Draw A Stickman
Interactive animation game where you draw a stickman and then he does things, with your help. Creative!
Ben Has Two Gay Friends (1/2) by regala_electra
Sequel to Ben Has Two Dads. A Glee/Supernatural Cracktacular Crossover, with Kurt/Blaine and implied Ben/Female, Sam/Dean. Where Ben Winchester transfers to Dalton and either helps or ruins Kurt Hummel’s life depending on who’s telling the story. A stirring tale of dude-bonding, how Blaine Anderson is temporarily categorized to be a douche bro under the estimation of a Mr. B. Winchester, a mystery of a slow-motion hallway is never solved, the heartbreak of first love is nursed via playing fairy godmother to a pair of lovestruck idiots, a GTO might actually save the day, and there is awesome air guitaring. The less said about the accidental almost-stabbing the better.
Ben Has Two Dads by regala_electra
When Ben turns thirteen and learns that Dean Winchester is his father, he runs away to join his father (and uncle). A tale where boys are boys, Vikings are Vikings, unicorns go to Candy Mountains, Dean and Sam are in big gay love, and Ben becomes a Winchester.
Good of the Many by ladydragon76
Written for [info]primescream for the Beginnings Challenge. Prompt used: #6. Any: To end the war, a truce and peace offerings are made. It's decided to seal the treaty with a ceremonial bonding - Megatron nominates Starscream, and Optimus refuses to candidate anyone but himself, both with very specific reasons in mind.
Rainbow Dash Attack - MLP Flash Game
Yes, somebody actually made a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic video game and it is EPIC! (Fan-modified version of the Rainbow Unicorn Attack flash game, whee!)
Free Online Image Conversion - Simple & Easy Converter (Images, Graphics, Avatars, Anime ...)
surely shifted my way by Traincat
Kinkmeme fic: The one where Erik and Charles get engaged, Raven is an x-treme wedding planner and the kids get way too involved. Oh, and there are doves everywhere. Modern slightly!AU, where everyone is together and alive and happy because it's weddingfic and weddingfic is allowed to do that.
Down From The Gallows by lembas7
Same verse as 'Signs and Warnings' and 'Rearview'. The jig is up, the news is out. He's finally found them. Victor Henrickson-centric.
Rearview by lembas7
Sequel to 'Signs And Warnings'. When Sam and Dean put a town in their rearview mirror, they rarely go back. But there's an exception to every rule . . .
Lost Sons by stargazer86
Following SPN 5.10 and DF 11 Turn Coat: Cas is attacked and loses Dean's amulet in the Nevernever. Gabriel tells the brothers about Knights who have three swords that can be used against angels. The wizard in the Chicago yellow pages could fix everything.
Lost In The Woods by Ardwolf
Captain Picard's bad day just got a lot worse, courtesy of Q. Which is nothing compared to the day Malcolm Reynolds is about to have when River starts babbling about the kindly t'ien lung [Dragon] and his curious bunny rabbit… ST:TNG/Firefly crossover.
Unique by claudiapriscus
Nobody kills in Dexter's town and gets away with it.
No Matter Where You Go, There You Are (1/2) by everybetty
John decides that Ronon and Teyla need to see the USA. Their road trip makes an unexpected detour. Whole team plus one.
Danger Is A Relative Thing by Tielan
And Sheppard and co. think Pegasus is a dangerous place? (aka the Carjacking fic)
The You And Whose Army Job by liviapenn
"This is how you talk to women?" says Hardison from the peanut gallery. "Really?" (Another Eliot vs Teyla fic)
The Making Of Eliot Spencer by Tielan
Eliot Spencer walks into a bar and meets...Teyla Emmagan.
The Asgard Don’t Wear Pants by sentientcitizen
General O’Neill and Senior Airman Joshua Roberts have a little discussion about Captain Jack Harkness, the DADT policy, and a few pertinent details about the Asgard.
Unsingable Name by 30toseoul
He doesn't exactly make a habit of asking his commanders about their personal feelings toward fags. Lorne/Parrish, accidental outing.
Of Ancient Languages and Ancient Inventions by Flamebyrd
Methos had to admit that after spending all that time hanging around Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, Defender of Honour and Chivalry and Hero of the Highlands, he found Dr. Rodney McKay rather refreshing.
On Dying and Living by ca_pierson
John Sheppard missed his sword more than he'd ever thought possible. What he didn't miss were other Immortals. Written, appropriately, for Cliche_Bingo.
Choices by Kyrdwyn
Choices can be made, or made for us.
Missionary Position by trinityofone
The Wraith blinked at him—it looked like it was having its own mental meteor storm. “You have sex...and live?” “Yes, and then if we’re lucky, we have it many, many more times! Right, Ronon?” Ronon nodded his assent. “We like the fucking.”
Five Things John Does Around Atlantis That No One Will Ever Suspect of Him by kyizi
Super secret stealthy smart!Sheppard sneaking around Atlantis being awesome.
A Lesson in Evil (1/6) by sgamadison
A series of ghastly deaths has Holmes and Watson on the trail of a dangerous murderer--but John Watson will soon find out that there is much more at stake than merely capturing a vicious killer.
Brought Me Down by geek_beauty
A vacation turns into something more for a retired John. Sweet, gentle John Sheppard/Steve McGarrett pairing.
Armistice by ester_inc
Thor and Loki have been psychically bonded due to unknown circumstances; to say that Loki hates the bond would be an understatement. Written for Porn Battle XII.
Not Half As Blinding by keire_ke
Cuban beach AU. Charles discovers that death does, in fact, solve everything. (aka the Twin Brother Matthew fic)
No I in Team by leupagus and sutlers
In which no one on Five-0 wants to act out military-themed gangbang porno. (Thankfully!)
Any Day Now by libraryofsol
Raven's smiling so hard her face has to hurt, and he can feel the wash of her amusement. It's mildly humiliating. Crossdressing kink.
Res Ipsa Loquitur by Tammaiya
Danny is not married to Commander Steve Goddamn McGarrett, despite what the entire island seems to think.
Chimera by JoeLawson
Mix Alec, his out-of-control pheromones, and a reluctantly attracted Ames White, then add a dash of Manticore meddling and stir.
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by JoeLawson
Detective Danny Williams is not what Steve expected. (aka the Mer folk fic)
Unalienable by Basingstoke
Movieverse AU Crossover. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. (aka the Immortals Are Mutants fic)
This is So Wrong by kaitlia777
Girl!Ryan AU, written for the Castle Kinkmeme. Ryan gets a face full of a genuine mad scientist's unknown chemicals and turns into a girl. Brains break all around.
A Man Short by Goody
The Leverage team is a man short for a job, but luckily Eliot has someone they can call for help, his cousin Shawn Spencer.
Five Familial Cliches by Sonic Serendipity
Or, four times Nate unconsciously spoke out of the Dad Handbook and one time that turnabout was fair play.
Not A Villain Series by Tallihensia
When Clark makes a discovery about Conner, honor forces him to tell Lex. Then Conner, Clark, and Lex take the next steps back to each other.
Skin Deep by manic_intent
Written for the kinkmeme, Everyone-is-a-werewolf AU. Erik happens upon a seemingly abandoned mansion in Westchester during a full moon and finds an insanely clueless werewolf living in isolation.
Hogwarts: A (Marvelous) History, or: Thor and Loki's Excellent Adventure by altilis
Thor and Loki take a vacation in England, circa 990 C.E. They don't intend to stay. None do. (aka Loki as Slytherin, Thor as Gryffindor, and together they found Hogwarts)
The Silent World Within You by Femme and noeon
Harry only wanted Malfoy for one night, one birthday. It wasn’t meant to be anything more.
On The East Wind by ???
Nanny!Harry Kinkmeme prompt: Harry, Marcone, Ivy, Amanda, G-rated with occasional profanity. I apparently can't do proper AUs in this fandom, so this is a branching-from-canon AU: the White Council didn't find out about Harry after Justin; instead he went into the foster system again until he hooked up with Nick and Ragged Angel Investigations, and he's trying to stay under the radar as a minor practitioner. This changed all sorts of other things for other people too.
In the Upright Position by autoschediastic
"I believe that was a challenge, sir." (aka Tony Stark vs Starscream)
Some Assembly Required by manic_intent
For the kinkmeme: "Alex and Hank were two teenagers who frequently fight in school. One fight got so bad that the principal called in their fathers (as both came from single-parent families)/ guardians for a conference. This was how Charles and Erik meet." X-Men First class movieverse AU.
Time to Grow by zarah5
Movieverse. In which you'll find chess dates which aren't dates (or maybe Charles is wrong about that). -- Based on First Class, this turns (slightly) AU during the beach scene.
never too late to be who you might have been by acetamide
Movieverse, X2 and X-Men: First Class spoilers. Erik wakes suddenly and takes a deep breath, and realises that there is nothing.
In Which John is a BAMFy MoFo, OMG by ???
I just want to see someone (or maybe a group of people) try to fight John, and then he proceeds to beat the crap out of him. Serious bonus points if Sherlock and the gang somehow see this. Maybe it was captured on camera or they showed up as it was going down, whatever works.
Hot Space by sprl1199
Unable to entirely quit hoping for more despite the cooling of their friendship, Methos drops in unannounced at MacLeod’s new residence in Seacouver. Mac isn’t in, and after being woken by an unlikely intruder with an even more unlikely story, the ROG comes to the conclusion that his absence isn’t exactly voluntary. Investigation ensues. Duncan/Methos first time slash.
The Thousandth Man by TranseMacabre
Kinkmeme: Arranged Marriage AU. There has never been a war between Asgard and Frost Giants but they are in a constant cold war, per se. Odin and Loki's father (do not make me spell his name) arrange a marriage between their first borns. I want both of them not super happy but obviously, understanding the situation and doing what they need to do and trying to be good spouses. Bonus for a wedding night porn.
I'll Be Yours by sarkywoman
Basically, a psychological story that explored all the strange undercurrents of their relationship as brothers and rivals who want to fuck each other.
Unforseen Side Effects by MissKittye
Kinkmeme: In a quick effort to make Loki docile, the Avengers release a chemical that only drugs Asgardians. It gets Thor too, but hey, they had no choice. But Loki and Thor aren't so much docile as incredibly affectionate (except when Loki turns his lazy, heated gaze on one of the Avengers, at which point Thor turns into a possessive caveman and fucks Loki right in front of them. And Loki mewls like a kitty in heat).
Can't Go Back the Same Way You Came by Pell
Loki lets go. This is what happens after. (A post-film fixit fic, which I really kinda wish had gone with the other option for an ending.) Mild Thor/Jane in background.
Growing Panes by PaBurke
A class reunion of sorts.
Into the Fire by Piscaria
As the base's resident expert on human culture, Sam had fumbled his way through some pretty awkward conversations, but even he didn't feel up to tackling the questions Bee would have once he learned that his best friend had somehow developed a fetish for alien robots.
This Thing of Ours (It Needs a Better Name) by leupagus
Cosa Nostra: (kō'sə nō'strə) etym: Italian n. The branch of the Mafia operating in the United States. Literally, "our thing" or "this thing of ours." (aka the mafia!Danny fic)
Thirty-Six Hours and Fifteen Minutes by leupagus
It turns out knowing that Steve's breath catches whenever you press teeth against his throat doesn't mean he can't still make you want to murder him whenever he launches himself off a roof in pursuit of a suspect or decides there's not enough time to put on his vest before busting into a meth lab and beating people up.
When All of New York City Misses You by leupagus
Steve looks thin -- like he looked when they first met, actually, fresh off the plane and jet-lagged, before seventeen months of sneaking Danny’s malasadas had taken the the edge off of all his sharp angles. There’s a ratty duffel lying at his feet and a wicked-looking scar curves over his left bicep, disappearing under the sleeve of his t-shirt, skin still pink and new.
Inked by padfootthegrim
In which Danny’s brain explodes when he first sees Steve’s ink.
It's Complicated (But Only From a Certain Viewpoint) by chiuonthat
Steve and Danno are married. Kind of. In which there are (incorrect?) speculations as to the marital status of Steve and Danny that they deny but are (unhelpfully) contributing to.
bright shining as the sun by gottalovev
A quiet afternoon at Steve's with Gracie takes an interesting turn when Steve learns about Danny's past as a tattoo artist.
Best Laid Plans by elandrialore
Anonymous prompt from h50kinkmeme: danny/steve - bottom!steve, bareback, Danny coming inside steve, danny fucking steve till he's completely worn out and exhausted, dirty talk.
All the Girls Out On the Stoop by Mirabella
Danny's Veela genes have never been a problem before now. Now? They're a problem.
Jaws (1/2) by jaguarcaine
"I swim. Very well, actually. I just choose not to." -- Danny Williams, episode 1x07 - Ho'apono. Danny has a secret. (aka the Shark-- sorry, Megalodon fic!)
The Adoption of John Watson Holmes by Cyerus
Filled for this prompt on the kinkmeme: Mummy thinks that John Watson is so good for Sherlock that she must endeavor to make sure he stays with her son. If that means she has to force-adopt the man, then so be it. Mycroft is smug. Sherlock is horrified. John is devious.
Darwinism by ishafel
There is a language so old that even Methos has forgotten it, and in that language Methos means Teacher.
Search and Rescue by Jane Davitt
Danny discovers that there's more to Steve than meets the eye. Established Danny/Steve, Jim/Blair.
Clarke's Law by Isis
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Crossover with Harry Potter. Spoilers through Lost Boys (SGA), Half-Blood Prince (HP) Carson-centric.
Flying Low at Night by cofax
Future!fic/crossover. John Sheppard. Aeryn Sun. A war zone. What could possibly go wrong? Teen. Warnings: for cranky Hynerians and Dickensian coincidences.
Tom Sawyer series by ladyjanelly
You don't brake for ghosts on an icy road, Sam's rational brain is saying, sort of like a normal person thinks Don't swerve around squirrels, it's too dangerous and not worth it. (Post-apocalyptic!Pulse Sam and Ben fic)
Time Bomb by Christina K
When an unbalanced girl named River, one with a penchant for dangling off high places, suddenly 'poofs' into existence in a bar with no explanation, Harry Dresden, wizard-for-hire, has a new job. Just not one he ever wanted.
Sour Cherry Pie Life by FaithDaria
Dean has retired to the civilian life. Too bad no one told the serial killer currently stalking teenagers in Indiana.
The James Dean Job by FaithDaria
Sometimes the Leverage crew has to go to specialists for some of their props. AU for SPN after 5.22
The Wrapped Around Your Finger Job by James
Someone from Eliot's past shows up, and if Alec doesn't stop flirting with her, Eliot is going to kill him. Eliot/Parker/Alec established relationship.
Bent By Paths Coincident by Jedi Buttercup
PG-13; Firefly/Leverage fusion; 1500 words. Two men walked into a bar.... Mal would recognize the compact, long-haired man in the worn duds anywhere.
Hideaway by RivkaT
Lex and Clark, arch enemies, end up going on vacation together so they can keep an eye on each other: Clark to prevent Lex from doing any evil billionaire business, Lex to prevent Clark from doing any superheroing.
Angels High, Demons Wild by Hickumu
Post "Heaven and Hell" pre "Sex and Violence". Crowley and Aziraphale aren't about to let their hard work averting the last Apocalypse go to waste, and travel to America to help. Unfortunately, their lives become interesting when they meet the Winchesters
The Art of Running (1/2) by pprfaith
The first question to ask any runner: ‘Are you running from or towards?’ – Or: The life of a girl named Brian. AU, genderswap. Rewrites first movie.
Bem-vindo ao Brasil by Jedi Buttercup
Maybe it had hit a little close to home, watching O'Connor and Toretto do their little testosterone-fuelled dance of courtship. Fast Five/The Rundown. 1700 words. Post-movie, Hobbs!Beck/Travis Walker. Written to fill my Kink Meme prompt, whoohoo!
Along the Way 12/? by NightRider
Brian makes a deal with the feds to go after Verone after he escapes prison. Dom, Mia, Leon, and Rome go after Brian. Set post 4th movie.
Won't Come Easy by Jedi Buttercup
PG; Fast Five. 1500 words. Post-movie, SPOILERY. "Agent Bilkins," Hobbs said. "What can the DSS do for you?"
Abort, Retry, Fail by GuardianEnzo
My account of life after the reboot as our heroes - especially the Enzos - search for their place in the new Mainframe. First in a series.
My Phone’s on Vibrate For You by misslucyjane
Sherlock texts John all the time. Today’s different.
Murderous, Co-Dependent by rageprufrock
It's an uncomfortable and telling measure of the depth of Lestrade's parental guilt that he acquires not one, but two kittens.
You’re a Soldier, I’m a Warzone Series by abundantlyqueer
Gun porn, John porn, porn porn. Missing scenes for the episodes.
A Silver Sixpence by Doodle
Sherlock Big Bang. "John, we need to get married."
Recharging by Khaleesian
She told me, “Hey, the Charger was pretty unsalvageable down in that Mexican tunnel. How’s Brian driving a brand new one in the rescue scene?” Cue khaleesian, crickets chirping. [info]kadymae rolls her eyes “who do we know who has a pretty well-stocked salvage yard?”
the false dichotomy of strength or weakness by LuciaZephyr
Marcone POV Interlude, part of the Matter of Chicago series. Set after "other thing the road to hell is paved with", but before the sequel "putting out your fires with gasoline".
Chacun à son goût by thehoyden
I closed my eyes briefly. "Are you telling me he's a phantom of the opera?"
How Harry Lost His Groove Again by Kits
It was absolutely, positively, not entirely Thomas's fault that Harry was going on a blind date with a man. Really. Sequel to How Harry Got His Groove Back.
Crosshairs by manic_intent
Written for the Dresden Files kink meme, being an AU where Marcone also has magical powers. A murderer is getting rid of the signatories who have come to Chicago to sign Gentleman Johnny Marcone into the Accords.
Black Magic Woman by beachkid (binz), and shiplizard
Written for the Dresden Files kinkmeme (round one) prompt: Marcone/Dresden. "He was a gentleman, and, what's more, he knew how to treat a female impersonator."
Cruel and Unusual by Kishmet
In which Harry, Marcone and Co. spend a fun-filled fifteen minutes on a certain ride at Walt Disney World. No, really.
The Stargate Files by Enigel
Written for Sulien77 in the Fandom Free-for-all. She wanted Harry in the Pegasus Galaxy, interacting with the Team; she was the one to suggest Zelenka's familiarity with the wizarding world.
Harry Dresden, Wyldfae King by lucia_tanaka
Hundreds of Wyldfae in Chicago work for Harry in an emergency and many are sworn to his home guard. The Wyldfae decide to Choose, not for Summer or Winter, but for Harry and make him Wyldfae King. Harry receives Power along with the status and meets Baron Marcone, Mab and Titania on even footing for the first time. What does this meeting look like? (Kinkmeme)
Besieging Omelas by Gehayi
When cynical wizard John Constantine is flung from his universe to Harry Dresden's in an attempt to prevent his interfering with Titania's plans, it's up to both of them to foil her and her allies in both universes, save an assortment of innocents from Hell and rescue a certain crime lord who's caught in the middle...while Harry deals with revelations about his family that he'd never even imagined.
Enemy mine (1/16) by Rasa
Harry gets invited on a date by everyone’s favorite mob boss, and then things get weird.
A Rather Nasty Curse (1/3) by jade_dragoness
Marcone has been hit with a ‘fuck or die’ curse. Only it has a nasty twist.
other things the road to hell is paved with by LuciaZephyr
Book One of the Matter of Chicago series. Diverges from the canon plotline from Fool Moon, chapter 23, running on the idea of Marcone not holding the Idiot Ball and thus getting Harry to sign his contract. Very slow burn romance. Essentially an AU take of the entire series.
The Dresden Omens by shiplizard
In which a demon (who did not fall from grace so much as saunter vaguely downward) is sent to tempt a hero (who's reluctant at best) and has some trouble with the job.
Twist and Shout (1/2) by grenegome
Harry's kind of bad at taking things slow. (Or: Flirt, flirt, flirt. Sex.) This follows on from A Hard Day's Night, and With a Little Help From My Friends. It picks up about a minute after the end of the latter.
With a Little Help From My Friends by grenegome
Harry works things out, with a little help from Murphy, Thomas, and a gangster with irritating facial hair. This is intended as a follow-up to A Hard Day's Night, though is capable of standing alone.
A Hard Day's Night by grenegome
Harry saves the world (well, Chicago, anyway) and as usual isn't thanked for it. Instead, he gets to spend the evening in undesirable company.
Dresden/Marcone drabble by grenegome
To make these musings post-worthy, here’s a Dresden/Marcone established-relationship drabble written while I was voice finding for their particular brand of contentious domesticity. Set up is that Harry is temporarily staying at Marcone’s and for reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture, he’s brought Mister and Mouse.
A Week of Conversations by persephoneflame
It's one thing to decide you're not going to hide your relationship. It's another to convince your friends, family, and associates that you're serious.
the virtues of being irreplaceable by lucia_tanaka
For the anon doing the delicious account, Harry as Marcone's secretary. Dresden Files Kink Meme.
The World's Largest Kitten by Kantayra
Mister meets Mouse. Yuletide 2007.
Do Not Think It Means by thehoyden
"Look, I'm with you on this one -- he's dumber than he looks. But we were on a mission of mercy, I swear!"
Spock's Vagina (1/2) by bigmamag
[ST: Reboot] Spock exhibits increasingly strange behavior after a transporter malfunction and Jim wants to know why. Good thing nature has a flair for revealing the most asinine of secrets.
The Lantean Legacy Series by Keira Marcos
The expedition marks two years without help from Earth and by a stroke of luck finds a full ZPM. Installing that ZPM in their sleeping city has lasting consequences for the entire expedition. One finished novel, three more planned.
What Might Have Been Series by Keira Marcos
This is an alternate universe series in that Rodney McKay never went to Atlantis, the mission failed within it’s first two years and John Sheppard finds himself back on Earth as the second in command of Stargate Command under the leadership of Major General Jack O’Neill. Characters from the Atlantis series and the original SG1 series will figure prominently in all of the novellas in this series. McShep and many other pairings throughout. 10 finished novels, plus in-progress sequel series.
These are the voyages of the Starship- oh, wait... by rosemaryandrue
World's most ridiculous crossover, here we come. Or, one of the many, many reasons why Jim Kirk will never be a great diplomat (at least not where Arthur Pendragon is concerned).
Clark Catches a Bat by Dunyazade
Clark captures a little animal, and frees his best friend.
And Then the Heroes Came Along by Roga
You would think that grown men would be able to interact with Superman and Batman without turning into thirteen-year-old girls. You would be wrong.
