. We can re-integrate the Tower of Babel within us... and then, re-integrate into the World... into all Worlds... into One with Spirit.