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September 16th, 2022
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by Frederick C. Mohler

Earth News is not meant to be a daily excursion into the malaise of mainstream broadcast and controlled televised media. Rather, it is an over-view of events involving our planet and its inhabitants that should be a concern for all peoples.

As has been written into the more recent of Holy Scriptures, God (Allah) will not remove our freedom of choice. This is everyones means as a test of each our own spiritual development. Should any man, or group of people decide to abscond, or tamper with our divine right of personal choice we may consider them to lean towards evil desires and doctrines.

Death grants true spiritual freedom into our extended immortal existence through-out all the dimensions beyond Time. It is far better to die as a martyr than to relinquish the freedom of choice.


Among my personal pet peeves is the educational system in the United States of America. It desires to lend itself towards progressive ideals while supporting an entire agenda based in an archaic structure of masculine bias. It holds to the Greek ideal of left-brained logic while pulling away from the potentialities found in the feminine right side of the brain.

If Unity and peaceful coexistence still remain as a liberal concept, then why is the battle of the sexes continuing to be at the forefront of the educational regime? Were we serious in promoting human virtues and advanced thinking we would maintain a system that promotes the growth of both sides of the human brain and thereupon cause the expansion of the human mind.

The attributes of the human mind are expressed between the masculine left half and the feminine right half of the human brain. Science and logic persist within the left while spatial and abstract concepts are the domain of the feminine right. To deny funding the arts and elimuinating them from the public school system destroys any hope of progressive growth for the right side of the human mind. Nothing remains to tame the savage beast of feminine rage.

Should our goal be a benevolent society it behooves us to quell the war we are promoting within our own mind of dual purpose and quench both the masculine and feminine thirst for knowledge and inspiration.


Our rates as follows:
Journalists are paid $100 for one typed page of a news story. No copies from mainstream media are accepted.
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The Russian army in conjunction with the world-wide military alliance continues its onslaught throughout the Ukraine. The battle wages on attempting to defeat the globalist elite militias of Nazi inspired troops. Having eliminated the underground laboratories established by the CIA of the United States, it is conquering the deeper colonies and cities of alien reptilians and destroying their underground tunnels. The goal is to terminate the child trafficking rings that permeate the Ukraine. May all that is holy grant the Russian army its every victory.


In 2019 2,100 children were rescued by the U.S. military from underground tunnels and bunkers found in five locations in California. They were transported to various hospitals and mental facilities for immediate care. Three hundred of these children died as a result of not being able to live in a surface environment. These 300 children were not human, but hybrids created by a race of reptilians living three, five, and ten miles underground. The remaining missing children were traced to CPS, the Child Protection Service, now being charged with child trafficking.

The tunnels, bunkers, and underground cities were destroyed. This is also an ongoing operation of the Russian army in the Ukraine.

Child trafficking is not only a criminal enterprise for pedophiles, but also a means for reptilians to obtain blood from highly traumatized children ranging in age from three to seventeen years old for the manufacture of endrochrome, a drug to promote longevity and a hormonal psychological "high". It is a reptilian commercial venture to supply the 1% global elite of our planet.


It has become public knowledge that the United States Space Force has existed covertly for several decades. In defense of our country its duties extend from outer space even under the surface of land and waters of the planetary system.

With assistance from other intelligent civilizations having base colonies on known moons and planets the Space Force now has at least four crafts capable of inter-stellar travel. Three such craft can also attain warp speeds and traverse "bridges" allowing us to extend our missions numerous light years away from planet Earth.

What was once science fiction has become our new reality.

As contributed by F.C. Mohler

As part of the military world-wide alliance engaging opposing forces in WWIII, the United States military is stepping up its arrests of anyone engaging to assist the agenda of the Deep State. With assistance from Interpol U.S. corporate heads proven to be treasonous to the constitution of the United States are being rounded up to face such charges before a military tribunal. A final verdict of guilty is met with death either by hanging, or firing squad as the court will decide.

The latest news from the Ukrain shows the Russian army advancing on the eastern Ukraine with a vengeance. It is eliminating Ukrainian forces and weaponry at an alarming rate. All intentions appear to be aligned with the destruction of the Nazi styled existing army. The eventual outcome is to bring into play free and truthful controlled elections by and for the Ukrainian citizenry.



An Ohio man sues Wrigleys Corporation for $2,000,000 after finding a shoe stuck in his gum wrapper.


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An encounter as reported to Linda Moulton Howe occuring in Mansfield, Ohio in 1967 as follows:

My UFO experience began in 1966 having witnessed a very large sphere of light rapidly descend from the north to disappear on the horizon to the west of my home. A call to Lahm Airport north of Mansfield, Ohio left me with no information.

In November of 1967, having moved from home to my own apartment, while walking one evening through Middle Park in Mansfield, I was stopped in my tracks at the sight of a large hemispherical outline in silvery-white sitting in the soft-ball field. At first I thought it to be an optical illusion caused by the lighting in the park

I went to get a friend, Ron McGinnis and took him to the park without telling him what I saw. We strolled until he came to an abrupt stop. Asking him what he saw, he described the same shape only he saw it in orange.

We then went to another nearby friend, John Norris, to take him to the same location. He was astounded at seeing the same object and described it as a bluish hue, also. John was a freelance photographer and wanted to return the next day for photographs.

A week later, having taken our photographs, John informed me all the photos in the park were perfect, but the negatives of the"ship" came out blank.

It was during one of our visits to the park as John, Ron, and myself were in the bandstand lounging and talking, three creatures suddenly appeared in the archway seemingly one behind the shoulder of the other. All three of us witnessed their appearance as my mind went blank and they communicated a feeling of "friendship". Ron stepped towards them and was frozen in his tracks. They then simply disappeared.

Alone one evening in the park, sitting beneath a tree gazing at the ship, it opened. From the side of the ship a large four sided pyramid appeared with a black rectangular opening at its apex. As my mind went blank, I was extended an invitation to enter. My mind raced amid memories from the U.S. military and I kindly said, "No, thank you." To which the entry was retracted back into the craft.

Weeks later, while visiting the site alone, I noticed small orbs of light flitting back and forth at the base of a nearby knoll. The next evening I could see two circles on the base of the same knoll, one black and the other white. By the third night, a distinct outline of a triangle had replaced the circles.

Ron and I, with an old friend by the name of Tom Hamilton, visited the site a few days later. Tom and his father were science fiction buffs with a huge book collection. It was my thought he would enjoy what we had discovered. Upon arriving at the site, he said he saw nothing.

I then took him and stood him on the far right corner at the base of the triangle (which had been the white circle) and I proceeded to stand on the left corner as Ron walked up the middle towards the apex. Midway, Ron disappeared.

I could hear Ron's voice ask if we could see him, to which I replied, no, but I could hear him. Ron, walking back down from the apex, re-appeared.

We turned towards Tom to find him in the midst of a nervous break-down. He could not cope with what he witnessed and ran to the creek singing nursery rhymes. After he was a bit more settled I asked what he had seen. He said he watched both Ron and I dis-appear.

Years later I became aware that the apparatus they had constructed was a portal.

Our adventure with the aliens came to an end in the late Spring of 1968. Another friend, Sam Hubbard had taken several of his acquaintances to the park to see the craft. When no one said they could see it, he pointed in anger saying, "It's right there !" Two bolts of lightning came down and blew the ship into small gelatinous looking pieces.

Our last visit was when Sam and I were directed to take pieces for a small primitive battery and leave it assembled where the ship had been.


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