Other 911 Poems

The Last Call
She heard the loud explosion
And felt the building rock;
She headed for the stairway
And the hundred-story walk;
She felt the heat and shaking -
She knew the touch of Death;
She calmed herself, and kneeling,
She felt the Angel’s breath;
She prayed, and then determined,
She opened up her phone
And dialed with hesitation
Her final call to home...
...she never heard the answer
her child returned on cue:
"Mommy, mommy, be careful...
bye-bye...I love you, too."

Knights of the City
Into the midst of destruction,
Through darkness more evil than good,
Four hundred knights of the city
Went walking to save whom they could.

Shaking, the ground moved beneath them...
Crumbling, the walls barely stayed,
But four hundred knights of the city
Kept walking into the fray.

Into the rooms and the stairwells,
Closer to fire and death,
The four hundred knights of the city
Kept walking while searching for breath.

Guiding the people encountered
To exits and safety beyond,
The four hundred knights of the city
Helped the wounded…and kept walking on.

Then, sudden, the Towers surrendered,
To fall like a castle of sand...
And four hundred knights of the city
Were crushed by the Terrorist’s hand.

So here’s to the knights of the city
Who answered the Final Alarm -
Their spirits released by destruction;
Their souls now set free from the harm.

And yet, those true knights of the city,
Though buried beneath stone and steel,
Now work side by side with the Angels
On a much higher Battlefield.

Once the sun would sparkle on the towers of glass.
Once the sun would warm the city and the skies.
Now it seems to choke upon the dust and ash.
Now the screams of innocents become our cries.

Once the sun would welcome workers to the day.
Once the sun would sing with us of being free.
Now it seems to wear a shawl of mourning gray.
Now it seems to sigh a lonely eulogy.

See the Shadow touch our very heart and soul.
See the Shadow tear apart our families.
But as much as Darkness tries to make us cold,
We have found a Light to spark our Legacy.

To the ones now lost within those fiery flames,
To the ones with courage, acting past their fear,
To the ones who helped regardless of their fate,
We will stand, and honor you with loving tears.

Hand in hand, we raise ourselves above the dust.
We are One, and we are listening to the Call.
None can stand against us if in God we trust.
Hear our voices, ringing out: "America!"