Updated June 11, 2003
Please Note: These stories are not, nor shall ever be, available on a Mag7 fanfic archive.

The Umbra Series


A Magnificent Seven: ATF AU / Knight Rider: Fire & Ice AU Crossover Series.

Disclaimer: Vin and the rest of The Magnificent Seven are copyrighted to TNN, CBS, MGM, The Trilogy Entertainment Group, and The Mirisch Corp. The ATF AU was created by Mog. Michael, Kitt and the Knight Rider premise belong to Glen A. Larson and Universal. Nick, Karr, and the neural link belong to Birgit Stäbler. These stories are strictly for entertainment, yours and my own. No monetary gain is made from them. Please don't sue.

Keywords: Alternate Universe, Crossover, Action/Adventure, some Angst, some Humor. No Romance. No Original Characters, no Mary-Sues! Rated PG-13 due to violence and language.

Author's Notes: These stories are unusual. They are crossovers, but they cross two previously established alternate universes. In the Magnificent Seven fandom, a wonderful woman named Mog created and opened the ATF AU. It has since been built into a whole new world that has become as real as the original Old West of the TV series. In the Knight Rider fandom, Gryph has had no less of an impact with the creation of her Fire & Ice AU. The characters of Alex, Nash, Nick and Karr, and the creation of the neural link, are copyrighted to Birgit Stäbler (a.k.a. Gryph or Macx). They are used with permission. (These stories have no relation to Macx's Borderlines or Denuo AUs.)

While it is possible to read and enjoy these stories even without a familiarity with either of the AUs involved, I strongly recommend reading them just for the pleasure of it. There are many truly fantastic stories in both of these fandoms, and the founding stories are among the best.

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Special Thanks: First, a big thanks to my three betas! Val (JJJunky), Timovena, and even Gryph herself -- your input was invaluable. Gryph especially, for being so kind as to allow me to borrow her interesting characters and to answer my many questions so I could do them justice. There are brief references to events in her stories "Beyond Loyalty", "Payback", "The File", and "Liability". Thank you to Mog, for starting the M7 ATF AU, and to those great authors who've continued it. Also to those who provided name's for the Seven's horses. Vin's horse, Peso, uses his own name. Ezra's horse, Chaucer, I believe was originated by Kristen. And credit for Chris's horse, Pony, goes to LaraMee. Lastly, thanks to my father (an electrical engineer) for his technical expertise.

ATTENTION: By request of an interested reader (Hi Rebecca!), alternate scenes cut from the main stories of The Umbra Series are being (slowly) posted under the Fragments section. Fans of Gryph will be familiar with the format.

Story #1: "Predators and Prey" Teaser
Summary: Nick gets kidnapped and Karr heads for Denver to get help from a former secret operative turned federal agent. Features Vin Tanner (M7) and Karr (KR). Set in 2001: three years into The Magnificent Seven's ATF Alternate Universe, and three years into Michael and Kitt's partnership with Nick and Karr in Gryph's Knight Rider 'Fire & Ice' Alternate Universe. Mainly KR-oriented, but with strong M7 representation. Complete

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Story #2: "Cartoons, Crime, and Coincidence" Teaser
Summary: The prequel to "Predators and Prey"; an interlude story. The story of how Vin and Alex first met, in which Nick conscripts the Hunter to help him rescue a kidnapped child. Set four years prior to "Predators and Prey", in 1997, but should be read after that story.

Story #3: "Boom Shakalaka!" Teaser
Summary: The sequel to "Predators and Prey". Denver is under siege by an apparently insane bomber, one which Vin soon discovers hides a horrible secret. A story of death and destruction that could have catastrophic repercussions for Team Seven. Set in 2002 or 2003. Mainly M7-oriented, but with KR elements and guest appearances. ETA... TBA.

Final Note: For the curious, click to view a Timeline of Nick and Vin's lives relative to each other.