Up Close and Personal by hwshipper
House Wilson established relationship. "I think it means that we have an Aunt Bonnie *and* an Uncle Greg." Five times Wilson's nieces spied on him with House, and one time they didn't have to.
Worthy Of Your Soul by Rhianona
When the Time War ends, the TARDIS brings her Doctor to the one person she thinks will help.
Timing by Auberus
Gibbs has impeccable timing. DiNozzo? Not so much.
All Tricksters Are The Same by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Crack!ish fic. Gabriel was happily annoying the shit out of Picard when Castiel appeared on the bridge. Supernatural/Star Trek crossover.
Introduction at Joe's by Lisa Roquin
Seventh in Mortal Ties series. Methos and the boys arrive in Seacouver.
Blood and Fire by Lisa Roquin
Sixth in Mortal ties series. The Boys and Methos go through Mary's Family Diaries.
Cool Water by Fenris
Some hikes turn out to be more fun than others. For all concerned.
A Wonderfully Improbable Chain of Events by Jedi Buttercup
Images of tattered black sails swarmed in from all around Lwaxana, crowding out any other whispers of thought. For the request, "TNG/Pirates, with Lwaxana Troi".
Starscream's the One and Only by NovaBlastTF
"Think that someone else would make a superior second in command then me huh? I'll show them!." Anyone would be better Starscream? He's gonna prove them wrong Autobot style.
Five Ways Crime Does Pay by celli
The worlds of financial crime and wacky murder collide.
Smoke on the Water by Mousme
Casefic. Former spy Michael Westen has enough problems of his own —not least of which is figuring out who burned him and why— without his mother accepting jobs on his behalf as well. But when he starts investigating the unsolved deaths of young people in Miami, he finds himself crossing paths with an unlikely pair of brothers. In Michael's line of work, suspicion is par for the course.
Kirk's Kids: Tanya and Aiden by Rose Aislin
Cadet Kirk, Pike finds, keeps skipping class. But what he finds when he starts to find out what Kirk is up to is something he never could have imagined. Just because Starfleet could never find JT, doesn't mean that JT's not still looking after his kids. (Tarsus fic).
Somewhere I Have Never Traveled by Sam Starbuck
In another universe, Peter Burke went corporate. He wouldn't have met Neal Caffrey -- except Neal tried to rob his company. And Peter, naturally, caught him. Spoilers through Company Man.
Returns by BeshterAngelus
Serial murder is not up Neal Caffrey or Peter Burke's alley, but it is up Fox Mulder's. A series of high society murders has the FBI turning to its former reject and star profiler for help.
Kirk's Kids: Sha'la by Rose Aislin
Cadet Kirk, Pike finds, keeps skipping class. But what he finds when he starts to find out what Kirk is up to is something he never could have imagined. Just because Starfleet could never find JT, doesn't mean that JT's not still looking after his kids. (Tarsus fic).
Bedtime Stories by RayShippouUchiha
Born of tragedy, raised in the fires of Hell, he walks through the valley of the shadow of death and fears that he is evil. When bedtime stories are long since over Jim Kirk struggles to survive. *Abuse, Tarsus, use of Vulcan, grim!feral!Jim, slow-building Spirk.*
Second Best Destiny by KCS
Star Trek: Reboot-verse with elements of TNG and TOS, including the movie Generations. Gen. With their universe threatened by the Q Continuum, AOS Kirk and Spock must discover how similar and yet how very different they are from their TOS counterparts. Reunites TOS Kirk and Spock.
Kirk's Kids: Kevin by Rose Aislin
Cadet Kirk, Pike finds, keeps skipping class. But what he finds when he starts to find out what Kirk is up to is something he never could have imagined. Just because Starfleet could never find JT, doesn't mean that JT's not still looking after his kids. (Tarsus fic).
Kirk's Kids: Tom by Rose Aislin
Cadet Kirk, Pike finds, keeps skipping class. But what he finds when he starts to find out what Kirk is up to is something he never could have imagined. Just because Starfleet could never find JT, doesn't mean that JT's not still looking after his kids. (Tarsus fic).
Half a Dream Away (1/10) by Lala Zee
In reply to an st_xi_kink_meme prompt from lallyloo, of lyrics: You know I dreamed about you / For twenty-nine years / Before I saw you / You know I dreamed about you / I missed you for twenty-nine years. STXI Academy AU. (aka the T'hy'la Dreams fic)
Bang a Gong by waketosleep
The chronicles of the Sad Bastards Club (Enterprise Chapter). AKA When Jim Met Spock, or the Pon Farr romcom. The only TOS thing I took as canon for this fic was Amok Time; the rest is all lies about Vulcan reproductive and marriage rites. As well as shenanigans.
Surviving Your Parents' Interspecies Gay Love Affair (1/5) by Lala Zee
T’hy’la. The final frontier. These are the tales of the Kelvin S’chn T’gai Kirk, the son of Captain (and Admiral three times, but who’s counting) Kirk and Commander (because he keeps refusing Captaincy) Spock. His life-long mission: to endure two stubborn fathers, to cover his eyes whenever necessary, and to boldly survive his parents’ interspecies gay love affair.
Keep Calm and Conceal Vulcans (1/16) by Lala Zee
A 21st Century AU; In a time when alien life has yet to be discovered, Spock's ship crash-lands in Jim Kirk's cornfield. But, dammit, this is real life – not an episode of The X-Files!
5 Times James Kirk Almost Died And One He Didn't by Angel Baby1
You can take the daredevil out of Iowa, but you can't ever take the driving-off-cliffs out of James T. Kirk, as the unfortunate crew of the Enterprise soon learns.
NCIS: The Alternate Reality by OzGeek
This is a bizarre NCIS/Stargate Atlantis crossover with a touch of Stargate SG1 thrown in. McKay visits the NCIS lab and is convinced he has entered an alternate reality - and he has the evidence to prove it. Oneshot.
Sheppard Goes to Washington by FourSilverArrows
Post-Stargate Atlantis AU. Sheppard has a new job and an old hang-up. Gibbs has noticed.
Four Military Men by Lady Ra
Blair, Tony, Daniel and Rodney all meet in high school and become good friends. When their twenty year high school reunion comes around, Tony decides to get them all to attend--with their significant others.
Deanzilla vs Hydros by nej47
Dean slays a monster, only to become pretty monstrous himself. But Dean's not about to let a little - okay, very big - size issue stop him from kicking ass and taking names.
Heroes for Ghosts by Mirrordance
It's a time of change. Sam had always looked up to Dean as a brother, stand-in father and hunter, but Dean has to step up when the school is in financial trouble and Sam needs a different kind of hero: a good student? Dean is just a little out of his element.
Pro Bono by Cheryl W.
Supernatural (S2) and Royal Pains (S1) crossover. While working a case in the Hamptons, the Winchesters cross paths with two brothers running their own occasional pro bono, family business, proving that sometimes the best things in life are free.
A Good Man by Cheryl W.
Every mother wants her daughter to find a good man and settle down and Lisa Braeden's mother is no different. It doesn't take long for her to see that Dean Winchester, he isn't your ordinary good man.
:D? by Aramley
Sam stared. "Did you just emoticon at me?" Crack fic for [info]last_panda, who requested Dean/Castiel with no prompt but was foolish enough to use an emoticon in her request comment ;)
deliciouslymad: Goddamnit
The losers at Yahoo! are back to their old tricks of ruining yet another wonderful service: THIS ONE!! Grr... argh! Britta, a former team member, is planning on making a fan-specific alternative to work cooperatively with Dreamwidth and AO3. Watch here for details!
Light And Dark by SciFiNutTX
Future fic set after the final AU confrontation with the yelloweyeddemon, not canon just my warped mind. Dean and Sam have a new contact, an archangel who influences Dean more than either of the brothers thought possible.
Sammie Rae: School Daze by SciFiNutTX
Sammie Rae is in public school for the first time. Her English teacher thinks something is strange about her family, her friends are a little odd, Dad is being overprotective, and Uncle Sam is dating? Part of a series in which Dean adopted a little girl he rescued from a Wendigo.
Dog Eat Dog (1/52) by Silver Ruffian
After a hunt gone south, Dean Winchester discovers that he is the human half of the Trickster God Coyote.
Syndicated Sci-Fi Show Master Post by Claudia Priscus
Sam and Dean have been lurching from show to show for days. They've been injured, humiliated, screwed with, and forced to live really bad writing. When they're finally plunked down in something a little calmer, if a little odd, they dare to hope they're being allowed a breather episode. After all, it seems to be a show about an expedition poking around some completely non-ominous ruins- like a fantasy version of a history channel special, the boys are sure it's bound to be nice and boring. Slightly AU for SPN 5x08 - "Changing Channels". This originated with the "Kripke Started It" crossover comment fic meme. Expanding it was utter self-indulgence, but it soon took on a life of its own.
Death of the Heart by Mara Greengrass
Henry McCoy brings a patient to Gregory House with a mysterious illness. This takes place within a week or two of the ending of X2 and near the beginning of House season 2. X3 doesn't exist.
Clue Feathers by CloudyJenn
Something is seriously messed up with Castiel's wings. Dean/Castiel. Wing!fic
Checks and Balances by PurpleMoon3
Dean never thought much about the reaper in Maine, but it thought about him. Death doesn't like being in debt. Post Movie Dogma, Beginning Season 2 SPN.
One Such Possible Journey by Jedi Buttercup
The longer Kirk spoke to 'them other folk from over-mountain', the more interesting the away mission became. [St: Reboot/SG-1 crossover]
Duck by martianhouse
Castiel finds God in a park. Sam and Dean don't know quite how to handle this turn of events. Crack, Sam & Dean & Castiel BFFery. (aka The One Where God is a Duck!)
For Love Is Strong as Death by San Antonio Rose
Sequel to If Wishes Were Horsemen. Whatever happens in Detroit, it’s the end of the world as Sam and Dean know it; the Tok’ra just have to keep their hosts alive long enough to see a new dawn.
If Wishes Were Horsemen by San Antonio Rose
Sequel to Snakeheads. Crowley was expecting two hunters backed by a cripple. Instead he got two Tok’ra backed by the best minds in two galaxies. Oops.
Snakeheads by San Antonio Rose
Sam. Dean. Gabriel. A hotel full of System Lords. This can't be good.
My Name Is Jessica by danrac
When Sam is seriously injured at school, Jess makes a devastating phone call... Pre-series, spoilers only for the pilot. Mostly gen, established Sam/Jess.
Dessertion by roque_clasique
Dean and kids - There's a kid hidden in the Impala!
Turn It Up To Eleven by StrangeVisitor
Sam's birthday is coming and Dean wants to do something special. He receives some assistance from a stranger with a knack for building interesting inventions. Dean is 13 and Sam is turning 9.
Vile Violent Vacations (1/30) by hells_half_acre
Sequel to Damned Demented Demons and Bobby and Hermione - An Epistolary Fic . Harry invents a ruse in order to trick the Winchesters into taking a much needed vacation, only it turns out he really does need their help.
Bobby and Hermione - An Epistolary Fic by hells_half_acre
Sequel to Damned Demented Demons. A year of letters between Bobby Singer and Hermione Granger.
Damned Demented Demons (1/32) by hells_half_acre
Harry Potter saves the Winchesters from a Dementor attack, but the Winchesters aren't the only ones that need protecting.
I Rather Think the Gun Helps by xela_fic
“Now let me get this straight,” Mal said, staring at the humming object suspiciously. “We’re going to steal the Lassiter...before the Lassiter became the Lassiter.” Because nothing could go wrong if the crew of Serenity started dabbling in time travel. Written for the Crossover Exchange.
Feline Line by Kurieo Parnok
Thanks to a prank from Rumble and Frenzy, Soundwave experiences one of the most embarrassing days of his life. Might expand, I curse the kitty-former inventors.
Traffic Cameras
City of Calgary, AB. Traffic Cameras, updated every minute. Keep an eye on real-time road conditions!
Damn You Auto Correct!
- Funny iPhone Fails and Autocorrect Horror Stories
Cascading Spirits by mlebayre
Two sets of brothers from opposite worlds, both hunted and hunter. A few murders and a past that simply refuses to die. Written for The Sentinel Big Bang.
It's been a long week. You deserve porn. by Khaleesian
OK, and....yeah, some brave soul sent me an email last week pointing out that I was just as much a fic tease as Brian is a pr*ck, fine. You're right. It's been a long week. You deserve porn. So this is a much naughtier, nastier sequel to my last installment. from Brian's title, again. The working title was 'handjob', but that sounds...uhm. A little tame.
It's Saturday night. So let's f*ck. by Khalessian
“God, you are such a slut,” Dom growls. Anyone else might get pissed off, or thrown off or just…off somehow, but Brian just rocks his head back, gives Dom that glistening, gleaming smile, and raises his eyebrows. Brian sticks his tongue into the side of his cheek hard enough to make it bulge and widens his eyes comically at Dom. The implication being obvious.
Branching Out by Mhalachai
Jennifer Jareau's first day as liaison for the Department of Defense really wasn't what she expected.
Advisor To The King (1/2) by Sam Starbuck
Arthur is king, and change is in the wind. (Arthur/Merlin, some slight Gwen/Arthur/Merlin)
Half A Dozen Laconic Bastards by Sam Starbuck
John Sheppard didn't know he was part of an ATA-gene cloning project until it was much, much too late. Neal and Zane have a serious case of sibling rivalry, Ianto and Tim don't like the uniforms, and Gwen isn't sure she wants to be leader after all. (Stargate: Atlantis, White Collar, Eureka, Teen Titans, and Torchwood crossover.)
Becoming Whole by Creed Cascade and Echo's Revenge
This an AU take off of the episode “The Replacement”. There are two Xanders that follow separate, but very close paths. Spike/Xan, Angel/Xander. Adult Audiences. Pay attention, Xander = Shy Xander in this story and Xan = Aggressive Xander, who are two separate people.
Tin Man by SakuraGirl25
Scott has a problem and it involves Logan.What are the consequences of that one night? Slash. Logan/Scott. Scottcentric.
Not Quite Counting Sheep by Dunyazade
Bruce and Clark in bed again... and the aftermath. NOT slash. Clark/Lois and Bruce/Diana, strong Clark and Bruce friendship.
SOLD! by WillJ
Xander accidentally gets caught up in a Charity Auction.
Winchester Marines by PurpleMoon3
For Winchesters, insanity is in the blood. Because I wanted a story where Ben is still crazy, but his craziness is channeled into a useful outlet. (aka the Dean leads the Blue Lady's Army fic)
Take the Sky by Irnan
What do you mean, River's left with Dean? Simon yells. Organise a search party, Wash quips, the dinos can pick up her trail. Zoe snickers. Has anyone told Sam yet?
(Together) We'd Rule The World by Lou
Atlantis made an anti-replicator gun order to Stark Industries. John and Rodney are going to Tony Stark's house to see if he made them or not. John, Rodney, Tony, Jarvis. Flirting galore, John/Rodney, implied Stark/Rhodes
Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves by Auburn
Vala Mal Doran and her partners, renegades Jehan abd-Ba'al and Meredith McKay, hijack the Tau'ri ship Prometheus and leave the Milky Way behind in search of the Lost City of the Ancients, Atlantis.
In the Interval by toomuchplor
In the present, Rodney was lying prone on his back, knees up and apart, covers rucked messily under him. (aka awkward first time sex)
The Sentinels of Atlantis Series by Keira Marcos
Sentinel John Sheppard thought he’d spend his life unbonded and then he met Dr. Rodney McKay. The mission to Atlantis is their mutual path and they will gather the strongest, brightest, and best for the mission that will take them to another galaxy. 16 stories and growing, various pairings slash and het.
Major's Day Out by T'Pring
When Sheppard takes Maj Teldy, Lorne and Vega to explore a frozen wraith outpost, Anne is eager to prove herself. When the mission goes sideways and Sheppard is injured, Anne gets a whole new perspective on trust and what it takes to survive in Pegasus.
Ask Me No Questions by T'Pring
When the Air Force's Top Secret nuisance off the coast of San Francisco draws the attention of the DHS, Nancy is sent to smooth things out. The last thing she expects is a certain John Sheppard to show up at the meeting - or the Juarez Drug Cartel. Set immediately after the series finale.
Collisions (1/2) by Icarus
Sheppard shrugged. "When you fight bad guys for a living, you've got to treat yourself." Dean slapped Sam's shoulder and pointed to Sheppard. "See? That's what I always say."
Calling (1/5) by me_ya_ri
Bringing Atlantis to Earth stopped the Wraith super hive ship but it might have unleashed a far greater danger to humanity. It's up to John Sheppard and his team to set things right again, whether the IOA and SGC like it or not. Now if only Rodney would get on board with the rest of the team, they might just have a chance.
The Fun Theory
Volkswagen site dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better. (I love the piano staircase!)
Pinions by vorpalblades
Merlin has a new pet; it doesn't like Arthur very much. The feeling's mutual. (aka the Merlin gets Archimedes the Owl fic)
(When You Get to My Door) Tell Them Boris Sent You by Kroki-Refur
Sam is never allowed to make plans ever again. Just so we're clear.
Wooing for Winchesters by Viridian Magpie
A Handy-dandy Guide for All Those Chuckleheads Who Try To Court an Angel (That means you, Dean.)
Dreambound 1 & 2 by ?
1. Original kinkmeme response: Starscream is heavily pregnant with Skyfire's sparkling and because Skyfire's so big the sparkling is huge. Starscream can't give birth normally, he's going to need a c-section. He's due any day and has been having contractions once or twice a day for a week or two now. Unable to cope on his own, he's been trading sexual favors to Soundwave for help. 2. Fluffier, Longer Sequel: Back together with Skyfire, Starscream is recovering from birthing his gargantuan sparkling. Now it's Skyfire's turn to do the carrying, with a full trine to boot, and of course the big lug is having the time of his life doing it while Starscream grumbles not-so-quietly in the background. (WIP)
Learn the Net: Your Online Guide
Here you’ll find tutorials on using the internet, e-mail, downloading files, and web safety. There are also several quick quizzes which test visitors’ cyber-smarts and Net IQ. Also available in French and Spanish.
Fruit of the Vine by Aristide
Events transpire, followed by smut. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
Future Conditional by Elaine
A serial killer is stalking the hermaphrodite community of Cascade. Set in the future.
The World's Translated Thus by Abyssal1
Inexplicably drawn to their not-quite-prisoner Starscream, Prime must overcome the limitations of his culture and his past before he can save a dying planet. HARD M - Mature Only. (Warnings for dark and disturbing content: slavery, rape, abuse etc... Still have not read chapters 17-24, but it's okay because they didn't seem to have had much effect on the plot either.)
Dichotomy of Good and Evil by NightElfCrawler
The Decepticons had lost the war, and most spectacularly. But the end of the war may have brought peace with a price. Now it was up to Optimus Prime to set things right, but was the right thing to do something that would inevitably repeat past events?
all your hidden faces by Carmilla DeWinter
It turns out that getting Starscream to move in with him was the easy part. Slash StarscreamxPrime and a direct continuation of 'two worlds apart, two together'.
What No One Understands by Wyvern Girl
Starscream has some thinking to do. This is basically a fic about contrasts. What changes from one side of the coin to the other? Megatron/Starscream, Prime/Starscream
Inebriated by corpus_invictus
Written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme prompt found here: Kirk/Spock, Bottom!Spock, Since Vulcans get intoxicated from chocolate I want to see Spock get drunk from chocolate milkshakes!!! He gets friendly and touchy. Kirk has his way with a drunken Spock.
Distractions by corpus_invictus
Written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme prompt found here: So, we all know that Spock is a pretty smart bloke right? And that Vulcans are (in?)famous for their iron will/concentration/wtv. So what I want is a Kirk determined to test this strength of will as it were. Maybe Spock's is recording a message to his father and Kirk's kneeling behind him, just under camera-level and slowly fingering him open; or maybe Kirk's breathing complicated maths problems into Spock's neck (having dared him to solve them all) whilst pressing him down and ever so gently fucking him open...idk ok, I just wanna see Spock lose his shit
Take Refuge in What You Know - Master Post by corpus_invictus
Written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme prompt found here: "AU - Kirk has moved into a apartment/house and wants to get to know his neighbors. He meets his neighbor Spock, a loner who suffers from extreme agoraphobia. Kirk thinks he's beautiful enigma."
Getting a Piece of the Action by Liz
The unrepentantly porny aftermath of the TOS episode 'A Piece of the Action'. Light breath play, filthy gangster talk, possessive-as-hell!Jim, bottom!Spock, hand porn, Spock getting crazy turned on by pet names.
The Wisdom of Cats (1/3) by Janice Lester
Random space phenomenon has long-lasting effects on Spock, revealing the secrets scientists tried to hide before he was born. (aka: the matter-of-fact crazy awesome cat-demon!Spock in heat fic)
Girls Are Great (1/2) by tkp
Porn. Meta. Porn. Girl gets off. Girl thinks about getting off. Girl gets off again. Girl just happens to be Spock, who used to be a guy.
Obscenities by corpus_invictus
Written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme prompt found here: "Kirk likes/gets turned on seeing Spock do totally average, everyday or human-y things. Whatever you want them doing but please bottom!Spock."
Still Your Captain by kyliselle
"You are mine." Spock is finding himself reduced to small noises and uncontrolled jerks, while Kirk is steady and controlled. "My first officer. They can take my ship, my home, anything, but they can't have you."
Ripe by favolefata
Jim thinks Spock's ass is pretty much perfect.
Coming Home (1/20) by Amanda Warrington
Set a few months into their first mission, the Enterprise is ordered to pick up a Vulcan Healer and transport him to the new colony. Once there they are scheduled to remain and assist with the early stages of setting up the colony. Kirk's liaison is his 'old friend' Ambassador Spock, now known as Elder Sepak, who takes the opportunity to help Kirk and Spock become better acquainted.
A Vulcan on the Streets (but a Freak in the Sheets) by Kyliselle
Spock harbors a secret fantasy of bottoming for the toppiest top in Topsville. Kirk makes all his wildest dreams come true.
Wrote the Book by insaneidiot
The crew of the Enterprise is subjected to a compulsory seminar on Inappropriate Workplace Behavior, and Jim Kirk finds this to be particularly challenging.
Growth (1/11) by Annenburg
Sequel to “Of Convenience”. Entering a new chapter in life is difficult when you’re single. As a pair? Let’s just say Spock and Kirk are going to have their work cut out for them if this chapter’s going to end the way they want it to.
Of Convenience (1/12) by Annenburg
Kirk needs to get married for political reasons. Spock offers himself as the logical choice. Written for the st_xi_kink meme.
The Capricious God by jane_potter
James T. Kirk is a deity, a God. And Spock is the priest assigned to tend to Kirk's every need. Jim is overjoyed. Spock is horrified. Written for Anon's request at [info]st_xi_kink .
