I've been given an understanding that when Yeshua said, triumphantly,"I have overcome the World" - that what this, in real and practical terms meant, was that he had been able to move beyond being "of" the world - beyond the fears and apparent limitations of it. What he was able to do was provide an Opportunity for others to "choose" self-healing and self-deepening actions, or to "choose" self-defeating and self-harming activities. So, as God provided Yeshua an Opportunity to "overcome the World", so Yeshua - in turn- provided each "player" in his life and death an Opportunity to make "higher" choices. For every negative gesture and action towards him, Yeshua sent back and embraced with Love. He sent Love back through the whip to the Roman guard with each lashing. He sent Love back through the nail and hammer to the Roman guard preparing him for crucifixion. He sent Love back through the kiss tha Judas gave him. Can I ever hope to do this?