Whom do you seek, and why?
and who am I to you?
Weaver of the Stars and Sky,
what am I to do?
From somewhere else returned,
as called by Prophecy --
what more am I to learn
of Star-borne destiny?
Whom do you seek, and why?
Explain, Antarean...
"A promise to keep and guide you --
repaying my Ancient Friend."

This conversation is a composite of many I have had with the Captain of an Antarean ship. We do not converse often because of the possibility of detection by others who are also nearby, but from an entirely different region of "space". They are not friendly to Antareans. They are not particularly friendly to us, although they appear to be. All is not as it seems. Not with "encounters", "sightings", or "visits". But, in any case, the Captain is aware of me, and protects - though at a distance. There comes a Time, he says, when he will reveal himself in that protection, when things are at their worst on this planet. He says he will shelter me, and those who are aligned with me. When I ask for timelines, he just answers: "Listen."