Paradigm Shift (Or 5 Times Jim Kirk exceeded Lieutenant Uhura's Expectations) by lilas
Despite general opinion to the contrary, hating Jim Kirk came very easily to a lot of people. Uhura's POV.
Atlas by Angel Baby1
Between what was and what will be stands James Tiberius Kirk, in all his fractured patchwork glory. Because saving the Federation was only the beginning. Eventual K/S. Four complete arcs outlining Jim's total awesomeness, from Spock's POV.
A Different Corner (1/18) by Lucy Hale
Lassiter works on a grisly case that only gets worse when Gus goes missing, and Shawn's Federal Agent ex shows up wanting the case, and Shawn, for himself.
Orange You Glad We're Friends? by StrangeVisitor
Best-selling mystery author, Rick Castle, asks his friend Adam Pierson for a favor only an Immortal can grant.
Visions by drovar
Shawn starts having real visions involving himself and a certain detective. It startles him into considering some pretty radical possibilities.
Lassiter's Little Wifey (1/2) by Rispa Cooper
Originally written for the Psych Kink Meme Prompt: Shawn as the perfect cop's wife only I guess I read that as Shawn frets a lot and there is sex. Anyway, Shawn deals with the idea of being a cop's wife. Domestic!kink.
Domesticity by Mundo Fine
Request: I want some established Shassie, but just domestic fluff. I want them living together and being cute/sexy together.
Something Primal by luchia13
Castiel turns himself into a dinosaur to save the Winchesters from an escaped zoo of demonic animals and save a seal (66, not an animal) in the process. And then things get weird.
The Case of the Missing Conventioneers by Gryvon
Sequel to The Case of the Missing Cockatiel. Several convention-goers have gone missing in Santa Barbara, and it's up to Shawn and the team to catch the killer before he catches Shawn.
The Case of the Missing Cockatiel by Gryvon
Shawn's next case turns out to be more than he expected. He's got more than keen observational powers at his disposal, thanks to a run-in with a true fortune-teller who leaves him with psychic abilities of his own
The Gus Who Cried Gorilla (1/5) by Plainapple
Action! Adventure! Romance! Gorilla! What more do you want?
All Over The Guy by Rispa Cooper
Victoria shows up looking for a booty call. Shawn is *not* having it.
Love In The Time of Cupcakes by Rispa Cooper & Dlasta
Lassiter has awesome work ethic and Shawn says it with cupcakes. And there's some inappropriate behavior in public and strippers.
Right Place, Wrong Time by Regann
17-year-old Shawn has a fake ID burning a hole in his pocket, a college party to crash, and a mission to stop being the only virgin in his senior class. Unfortunately, there's this big-earred, good-doing grad student by the name of Carlton who catches him in the act. The unfair nature of cosmic humor being what it is, thus begins something that'll come back to haunt them both over ten years later -- when an adult Shawn Spencer decides to give psychic investigation a try.
1930 (1/3) by Nixa Jane
See a penny. Pick it up. Shawn/Lassiter Slash.
From Beyond the Morgue (1/5) by Nixa Jane
Shawn just wants to solve his latest case, but it isn't easy with Gus and Henry meddling in his love life, especially considering his love life consists of one bored workaholic detective on enforced leave. Sequel to Dah-Ling Store-It-Yourself. S/L Slash.
The Dah Ling Store It Yourself (1/5) by Nixa Jane
The bad news is that one of Lassiter's highest profile arrests has just escaped from prison. The worse news is that his best hope of tracking him down is a sleep-deprived Shawn Spencer. Shawn/Lassiter preslash.
Pride by BatNeko
Det. Carlton Lassiter is going insane. Why else would he be having feelings for Shawn Spencer of all people?
Sailor Moon: Millennials by The Judge
Ridiculously long epic set post-Stars. Because of an imbalance in the Universe due to all the battles the Senshi have been winning lately, the Court which governs Existence strips Pluto of her memories. Sent back to Earth with amnesia, Setsuna and all the Senshi gradually start learning more about their past lives and powers as they fight an ancient enemy, the Atlanteans. Very much a team-fic, family and friendship focused, full of action and humour. Mild canon pairings. Only available on the Wayback Machine, still unfinished even at 33 novel-length chapters.
Full Circle by Meara
Sequel to Fatal Exposure. It's been six months since the resurrection of the Moon Kingdom. There are dark forces that seek the power of the Ginzuishou and revenge against Usagi. Can Mamoru master the power that lies sleeping in him and save both his beloved and his world?
Fatal Exposure by Meara
Usagi takes a blood test to get into college that changes not only her life, but the lives of all the Senshi forever. How will the world react to the disclosure of the true identity of Sailor Moon - and the fact that she's much more than she seems.
YouTube - TORCHWOOD Innuendo Squad
Scenes from John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd at Comic Con '08
Ice Age: The Threequel by Maudiebeans
The story takes place after the Meltdown. The herd moves out of the valley but soon run into the slew of creatures residing on the other side of the glacier walls! MannyxEllie, DiegoxOC, and SidxOC [Not Marysues!]
Tomorrow, It Begins by Rahar Moonfire
The story of Sailor Moon through the eyes of the Shitennou from their first meeting with Princess Serenity in the Silver Millennium to Crystal Tokyo. Kunzite/Zoisite
Cupid Times Three by Heavenly Pearl
In order to make Helios' Valentine's Day dream come true, the Matchmaker Trio, a.k.a. Fisheye, Tigerseye, and Hawkseye, set out to reunite their friend with his long lost true love.
This Wheel's On Fire (1/7) by marinarusalka
AU from shortly before Sam leaves for Stanford. When he was 22, Dean Winchester made a deal. Seven years later, it's time to pay up. SPN/Ghostrider AU crossover fusion.
Tangled Destinies Series by Keira Marcos
Spock convinces his father that his mother’s happiness is the most important consideration and the family moves to Earth where they meet Captain Christopher Pike and his adopted son, James Tiberius Kirk. [Star Trek: Reboot AU] A collection of seven novel length stories.
Aeos - Seeker Breeding Habits by chibirisuchan
The smart, funny, angsty, ridiculously long and amazingly well-written in-character Starscream/Optimus Prime fic currently being written for the non-sticky page of the Transformers Anonymous Kink Meme. G1/Movieverse fusion. The comments are (mostly) just as awesome as the fic itself -- it's inspired poetry and fanart! \o/ Also available here:
Millionaire by Tsuchi
Ever wonder what the 'Phone a Friend' friend is doing when Meredith calls?
The Unicorn Prince and the Virtuous (Even if She Wears Short Skirt) Maiden (1/5) by pianeko
This is an adventure in a world where Arthur gets a horn, Anhora runs a ranch, Merlin wears an indecently short skirt and rides Arthur… literally. Unicorn!Arthur/girl!Merlin, Fairytale Prompt: The Fair Maid and The Snow White Unicorn.
Baby, oh Baby by Kat
Merlin, Arthur, a dragon egg, oh my… Schmoopy crack!fic.
Assets by Insane Troll Logic
In which frog DNA gives Alec boobs. April Fools crack!fic.
can see it in his eyes by Insane Troll Logic
This is the great secret of Spock’s birth: Human and Vulcans are not compatible. There has never been another like him nor will there ever be another like him. It is for all intents and purposes... a miracle. Mild Dean/Castiel and Kirk/Spock implications.
Forbidden Knowledge by Antepathy
From the TF Anonymous Kink Meme: Decepticon warriors have long been forbidden from interfacing. This falls apart when Megatron violently reprimands Thundercracker after Skywarp is injured and left to die on the battlefield and Thundercracker goes back for him, revealing he has treacherous 'feeling' for the other Decepticon. Getting out of medbay, Skywarp happens upon Megatron interfacing with Starscream, making Skywarp very interested in those body parts and their function, and Thundercracker, when Skywarp tells him, realise the hypocrisy of those in command. Sweet and innocent porn.
Captains of Destiny by PaBurke
Starfleet has lost most of the cadets in their school. Who are they going to replace them with? A Supernatural/Star Trek Reboot Fusion
Mask of Sanity by Reading
Bodies in a small town bring the Criminal Minds team and the Winchester brothers into town, but with different missions. Strangers and Angels 'verse in the SPN fic world.
Girls! Girls! Girls! by Reading
Dean and Sam are turned into little girls. Silliness. Strangers and Angels Universe.
Regression by Reading
Dean and Sam visit Jo and the boys again. And this time it's Dean with the problem. Little Dean in peril. Strangers and Angels 'verse.
Changes by Reading
Sam has an unexpected encounter that has some interesting consequences. Strangers and Angels universe.
Hollow by Reading
Set in the Strangers and Angels universe. A series of phone calls. And then a trip home.
Frail by Reading
Dean and Sam return to visit Jo and her family. Strangers and Angels verse.
Strangers and Angels by Reading
Worn out, the boys stop at a remote motel to get shelter from a storm.
Hell and Back by Kikkimax
Sequel to Defect. Dean's having a little trouble adjusting after his return. Sam's going to help if it kills them both. Gen.
Defect by Kikkimax
Dean is finally captured by the FBI just as his time runs out. Gen. Takes place in the SPN universe at the end of the second season and goes in a different direction than season three.
This Bitter Earth (1/2) by art_savage
The Winchesters and the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit investigate the same case, a series of mysterious deaths on the grounds of a South Carolina plantation. Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossover.
A Bridge You Can't Cross by Emma15
Beer 'verse Story: Tragedy topples a carefully constructed world.
Unfurl by Emma15
Beer 'verse Story: Tensions ride high and the links that bind begin to unfurl. A Thanksgiving Story. Sam/Jess established relationship.
Middle Ground by Emma15
Beer 'verse Story: Dean tries to bail on the bachelor party. Sam isn't having it. Sam/Jess established relationship.
Insurance by Emma15
A plotless piece of fluff in the Beer 'verse. Laundry becomes an issue.
Time for a Visit by Emma15
A small plotless piece of fluff following the events of A Beer. Sam wants Dean to come over.
A Beer by Emma15
AU. Sequal to Area Codes. Dean doubles back and Sam wonders if just maybe he couldn't have the best of both worlds. Sam/Jess established relationship.
Area Codes by Emma15
Prepilot. Sam has gotten everything he ever wanted. Sam/Jess established relationship.
Eat it Twilight (0/16) by Liliaeth
The BAU has to deal with a serial killer who believes he's hunting vampires. The unsub's name, Dean Winchester. Genre: Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossover.
Just This Once by fluting-through-life
Starscream has been left behind by his faction with no hope of making it back to his base. But a certain Autobot leader takes pity on him and lends him a helping servo... in more ways than one. Happy sticky slash. Optimus/Starscream.
24 x 22 cm (1/?) by leupagus and rageprufrock
"IF YOU ARE TIRED OF OF BOLDLY GOING WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE, BOLDLY COME WITH US!" Star Trek: Reboot crackfic extraordinaire! (aka the Sexwiki Survey fic!)
Regulars by irisbleufic
This story exists purely because I was hypothesizing about how Crowley's downstairs neighbor perceives him. From there, I got to thinking about London as they inhabit it—the neighborhoods in which they live, the locations they've made their regular haunts. Who watches them, I wonder, and what do they see in looking? I've broken this piece down into five different locations, one outside perspective for each.
Hearts and Minds by lah_mrh
When the Enterprise encounters a ship caught in the Nexus, their rescue attempt beams aboard someone unexpected; Kirk Prime. Kirk and Spock are forced to confront what their counterpart's relationship might mean for their own.
The Wellspring Master List by scourgeofeurope
Sam and Dean find a tiny smartass in a barn. What are they to do? 2009: In which young Alec is a Manticore escapee and two guys with rock salt-loaded shotguns decide they need a tiny tag-along. Crossover, excessive swearing, graphic imagery, child abuse, schmoop, witty wee clones, extreme paternal hawtness. This fic may cause spontaneous ovary combustion.
Five Times Dean and Tony Bumped Into Each Other by Tassos
Five times Dean and Tony bumped into each other.
technically fic, unrelated to the kinkfic by anonymous
From the original tf2007fun: Transformers Anonymous Kink Meme, the hilarious outtake I've been trying to track down for ages: Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Starscream singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. LOL!
Communication by screamlet
Detailing the first shore leave of the USS Enterprise. [Star Trek: Reboot]
Opening A File by Graceandfire
A short follow up fic to the awesomely talented Gekizetsu's 'Atonement'. Tony Stark gets curious about the Winchesters
Atonement by Gekizetsu
Avengers/Supernatural crossover in that the Winchesters don’t appear but the lore (i.e. demons, seals and Castiel) will; AU branching from/roughly a year post-Iron Man movieverse and combining/screwing with Avengers comicverse, meaning most of the team is together, Hulk is already gone, Peter is around even though I guess he shouldn’t show up until after Disassembled, and both Extremis and Civil War are far in the future.
So Wise We Grow by Deastar
"Commander Spock, we have located your son," the Vulcan lady on the screen says, which would be great, except Jim can tell by the look on Spock's face that he's never heard of this kid before in his life. "If it is expedient, the child will be sent to join you on the Enterprise within the week." [Star Trek: Reboot]
Not All Those Who Wander by thedeadparrot
Spock Prime has found ways to keep himself occupied; the universe doesn't know what hit it. [Star Trek: Reboot]
Fissures by Thundera Tiger
Gimli's rather unorthodox plans for the Glittering Caves raise a few questions and more than a few concerns about his friendship with a certain elf...
Wayback Machine: Stargate SG-1 slashfic by Anais
Back-up archive of the now defunct home of Anais' fanfiction, including the only place to still find the classic epic, "Dr. Jackson's Diary". Long live the Unbearable Likeness of THING!
Meow Mail by Gil Hale
It was a little known fact that, in an emergency, cats could co-operate to get a message sent over quite a distance. A Tibbles-centric Christmas fic.
The Road From Home by James
Wesley and Xander team up to fight a demon, and deal with something unusual. AU, triple cross-over between Buffy, the Horses of Different Colours series by James and Wolfling, and the Tall Tails series by Byrne.
Human Nature by Keira Marcos
John faces some hard changes after Atlantis is returned to Pegasus. DADT fic.
The Gargoyles Fans Website
The main fanfic archive for Disney's Gargoyles. Also home of the The Goliath Saga (TGS), the virtual fanfiction seasons continuing on from Greg Weisman's final episode, "The Journey". Not updated.
Where the Brave Dare Not Go by Telesilla
John Sheppard has had over twenty years to come to grips with the fact that every four or five weeks, he turns into a mountain lion. Like most Were, he accepts that that's just the way it is, and so he's not particularly interested when he learns that researchers at the local university are trying to to develop drugs that will help Were control their cycles. Then he meets Dr. Rodney McKay, a brilliant but irascible biochemist with reasons of his own for spearheading the university's Were research and John suddenly finds himself struggling with more than just his attraction to McKay.
Playing Hard to Get by st_aurafina
Tony Stark is trying to break into superhero society. Scott Summers can't get away fast enough. Iron Man (2008)/X-Men (Movieverse) crossover.
Illogical (√π233/hy7) by Waldorph
If Kirk was a maths genius, and never took Pike up on the dare to do better, but still managed to get to Starfleet? This is what that would look like.
YouTube - Nayrusavatar's Channel - Gargoyles
Every episode of Disney's Gargoyles ever aired, since Vol 2. doesn't seem like it'll ever be released. *sigh*
Ginger Snaps (1/2) by Joules
Five times Gibbs and DiNozzo meet pre-series.
Breaking Points by Keshka
Star trek: Reboot K/S slash-preslash. When the Enterprise is asked to transport Vulcan colonists to their new home, Spock Prime comes with them. His presence changes everything – even the things Jim isn’t sure he wants to change.
Home by Lanaea
A mishap brings the Enterprise back to Earth for a while. Star Trek: 2009/Reboot movie!verse. Well-developed plot-filled slashy continuation of the movie. Kirk/Spock.
All In The Job by Flamedancer33
07-Movieverse. Simmons and working with the Autobots. One man's love/hate relationship with his job.
Hell is Other People by Amitai
After a series of attacks, Alex's entire class is sent to be trained at the SAS training camp, to give them a degree of selfsufficiency to help them defend themselves. Unfortunately for Alex, he has to go with them... and not get noticed as 'different'. [Alex Rider: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz fandom.]
Cet homme me poursuit by mirandaeostre
Merlin is pregnant and in denial and being followed around by a donkey, Arthur is practical and manly, and Uther really hasn't drunk enough for this.
Form and Function by Sleeps With Coyotes
"In His image" takes a turn for the weird, and the Dragon of Eden has his work cut out for him. Dragon AU.
Playground Logic by Kaitekat
Sometimes, the answer to that question that's been niggling at you for vorns can be given by a creature only knee-high. Sam, Mikaela and Annabelle talk life, and Prowl listens.
Diverging Possibilities by Oni-Gil
It was almost sickening, the conflicted look on his white-plated, blue-opticked face. If only he would come to his senses! Couldn’t he see that the Autobot way was the only way? Skyfire/Starscream... with a twist. (aka ShatterdGlass!Skyfire meets G1!Starscream, yum!)
Lots of free flash games to play online.
SueN's Adult M7 Stories
SueN's Gen M7 fiction
Post-apocalypse flash game. Very simple, but oddly addictive.
As Morning Shows the Day by jade_dragoness
Based on the switched version of the prompt: A de-aged fic where Spock has to take care of a kid-Kirk; preferably Kirk only listens to Spock, and freaks out when he's not around. (Or, you know, switched). Features adorably cute kid!Spock. [Star Trek Reboot]
'Til You Scream by i_claudia
Arthur and Merlin are somewhere where they need to be really quiet ONLY MERLIN HAS A HARD TIME BEING QUIET and Arthur keeps telling him to keep it down WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY DOING ALL THE THINGS THAT MAKE MERLIN SCREAM :D
Gibbs' Favorite by Lady Angel
McGee runs into a table full of Gibbs' exes at a restaurant.
Hold Hard by xaritomene
written for [info]kinkme_merlin in response to the prompt "Arthur just loves to fuck Merlin open, till he is dripping and too sore to even sit up."
Dimensions and Verticals by Bella Temple
Sam accidentally gets Dean out of Hell. The results are something no one could have expected. . . .
A Thousand Pages by tartanshell
My brothers, they never went blind for what they did, but I may as well have/ In the name of the Father, the skeptic, and the Son, I had one more stupid question... You know how those Catholic boys can be. Matt Murdock gets a pen-pal.
The Noodle Fic, or Mama Bears Don't Stand Aside by Tassosss
Another deal has gone sour for Mal, but a pair of rather interesting locals are willing to trade gunslinging skills for medical help. Yeah, Mal's not sure what he's got himself into either.
This Kitten (confuses me) by stuckinspokane
Sequel to "House Sitter". Merlin and Arthur bring home a kitten. This results in a trip to see Vet!Gaius.
The House Sitter by stuckinspokane
Sequel to "Tale of Two Kitties, The". Morgana asks Gwen a favor. Watch over Merlin and Arthur for her while she's away.
Tail of Two Kitties, The by stuckinspokane
Morgana believes that her pet needs a friend. Thus: Arthur. (aka Merlin and Arthur are cats)
Saving the Day by Cat_77
She really kind of hated Earthside missions. SGA, Crossover, Mostly Gen with a bit of Beckett/Cadman.
Civilians by Lady Ra
AU ending to Point of View. What if the AU Samantha hadn't been willing to let go of Jack? Alternate Reality Quantum Mirror thing.
Drilling Holes by Lady Ra
Clark's sex drive comes on-line along with the heat vision, but things aren't going well.
Building the Future by Lady Ra
Lex's father dies, sending him to Metropolis; Clark gets kidnapped; Tony is fed up, quits NCIS, and decides to go visit his cousin, Martha, in Smallville; and Gibbs wonders what the hell happened to his life.
The Dragon Isles: Red Dragon 2 by Tygati
Heh. Sorry about that cliffhanger. Bad Kitty. ^^; Here is the complete[d] story.
The Dragon Isles: Red Dragon (1/2) by Tygati
"He could practically feel the grin spreading across his face. What better vessel could there be to transport a genuine dragon on a sightseeing cruise around the world than one adorned with his own likeness? Well, in the broadest sense of the word, anyway." Takes place after Silver Dragon and [info]maderr's Black Dragon, but before Grey Dragon.
The Undone Years (1/7) by vain_glorious
A head injury changes Sheppard's reality. Written for the Lostcityfound We'll-always-have-Pegasus challenge. Prompt: John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan - a balanced ending (or beginning) between Pegasus and Earth, and hope for the future? Apologies to the prompter for how Gen this is, and apologies to Gen readers for how Het this is. (aka the ambiguous ending mind-bender fic)
Hope Flies Alone by Slybrarian
Ten thousand years ago, a great darkness awoke in the Pegasus Galaxy. For almost a hundred years, the people of Atlantis battled the Wraith, until at last they were forced back into their city. There were great victories and great defeats, tragedies both small and large. Many saw the war as unwinnable and focused their efforts on seeking ascension, but some fought until the bitter end, even to the point of defying death itself. Written for SGA Big Bang 2009.
Jabberwocky by Kriadydragon
How far is John willing to go to protect? Heads going snickersnack, and genetic impossibilities. Oh, and don't forget the terrible physical trauma. John's not a happy man.
5 of x Instances Where Rodney McKay Declined an Opportunity by Lady Yueh
Five times Rodney said 'no' to an offer. (Multiple Crossover) Mostly Marvel-verse, Dr.Who/Torchwood.
A Friend In Need by Panderus
In which the angel Aziraphale encounters an old acquaintance.
Woolsey’s Team Building Fiasco by Nika Dixon
Woolsey sends the team on a relaxing retreat of motivation and team building exercises. Too bad he forgot to factor in the Pegasus Galaxy's contribution. Humor/Whump. Slight Ronon/Keller.
Community Service (1/27) by sally_simpson76
Ryan tells Chad not to question his own sexuality. Chad does not appreciate this.
Twitterpated by fledmusic
Castiel insists that Dean and Sam start using Twitter as a means of communication (seriously).
How Ryan's Life Was Destroyed, And Why It Was Worth It by Temira
Ryan has this fantasy about how he'd get out of a speeding ticket. He really, really did not need the entire East High student body to know about it.
Court Vision by Fydyan
There are things Troy doesn't understand, but his best friend has never been one of them. (Best illustration of true friendship - ever!)
Something New by Temira
Chad gets hazed and comes out. Sharpay meets a boy. Frat!verse prequel type thing: "Did you know he introduced me and Matt? By accident, of course, I would not have been talking to Chad Danforth intentionally." (Not necessary to read others in series.)
