The 21st Century Mystical Aesthetic


Arcanumism (arcane + mysticism): used to describe a method of artistic expression wherein there are four styles of communicating the mystical aesthetic.[See also,"arcanum"]

Imbued = from the imagination; imaginary, newly inspired.
Such would be naming a new concept,ie; creating a new word.

Altered = that which exists is changed to emphasize the context.
It may be likened to altering "encaustics" to mean "flacera" as using wax and a flame (heat) as a medium for expression.

Portrayed = that which is representational, as moving towards symbolic; a found object of significance, allegorical, or an allusion.

Transferred = where the work is an existing form(s), or object(s), utilized as a metaphor; metaphorical.

The last category best describes a majority of installations. The axiom, "A thought is a thing and a mood is a place" is the key combining both physical reality and the mystical quality. It is inherent in the hidden unity of Middle-Eastern mysticism and Western occultism.

If one's purpose is to connect with a particular culture, one must use the symbols that are inherent in the group mind. - Zoharo DeTafalla-

(See Arts Dialogue - December, 1995 - p.9 & 10.)
Arts Dialogue, Dintel 20, NL 7333 MC, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Glass eye - as an example of
"portrayed" arcanumism

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