Whispers of Advent

The cycle adjusts one-third higher
and spirals once again around the Spirit's heart
and somewhat through it
like a staircase lifting me somewhat higher
with each step I take...
and then, in Stillness, I take a breath
and let go the concept of cycles and spirals
of stairs and going higher,
and going somewhere else or more...
and learn to be right here
with God.

Spirit speaks:
"Be not afraid
to be as compassionate as you are,
as strong as you are,
as loving as you are,
as smart as you are,
as human as you are,
as mystic as you are;
Be not afraid
to be who you are,
because you can never step
beyond the reach of my arms."

"When you speak of 'Journey', then,
refer to this:
that through your manifestation
on this Earth,
I journey as well."

"Invite me to your campfire.
Invite me to walk beside you.
Invite me to dinner.
Invite me to the chase.
Invite me on the Quest.
Invite me to be your Companion,
and let us journey on!"

"Go to the farthest edges of your world,
to the edge of the forest, to the edge of the sea,
beyond which you have yet to journey...
make your intent be to journey into awareness
and discernment of Spirit,
and toss it like sparkling faery dust
in front of you...
and, behold!
a Path appears,
beyond the very edges of your Being."

"It is a journey,
not of going
but of being;
there is no map
or compass
- no mortal sign -
empty your pockets,
empty your heart,
your mind;
let go of the handrail
and the anchored rope...
close your eyes
and breathe
in the darkness,
can you feel the moon's touch
on your face?
Be still, then,
until you can,
for I am yet a softer touch than that --
and you have chosen to walk this night
that I may know it as well,
but you do not walk it alone
- Be still -
and know the guidance proffered...
the kiss of dew upon the morning rose
is much harsher than my hand
brushing your worried brow;
the whisper of sunrise spoken to
the winter forest crackles loudly
next to my healing prayer in your heart...
Be still.

"The Journey is ours:
I walk hand in hand with you;
I spoke you into Being,
and gave you freedom to speak...
but the Word is no less than the Speaker,
nor the Speaker less than the Word...
- the expression is unique -
and each, according to the choosing,
draws the boundaries of their manifestation
about them as a cloak...
but, truly, there is no cloak,
no boundary,
between you and I...
and that's the Great Mystery:
Be still, and know this.

"To journey is to move...
as if there is somewhere
that is not here,
that holds you somehow more;
as if there is someone else
somewhere else
just some other else
that somehow holds you more.
You are all here -
all of you is here
right here
within me,
and the Journey
is only a matter of discernment
and trust.
You are good enough -
right here, right now."

and so I ponder these words...

I can only know Spirit as deeply as I know me
I can only love Spirit as deeply as I love me
And yet I know that within the Stillness that is Spirit,
there is no depth
- no sense of deepness -
only a sense of Beingness.
There is no sense of concepts
such as love and peace
because they exist without opposites,
without boundaries,
without definition -
a resonance that fills
any discernible emptiness
I may feel or think I have
without my intent
even to ask for filling.

Journey into Stillness:
a self-contradiction?
To move into Peacefulness
easing all friction?
Becoming or Being
as One with the Flowing?
Spoken or speaking-
One Word or One Knowing?
Tis a mortal conundrum
of a sacred Designing -
the more it is studied,
the deeper the twining...
the clearer the Vision,
the more intricate the Weave...
the sharper the thinking,
the more different we believe...
the richer the texture,
the less is discerned...
the more I am thinking,
the less I have learned.

To discern
admits of separation -
to see myself
unique within
Your sacred Presence...
defines my own mortality;
when, in Truth,
I am One with You,
and You are One with me.

Every time
I draw a line
to understand
a word, an act,
a sense of Vision
not quite spoken...
I thereby find
a sacred sign
upon the Land
that lets me know
the next Gate to be opened.