Care and Feeding by fools_game
The cat tipped its head back and looked up. “Sam, is that you?” There was a moment, and then the cat nodded slowly, up and down. A clear gesture. “Sam, you cut that out right now. It’s not funny.”
Alike to Me by fools_game
Sam doesn't mind being a cat. Sequel to "Care and Feeding".
Boy Disease (1/24) Jenwyn of Mirkwood
Chad realizes his relationship with Taylor hasn't gone anywhere and tries to figure out why while his friendship with Ryan intensifies and strains his friendship with Troy. High School Musical fandom. Chad/Ryan, Zeke/Sharpay, Troy/Gabriella.
How to Make a Situation Awkward (or, What to Do When You Realize Your Best Friend is Sleeping with a Dude) by Kuhori_rei
Troy runs into Chad and Ryan in the ER. They’re both wet and blushing, and Ryan appears to have a concussion. One plus one equals… High School Musical, Chad/Ryan slash.
Life's Equations by kristen999
This is the story of John Sheppard and mathematics.
A Wing and a Prayer by Kriadydragon
An expedition of humans and their dragon companions travel to the Pegasus Galaxy in search of Atlantis. There they discover a people bonded to telepathic griffins, and that before the expedition can find the lost city they must first earn the right to become its new caretakers. When Major Sheppard is taken and returned with a piece of his memory missing, what began as a search for the city of the Ancients becomes a race against time and an enemy that is the very definition of being more than they seem. Written for SGA Big Bang 2009.
And Sensibility by Auberus
Duncan, Methos, Lex, and Clark at an antiques auction. Highlander/Smallville crossover.
Once and Future (1/2) by Mad Maudlin
Four times Merlin Emrys met Jack Harkness (and one time he met Jack Harkness) Merlin/Torchwood crossover.
The Dragon Isles: The Black Dragon by Maderr
Based on The Dragon Isles: The Silver Dragon by Tygati. She wrote about a smexy, snarly black dragon and failed to give him a pretty boy. I solved that little problem for her. (Original fiction!)
The Dragon Isles: Silver Dragon (1/2) by Tygati
He was apparently in some sort of stone building on one of the dragon isles, being tended to by a man who claimed to be a dragon himself, who was wearing Mirofal's clothes and whose grasp of social courtesies seemed to be a bit... skewed. (Original fiction!)
Stupid People by Maychorian
Some people are cat people. Some people are dog people. And then there are people like Dean....
Rain Falling Down AU Master Post by Maychorian
Castiel goes back in time to stop the Apocalypse. Things go wrong. Things go VERY wrong.
Down From Mt. Olympus by trinityofone
Lots of lonely people keep cats.
How To Survive In Atlantis - For Scientists by wikiberry
Read and follow instructions and you shall might survive to tell the tale. Written for the SGA Flashfic Document Challenge.
An Old Story by aesc
McSheppardian remix of "Cupid and Psyche." Science conquers all... Or, almost all.
What's Yours is Mine by ladycat777
Rodney gets turned into a cat.
Turn of the Wheel series by gekizetsu
Humor, wingfic. Dean is bitchslapped by an elemental and it's Sam who has to cope. Starts out crack, but gets serious pretty quick.
Happenstance (1/3) by Alethia
"I'm, like, the normal, focused, straight-down-the-middle jock. How'd I end up in the psychotic, orgiastic, stoner, trust fund, drama kid group?" High School Musical fic - College AU. Chad/Ryan, Zeke/Sharpay.
Volatile Compounds by Gekizetsu
The boys finally flash the wrong counterfeit badges while investigating murders on a Naval base.
A Thoughtful Sort of Day by Edwardina
Mal wasn't one for gifts and the like -- especially when they cost good money that could've gone to fuel cells, food, or one of the parts on Kaylee's ever-growing list. Most times he didn't even look around at anything much in shops, let alone look around at things in seedy adult shops that turned up at ports on worlds closer to the rim... but sometimes he did. Sometimes, Mal thought of things for someone else.
Touch and the Inner Hominid (1/2) by rosiepaw
Sort of extended h/c with a side order of an Ancient device makes them do it?
Situation Normal (1/3) by Pet
Six months after the Fire Sale, and everything is back to normal. Well, mostly normal. Normal-ish.
Deus Ex by Webs and Whiskers
Cas finds God.
At Any Price by ante_luce
"Everything you want in life has a price connected to it. There's a price to pay if you want to make things better, a price to pay just for leaving things as they are, a price for everything." --Browne, Harry
a match made in heaven by incandescens
Spring Kinkfest - Crossover: Supernatural/Transformers, Dean/Jazz: road trip - "Dude, where's my car?"
Man, Interrupted by samdonne
"You're not my fucking tool, you're not expendable, you're not the only one who's changing, we're synchronizing." Mild Freya/OFC femmeslash.
Bright Coppper Kettles and Warm Woolen Mittens by selfinduced
How Brendan Dean, experienced field agent who has seen and heard things that make many ordinary people’s blood curdle, a grown man with his own insecurities and “mess” of a life (his own words), equates to something warm and fuzzy, Freya never really questions.
Death Threats - Treasured Memories by Moonloon
Rodney McKay's scrapbook of death threats. Image-heavy.
How There Was A Giant Conspiracy To Kidnap Rodney And Possibly Even Torture Him by Chatelian
AU. Framed aeronautical engineer John Sheppard has escaped from prison to prove his innocence. Which was fine. Right up until the point he took Rodney McKay hostage and found himself speeding down the freeway with half a police department (and two helicopters) following him.
Picked Up By Those Behind (1/5) by Chatelian
Sequel to The Lost Expedition. Five times Essie Malcolm’s daughter finds evidence of the fate of the first Atlantis expedition as she attempts to stop the Genii from taking over the Pegasus galaxy.
The Lost Expedition (1/3) by Chatelian
“…the Atlantis expedition never found a way to contact Earth. A year after the expedition’s departure, the Daedalus reached the Pegasus galaxy to find Atlantis deserted, although the team’s equipment, food and personal belongings remained. No evidence of foul play was discovered, and no trace of the expedition members was ever found. Due to the violent nature of the indigenous species known as ‘the Wraith,’ the Pegasus galaxy was deemed too dangerous, and Earth’s governments refused further requests for exploration. Like the ‘Lost Colony’ of Roanoke, the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Atlantis expedition has captivated the imagination of generations, and there has been much speculation about the fate of the expedition…”
Rough Men Stand Ready by ga_unicorn
Some days the burdens of command are heavier than others.
Doom! by Kolyaaa
A fine story with smashed noses, dangling scientists, drugged colonels, broken bones, plunging jumpers, mashed glasses, bad reception, scary machinery, disappearing floors, SHARKS and an awful lot of water. Everyone gets hurt! You will love it.
Displacement by smilebackwards
John isn't really sure how to feel about the fact that he seems to have been unofficially adopted by SG-1. [tag to The Return]
Sheplantis Series by ShaViva
Ever wondered what might have been possible if Sheppard's special connection to the city of Atlantis had been really special? This series explores that idea, delving into John's ATA gene connection to the city. Four separate non episode based stories that follow on from each other. The first three are set in Season 3, and the last is set in early Season 5.
A library of TV theme music and songs from yesterday and today. Browse our huge archive of 12,330 theme songs using the index above or below. Download, email or send to ringtones.
The Once And Future Pain In My Ass by Ras Elased
"This has got to be the worst ambush ever. I'm feeling a little insulted, actually." Harry Dresden has had a lot of cases—a lot of weird cases—but this one may take the cake. Or the crown. Whatever.
Two Angels, One Demon by daegaer
"And who's Castiel, when he's at home?" Crowley asked. "I'm an angel of the Lord," Castiel said, eyes narrowed. "Well, I could tell that from the terrible dress sense and crumpled clothes - but are you a fun angel or," he waved a hand expressively, "An unfun angel?"
Northern Lights by Sarah Ellen Parsons
Sam & Dean and Mulder & Scully get in each other's way during a case.
Late Nite at the Sudzy Dudz by Sarah Ellen Parsons
“Don’t argue with the FBI man covered in bullshit, Dean,” the father growled from where he was loading in the last of their laundry. “That’s pretty much guaranteed to not end well for anybody.”
A True Friend Stabs You In The Front by akisawana
Thundercracker hasn’t updated his anti-virus in a few million years. Starscream hasn’t figured out what he’s being punished for yet. And Skywarp’s stuck in the middle.
The Obscure (1/2) by yesj
It’s a very simple leap of logic to make, and Rodney does not know why John hasn’t made it yet. (aka the Rodney turned into a kitten fic)
A Wincest Story by trinityofone
No actual wincest; the author being a smartass. When he listened to their former angel pronounce his new official human name over and over, first giddy, then reverent—“Cas Winchester, Cas Winchester”—Sam couldn’t shake the feeling that this was somehow going to come back and bite them in the ass. (Dean/Castiel, Sam/OFC)
The Ten Commandments Don't Apply To Angels by Sam Starbuck (aka copperbadge)
Dean keeps insisting Castiel do things that humans do; sometimes Castiel is grateful for this, and sometimes...not so much. Mild Dean/Castiel.
Accept No Substitutes by lamardeuse
It was extraordinary, Merlin reflected as he pounded down the corridor toward the Great Hall, how often the destiny the Great Dragon constantly spoke of entailed saving Arthur from beautiful women.
Mended by PaBurke
It was always Sammy bringing home broken animals needing fixing, but Dean had the same soft heart. It just revealed itself in different ways.
Façades by PaBurke
How much of a façade can you see through? Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossover.
Play House by PaBurke
Don't you hate it when family drops by unannounced? The Jarods are Houses. 31 connected drabbles.
Prisoner by Antepathy
Starscream, captured by Autobots, spends time with a linguist. Movie-verse. Deep and thought-provoking.
Pointy Hats and P90s by chaletian
Camelot is famed throughout the Pegasus galaxy for its mead and the hatred in which its ruler, Uther Pendragon, holds all forms of 'magic'. Or 'having an over-developed ATA gene', as the rest of the galaxy calls it.
Signs and Warnings by lembas7
Evil comes in many forms. And it doesn't need to be believed in to exist. Stargate:SG1, Supernatural crossover, early seasons for both shows.
Warped by Keaalu
Sequel to Screaming Blue Murder. Grounded, split up and scattered across the globe, Starscream's trine always knew resolving the latest diaster was going to be more than just "find each other and deal out retribution". To start with, what DOES "the Collector" want with Skywarp? Skywarp-centric.
Screaming Blue Murder by Keaalu
G1-ish. Sometimes, all you need is the right sort of NUDGE to get enemies to work together - as Starscream's trine discover when embroiled in a police investigation back on Cybertron. But just what IS that Blue stuff, anyway? Seeker-centric.
Always The Quiet Ones by Sanjuno Shori Niko
Creation moves in cycles, Seeker femmes look just like Seeker mechs, and courtship displays freak out even evil Decepticons. Now Soundwave has to find out why Thundercracker is suddenly so violent... and why Starscream and Skywarp are giggling like that.
To You I Pledge by beren_writes
Merlin lays his life on the line to save Arthur yet again, only this time there are witnesses, lots of them. Only Arthur prevents him going to the headman's axe straight away, but Arthur alone cannot save him. That is up to both of them. Written for the Merlin Big Bang Challenge.
The Course of True Love by puckling
After Nimueh's death Albion needs a High Priestess, but what it's got is Merlin. Fortunately he'll serve after a few...modifications. Unfortunately for Merlin, being turned into a woman would be enough of a shock even without becoming the High Priestess. As is, it's his duty to sleep with the king or doom all of Albion. Written for the Merlin Big Bang Challenge.
The Butcher of Camelot by Lady Angel (aka dameange)
Someone is slaughtering men in Camelot. Morgana knows Arthur will die by this murderer’s hand. Merlin will not let that happen. Even if it means calling forth help from the future. Merlin/Criminal Minds crossover. Arthur/Merlin, Hotchner/Reid pairings. Written for the Merlin Big Bang Challenge.
Impetus by Domenika Marzione (aka miss_porcupine)
Sequel to Object in Motion. The law of inertia works in Pegasus, too.
Object in Motion by Domenika Marzione (aka miss_porcupine)
One Atlantis marine as a runner.
One Take by freudian_fuckup
Sequel to ifyouweremine's "Boys Will Be Girls". The problem is, they've gotten too good at what they do.
Boys Will Be Girls by ifyouweremine
The shoot is Lolita-themed, so Merlin is wearing frilly little pale pink garters with white stockings and glossy pink babydoll shoes. His panties are white as well, as is his corset (its ribbons and embellishments are—of course—pink). Merlin feels like a strawberry cream puff, all soft and prissy pastel.
Beast Wars: Crystal Cybertron by Shritistrang
The Beast Wars take an unexpected turn when the Senshi of Time gets turned into a Predacon... and she wants to invite her fellow Senshi as well. Tremble with fear, Time Splitter is here...
Collision by The Feesh
New York City. It’s alive, it has its own rhythms and beat to which it steps to. The pounding sound of footsteps as the masses cascade down the sidewalks provides an appropriate thrumming backdrop for the fortissimo of clattering noise.. Post-2007 Movieverse ... featuring Barricade.
Imagos Star: Legacy of Kings by M.D2ne
Sequel to Ecdysis Star. G1: How can one female Transformer change the future to come? Femme fetale Starscream proves that point!
Ecdysis Star by M.D2ne
Starscream has a secret carefully hidden away from the Decepticons and Transformers alike, until Megatron suspects him with the help of Soundwave. Will he be able to bear the brunt of the consequences that follow?
The Danger of Human Illusion by EllieV
Brendan Dean leaves the NSA after Freya is badly hurt. This is a crossover with a few other TV shows but listing them would just give away far too much. Update Aug 28,2011: Fic removed from FF.Net. Watch author's LJ for future home -- provided she puts it up somewhere, as it is not yet available.
Choices by NybCR
-AU G1- Starscream discovers something he had never before considered nor wanted to know: how he would have been, had he made a different choice. (aka the Space Bridge fic)
Second Chances Part One by sonofwolf
Starscream gets a chance to go back and do it all over. Ten bucks says he screws it up...again.
Lost in Transmission by Koi Lungfish
G1, season 2: Soundwave loses radio contact with Starscream whilst he's on patrol over the ocean. (aka the 'Moon likes to think this is how Starscream gets to Atlantis' fic :P)
Stand Back, I'm Going To Try Science! by Shimegami
G1 oneshot. Starscream, Wheeljack, and Perceptor are stranded on an alien planet due to one of Wheeljack's inventions going wrong, as usual. Not as usual, they have to rely on other skills to find their way home. Namely: science. Primus help us all.
An Unlikely Alliance by nine-tails666
"The seekers were an odd bunch, no doubt about it. But they were really not that different from them. Not at all." Response for a bunny issued by Katsuko on the Bunny Farm. Mention of SeekerSlash. A little Humor.
As We Conquer the Sky by Idiosyn
Seekers are a notoriously proud group that will be not be held back by anything. No matter how alien, or natural it is.
My Madness, My Saving Sanity by NightElfCrawler
Beaten, broken and humiliated, revenge is the one thing that kept Starscream going. But is revenge enough to live on? And when the only place to turn to is your enemies, how long can a lie be convincing? How long can a charade be maintained?
Need You Want You Hate You Love You by Katsuko1978
They're total opposites, yet somehow drawn together through circumstance and choice. 28 short stories about the most unlikely couple to ever walk the Decepticon ranks. Soundwave/Starscream.
The Nine Rings of Vos by Sanjuno Shori Niko
The Seekers have a plan, one that spans the entire length of the war, and is now coming to fruition. Soundwave and the Cassettacons get caught up in the plot, and somehow cannot find it in their sparks to regret any of it. As for the Autobot and Decepticon factions, well, they are all just really, really confused. Link goes to Timeline; series contains over 50 fics and growing. Mostly Starscream/Skywarp/Thundercracker, with some additional pairings. Strong family and sparkling focus.
K. Ryn's Tales of the Sentinel
Sentinel author K. Ryn's fanfiction. All Gen, previously 'zine-published.
A Thousand Different Skins by tarayith
Merlin decides he wants to learn to fly. Only things don't quite go to plan.
A Waking Dream - A Werewolf Saga by Maxie
There are rumors that a werewolf is loose in Princeton-Plainsboro. Not surprisingly, most people believe that it's House. However, House doesn't believe in things like that. He's much more interested in finding out what's wrong with Wilson. Six stories and counting...
Five Times John’s Men Were Proud To Have Him As A CO by smilebackwards
The men have learned to trust Sheppard, to follow him with their eyes full of awe.
Osmosis by mithrel
Merlin’s magic is transferred to Arthur. They must find a way to reverse the transference before Uther finds out.
The 9” Dildo Attached To A Dick by autumnlecroix
It wasn’t a secret that the Prince of Camelot wasn’t exactly the brightest star in the sky.
Nature and Nurture by FanfictionWriter83729
Ron was obsessive about his lawn. Judy was obsessive about her flowers. Something of their strange behaviour had to have passed down to their offspring. Bumblebee attempts to figure out what.
Driving Crazy Chapter List by darkdanc3r
Serial fic crossover between Fast and the Furious (the first one) and the 2007 Transformers movie.
The First Home Sweet Home (So Dear) by mz_bstone
"Classy, kid." John had that look on his face, the one Allison called "sardonic" and her dad called "asshole". His sunglasses hid most of the rest of whatever he was thinking. She hated it when her Dad had that advantage, and she didn't like it much better in John Sheppard, who most of the time was pretty all right, hanging at the skate park in his off hours, doing ollies for hours.
All the Sky You Need by WesleysGirl
Angel/Spike in the Firefly 'verse, where there is much sexin' going on.
Very Young by Crimson Starlight
Times like these remind him just why he enjoys being the oldest...
Free online photo/image editor. Also has a Firefox add-on for easy use.
Instincts by Sweet Anonymity
Tony's facing something he can't handle alone. It's a good thing he's got Ducky, McGee, Ziva, Abby, and Gibbs behind him--even if they're still struggling to figure this thing out, too. Crossover with The Sentinel.
How Merlin Learned to Stop Worrying and Love His Destiny by mint_amaretto
Remember that article about 'Campalot' a few months back? That was some major exaggeration there, but what if everyone in Camelot really was gay? | In which Merlin moves to the Cursed Kingdom of Camelot, Arthur puts a little too much faith into the rules of courtly love and Lancelot has no problem being faithful to his lady.
Save A Horse by danceswithgary
Lex finds out life in the country ain't half bad.
Veritas by ShayneT.
An alternate Clark Kent finds himself flying a planeload of passengers from 1993 Metropolis into real world post-9/11 2008 Washington DC. How will he deal with this new, darker world?
St. James Park by Claudia
Merlin and Arthur go feed the ducks, unaware that they have spectators.
Wherein Merlin Wears a Dress and Arthur Buggers the Hell Out of Him by ifyouweremine
This is not how Merlin expected his evening to go.
Rictus by Sequitur
How Tony Dinozzo started working for NCIS.
Future Winnings (1/5) by Ecolea
Mulder is trapped on an alien ship and awakens to find himself stranded aboard the Federation Starship Voyager. Can he win a place for himself in the future, or will replicated coffee be a stumbling block?
Changing of the Guard 5: Terms of Engagement by Ecolea
Methos and O'Neill attend an intergalactic conference. When trouble happens, as usual, they're in the middle of it. Is nothing ever as it seems?
Changing of the Guard 4: The Road to Hammelcar by Ecolea
A simple reconnaissance mission turns deadly when the specter of Methos' past arises. Will he survive this dangerous confrontation, or will O'Neill's sanity become a casualty?
Changing of the Guard 3: Be All That You Can Be by Ecolea
When super advanced alien weapons technology falls into the hands the Goa'uld, SG-1 and the Tok'ra need all the help they can get. Can an Immortal strike force really make a difference, or will Basic Training bring them to their knees?
Changing of the Guard 2: The Ninth Chevron by Ecolea
An important discovery in the Egyptian desert leads SG-1 on a dangerous mission to save the Earth. Caught between the man he was and the man he is, can all of Methos' skills and knowledge help the team survive, or will that be his undoing?
Changing of the Guard by Ecolea
Methos' plans for a little Research and Recreation take a decidedly dangerous turn when the Air Force discovers he's an Immortal. Can he survive the present, confront his past, and save Earth's future all at the same time?
Real Men Don't Make Cheesecake by Apocalypsos
Dean takes home economics, and chaos ensues. And no, it's not his fault. Teen!chesters, Dean/ofc.
Career Day by ljs_lj
It was at the end of the hall that he found his target. The table was shared by at least three different men, from what Jonathan could see, and the middle one was his target. "Hi," he said casually. "I'm Jack O'Neill. You're expecting me."
KWS Series (1/6) by LovesBitch
A new student at the Kendra Wood School for the Gifted?
Live in this World, Year Zero by PaBurke
Clone!Jack, Buffy and 25 kids have crash-landed on Yavin 4. Sequel to ‘Changing the Death Toll.’
Changing the Death Toll by PaBurke
"Save the Children, get them out of here." A SW/SG1/Buffy Crossover.
That Day Castiel Got Turned Into A Robin by Maychorian + 7 others
A round-robin crack!fic based upon a bad pun, giving a whole new meaning to “wing!fic”.
And The Band's Playing "Hail To The Chief" by Synecdochic
Sequel to "Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose". Fifteen years after Rodney begins teaching at The Little State University That Could, Dr. Vail announces his retirement, and Rodney is appointed chairman of the Physics department -- for his sins, Rodney says mournfully, and Katherine, who is the only person who has managed to learn not to take him seriously, laughs.
The Education of Little Bear by Negolith
The sequel to 'Untamed', and the simple story of how one Dr. M. Rodney McKay, Ph. D., Ph. D., gets the Pretender Gene.
DRP: Throw-In By RagePrufrock
As soon as Arthur had said, "Washburn and a few of my mates are having a match today, come if you like," Merlin knew he was fucked. Another sextra for the Drastically Redefining Protocol 'verse.
Calling All Cops and Autobots by Megyal
This is an Live Free or Die Hard/Iron Man crossover; if you haven't watched Iron Man, or you're not into it, I don't think it particularly matters, since the majority of the focus is on the Die Hard characters. This is VERY AU, and maybe a little cracked as well.
Undie Hard by Marina Rusalka
The guy nodded immediately, which made Dean’s opinion of him go up a notch. “Okay. We go get him, then. So… with whom do I have the pleasure of facing the zombie apocalypse with?”
Easy Way Out by Entwashian
Matt would’ve thought that he hadn’t spent enough time around John McClane for his body to become conditioned to the other man’s voice, except that when the word “sexy” comes out of John’s mouth, it feels like someone nuzzling at Matt’s balls. Written for Porn Battle V.
