An appreciation for the arts separates the human kingdom from the animal. In a multitude of forms, textures, emotions, and ideologies, art showers the senses with an artist's own level of spiritual expression.

Inspiration can be a divine gift to the artist. The act of creating may become as worship, endowed with moral responsibilities. This action benefits the soul of the artist and the resulting artworks become the artist's responsibility to display, destroy, or set aside for another era.

Confucius proclaimed a picture is worth a thousand words. Baha'u'llah teaches that each word has seventy and one meanings. Thereby, a work of art can divulge seventy thousand and one significances. An artist, therefore, may gain more insight by listening to an audience react to his work.

An aura of mystery will toy with human curiosity. The mystical piece may possibly evoke the greatest number of comments. In the attempt to capture and communicate the mystical, my work has evolved towards an arcanumistic style.

Arcanumism leads to a greater introspection and promotes work that appeals to a greater public need. In a world of mediocrity, the intellectual still searches for a controversial piece, one that will stir the human soul.


Frederick C. Mohler, painter, sculptor, published poet, and humorist, has created pieces in various media since 1965. His traditional works are found in private collections on three continents. Locally, his "Orenda of Ohio" series has been offered in New Albany at Out of the Ordinary, in Dresden at Rooster's, Decor Galore, and the Dresden Village Association, also in Upper Arlington at Peddler's Village and Festival of Arts. Such works have found their way into Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain and across the United States.

He has studied with such notables as Michael Lee, Herschel Westbrook, and Sharon Turner of Columbus, William Dunn of West Salem, and Mary Anne Switzer of Mansfield, Ohio.

Frederick has assisted with projects at Fort Hayes Metropolitan High School and AmeriFlora '92 with both works and exhibitions. He has taught privately in his own studios, at Ohio State University for the Creative Arts Program, and as a Visiting Artist in Residence for the "Alive with the Arts" program sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and Bank One of Columbus, Ohio. He has also lectured internationally with programs, displays, and workshops at schools, libraries, churches, and the Boy Scouts of America (1993 - 1996).

Works by Frederick have been shown at NMLRA and NAPR events in Montana, Wyoming, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Other pieces were chosen in juried exhibitions for the Columbus Art League and the Worthington Arts Council with additional pieces displayed within a published interview in Arts Dialogue international and several Columbus publications. His pen and inks have been purchased by Rebel Publishing and Bend of the River magazine.

Available selections by Frederick were on view at the Bryn Avon and Regional Art Works galleries of Zanesville, Ohio, showing also at the "Line and Focus" downtown exhibition on 4th Street.

Having experienced numerous spiritual phenomenon in Spain, while sojourning in Tafalla (1995) creating a piece for a patron therein, he was given the name "Zoharo" by his hostess. He currently signs his latest works by such name and has been involved with extensive research developing his arcanumistic style and new medias.

During the administration of Zaneville's Mayor Swope, he assisted in the formation of the Zanesville Arts Project (later known as ZAAP, the Zanesville Appalachian Arts Project) within a committee of five local Zanesville participating artists.

His involvement in the local arts community of Zanesville continued after his moving his residence from Adams Township to his home and studio on Dresden Road in 1997. He actively participated in the continued presence of a growing art community at the ARTZ building (the old Armory) aiding Dr. Downing with events and operation of a gallery amid seven studios and a deli restaurant.

During such time, local artists began forming the Artist Colony of Zanesville. Having become involved in assisting sculptor Alan Cotttrill, "Zo" spent three years helping to bring the Zanesville Vase Project to completion with profits adding to the original coffer of the colony (2005 - 2008).

Due to the failing health of his wife and necessary full-time care, he took a long hiatus from local activities, centering his few moments in his private home studio creating works sold on the internet.

In 2018, "Zo" remodeled his home studio (Studio 2135) followed by opening a new gallery (Galleria) and enterprise (Muskingum Arts & Science Center) at 108 Taylor Street in Zanesville, Ohio in May of 2019.