HD XL Late Model
Shift Assembly Modification

by Zoharo

Shown (fig.1) are the Forward Controls - Shift Side, Shift Lever Assembly with after-market addons of
Foot Rest and Shifter Peg available from Harley-Davidson Dealership.

(fig. 1)

Below (fig. 2) the Shifter Rod Assembly has been removed from the Shift Lever Assembly and
the Shift Lever.

(fig. 2)

The Shift Lever Assembly (fig. 3) has been rotated clockwise 180 degrees.

(fig. 3)

In figure 4 the Pinch Screw was removed from the Shift Lever.
The Shift lever has been pulled and rotated clockwise 150 degrees (30 degrees left of top center).
The Shifter Rod Assembly was adjusted leaving 5/8" of threads exposed at each end.

(fig. 4)

Pinch Screw was inserted in Shift Lever and Shift Rod Assembly bolted (loosely) to the Shift Lever.
The custom Shift Peg is replaced with the original stock Shift Peg.
The custom Shift Peg has been placed on the original shifter arm using a 5/16x3x18 Allen Bolt
threaded through the Shifter Rod and Shifter Lever Assembly.
By loosening the nuts on the Shifter Rod Assembly and removing the bolt into the Shift Lever,
the linkage and level of pegs can be adjusted to suit the rider.
Tighten all bolts and nuts to complete.    - Zoharo - 2/5/2009

Below is a photo (fig. 5) of recent changes (2/14/09) to the Sportster foot shifter (Heel/Toe).

(fig. 5)

In my search, it was shown to me in the parts department at the local dealership, all Harley
Shifter Connecting Rods are 5/16 - 24 thread. It was also made known, customers do not always
keep their old parts when upgrading. Hence, I found a longer rod was available from old parts
(generally sold by a dealer on EBay).

As I am using my existing Heim Junctions, the dealer GAVE me the longer connecting rod
(saving me $85.00 for a complete rod assembly). The Heim Junctions on the Sportster are not as deep
as thread lengths on other models, therefore I cut off a 1/2" from each end of an 11" rod to
accommodate my placement of the foot shifter.