And Then Along Came John by Megyal
Five Times McClane Saved Daisy Duke.
The Same Coin [1/?] by Yacoba
Crossover with Stargate SG-1. Sam and Dean are on the hunt for a demon, what happens when the rash of unexplained deaths attracts the attention of the SGC? Set during Season 2 of Supernatural, and early during SG-1.
Speak LOLcat
A LOLcat translating program.
Something Like Love by solarcat05
Sequel to Nothing Like Love. Peter loves it when it's like this, when they start off slow and smooth and it's like they could fuck -- it's not "making love" -- for hours and hours and maybe even days.
Nothing Like Love by solarcat05
There's no way it's love. Because Johnny likes girls, and Peter's in love with Mary Jane. It's nothing at all like love.
Submission Hold by Letterblade
Steve finds out a few things during a spar. Utter PWP.
Off Grid by Letterblade
Steve and Tony go camping, and bears are the greatest menace facing America. No, really, that's about it. (Minor spanking kink.)
Full Body Workout by Nix
Hank has a lab accident. Steve and Tony bear the consequences.
Tweaked by Nix
Steve has encountered a minor frustration in bed with Tony. He buys a present to help out.
Text, Subtext, Context by Nix
Pre-slash. The team is at an amusement park. Steve and Tony are distracted.
Kinks by Nix
I'm sorry, folks. I fully intended to write porn for this prompt. But when I saw down to do it, the muses abandoned me. :-( So you get a few paragraphs of "does this count as fic?" exposition that I've been pondering instead.
Good Things Come in Cold Packages by Nix
Hypothermia porn. Alternately, Tony's armor is damaged and Steve must use body heat to warm him up! (This summary--and story--are brought to you by the Committee for the Healthy Maintenance of Cliches.)
By Any Other Name by Nix
Secrets. And porn. Written for Porn Battle VII.
All That Remains (1/21) by kijikun (with Miriel)
In retrospect, it was the answer to all of the questions he'd carefully avoided asking, all of the things he hadn't wanted to look at too closely.
The Roughest Day by Elspethdixon and Seanchai
Steve is in a motorcycle accident, Tony catches a cold, and someone is after the New Avengers.
Trouble in Paradise by nosilencehere
Tony and Steve are having severe relationship problems, Steve might have a thing going on with Jan, and Tony's been spotted in a bar. Oh, and Iron Man is having trouble accepting the fact that his employer's bisexual. No, really. Would the tabloids lie?
Momentary Paws (1/5) by velithya
Avengers fic. Tony Stark wakes up as a kitten, Steve takes care of him.
The Art of Falling (without breaking your neck) by megyal
Practice makes perfect, right? First-time fic.
Cattle Call by Legion
In a time and place where Sentinels and Guides are known, Jim and Blair fight their attraction to each other because neither believe that a guide should be the chattal of his sentinel.
DRP: Honeymoon by RagePrufrock
The original plan had been, in fact, to honeymoon in Spain. The first of hopefully many "sextras" from the Drastically Redefining Protocol AU.
The Offer John McLane Couldn’t Refuse by CreedCascade
After the Firesale John’s life takes a new direction after he takes an offer he can’t refuse.
Mating Instincts by Nix
Werewolves. Wth mating urges. Steve Rogers/Tony Stark. Written for my Steve/Tony Porn Amnesty Day. Avengers-fandom.
Pulling the Thorn by Dira Sudis
There's a huge scar down the sole of John's left foot.
Good Boy by Sam Starbuck (aka copperbadge)
Sequel to Style, an NCIS/Dexter crossover. Tony needs Gibbs. Gibbs has his uses for Tony, too. This is dark and pretty gristly. Rated R for violence.
Drastically Redefining Protocol by RagePrufrock
Modern-day AU, in which Prince Arthur meets Merlin and all hell breaks lose. Written for 14 Valentines '09. Contains hilarious mock-newspaper visual aids, and the ridiculously awesome Vanity Fair article by Conner Luthor (son of Lex Luther and Clark Kent from Pru's "Conflicts of Interest" epic.)
'Untitled' by lickingbeads
This is the only time Merlin feels truly mastered, in every sense of the word.
Bridging the Gap by ennyousai
No one realized anything was wrong with Simon until a week after they left Persephone. (aka the Simon goes deaf fic) Sweet, not angsty.
The One You're With by Dira Sudis
There's something important about the twenty-third, and it's been bugging him all damn day. He knows there's something he's forgetting--except there's nothing he's forgetting. Matt programmed all his important dates and deadlines into John's disturbingly over-powered new phone when he got it. He gets text messages now when he's supposed to give Jack or Lucy a call, and it's a little freaky but mostly pointless; John's usually pretty good with remembering dates and times. He's had practice.
Starting Over (In the Same Place) by pogrebin
SGA, Team + SG-1, gen, a finale fix-it with spoilers to 'Enemy At the Gates', 9300 words.
Woods for the Trees by hackthis
"You shag like a gay man." Modern day AU.
Style by Sam Starbuck (aka copperbadge)
It's just, seriously, Tony keeps getting framed for murder, like, EVERY SEASON THIS HAPPENS, and okay he does seem kinda like someone you'd peg as a psycho, but honestly. So I think it would be really ironic if he actually was a serial killer and they just kept arresting him for the murders he didn't commit. (Dexter/NCIS)
Prodigal by Domenika Marzione (aka miss_porcupine)
Hollis Mann shows up at NCIS headquarters because three marines might've broken in to a secret facility on an Army base. What happens from there couldn't have been anticipated.
Weapons of Mass Distortion by Rhi
Sequel to Sanctus Espiritus. Jack and John's friendship continues to provide gossip to the residents of Eureka.
Control by xanfan
Inspired by a request from Spaders_bitch for the Autumn of Angel LJ Community. Hyena!Xander thinks Angel would make the perfect pack leader.
Leaders of the Pack by Suki Blue
One week after Xander is possessed by the spirit of the Hyena, he starts to suffer a setback.
Shades and Echoes by auberus
AU. In which Duncan MacLeod meets Adam Pierson a good bit earlier than he did in canon, and promptly takes the 'new' Immortal under his wing.
The Sheppard Sipher (1/2) by maisierita
He almost misses the key words, because it's been years since he and John played this game, and maybe if the military hadn't come around knocking on his door three weeks ago he wouldn't have noticed the key words at all. Featuring Dave Sheppard.
Reciprocation by astolat
He only meant to complain; you didn't take serving girls on hunting trips, and the alternative interpretation didn't even occur to him until Merlin said indignantly, "I'm not going to do that!"
Time When... by Tassos
She got a woman's notion is how Jayne puts it ... Set post-Serenity, with cameos by Dean and Sam. Absolutely beautiful.
So Are They All, All Honourable Men (1/2) by Seperis
Considering Arthur's future wife will be chosen less for compatibility than for her political value, Merlin may be the only marriage he'll have that won't end in bloodshed or a great deal of fortifying wine.
Resurgence by auberus
During the cleanup at Alkali Lake, the X-Men stumble across a body that doesn't stay dead. (Highlander/X2 crossover).
Twenty-four Hour Bug by slob_child
S.A.R.A.H. has a computer virus. Written for 14 Valentines '09.
Witness by Damerel
What Anna overheard on Angel Radio. Implied Dean/Castiel.
Reality Doesn't Deny Fantasy by slob_child
The second year Andalasia Fashions has been open, it comes under attack for promoting unrealistic body images for young girls. Enchanted (the movie) ficlet. Written for 14 Valentines '09. Sweet and fluffy.
Thinking of Home by cat_77
On Earth, Rodney is taken by the Trust, but he is not alone. SGA/Thoughtcrimes
Rule # 7: Always Be Specific When You Lie by Anniehow
"I know bailing me out of police custody wasn’t part of your orders." Castiel gets Dean out of NCIS clutches.
Make New Friends by Tara Keezer
Sequel to So Happy Together. JNSH670105 hates force quit, alien devices are alien, and RDMC680418 is impatient.
A Hair's Breadth by Negolith
Written for ga-unicorn and the LJ sheppard hc secret Santa exchange. After an accident in the city, John finds himself trapped and a hair's breadth away from certain death.
Underdeveloped Instinct by srin
There are cabbages that try harder to safeguard their own lives than Merlin does. At least cabbages have contrived to smell funny in order to keep people away.
So Happy Together by Tara Keezer
“Hi!” JNSH670105 said. “I’m a Mac.” “Yes, yes,” RDMC680418 said. “And I’m a PC. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m very busy.”
Am prionnsa, an t-amadan agus na meirlich by aithris
In which there is a plethora of exceedingly incompetent bandits, Merlin spazzes, and Arthur fails at emotional comprehension. AKA: An Arthur-finds-out-about-Merlin's-magic fic.
More Than Meets the Eye by wildcat88
Episode tag to Common Ground. Lorne is in the infirmary after surgery when they bring Sheppard back.
What He Had to Do by wildcat88
Sheppard is injured when the team goes off-world to explore an Ancient outpost.
Strange People, These Lanteans by wildcat88
Episode tag to Condemned. Ronon reflects on the new home he's found.
Reset by Karri
Something in Atlantis is having a negative affect on John.
Help from Unexpected Places by Wild_Force71
Ever since John Sheppard stepped onto Atlantis, the city's been waking. Now he's woken something he can't shut off...
Forever Lost by Tarlan
In a city the size of lower Manhattan, it's easy to get lost....forever.
Soldier Ghost Command by PaBurke
Some towns have their own protection against the onslaught of ghosts and demons that had been released from Hell.
Drops in the Ocean by Drufan and Kriadydragon
Team Sheppard has been captured, Sheppard has to make it back to the 'gate to get help. Yep, just another day in Pegasus.
The Old World by aesc
"The Old World" is, for the canon-savvy, set at some point before the fallout from events in 5.19 in SGA and some time after 4.10 in SPN, although I've tried to set up explanations so you don't need to know canon for both shows in detail... Really, the fic now is kind of an excuse to fuse some of the Stargate canon with scriptural pseudoepigraphia and apocrypha, because I find that way too fun not to do.
Kitty! by ramtops_witch
Merlin turns into a cat boy. Cuteness ensues. Three ficlets.
Dream a Little Dream of Me by clarify
Merlin dreams, Arthur finds out about that whole magic thing and is blackmailed, and a boar terrorizes Camelot.
Shooting the Unicorn (1/?) by eos_rose
Merlin has been attracting a lot of supernatural attention as of late and although he has (perhaps too innocently) passed this off as an unfortunate side-effect of his own inner magic, everyone else has come to a very different conclusion. Who knew that Merlin's virginity could possibly be a threat to Camelot!
The History of Two Conversations (On Paper) by takadainmate
Books are defaced. But it's all for a good cause. Really.
A Quick and Dirty Guide to Your Average Merlin Episode by rebeccama
A parody of your average Merlin episode.
-.-. --- -. -. . -.-. - .. --- -. by Mad Maudlin
An accident offworld leaves Rodney feeling disconnected from the world around him. Luckily John and his friends are there. (aka the Morse Code fic)
Entertaining Angels 'Verse Master List by Maychorian
A strange boy shows up at Dean and Sam's motel room. Maybe he needs help, or maybe he's there to help them—they can't quite tell. Spoilers through 4.10. (One long fic, a couple of ficlets, some art and a fanvid.)
Younger Son (1/2) by Maychorian
McKay told him not to go in that room, but John Sheppard is at least half cat, with the same curiosity problem. Meanwhile, there's something in Sammy Winchester's closet.
Princess Pratface's and Merlin the Idiot's Wikipedia Pages by rainchild_ai
A Merlin Macro Community - GUYS, I'M SORRY, REALLY. [info]xoxraraavis pointed out on [info]ihasawarlock that King Arthur is on Wikipedia's front page today, and the article was horribly inaccurate... so Merlin made Arthur's Wikipedia page better. Then Arthur retaliates (and Merlin weighs in, too.)
Hound of Hell You Cry by Stealth Dragon
Sheppard is stranded on a strange world where people are vanishing, and the team races to find him... and not having much luck at it.
An Exchange of Words by Kriadydragon
Takes place sometime either during or after duet. Words are like pouring water from a box; always spilling more than what you meant to with little left to put back. (Scars Challenge)
Legacies by Tiptoe39
It may have begun, Matt thought, the night Molly screamed and they both came running.
Family Ties by Nix
AU. Part of The New York Connection. Future fic. Written for a prompt [info]admiralandrea gave me back in August: Dinner and dancing.
The One Where Arthur Despoils Merlin in a Cave Because, IDK, It Was Necessary to the Plot or Something by ifyouweremine
This story officially starts a few pages back with Mysterious Happenings That Arthur Has To Look Into followed shortly by Merlin Being Deeply Concerned And Following His Prince Into Danger, but that bit’s boring and I won’t waste either of our times on it, so let’s just start with Arthur and his knights and Merlin trapped in The Virgin Cave.
Beltane by Astolat
There is a story that is not told in Ealdor anymore, not for many years now, a story about Beltane Eve.
Onfindan by Astolat
Arthur didn't speak to him for a week after he found out.
Only the Journey Matters by ga_unicorn
Flying lessons for the newbie.
Digital Blasphemy
High resolution original 3-D rendered computer desktop wallpapers. Small, occasionally refreshed, collection of free images. Heck of a lot more available for a small fee. Well worth it.
Theory of Relativity (1/4) by kleenexcow
In a world where many of those with abilities have been forced underground, Molly Parkman plays with espionage as she defects to the other side. In an interwoven story running sixteen years earlier, Mohinder tries to figure out the mystery of a woman who claims to be Shanti, keep an assassin from killing Matt, and save Molly after she’s been kidnapped, all on what he doesn’t know is the last day of his life. Micah/Molly, Matt/Mohinder
Awaiting The Day by Medie
Rolling a pawn between his fingers, he looks up from the chessboard. "I want to know about the others." (Featuring The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Supernatural, NCIS, Stargate: SG1, Torchwood, and Heroes.)
Bernard Callebaut
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Memory Express
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Skip-Outs and Hideouts by joandarck
Rescuing Billy Walker's son seemed like a good idea at the time. Now all Beck wants is to get out of town alive so he and Travis can go their separate ways -- but Travis isn't making it easy. Yuletide 2008.
Very Good Things by tigerlady
Immediately after. (Well, okay. Ten to twelve hours after. Give or take.) Yuletide 2008.
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Five Kindnesses Charles Emerson Winchester III Performed (But Would Never Acknowledge) by Amilyn
It's not truly generous and charitable unless no one knows what you did. Dr. Charles Winchester the Third, post-war MASH fic.
Die Hard 4.5 : I'll Be Hard for Christmas by Aja
Subcommittee bingo, flashbulb gauntlets, and gay sex scandals - oh, there's no place like Capitol Hill for the holidays! Yuletide 2008.
In the Beginning by Cyndrarae
It began with a love story… how Logan comes to join the X-Men. AU.
After All (1/2) by amberdiceless
If there was one thing that Aziraphale had learned after dealing with the Heavenly bureaucracy for the past sixty centuries, it was that one never really got away scot-free with anything.
You Convert It
Free! Upload any format, image, documents, audio & video without buying or installing anything on your PC.
Tag Mate by Micinjensue
Sci-fi male/male original fic. Jaimz (human) gets stranded on an alien planet and taken as a mate by Kaiel (leonid). Four novel-length parts so far, with hope for a fifth eventually. Yay!
Four Times Merlin Cock-Blocked Arthur, and One Time He Didn't by oxoniensis
He doesn't mean to the first time. Truly. It was an honest mistake.
The Tragic, Doomed, and Epic Life and Loves of Elizabeth Jean McKay (1/2) by captanddeastar
All of this drama about her tragic love for Lorne has been distracting Elizabeth from her real priority: The Top Secret, Super Awesome, Ass-Kicking, Name-Taking, Huzzah for the Genius Elizabeth, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, And He Shall Reign Forever and Ever Anniversary Present of Unparalleled Magnificence and Splendor.
The True Story of When They Went A-Wandering (1/2) by auburnnothenna
It's just like a mission, only not. Gen. Written for sga_santa. Crackfic
Three Tasks (1a/2b) by Syllic
Arthur is the Royal Arbiter for Suitable Suitors' Disputes. He (and his trusty companion, the golden-dragon-tasselled hat) alone can determine who is fit to woo royal servants and other assorted courtiers in Uther's court. (aka the Lilac Robes fic)
Paparazzo by basingstoke
So, Iron Man apparently needed better surge protection in his suit. (Iron Man/Spider-Man)
X Marks The Spot
Homepage for the amazing fanart of X: Highlander, Star Wars, LOTR, Mag7, SG-1, etc...
Loving by Proxy by waxbean
Historical, humor, and/or holidays -- mistaken identity, oneupmanship, gadgets, pop culture, voyeurism, public displays of affection. This is very secretly a crossover with Supernatural. However, you don't need to know a single thing about that universe to read this fic.
Albion Rhapsody Recipient by tears_of_nienna
Good Omens/Supernatural crossover. Sam and Dean can't escape heavenly entanglements--even on vacation.
Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda by liketheriver
Caring for your injured CO isn't the easiest job for a Marine. And Sheppard's isn't the only team on Atlantis. Written for the Team challenge on sga_flashfic.
Litmus by little_giddy
So lavvyan posted Destiny Revisited (Sheppard/McKay, Merlin/Arthur, PG13), quite possibly one of the best realised and most unlikely crossovers I've ever read, and I felt the need to beg permission to write a sort of prequel/missing scenes/how you broke my brain thing.
And Glory Has No End; or, Clementine (1/3) by rinsbane
Futurefic. I would summarize this fic as: where you go, there will I go, and where you lodge, there will I lodge. Not a love song, but a romance. A reader who wants to know what it’s about might prefer: the expedition runs out of energy and has to abandon Atlantis to return to Earth. Very rhapsodic, non-linear story which works surprisingly well.
Destiny Revisited by lavvyan
Merlin/Arthur, McKay/Sheppard in a Merlin/SGA fusion - because, yes, somebody had to do it.
You Say Tomato and I Say Tomahto by aeroport_art
Arthur and Merlin have their own interpretations of what the hell happened That Night. They're both wrong and kind of deluded. But they still get lucky, so who's counting?
Prophesy by Nekare
In which Merlin dreams, and sometimes, his dreams come true.
Naturally, I could not let this stand, and have devised a Lesson Plan for our Merlin, utilizing something the griffon told me is called, "Power Point" -- feast your eyes, gentle reader!
Stones That Aren't Stones by jade_dragoness
Merlin learns the perils of picking up interesting rocks in the forest. (aka the Dragon Eggs fic!)
Need to Know by ladyyueh
"He’s told to drop it. Repeatedly." Gibbs vs O'Neill
The Pendragon Guide to How Not to Date (1/4) by Definewisdom
Modern day student AU. Still set in Britain. Morgana sends Arthur on some blind dates that don’t go quite according to plan.
With an X and a Y and an X, X, X by Lit-Gal
Jim is brought face to face with Blair's vision of parenting, and he can safely say he never saw it coming. Sandburg Zone ahead! (Is not actually either genderswitch or mpreg, but still kinda sorta related to both. Um?)
Keeping Warm by Lou-angel
“If that’s what I think it is, then I may find myself kissing you.” Merlin Advent Day 10 (cold)
So Magical by snakevsladder
In which Merlin accidentally turns himself into a girl for a few days, because sometimes these things just happen.
All That For A Rubbish Punchline by nostalgia_lj
The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy has this to say about Jack Harkness: "A+ shag, would bed again." Crackfic!
That Destiny Thing by Takadainmate
The Great Dragon has a plan. Arthur doesn't like it. Crackity crack.
The Dragon was a Babble-mouth by jade_dragoness
Merlin wonders if anyone else has talked to the dragon and sparks off something unexpected. (aka the Kissing Quest fic)
From the Poker to the Prize by lo0o0ony_lauren
Arthur faces an impressive challenger in the inter-village tournament and Merlin has a bit of an odd day. (aka the Time Travel fic)
A Year and a Day by Linaerys
“You shall be king for a year and a day,” she said, putting a cool finger on his lips. “If after that you wish to stay . . .” Arthur goes into a fairy hill.
Make Me A Match by Musegaarid
There was a woman in Aziraphale’s shop. Good Omens fic, Aziraphale/Crowley pairing.
Damsel in Distress by thehoyden
Merlin was no expert, but the minstrel troupe's performance in the courtyard seemed to be going fairly well until the dragon landed on the roof of the Great Hall.
Mac, PC, and Mercury by ~sailorptah
Sailor Moon fanart parody of the classic Mac vs PC commercials, starring the Mercury Computer. (deviantART)
Quickening Days (1/3) by Fahye
In which dragons & ghosts & prejudices are confronted, Merlin wears a hat (twice) and a dress (once), Arthur breaks some crockery (lots), there are more pranks than pillowfights but at least one of each, and many secrets are revealed.
Action Figures! by solarcat05
The Slash Dragon is a Merlin/Arthur fanboy. Crackfic! Three hilarious and cute drabbles.
Nobody Loves No-One by FlameStone
Merlin/Arthur, someone walking in on them. Angst. Arthur knowing about Merlin's magic. Oh, and a happy ending.
Men Are Idiots by draykonis
Morgana has come to a very important conclusion. All men are idiots.
Thrill of Victory by draykonis
Arthur gets... affected by fighting in tournaments.
Those Deep Places by Kate Andrews
It is an unfamiliar feeling, but there it is, and once Arthur finds its name, he cannot unname it.
And None But We Can Be Such Kings by janne-d
Merlin really was the court idiot. Was this what the Dragon had meant by halves of a whole?
Words Which Aren't Names by Blackeyed Girl
Arthur hears the shouting from across the courtyard. When he gets close enough, he can pick out the voice – Merlin.
Disguises and Imposters By Corona
In which Merlin is in disguise, and not happy about it. (aka Merlin-in-a-Dress fic)
From Darkness Comes Light (1/3) by Beren
When dark creatures that prey on the living, taking their blood and causing the dead to rise from their graves are reported in Albion it is Arthur who is sent to destroy them. Some things, however, do not fall to the sword and Arthur learns this the hard way. Merlin is faced with giving up more than his secret to save his friend. (aka the Vampire AU)
Magic, Marriage and Mayhem by xaritomene
Uther warns Arthur about his dalliance with his servant, and reminds him that Camelot will need an heir. Well, it looks like that's not a problem any more...
Three Castles (1/2) by RagePrufrock
It’s a perfectly wretched day in Camelot when Uther Pendragon announces Arthur’s betrothal.
August by RagePrufrock
Merlin looked uncertainly to Arthur. “Have you ever made bread?” he asked. / “How hard could it be?” Arthur said.
Past Imperfect by thehoyden
"You're being annoying, so no, I'd have to say this seems perfectly normal."
Misrule by thehoyden
"Well," Morgana said, looking pleased, "Maybe Arthur won't actually throw the tourney this year." (aka Merlin-in-a-Dress fic)
My Asgard Father by Bixata
Jack is Thor's adopted son. When he returns to Earth he becomes MacGyver. From childhood to Iraq, and the steps in between, through loss and love and fatherhood.
Board Wars by jadesfire2808 and greyias
"Earth seems to have a lot of games." "We get bored easily."
Tongue and Groove (1/2) by mosquito_larva
In which Tony gets knocked about, Gibbs scowls, and a gay time is had by all. If by 'all' one means 'Tony and Gibbs'. Written for the NCIS Ficathon.
Unsung by Legion
A disaster brings out the pure sentinel in Jim, much to Blair's dismay.
With Bones Like That by torakowalski
“I’m Dr Rodney McKay,” she said slowly. “We were at Berkeley together. You majored in mechanical engineering because you’re an idiot who wanted to go to war rather than use your brain for something worthwhile. I’m Rodney McKay with breasts, okay? It’s not that hard to grasp." AU. McShep_match prompt: skin deep.
Dangerous by Dolimir
Blair wants out of his rut.
A Celebration of Love by Dolimir
James helps B'lair celebrate Skylanthalus' birthday. Sequel to Homecoming. Medieval elves AU.
Homecoming by Dolimir
B'lair finally goes home to face his destiny. Will his bond with James be strong enough to save them? Sequel to Beloved. Medieval elves AU.
Beloved by Dolimir
What motivates B'lair and his need for vengence? Sequel to Chance Encounters. Medieval elves AU.
Chance Encounters by Dolimir
After letting B'lair go, Ranger James Ellison is consumed with questions; so he sets out to find the answers -- but will B'lair cooperate? Sequel to One Kind Deed.
One Kind Deed by Dolimir
A kind deed by a young thief leads him down a path he never dreamed he would take. Medieval elves AU.
Predator by Morgan
The hunt is on for a serial killer and the latest victim is Blair's girlfriend. Jim is the detective assigned the case. But he's not the only one investigating and as more evidence is discovered Jim becomes a suspect himself.
Permeance by Polly Bywater
The Sentinel Institute nearly loses a valuable - and unbonded - Wolf Guide to a vicious caseworker.
Accepted by TenthMuse1
In a world where Guides and Sentinels are matched by genetic compatibility, Jim and Blair get off to a rocky start.
A Winter's Tale (1/12) by darkangel985
Now that he has got his head back the Hessian is free to pursue something else. Horseman/Ichabod
Animus, Animalia, Familae (1/2) by Tzzzz
SGA/Golden Compass fusion. To touch another's daemon is to touch another's soul. It is the greatest act of intimacy in this life. Written for the sga_flashfic's Team Challenge.
Life Ain't Easy (1/20) by Creed Cascade
Jack convinces Ennis to come work on the Twist Ranch after they leave Brokeback Mountain, but life ain’t easy. (First 18 chapters available on website, last chapter and tag fic only available on F-locked LJ.)
Here With Me by elfin
Post 2F2F. Dom goes looking for Brian - Brian goes looking for Dom. They find each other somewhere along the way.
All Fired Up by Alasse (aka Arlad)
"He saw them long before his truck reached them, sticking out like sore thumbs: a couple of dusty gringos on the side of the road, next to a black car. A – holy shit, a 1967 Chevy Impala." Simple crossover about hot cars and hot guys, no plot.
Things I Can Believe In by oriolegirl
Companion fic to "Things I Can Depend On" . Written for tw_exchange challenge #4: Characters' Pasts; prompt #17: Jack's lived all through the twentieth century - what if he has a child out there... a grown-up child? Jack/Ianto, Lorne/Parrish
Things I Can Depend On by oriolegirl
Companion fic to "Things I Can Believe In". Written for tw_exchange challenge #4: Characters' Pasts; prompt #17: Jack's lived all through the twentieth century - what if he has a child out there... a grown-up child? Jack/Ianto, Lorne/Parrish
Antiquaries by shrift
In which there are quips, a book, a sword, an immortal who cannot die, an erstwhile rogue demon hunter, and an unknown quantity of scotch. Methos/Wesley
Whores and Thieves by Eleanor K
One shoootout, one jewel heist, one job offer, quite a lot of sex. (aka another Companion Simon fic)
Catch the Wind by Angelus1
Danny in Bozeman fic #978141622. Danny flies to Montana to support Lindsay as she testifies against her childhood friends' murderer.
The First Annual All-Atlantis Paper Airplane Competition (1/2) by Pennyplainknits
John clicked on the newest email in his inbox."The first Annual Atlantis Fun Day." It read. "Including Gate Team tug of war, music from Doctor Z and the ZPMs, an Athosian cook-out, dancing 'til late, and the All-Atlantis Paper Airplane. Championship. Sign-ups (one military and one civilian in each airplane-making team) to Sergeant Campbell by the end of the week."
Untitled NCIS Snapshot by RagePrufrock
Post-ep for “Agent Afloat,” and Hoyden suggested I title this something to do with sloppy seconds, just for truth in advertising, but I just don’t think I could do that to myself. I mean you guys. Really. Anyway, SUPER NC-17.
We Don't Have the Time for Psychological Romance by Glitterdash
Rodney gets the Nobel. John gets Rodney. Very sweet fic, fantastic Pru-worthy writing.
YouTube - Cat bloopers
Bunch of funny cat videos. Just cuz, ya know.
..:: P.I.W.O.2 ::..
Very cool light shows choreographed on a building. Many themes. Site in Polish.
Hot Pursuit by Rhi
HL/due South. Law enforcement officers can't resist hot pursuit. 800 year old FBI agents are no exception to this rule, especially when it's a Mountie in a speeding carriage chasing a wolf through Chicago.
Ruffled Feathers by Rhi
HL/Good Omens. Methos needs to talk to a very old friend. Or two. (Hilarious, and the footnotes are gold!)
Identity Crisis by Rhi
Some wallets aren't worth the trouble of mugging: Muerte meets Death. (Faint crossover with Undercover Blues, not necessary to read.)
Signal by Rhi
Sequel to Antiquities. After 3000 years, Rebecca has learned to recognize something as potentially dangerous. She's also learned when to ask for help.
Antiquities by Rhi
It would take a lot of gall to break into Rebecca Horne's house. (aka Jack-in-a-swordfight fic)
A Ghost of Winter's Past by Ithildin
Methos visits his 'nephew', Lucien LaCroix, in Toronto one Christmas.
The Crooked Path (1/2) by facetofcathy
Set sometime in the near future and on Earth. After suffering a serious injury, John's out of the USAF on a medical discharge, and Rodney comes bearing news: the SGC is about to become declassified.
l'essentiel est invisible by chatona
Tony is a telepath. Written for 10_cliche_fics.
Trying to Communicate by Sam the Storyteller (aka Copperbadge)
There's an alien in the Hub, and it's trying to communicate. Torchwood. (aka the infamous Alien LOLcat fic - which I'd thought I'd linked months ago, but apparently not. Oops, my bad.)
The Definition of Home by Triskellion
AU but following canon events: Tony has a secret. What is Gibbs going to do when he finds out just why his senior field agent will follow him to hell and back? Post Twilight and Kill Ari 1/2. (aka the wolf!Tony fic)
Boom De Yada by Kebrel
Fanvid of xkcd's version of The Discovery Channel's awesome "Boom De Yada" video. Sung by Sober. Best tribute version yet.
The JACKNDEAN 'Verse Master List by Maychorian
Jack O'Neill is not very good at being retired. Dean Winchester is not very good at staying out of trouble. And there's something lurking in these here woods…. One 14 chapter long-fic, two short ficlet sequels.
Second To None by RoczaDeb
Jack's Clone goes to USAF BMT. Featuring high quality military realisms. Is part of a series, but not necessary to read prior stories to understand. (aka the Mini!Jack has fun at Basic Training fic)
Rule Number 12 by Princess Nat
(Slight AU) When Detective Anthony DiNozzo rescues a young woman, he soon finds himself embroiled in an NCIS investigation and working alongside Special Agent Gibbs and his team. Question is, can Tony stay alive long enough to help solve the case? (Pre-Slash)
Lost Soul by RoczaDeb
A teenager is shot and dumped in the bed of a Marine’s truck. Can Gibbs return this lost soul home?
The Only Winning Move by synecdochic
At 0955, after reading the instructions in their second envelopes, the two SFs guarding the door to Isolation Room 2 looked at each other. "We're gonna get shot," Brooks said. (aka the War Games fic)
Kin of the Heart (1/27) by Lit-Gal
When Xander has a little heart to heart with Angel, he inadvertantly changes the world by sharing a few truths. The most significant change is a slowly building relationship between Angel and the boy who taught him a few unpleasant truths about destiny and morality. (aka the Canon Redefined fic, seasons 1 through 4)
Open Doors by xanfan
When some doors slam shut, others open. Two men with a history of being pushed aside learn that it’s the small moments that can change everything. Tony/Xander
Curves and Curses (1/9) by Graceandfire
Brian gets turned into a girl by a gypsy curse. Dom is perturbed.
Flashes by Graceandfire
Three scenes or flashes of Brian and Dom taking place at the very beginning, the middle and after the end of the movie.
The X-Files Virtual Seasons
Our seasons are a continuation of the IMTP Virtual Seasons which began after Je Souhaite of the TV X-Files season 7. Our seasons does not include anything from the TV show after that episode, including Season 8 and 9.
Foi Feitiço (It Was Sorcery) by 10esas
Lovely Gargoyles fanvid about Goliath and Elisa. Song in Spanish(?), lyrics translated to English as subtitles.
Generations: Book IV - The Collector's Edition by Macspooky & Eowyn
Contains Ghosts from the Past, Male Stuff, Naked Moment, and Beautiful Boy. (450 k)
Generations: Book III - The Collector's Edition by Macspooky & Eowyn
Contains Nothing But Trouble, Baby Trouble, A House is Where a Woman's Heart Is, Too Close for Comfort, and Valentine's Day. (477 k)
Generations: Book II - The Collector's Edition by Eowyn & Juliettt & Macspooky
Mulder and Scully work a horrific case on Martha's Vineyard in which the bodies of several young girls are found. Margaret Scully marries Walter Skinner. We learn more about Mulder's relationship with Phoebe Greene. He reveals something to his wife that he is deeply ashamed of. Dana gets a cold and Fox takes care of her. Then the two of them take a trip to Ireland where Fox learns a great deal about family he never knew he had. (617 k)
Generations: Book I - The Collector's Edition by Macspooky
It starts with Mulder's visit to Scully while she's in a coma and ultimately wades its way through his marriage to Dana, their honeymoon, and early married life. (357 k)
YouTube - xftrustno1's Channel
LMOA! Every single X-Files blooper ever made, all in one easy place! (Bless you, xftrustno1!)
YouTube - Mulder And Scully Kiss- The X-Files(Fight The Future)
Mulder and Scully kissing. This scene is not in the X-FIles movie although its an outtake from the movie. They were about to kiss when something happened. They were just messing around in the scene.
YouTube - Mulder teaches Scully baseball - The X Files
Great moment from the end of the Season 6 episode The Unnatural. Classic Mulder and Scully moments from The X Files - originally clipped by Ginnymede. (Forgot how much I loved this scene!)
First Time and Fusion (1/2) by Eowyn Evenstar
Sequel to Welcome Home, prequel to Fusion. Excellent Mulder & Skinner friendship fic, with a side of MSR.
Great Expectations by bellefleur1013 and Emily Sim
When Scully's IVF attempt succeeds, it comes with an unexpected surprise.
Cross Jurisdiction by Casus17
When a marine turns up dead, you call NCIS. When a marine turns up dead, with Iratus bug DNA... well then you need SGA-1. Head butting will ensue.
Untamed by Negolith
Alternate Universe. Project Atlantis is a top secret think tank located in the Pacific Northwest. Acastus Kolya, the project's second in command, has a secret agenda of his own and has acquired a new specimen he's eager to play with, John Sheppard.
The Claws That Catch by Negolith
While searching for an unknown power source the team encounters terror birds, pygmies, a really big kitty, and an Ancient experiment that has been going on for centuries. First in the Guardian Series.
Strictly on a Need to Know Basis by RagePrufrock
Sequel to Highly Classified and Very Hush Hush. “For fuck’s sake, Gibbs — is this some kind of exchange program that I don’t know about?”
Highly Classified and Very Hush Hush by RagePrufrock
Gibbs sometimes wonders what he did to deserve these morons, but then he looks through the one-way window at three naked and extremely uncomfortable-looking Marines and figures it could be worse. He could be their boss.
The Legend of Smedley Duckler, the Fighting Quacker by Domenika Marzione (aka miss_porcupine)
Um... not quite crackfic. Heliumfic, maybe.
To Be Who You Are by Tarlan
Both John and Rodney had eighteenth birthday revelations but it took many more years before Rodney got the best birthday gift ever.
Defender by Jadesfire2808
"May I have your attention, please? This is Colonel Carter. Colonel Sheppard is to be considered an immediate and serious threat to the security of the city."
The One Where (alien) Chocolate (kind of) Made Them Do It by Sardonicsmiley
“Please, Major, I’m hardly a junkie looking for a fix. I just think that it’s unfortunate that the expedition wasn’t provided with nearly enough of many of the vital supplies to make our lives worth living. It’s depressing to know that my only chance of tasting chocolate again is in a different galaxy.”
Five Ways in which Doctors Rodney McKay and Gregory House are Alike by Regann
This is less an actual crossover fic and more a exploration of character through linked ficlets. Readers can feel free to skip the ficlets belonging to the fandom they don't know; each ficlet can be read on its own.
On the Road to Come What May by Eildon Rhymer
It started with a strange vessel crashing down from the sky. Then three strangers appeared in a decaying city, willing to risk everything to rescue an injured, imprisoned friend. For those caught up in the adventures of these four, nothing will ever be the same again.
The Uncle by Sam Starbuck (aka Copperbadge)
He had the Dursleys whacked. Tactfully, of course, and well after Harry left the house. (aka Remus the Crime Boss fic)
Pyrotechnics by Stealth Dragon
Vacations usually don't involve attacks by space pirates, emergency crash landings, wild fires, and saving the day when you're already injured.
Nanny by Slybrarian
The children of the rich or powerful had always been targets, even in child-loving Pegasus, and the Lanteans were both rich and powerful beyond imagination. (aka Fran the Nanny)
David Hewlett - I love you, John Sheppard?
A fan at Comicon '08 asks David Hewlett to respond to Joe Flanigan's infamous "I love you, Dr McKay." And he does! (Love the commentary to the camera-girl: "What are you, a director?!" LOL!)
Oops, or Rodney Turns Into A Five Year Old by Gillian Middleton
4-part series. Five-year old Rodney has an unusual affect on the Atlantis expedition. Pure crack, hilarious and adorable by turns. (Especially Radek, hee!)
What a Sentinel Has To Do by Arnie
AU bonding fic. Sheppard's a Sentinel, McKay's a Guide. A different take on what happens when they meet and go to Atlantis.
Significant Figures by T'Pring
Wounded, alone, and pursued by ruthless bandits, John must depend on his team to figure out the clues he's left for them. Nice, smart action story.
Sophomore Slump series by Sardonicsmiley
It’s AU, and a crossover, and I’m pretty sure done before, as well. Sky High fusion. John’s at a new school all of a week before he’s made friends with all the outcasts. (Ongoing epic, four novels and counting, high-school AU, major angst. Eventual John/Rodney, Teyla/Carson, Elizabeth/Ronon.)
M(eredith+1) Theory by Lallybroch
“You don't have a Dr. McKay?” he demanded, trying to keep his voice steady and trying not to imagine any one of the terrible things that must have happened for him to not be here. Radek gave him a curious look. “No, we do. But who are you?” (aka the Meredith-is-Preggers Mirror-verse fic)
The New Guys by T'Pring
Elizabeth was looking forward to watching Col. Sheppard win over a new batch of Pegasus Galaxy recruits... When the Wraith disrupt a routine training mission, Sheppard must show the new guys what it takes to get everyone home. Shep whump ensues.
Exhuming McCarthy (1/22) by kristen999 and everybetty
After a tragic accident, Sheppard concentrates on recovering while everyone else deals with the political hornets' nest it stirs up. Team fic plus Lorne, Keller, Carter and Zelenka. Sheppard-whump.
Honor Bound (1/17) by kirsten999
Sometimes all that matters are the codes and values you uphold. A deadly vendetta will test loyalties, limits and friendships, with more at stake than anyone realizes. Contains Shep Whump.
The Boys From Atlantis (1/2 + art) by With_An_Apostrophe
John, Rodney, Carson, Ronon, and Aiden as a boy band ala American Idol. Done like a Behind the Scenes Music Documentary, complete with magazine spread. Written for SGA_Flashfic's Song and Dance Challenge. Total crack.
Best Freinds Forever (1/4) by kuonji
SGA-1 as preschool kids. Adorable! (Misspelled title is deliberate.)
Three Sets of "Five Things" Memes by minnow1212
These are three different sets of "5 Things..." -- five things John left in McMurdo (and one he should have); five Atlantean customs Ronon thought were similar to those of Sateda, but weren't; and five times John left someone behind.
Finders Keepers (1/2) by kristen999
Sheppard needs to write a handbook about being held captive. AU version to “Travelers” where John wasn't returned at the end.
The Art of an Atlantis Mission Report by Jem
"As per usual, we offered medicine and friendship, but they weren't terribly interested. It was at this point that everything went straight to hell." (aka the Mission Report Template fic.) Hilarious crack!
The Best-Laid Plans by Eildon Rhymer
The following fragments were retrieved from JRR Tolkien's waste paper basket. They are thought to be a hitherto-unknown first draft of the book that eventually became The Lord of the Rings.
Five Times Jack Held Daniel's Hand by Vain_Glorious
Does what it says on the tin. Sweet and heart-wrenching by turns. Gen, but can be read as pre-slash.
Unresolved-verse (3 fics) by vain_glorious
Sheppard is infected with something that makes him allergic to the Stargates. He gets sent back to Earth to recover. Two years later, he finds out Atlantis has been abandoned and the IOA took Teyla and Ronon as prisoners. First story is "This To Me Is How To Leave Matters Unresolved", second story is "I Can't Ask These Questions That Cannot Be Answered", third story is "Put The Pieces Back Together My Way". Link goes to first story, other parts linked at end.
The Great Paper Caper by Kat's Tale
Post-'Sateda'. Ronon is stuck in the infirmary after being rescued. Sheppard keeps him from being too bored. (aka the Paper Airplanes fic.)
Aftermath by wildcat88
Atlantis experiences unexplained malfunctions, and only John can save her. Post-'Lifeline'. Sentient-Atlantis fic.
Secondary Defense by wildcat88
Sheppard and O'Neill take a jumper for a ride. Picks up immediately after the end of The Return Pt 2.
Fields of Green (1/9) by wildcat88
An entry in the Ancient database about a research leads the team to Grala. But is everything as perfect as it appears? (Aka the John gets chemically-blinded fic.)
Dark Places by kriadydragon
"Maybe it was the darkness, maybe the silence and the lack of wraith pursuing them for some inexplicable reason, but his heart was fluttering fast like an animal trapped in a cage of bone, and desperate to get out." (aka the Iratus bug phobia fic.)
Yawning Angel by slybrarian
John first started having the dreams after his stay in the sanctuary. He wasn't sure what had inspired them – maybe he had 'expanded his mind' or maybe they were just a reaction to the boredom. Either way, he didn't tell anyone, not even Rodney or Heightmeyer. The last thing he needed was for them to think he was delusional or that he had lost even more of his self-preservation instinct. (John as an Ancient, SGA_Flashfic Backstory Challenge.)
The Return to Normalcy by Cypher
SGA Big Bang. "The three month anniversary of the exile--as John thinks of it--falls on a three-day weekend." Forks in the Road: The Return I/II - Atlantis is not attacked; they stay on Earth.
Second Chance by madison
SGA Big Bang. Major Sheppard always wondered how his life would have turned out if he had only gone on the expedition to Atlantis instead of returning home at his father's request. Alternate Reality-verse, crossing over into canon-verse.
The Price That Life Exacts by Cathalin
SGA Big Bang. When John disappears without a trace during a routine mission, people in a beleaguered Atlantis eventually have to try to move on. Rodney never completely gives up hope of finding John, and though he soldiers on to help Atlantis, a year later he still lives every day with his grief.
See No Evil by Greyias
SGA Big Bang. In a world without the SGC, John Sheppard never got his second chance and is ushered into early retirement. Nine months later he's working as a test pilot for the world's leading defense contractor on a groundbreaking new plane, and has just been introduced to his difficult new coworker, one Dr. Rodney McKay. However, not everything is as it appears to be. There's something very strange about this plane, John's employer--and Rodney McKay.
Draconian Measures by Tarlan
SGA Big Bang. Post SG-1 episode 'The Road Not Taken', set in Alternate Reality. Rodney takes over Sam's role as President Landry's chief science adviser, but without another ZPM, he knows it is only a matter of time before the Ori return and destroy the Earth. Unfortunately, the Trust attacks first and Rodney and John must escape to Atlantis with as many people as they can save quickly.
Transformative by Domenika Marzione
During the first year, how the marines came to respect John and accept him as their CO, even though he's a zoomie, and how John changed and matured in his role as military leader (seeing as how he was initially not in the chain of command and pretty much went along as "most essential spare part". Ford's POV.
How Stuff Works
Learn How Everything Works! In depth, descriptive articles of the science and function of pretty much everything you've ever wondered about. Fascinating site!
Five authors who didn't write Stargate Atlantis by Eildon Rhymer
Four authors who (fortunately for them) didn't write Stargate Atlantis, and one who (fortunately for Atlantis) didn't write it, either. (5 AUs: Winnie the Pooh, Hamlet, Pride & Prejudice, King Arthur, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.)
Where the Ways Divide by Vain_Glorious
"They find the Runner on the planet with the deadly sun. He's thin and dirty, and not particularly interested in talking." Written for SGA_Flashfic's Role Reversal Challenge. (aka Sheppard the Runner) First of a series.
Oasis (1/4) by Rebecca (aka blueraccoon)
"The job comes first," Rodney said softly. He'd been the one to say that, back in the beginning, back when they'd thought this was just sex. The job came first. It had to.
The Sentinel Storyfinders Welcome Page
Where you will find stories that have been sought and found on the TS Storyfinders Mailing List. Full archive, linked and cross-indexed. With summaries and themes specified.
Nightmare Realized (1/9) by Saul
Jim and Blair are kidnapped by the military to be used in its Sentinel Unit. Nine books in one file, 1.3 MB total.
Trouble in Paradise by Lady Ra
The NID are after Jim and Blair, and SG-1's on their way to Kelowna. This universe went AU after S2P2. This takes place a couple of months after Sentinel School ended, which follows A Gathering of Sentinels.
The Sentinel School by Lady Ra
Sequel to A Gathering of Sentinels. A series of vignettes about the Sentinel school.
A Gathering of Sentinels by Lady Ra
Blair gets taken against his will to work with a group of Sentinels. First of a series.
When the Wolf and the Grey Wolf Meet by Gil Hale
When a series of strange attacks hit Cascade's Maritime Park, even a sentinel and his guide may be glad of some unexpected help.
The Falcon Series by Maryann Murtha
A series of mercenary-focused for Paul, Peter, Kermit and their loved ones, branching off from the the events of "A Shaolin Christmas". Final story in series never completed, as author died of cancer before she could finish.
The World Clock - Time Zones
Time and Date of major cities around the world.
Pacific Rain by Henry Wyckoff
This series draws on several shows, not necessarily all at the same time, and binds them together with Methos and Latro, a man so desperate to speak to God that he's resorted to extreme measures.
The Nightman Trilogy by Henry Wyckoff
Poor Nightman. He's the only immortal stuck in the Delta Quadrant on board the U.S.S Voyager - but not for long - and then things really get weird! Highlander/Star Trek: Voyager/Doctor Who/X-Files/world of David Eddings crossover.
Cycle of Axer Carrick by Henry Wyckoff
Massive multifandom crossover. What happens when they all fall into the middle of a bunch of world conspiracists who are convinced that Ragnarok is just around the corner . . . and they're right! (Lots of major OCs, but only a few are MarySues.)
Lists upcoming DVD releases, rumours about shows potential releases, and the chance to vote and get your voice heard by TPTB for your favourite show.
Return to Innocence (1/26) by Terri D. Thomas
The city is in an uproar when a police officer is killed in the line of duty and Peter finds himself on the wrong side of the 'thin blue line.'
Behind the Name
The Etymology and History of First Names. Large, easily searchable database for names in all languages. Good for finding character names.
Reflections by Denise Edge
Episode of KFFS Virtual Fifth Season. Paul comes home, but his enemies follow him.
Generation to Generation by Jeanne DeVore
Immediately following "The Sacred Chalice of I-Ching", Peter and Caine take some time to get to know Matthew Caine. And Peter learns some things about his father, and himself.
Child of the Moving Tide by Jeanne DeVore and Signe Hovde
This is a cycle of 20 stories which take young Peter Caine from his orphanage days through his high school years with the Blaisdells...and beyond.
Sole Surviving Son by Jeanne DeVore
Paul Blaisdell is dead, and it is up to Peter to keep the family together through this time of difficulty--no matter the cost to himself.
Counterfeit by Kelly Wood
Peter gets into trouble again when his young friends discover a mystery at their school. Sequel to "A Father's Place", but not necessary to read first.
The Mistakes We Make by Kelly Wood
Episode of KFFS Virtual Fifth Season. Jake Duncan, a foster child, sees his neighbor murdered. Not sure if he can trust his foster parents, he runs away to Chinatown. In the process of helping Jake, Peter comes to terms with elements of his own past.
Ends and Means by Terri D. Thomas
First episode of the KFFS (Kung Fu Fanfiction Season) Virtual Fifth Season. Do the ends really justify the means? Donny Double D is in trouble, and Peter finally learns the truth about the Ancient's role in his life.
A Different World By Castalie
Charlie learned the concept of "difference" quite early. Warning: Don/Charlie incest.
KatSpace's Net-Fic Reviews
Extensive fanfiction reviews, many fandoms, lots of crossovers. (Reviews are honest, not all recommendations.)
Leaving the Path by Sweetbrit
Something's fishy when Kermit gets loaned out to the FBI, but he's a little reluctant to accept help dealing with it. Set post-Requiem.
Give and Take By EntreNous
Zack goes on a fact finding-mission, but he just might have some information that Booth wants. Cute.
Of Squints and Vampires by Shealynn88
When a demon that's not quite dead gets shipped to the Jeffersonian, it's up to Angel to keep it from killing again. Humor.
Flashback by Crazywritinfool
Booth[Angel] vows to protect his son. Shanshu-verse fic.
Applications by Tesla
"Agent Scully had a gun," Brennan said to Booth. Set post "Two Bodies in the Lab."
Fishing in the Sandburg Zone by Elaine
Fishing. Sex. In the Sandburg Zone. Also, a *very* nice pic!
Eye of the Serpent by Elaine
On holiday in Chicago, Jim and Blair run into some old friends - and danger. Jim and Jack discover that two anthropologists together are more than twice as much trouble.
The Ten Commandments by b_cavis
The Ten Commandments of Fanfic. Hilarious. Totally sacrilegious, but definitely gut-blastingly funny.
Unforseen by Arnaa
In a world where Sentinels and Guides are known, a Sentinel finally finds his one true Guide. Of course, nothing is ever that simple! (With Megan Connor as Shield.)
So You Want A Basic Color Code, Huh?
Quick guide to HTML colour codes. Via HTML Goodies website tutorials.
Grind by Moonmip
Prompts were bottom!Rodney, possessive!John and victorious!John. I think I got most of it? *hopeful look*
Everything by Rebecca
"You'd give me everything. Wouldn't you? If I asked--you'd just--"
Night of the Triffids by Gil Hale
When Jim and Blair are invited by Federal agents to a tropical island, the only question is how much can go wrong? Sequel of sorts to Arnaud You Don't and a crossover with The Invisible Man.
A Dog's Life by Dayspring
What was worse than a Winchester appearing at your door? A drunk Winchester appearing at your door.
Minor Incidents by Loui
Methos is having a really, really bad day.
After Dinner Complications by Loui
Methos is at a fancy dinner in Seacouver when an earthquake occurs. Takes place after "Comes A Horseman" and "Revelations 6:8".
Retrieved & Restored by Loui
Fourth story in New Path series. The rescue mission is launched - and the SGC and both Sentinel/Guide pairs get a surprise.
Calls For Help by Loui
Third story in New Path series. Jack is having problems sleeping - and then Jim and Blair get a call for help.
Steps Along a New Path by Loui
Second story in New Path series. Jack and Daniel are recalled to the SGC, and Jim and Blair return to work.
Things Unforeseen & Things Unexpected by Loui
First story in New Path series. After the events in "Upgrades", Jack finds himself having problems with his senses - and Daniel knows who to go to for help. Spoilers for "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg"
A Surprising Past by Loui
Ezra Standish receives some unexpected and unpleasant news from his mother's old friend Duncan MacLeod, and MacLeod's friend Adam Pierson. (M7 ATF)
Mixed Emotions by D.C. Black
Jim and Blair go undercover as a gay couple to nab a savage killer. Totally gen, no hint of preslash.
Destinies Entwined by Mackie
Blair is poisoned as part of a Chinese crime lord's plan to set up shop in Cascade.
Lorelei Sieja's Stories
Forever Knight fanfiction by author Lorelei Sieja. Includes the Dance series and the best Star Trek crossovers ever written.
Memory Alpha - The Star Trek Wiki
Memory Alpha is a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible encyclopedia and reference for everything related to all variations of Star Trek.
Source by Layton Colt (aka Nixa_Jane)
This is a kind of 'what if the second set of X-5's had escaped instead of Max and the others.' Alec instead of Ben, Sam instead of Max, etc... Sequel snippet in comments.
Collisions by Layton Colt (aka Nixa_Jane)
Emmett hadn't been watching where he was going; if he had been, he might have seen tall, dark, and handsome lunging at him in time to step out of the way. Boa vs Python/Thoughtcrimes movies crossover, Brendan/Emmett. (Hewligan)
Deciding Vote by Tarlan
What do you do when you cannot say Yes or No? DADT fic.
Jumping to Conclusions by Tarlan
Rodney insults one of his staff after she falls pregnant unexpectedly, and before she is shipped back to Earth, she decides to pay him back using a small Ancient device found in an abandoned laboratory in Atlantis.
Come What May by ForCryinOutLoud
"If I had killed the Lieutenant, I certainly wouldn't be stupid enough to then call the police!"
The Raptor Chronicles 3: Baptism By Fire by Denim n Lace
The forces working against the Raptor and her crew make their final move against the beleaguered ship. Jim and Blair must push themselves further to keep themselves and their shipmates alive in a deadly game of cat and mouse. (764k)
The Raptor Chronicles 2: The Path To Exile by Denim n Lace
As Jim and Blair struggle to come to terms with the changes their bond has wrought upon their lives, they discover that there is a lot more riding upon their abilities as protectors of their new tribe than just their positions as Starfleet officers. (530kb)
The Raptor Chronicles 1: Rebirth by Denim n Lace
Jim’s rebirth as a Sentinel coincides with a dangerous mission to enforce justice in the Romulan Neutral Zone. His life is radically altered when one of his shipmates proves to be the Guide that he has been searching for. (350k)
Valentine, Arizona, Night by Khaleesian
Sequel to Vaughn, New Mexico, Day. It's a funny thing about road 'em with someone you like (or better love) and they rule, do 'em alone and they completely suck.
Elvis, the Purple Gorilla by Lisa Roquin
Fifth in Mortal Ties series. Silly weirdness.
Dreams by Lisa Roquin
Fourth story in Mortal Ties series. Nightmares and Bonding at 4 AM.
Methos' Children by Lisa Roquin
Third story in Mortal Ties series. Cassandra agrees to try to find out what she can about the deaths of Mary and Jessica.
Weird, Even For this Family by Lisa Roquin
Sequel to Jane and Mary, second story in Mortal Ties series. Dean and Sam Winchester run into "Grandpa Dean", aka Methos.
Jane and Mary by Lisa Roquin
In 1956 Methos met and married a pregnant young woman named Jane Hollister. Nine years he was her husband and father to her daughter Mary. Half a century later Fate brings Mary's sons, Dean and Sam Winchester, into Methos' life.
All Hell Breaks Loose by Kungfunurse
They called it the Sentinel flu, and for a world society that had become dependent on the mystique of the "all seeing Protectors", it was devastating. Until a Guide named Blair Sandburg comes up with the solution. Now to make Sentinel Jim Ellison listen..
Special Characters - Webmonkey
Cheat Sheet for making special characters in HTML.
Virgin Sacrifice (1/2) by Rushlight
Dean and Sam have to reenact an ancient Aztec ritual in order to stop a curse.
Slay Me by FlamingCammi
“What have I told you about opening the door to strangers, Bones?” Angel/Bones Crossover. Oneshot. Crackfic.
Cry Wolf by Morgan
In a small town in the Cascade Mountains, people are dying, bodies found mauled by some kind of beast. The Winchesters think it's a werewolf and plan to hunt it. Ex-cop Jim Ellison and his partner, author Blair Sandburg, are also hunting the creature.
Outnumb3red by Freya-Kendra
When Cascade's Sentinel is outnumbered in LA and a lone Sandburg becomes Guide to too many, how do the Eppes brothers figure into the equation? (Set in an alternate post-TSbyBS world in which the government knows about Sentinels.)
Life in a Box by Mhalachai
After it's over, the remnants of a life fit into a single box. Set post-NCIS season five finale, "Judgment Day".
Five Things That Make Mohinder Laugh In Bed by Tiptoe39
Parkman Post-Coital Silliness Syndrome. Mohinder coins the term one night when the first thing Matt says after sex is “And that, folks, is how it’s done.” Like they’re on a how-to program on PBS or something.
Handy Pandy, Out Goes the Rat by Rimy
A view of CI5's best from new agent, Jason Collier. 1st person POV.
Tea for Two by Alexandra
Bodie and Doyle go undercover at a kindly eccentric's mansion in Oxford over the Christmas holidays, looking for stolen arms and terrorists. Lovely, lovely story.
The Joy of Camping by Miriam
The boys go camping, get drunk, and Bodie reveals some home truths that Doyle was oblivious to.
The Jungle Book by Sebastian
A young explorer sets out in the Jungle to find Dr. Livingstone. He gets found by one of the natives instead. Totally crack-y Tarzan AU.
Cause for Concern by The Android
Bodie and Doyle are sharing everything, even their women; they're too close. Cowley decides to intervene - and his plan involves the return of Ann Holly, Doyle's former fiancee.
Howl at the Moon by Leonidaslion
The wolf was going to drive Dean insane, that was all there was to it. (Note: Part of an AU series in which Dean is infected by a wolf spirit to become a Berserker, but this one is good as a stand-alone.) Dean/Cassie pairing.
Using by Arduinna
This is a fairly detailed tutorial on using, the social bookmarking system, as part of making fandom easier.
The New King of the Vampires by Dragonfan
Stephan Vladislav has become the new King, and his cradle guard Nick Knight is right in the middle of all the fuss as Vampires become known to the public. Forever Knight/Subspecies movie crossover. (Not necessary to know Subspecies to read.) Nick/Nat.
Predators by Jennifer Lyon
Someone is targeting Bodie and Doyle's girlfriends for murder, leading the agents into a twisted chase that could cost them their careers and maybe their lives.
Whisper of a Kill by Lois Welling
Bodie is an assassin who is hired to kill Cowley, instead he puts his gun and his life into Cowley's hands. Now he just has to live with it.
Arabian Nights by Pamela Rose
Harlequinesque AU set in 1892. Raymond Doyle, a young lad who doesn't fit his brutish family's ideals, is sent to Arabia in the Diplomatic service. There he meets Sheik Adu Bodie al Nassar bin Jafarr and life gets a lot more complicated.
Stop Breathing by Creed Cascade
The health and stability of Bodie and Doyle's relationship is questioned by a CI5 psychologist.
Blooming In Adversity by Lian-hua
Fandom: Mulan. (Yes, the Disney movie.) The Huns are still in China, Mulan gets called to the battlefied, her life is on the line, as well as the safety of the Empire, and she's trapped alone with her buff Captain. Whatever will they do!
The Professionals Circuit Archive
Fanfiction archive for The Professionals fandom. Automated archive. No story summaries, which is unfortunate.
Through the Rain by Shinchansgirl
Sequel to "Keep Holding On". Rodney is learning his place within the pack, but it's a long journey, and there are a lot of bumps along the road - including an offer Rodney, two months ago, would not have hesitated to take. (aka Werewolf-AU Part 2)
Keep Holding On (Cause We'll Make It Through) by Shinchansgirl
Rodney McKay, many would agree, was not a very nice man. It was not that he intended to be harmful or rude to anyone, Rodney was just blunt - and perhaps a bit dense socially. And he didn't tolerate failure. (aka Werewolf-AU Part 1)
Tell The End by Te
Everybody has issues. Set around Angel: Apocalypse Nowish and Buffy: Never Leave Me. Angel(us)/Xander, Dark, NC-17 Warning: Borderline non-con.
Vaughn, New Mexico, Day by Khaleesian
tF&tF/SPN crossover starting pre-series with mutual perving on cars. Since it's me: there's a little bit of non-car perving, but what are you going to do? Dean! Dom! Brian!
How It Is by NightElfCrawler
'07 Movieverse - War affects even the most innocent. Changes are inevitable. For Sam, adjusting to life after becoming introduced to the Autobots and Decepticons was nearly as hard as facing the changes in his own life...and the consequences with it.
The New Frontier (1/2) by Harriet-Spy
He rode into our valley six years after the end of the war. I was just a kid, sitting on the fence and watching the dusty road that wound down from the blue-grey mountains, waiting for something to happen. Futurefic.
Bibula Harena (1/2) by jadesfire2808
This is all there is, the stick in his hand, the knife in his belt, the crowd roaring around him, and the man he has to kill. (aka the Gladiator-John fic)
Even Bonnie & Clyde Had Off Days by Friendshipper
Teyla is thrown in jail when she accidentally violates a local custom, and Ronon breaks her out, whether she wants him to or not. Written for the SGA Gen Ficathon.
Anything To Help by KrysSaiyan
Miles would have said it was standard alien behavior. Mikaela would have been weirded out, but amused. Sam just wondered what exactly he'd done to piss off the universe. Slash for science, and implications of mpreg. Written for the TF kink meme on LJ.
The Clothes Don't Make The Man (1/5) by Medie
Bruce has been injured, and tries to resist Clark's help in his recovery. He eventually gives in. Crossover Superman Returns/Batman Begins movieverse. Batman/Superman.
Alternate by Gillian Middlelton
A last minute mission turns into a visit to an alternate reality - one where Rodney never changed into a girl. Sequel to Cute As...
Cute As... by Gillian Middleton
Rodney suffers a body swap with a young Genii woman. Starts out gen, slowly develops into romance over 8 chapters. Warning: Superficially het, but is really slash. Honest.
Matchmaker by fox1013
"You are never watching Pretty Woman," Matt told her. "It's okay," she said cheerfully. "I won't do any job that doesn't have a solid health plan and retirement benefits."
Mating Season by boudecia7
Matt gets inspired by a nature documentary.
What a Tangled Web (1/2) by Medie
Written for Harlequin Week. Dr. Mohinder Suresh has to marry for love to inherit his father's fortune. Matt's working undercover as bodyguard for Mohinder's assistant Peter and needs a reason to stay close. Fate, y/n?
Don Juan McKay and Other Universal Improbabilities (1/6) by Liketheriver
The team is arrested on a secretive planet. Little do they realize how their plan of escape can change the course of history for the world where they're being held and their escapades will become the stuff of legends.
That Look by Paxnirvana
The Wolverine needs to know his place in the pack. Sequel to That Smile.
That Smile by Paxnirvana
Scott runs the school. Scott runs the team. But who runs Logan?
Some Sort of Sense by Spuffyduds
It actually makes some sort of sense to Scott, after Logan explains it a little.
Instinctual Living by Fourteencandles
It's kind of an alternate X3, and it's got mentions of Jean/Scott but it's mostly Scott/Logan. Jean thinks Scott is having an affair with Logan. So does Logan.
Fourteen Shades of Red by Cyndra Rae
Sequel to Forgotten, Logan finds Scott. (prompt: Alpha#39 - Red)
Forgotten by Cyndra Rae
X3 happened (gasp!) but Scott survived. And regressed. Prompt: Alpha#41 “Forgotten”. Amnesia-fic.
Standing on the Edge of Never by MacGeorge and Maygra
Sequel to The Ragged Edge. MacLeod and Methos struggle to come to terms with the tempestuous impact of Quickening energies that are driving them to violence.
Wind and Water by Merlin Missy
Consequences 7. The time has come for Puck to return home and seek justice for his lost brother.
Found and Lost by Merlin Missy
Consequences 6. While the clan searches for its lost member, Thailog's plans come together.
Lady and Tiger by Merlin Missy
Consequences 5. Xanatos offers Elisa the one thing she wants most.
Fire and the Night by Merlin Missy
Consequences 4. A child's life hangs in the balance between the fire and the night.
Cat and Cradle by Merlin Missy
Consequences 3. As the time nears for three births, Demona makes plans to reclaim her own child.
Hill and Home by Merlin Missy
Consequences 2. Two houseguests come to Wyvern, sending ripples through the lives of the other residents.
Fortune and Men's Eyes by Merlin Missy
Consequences 1. Takes place directly after HM3. Elisa and her family come to terms with the recent changes in their lives.
Rich Man's Darling by LastScorpion
"WARNING: Do not concentrate and inhale vapors. As with any fic, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, or may become pregnant, consult a physician." Alien pheromones, cranky doctors, obscene amounts of money, and a vomit-baby = fun times!
Ponyville by LastScorpion
Lex Luthor saves the My Little Ponies from C'thulhu. No, really! And then they get back at Clark for being mean. *evil grin*
The Pirate's Prisoner by Eildon Rhymer
Rodney McKay hadn't realised he was being abducted by pirates... at first. With accompanying illustrations, ballads, and poems. (aka the Pirate Captain Sheppard fic)
Angles Thus and So (1/4) by Sam the Storyteller (aka Copperbadge)
The city belongs to Sheppard and McKay, and the boys belong to Elizabeth -- especially Rodney. Weir/McKay, Sheppard/McKay. (Not as kinky as the summary sounds, but just as weird.)
Not Just Another Vampire by Kay
Xander and Angel look into some strange disappearances occurring in the demon community of Los Angeles and in the course of doing so encounter old friends and enemies both. Sequel to Not Just Another Human. Angel/Xander pairing.
Not Just Another Human by Kay
A year after moving to LA, Angel meets someone: a man named Xander, who moved to LA five years ago. Timeline: Basically, everything that happened in Buffy, happened in this fic...just without Xander. Go with it. Angel/Xander pairing.
A Man Called McCLane by Irena Adler
Matt gives in to his urges. Live Free or Die Hard.
Mornings After Nightmares by Poisontaster
Today will be a bad day. He can tell that already. Live Free or Die Hard shower-porn.
Better Than Real by kellifer-fic
“I heard you were in jail.” “I heard you were dead.” Sam Winchester/Matt Farrel slash, Supernatural/Live Free or Die Hard crossover.
Mutual Agreement by Bloody_American
Matt is into things he knew McClane wouldn’t even want to imagine but he's okay with that. At least he got to be McClane’s friend, right? Live Free or Die Hard. Small crossdressing kink.
Life, Mid-Crisis by lamardeuse
“You think this is what you want now,” he said, almost patiently, like he’d rehearsed it, like he hadn’t just been kissing the hell out of Matt, “but it’s not gonna last.” Live Free or Die Hard.
Learning Curve by Gemjam
Matt has never had sex - with anyone. First time, prompt: gentleness. Live Free or Die Hard.
In for a Penny, In for a Pound by Permetaform
" just killed that guy with a tire." Unrepentant Die Hard action hero schtick as a backdrop for seduction, sweet! Live Free or Die Hard fic.
First by Alexandriabrown
Matt knew it would come to this. After all, John made it clear, hurt his baby girl and a beat down was sure to come. He was surprised that it took so long, really. Live Free or Die Hard. Written for Porn Battle: virgin.
Die Hard by Guys Nite
Music video recap of all four Die Hard movies. Funny, scarily true, and very catchy tune! Yippe-ki-yay!
Rewriting the Disk by Poisontaster
The thing is, John's too goddamn old to be going through a sexual identity crisis. Sequel to Connectivity, but not necessary to read that first. Live Free or Die Hard.
Coming Home by lunabee34
Matt’s not that guy. He’s really not, no matter what McClane said. So how he ends up here on the floor of Citibank watching his blood sink into the carpet, Matt doesn’t exactly know. Live Free or Die Hard.
Wrong Person to Hack by Wingwyrm
Matt Farrell was supposed to be a 'reformed' hacker after the Fire Sale. Then he accidentally catches someone's attention and it's going to take John McClane to keep him alive in the midst of the new danger. Live Free or Die Hard/Transformers crossover.
Breaker of Toys by Permetaform
John breaks things. Based off the comment: "He kills a cop car, a helicopter, a semi truck, a fighter jet..." Live Free or Die Hard vs Transformers crackfic!
Affirmation by Lizzypaul
Matt discovers the downside to having a blog. Sequel to Aftermath. Live Free or Die Hard.
Aftermath by Lizzypaul
John knows all about the inappropriate feelings that develop during crisis situations. Live Free or Die Hard.
On The Mating Habits of Middle Aged Action Heroes by Kita
He has to be sort of drunk, though, because the heat coming off Matt’s skin as he leans against John’s shoulder isn’t strange. Instead, it feels comfortable, familiar. Live Free or Die Hard. Slash. Total PWP. NC-17.
Eternity (1/5) by Kriadydragon
“There are a lot of galaxies out there. Lots of worlds to explore. Things we can't possibly begin to imagine. If... if you... survive, if you make it back in our lifetime, find me, okay? Because I want to hear all about it.” Futurefic. John/OFC
The Road Not Taken by Joyfulgirl41
In "Crush" Pamela says, " I was too scared to even tell just once how much you mean to me. How much I wanted to help you grow up." Lex replies by saying, "I wish you had. I might be a better man." Would he? (aka the Alex raised by Lesbians fic)
Card One: The Fool - One Man's Journey by Mistress Ace
This is one man's journey from denial into enlightenment. A long, slow discovery of friendship, sex, and love. College era, futurefic. Angst, humour, first times.
The Simplicity of Skin by Rose_Emily
Clark is drunk and happy and in Lex’s presence, and Lex would have bet his career earlier today that those three things would never happen at the same time. (aka the Too Much Plor fic)
Omiai by Rose_Emily
A long story about Froot Loops, celery salt, dorkdom, and -- oh yeah -- marriage. Has two sequels. (aka the Marriage of Convenience fic)
The Tenth Muse1's Fanfiction
Fanfiction in dozens of fandoms. Slash, het, and femmeslash. Often dark and/or kinky. (Home of the extensive multifandom Romanology universe, which I personally don't like but to which author is famous for.) Site is password protected.
Against the Wall by TenthMuse1
Matt lets something slip to McClane. NC18 warnings: Daddy!kink
Death, Pweethch by Rose_Emily
Set in the I'm Carrying My Gay Alien Lover's Child universe. Schmoopy cute Clex with kids. Best line: "I be divided." - I'm so going to use this sometime. :)
Roots and Wings by Rose_Emily
"There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots; the other, wings." ~Hodding Carter. Sequel to "I'm Carrying My Gay Alien Lover's Child". Kidfic.
I'm Carrying My Gay Alien Lover's Child by Rose_Emily
Chloe provides surrogacy services in exchange for exclusive reporting rights. Schmoopy snarky futurefic. Not as much of a crackfic as the title suggests. Futurefic.
Earth Boys Are Easy by Rose_Emily
An expanded AU from my fic "The Trouble With Love". Kal-El goes to Earth in search of... booty.
Faint Hopes and Wishes by Polly Bywater
Meddling friends and family shove Clark out of the closet and into Lex's arms.
Last Buns of Krypton by Kat Reitz and Tzigane
Last Son of Krypton? Maybe. But taking over the world is apparently accomplished with a big dick. And Luthors? Lex is obviously determined to get a ride on the Kent express. (aka the Clark as a Porn Star fic)
Firsts and Lasts by Rhiannonhero
The first time I saw my father kissing Clark Kent, I was eight years old. Futurefic.
C'est La Vie by Rhiannonhero
The first time Clark turned into a woman, he was eighteen. He never saw it coming. But, really, who would? (Warning: Genderswitch, also contains girl!Clark/Chloe het/femmeslash)
Beta Testing by Lallybroch
Sequel to Scribblinlenore's "Alpha Male" drabble from Porn Battle. What happens when Rodney finally puts his brillant rescue plan to work. Nice continuation!
Alpha Male by Scribblinlenore
Primal!John claims Rodney after being infected by an animal bite. Written for the Porn Battle: Rematch of 2006. Hot!
The Checkmate!verse by Beadattitude
In which John is turned into a cat for a month. My favourite of the series is Teyla Catches On Quickly, but they are all good.
With Healing in His Wings by X-parrot
Sequel to On the Wings of Imagination, aka Rodney's accidental Impression, aka the SGA/Pern fusion AU of DOOM. As such, warnings for a bit of crack, and h/c, and also cute overload.
Quicksand by SueNecessary
Incredibly intense epic that deals realistically with child abuse and the repercussions thereof, including violence and psychological trauma. (I needed this. It got me through 2002: The Year of Hell. It hurts, it bleeds... it heals. Thank you, SueN!)
Kala's Tale by Kriadydragon
Some legends tend to be a bit... skewed. Sheppard-whump, Outside POV.
Creature by Kriadydragon
“We dream of defiance, of hunting what we will, of filling our bellies with blood and meat. Of running into forever.” (aka the Sheppard adopted by Wolves fic)
At His Fingertips by Kriadydragon
The world isn't as lost to Sheppard as Ronon thinks. (Sheppard sick with Munkullin's, a Pegasus disease that temporarily causes loss of sight and hearing and possibly insanity.)
The Raven by Kriadydragon
"Sheppard had never considered the setback of having a raven for a Daemon until his first mission." SGA/Golden Compass fusion.
Not a Liability by Kriadydragon
John is not a liability, never has been. Written for SGA_Flashfic's Backstory Challenge.
Not an Everyday Sort by Kriadydragon
Sheppard's a hard man not to like. Great Sheppard character study from Lorne's POV.
Dream Eater by Kriadydragon
Not all the old myths are myths. Teyla's POV, poignant and mysterious. (aka the Dragon fic)
A Chance Encounter by Slybrarian
John's new team goes on a simple botanical mission, and they discover that even in the Milky Way John still attracts every female galactic overlord around. Set during "The Return, Part I" and features Team Bumbling Fools. (aka ScaryAncient!John fic)
Interpreted Languages by The Dead Parrot
When Micah first started talking to machines, they didn't talk back. Set about 20 years in the future. (aka the Micah on Atlantis fic)
Between The Lines: JAG Fanfiction Archive
One of the few JAG fanfiction archives still active.
No Higher Price by Aerogirl
How far is Harm willing to go for his best friend's happiness? Harm/Mac, Brumby/Mac
Voodoo And The Art Of Hero Maintenance by Claire and Temaris
Assistologists are an over-worked, underappreciated breed, so, once a year, under the guidance of their revered Leader, the Institute of Assistologists (formerly the Guild of Sidekicks, Bimbos and beautiful Companions), takes a weekend off.
Zen And The Art Of Defensive Origami by Claire and Temaris
Companion story to Zen And The Art Of Chopstick Mutilation. Fox Mulder attends the 23rd Annual Good Guy (tm) Convention. Jack/Daniel, Mulder/Krycek, etc... More total crackfic!
Zen And The Art Of Chopstick Mutilation by Claire and Temaris
Alex Krycek attends the 23rd Annual Bad Guy (tm) Convention. Alex/Daniel, Jack/Daniel, Mulder/Krycek implied. The best kind of total crackfic!
The Other Side of the Gate by Jemima
SG-1 pass through the wrong side of a Stargate and find themselves stranded 70,000 light years from home. Stargate: SG-1/Star Trek: Voyager crossover.
The Cure for A Bolt Action Heart by subterrain
Mal comes back from his sale with platinum in his pocket and a pair of dirty stragglers tagging along behind him like lost dogs. Dean/Sam and Simon/River sibling-incest implied.
It's Not Exactly Stealing by Jill
Sequel to ROG on Vacation. Duncan, Legolas, Methos and Joe end up in Sunnydale post season 6. Then there's this apocalypse.
ROG on Vacation by Jill
Methos accidentally ends up in Middle-Earth and helps to catch a criminal. Set post-ROTK.
Storms in the Desert by Kristen Murphy
River and Methos share a dance at the moon festival. Lyrical and sweet.
Team Building II by TAE
The guys from Major Crime are sent on another Team Building Retreat, but their bad luck continues when their plane crashes. Guest appearance by Methos. Not necessary to read the other stories in the series to understand this one.
Comparing Notes by Jen R, AnneACK, and TAE
Don't try to fit this into a time line for any of the shows because it won't work. Just think if it as a "what if?" story where the two Captains, one Lieutenant and one General talk about their favorite and most troublesome teams.
Neither Here Nor There by Six Before Lunch
"It can regenerate your body, make you strong enough to go through that all over again, but all the time, it's destroying who you are." Written for Multiverse 2007. (aka River helps Jack through Ba'al's torture)
A New Knight In The City Of Angels by Kizmet
LaCroix moves to L.A. and meets Angel, who reminds him of Nicholas. LaCroix tries to get Angel to embrace being a vampire -- a mission complicated by Angel's own stubborness, the Slayer, Glory and the small matter of Angel suddenly becoming human.
Cat's Eyes by Tasha
Daniel is having trouble with a translation: it just doesn't make any sense. Who could he possibly call, but a friend he met a conference years ago who is the best linguist he has ever met.
Misadventures Again by Marnie Rowe
Superman/Batman/Spiderman/Daredevil Crossover. While in New York for Peter Parker's wedding, Lois and Clark team up with Batman, Spiderman and Daredevil to stop some villians from trying to kill Spiderman. Sequel to Misadventures in Crimefighting.
Misadventures in Crimefighting by Marnie Rowe
Superman/Batman/Spiderman Crossover. While in Gotham for an Excellence in Journalism awards ceremony, Clark, Bruce and Peter team up to take out the Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Two Face.
Little Secrets by Kathy Whelton
Jenny Schanke is abducted while at summer camp. How far will Nick go to find her? Kidfic, has prequels but are not necessary to the plot.
The Reluctant Vampire Affair by Nancy Kaminski
Reclusive Nick Forrester finds himself working with U.N.C.L.E. agents Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin to save the world from the evil designs of THRUSH and their latest associate—master vampire Lucien Lacroix. Forever Knight/Man from UNCLE crossover.
What The Ducklings Did On Their Summer Vacation by roga
Wherein the ducklings are recruited, captured, rescued, yelled at, and that thing they’re not going to mention again ever, and discover that brilliant jerks aren't only found on Earth. (I pretty much like this one just for the Grey's Anatomy joke. :P)
The Trouble With Mutants by roga
Post X3. The trouble with mutants, House thought, was that they weren't so much a puzzle as they were like a stumping piece of contemporary art.
The One with The "British" Doctor by roga
A visit from his first ex-wife is just the beginning of a very odd day for Wilson. The number of coincidences in the universe, it appears, are staggering. Wilson POV. Hilarious House/Friends crossover. Watch the video too!
Possessed by Sigrina
"The only explanation for your feelings towards Detective Vecchio is that somehow you were blood-bonded to him." Nick Knight/Ray Vecchio
Colorblind by duck
River Tam follows a crow into the perfect hiding place. Written for Multiverse 2005. Firefly/Star Trek: TNG crossover.
Census 2000 II: Follow Up by Dorothy Marley
Daniel gets a follow-up call from the Bureau of the Census. Humourous crackfic with non-explicit references to Jack/Daniel/Teal'c threesome.
Census 2000 by Dorothy Marley
Jack fills out the long form of Census 2000 in his typical Jack-ian way. Humourous crackfic with non-explicit references to Jack/Daniel/Teal'c threesome.
Sam I Am by Dorothy Marley
Dr. Sam Beckett's mission is to help Jack O'Neill. But the solution to Jack's troubles is a little more complicated that he bargained for.
Memory's Muse by Starblade
Jack's life changes drastically when he meets a stranger in a coffee shop. (aka a Jack is MacGyver fic)
The Lost Colony by Joolz
In the Pegasus Galaxy they find a puzzle that only one man can solve. The Eppes brothers go traveling.
Healing Powers by Erika
While on the run from head-hunters Methos encounters a well known mutant. Wolverine/Methos porn.
Saving Grace by Jadzia
Methos is thrown into the Star Wars-universe. Incomplete and abandoned for years, but such a good premise I have to rec it anyway.
Comes a Slytherin by Lady Lance
Harry Potter's an Immortal. Methos is Slytherin. Snape becomes a Watcher, and Duncan is very confused.
Chance Beginnings by Danielle Frances Ducrest (aka Flatlander)
Albus Dumbledore thinks that Methos is a muggle, while Methos thinks Dumbledore is a mortal. Soon enough, however, they're both proved wrong.
Evil Overlord Sheppard by GraceandFire
John Sheppard is High Lord of the Planet Leiath in the Pegasus Galaxy. Rodney's away team gets captured by John's soldiers. Started out as an attempt to write EVIL Sheppard but it came out more like completely non-evil, but snarky, Sheppard.
The Unlikely and the Unwilling by ladyholder
Being defined by their genes wasn't what they wanted. They wanted to be known by what they could *do*. Rodney the Unlikely Guide, John the Unwilling Sentinel. 4-parts.
Sarcophagus by Kitty Fisher
Sex and violence in Ancient Greece when Methos tries to leave the Horsemen and can't. Previously published in Walking Distance, 1999. Kronos/Methos, Caspian/Methos. Warning: Violence, torture, rape.
Just a Game by Genevieve and Parda
As Duncan instructs a new Immortal, Methos remembers the origins of the Game. In flashbacks taking us to the Roman Republic and eighth-century Ireland, he reflects on how the Game has affected his life over the millennia.
Long Have I Waited by Genevieve and Parda
Long before the Horsemen rode, Methos and Kronos were more than friends--they were family. This is their story, from the beginning to Bordeaux, told without brainwashing, S&M, or violent persuasions, but with plenty of angst and lots of love.
The Interlunation Series by Bone
Three long fics: Interlunation, Those Who Trespass, and An Uncommon Want. Mostly Dm/M, some Amanda and/or Warren Cochrane.
Who Watches the Watchers? by MacGeorge
Who is killing all those people by chopping off their heads? Why do none of the victims have parents? And what is this weird cult with the tatooes? The FBI finally looks into it.
Archangel Redeemed by MacGeorge and V. Watts
Highly graphical as designed by Eng. A response to the Archangel episode. Winner of the Excellence in Fanfic award.
The Ragged Edge by MacGeorge
Duncan takes a bad Quickening and Methos is there to...well, that's what the story is about.
Holy Ground by MacGeorge
Sequel to Wolf at the Door. After twenty years of relationship on Methos' terms, the past arises to haunt and endanger both men.
Wolf at the Door by MacGeorge
Methos is recuited to be Nick Wolfe's teacher, but decides MacLeod would be a better choice, and that Duncan might learn a few things in the process.
Heroes and Other Endangered Species by MacGeorge
Duncan's heroic tendencies are anathema to Methos, and he doesn't hesitate to let Duncan know it, once again. This time, Methos' words do sink in, but they could be more deadly than Methos could have imagined.
Social Graces by MacGeorge
Not your usual George fare. No beheadings. No dastardly villians. No blood or torture. Just a chuckle or two.
Digitabulum Magae by MacGeorge
Crossover with Witchblade, featuring Duncan and Methos, Jeremy Irons, Ian Nottingham, Sara Pezzini and the combined cast and characters of both series. All Witchblade canon is as of somewhere in the middle of Season One.
The Endgame Trilogy by MacGeorge
This trilogy is by far my most requested and cross-linked story. It presents an alternate future, and a possible way out of the Gathering and the Game. A continuation of the interesting future possibilities presented here is in Immortal Nations.
What If by Tessa Rae
A re-write of every Methos episode. Looking at his relationship with Duncan, and the impact his association with Duncan has on the Watcher Organization. (405,970 words) F-Locked, need author's permission to read. A classic!
Just Another Ordinary Day by Tessa Rae
Amanda has the bad luck to die in front of FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, then wake up in Dr. Daniel Jackson's arms minutes later. It all goes downhill from there. Highlander/Stargate-1/X-Files crossover.
The Shape of Things to Come by Saraid
Jim changed more during his time in Peru than even he knows. Warning: Bestiality; Jim-as-a-Panther
Low Rider by Rogue
Jim. Blair. Motorcycle. Sex. Read. It.
The Ghost and Mr. Sandburg by Rogue
Don't you just *LOVE* a good ghost story?
Better Vampire Career Choices by Rogue
More jokes-turned-into-fic. It's an overbite overkill! Total crackfic.
Arf, I Say by Rogue
Drunk cops and dog jokes. How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb? Total crackfic.
Buzzed by Rogue
Jim needs a trim. Blair gives him what he needs, in more ways than one. And ends up getting what he needs, as well.
Signs From Above by Rogue
Note: If you're an easily offended Catholic, this is probably not the story for you. Total crackfic.
Whatsa Motto Wit' You? by Rogue
Road Trip. Two guys. Smart-ass senses (no pun intended) of humor. You do the math. Total crackfic.
Twelve Things NOT to Say to A Cop by Rogue
Blair gets a wild tale or two from the Major Crimes gang. Gut cramps, ahoy! Total crackfic.
Rock and Ride by Rogue
Blair wants to ride Jim's motorcycle. And Jim. Or *get* a ride. Either one.
Wet and Frizzed is My Spirit Guide by Rogue
Jim is sick, Blair tells him a story about how to bathe a cat. No Spirit Guides were soaked in the making of this fic.
How to Give Your Sentinel His Medication by Rogue
You've read it one way; now, read it THIS way. Companion to Wet and Frizzed is My Spirit Guide.
Excerpts from the Diary of the Guide Who Gave His Sentinel Viagra by Rogue
Sorta like "How To Give Your Sentinel Medication", only this time, it's Viagra. HAH!
Furry Commando by Rogue
Jim. Blair. A nightclub. Not original, you say? Read it anyway; you might be surprised. Maybe.
Sentinel Corps Series by Rogue
Link goes to Wayback Machine's archived results. Site no longer exists. Unfinished AU which inspired Susan Foster's GDP, but without all the darkness and abuse.
The Object of My Erections by Francesca
Three conversations and then The Sex Scene That Simply Would Not End. Fun with Sentinel-Guide instincts.
Paranoia by Franscesca
Blair Sandburg was the front line, and he'd been futilely trying to keep Sandburg behind him. He'd been trying to get in front of the front line, which was impossible — it just meant that the action was perpetually happening behind his back.
Armchair by Francesca
Jim does some heavy thinking. Blair tries to stop him before he hurts himself. Armchair psychology at its best.
Nothing On by Francesca
What happens when there's nothing on TV? A little low pressure guy-groping. *eg*
Sated by Kim Gasper
Sequel to Hunger and Feeding Frenzy.
Feeding Frenzy by Kim Gasper
Sequel to Hunger.
Hunger by Kim Gasper
In an effort to exorcise thoughts of Blair from his head, Jim reclaims a life he thought he'd left behind.
Need by Sammy
So. Little Sammy tries to do something short and hot. A naughty little PWP. And what happens? Not only do the boys spend almost as much time talking as they do making out, but this turns into the longest TS story I've written so far.
The Illustrated Rodneysaur by Moonloon
John reached down into the box and lifted up Rodney. It was weird, but he looked a little like Rodney, right down to the tufty hair and the malevolent glare being shot his way. "Hey, you know who I am, right?" "Rarr!" (aka the dino-Rodney crack!fic)
Tribal Rituals series by Monica
Somewhere between the LCS and the 1997 World Series, this thing grew a plot. A little intrigue, some mystery, and lots of sex. 12 stories set in Cleveland: featuring baseball, Watchers plots, hunting Immortals, and hot sex. Yum!
A Year in the Life by Miss Priss
One year later, Matt takes John McClane out for a drink. (Live Free or Die Hard, McClane/Farrell, NC-17)
Whipped by Glacis
[Pretty Boy, Beautiful Man] (NC17)(Logan/Alec) Logan is. More than he realized. Spoilers for the episode 'Two'.
Standing in the Common Spaces by Jenn (aka Seperis)
Smallville/Spiderman the Movie: It's instant, like the click of a camera, a moment out of time captured and preserved. Even if he doesn't know why until now. Futurefic. Poetic and painful.
Some Kept Safe by Liviapenn
Logan's pinning his wrists above his head, his arms all tangled in the suit. There's no way to pretend this isn't happening, no way to block out the touches, Logan sniffing and biting him. Licking his bruises. Murmuring unintelligible words into Peter's throat. (Dub-con.)
Between The Earth And The Sea By Belladonna
Clark's graduates college, about to start at the Daily Planet when Lionel and General Lane try to capture him. He gets sent to an old friend of his dad, General Jack O'Neill, who hides him in Atlantis.
Dashboard Confessional by bionic
Sam has an intimate moment with his favorite autobot.
Lost by Sleeps With Coyotes
Sequel to Lost & Found, but not necessary to be read first. A "What if?" story about the alternate Methos of the final episode, TB/NTB. A MacLeod for every Methos, and a Methos for every MacLeod...
The Marrying Kind by LaStrega
Nothing ever goes quite the way it was planned. Or does it? NC-17 (138kb)
Another Time, Another Place by Heather Sparrows
The Hessian is forever, but human flesh is not. The Horseman goes on with life after the death of his beloved Ichabod, but fate has a funny way of bringing things around full circle. Sequel to Wherever You Go.
Wherever You Go by Heather Sparrows
Ichabod tries to leave the Hollow, but the Hessian cannot let his only hope leave. He has a terrible task for Ichabodd to complete, but the reward is more than either one can imagine.
The Ancient Ones Endure by Kadorienne
Beauty & the Beast/Sleepy Hollow/Highlander/From Eroica With Love crossover. Diana Bennet, Ichabod Crane, and Major Klaus cooperate on the case of an international murderer who beheads his victims. Diana/Ichabod pairing.
Grief Therapy by PaBurke
Buffy died in ‘The Gift’, Giles went back to England. An odd group helped him mourn with strangely humorous results. A BtVS/HL/Indiana Jones/Pretender/SG1/Lara Croft Cross.
A Square Peg in a Round Hole by MarbleGlove
or Junior Year of High School, Revised, A Clones Tale. Highlander-Stargate X-Over. Methos was just spending a year as a highschool teacher; Jake O'Neil was just trying to be someone other than Jack O'Neill; neither are simple individuals.
You Can’t Always Get What You Want (1/7) by BetaCandy
Set post-Moebius. Daniel, and the rest of Alt-SG1, work to complete the mission that brought them all back to Ancient Egypt, and in doing so restore the timeline. Drama, Humour, Angst, and Timetravel. Special appearance by mini-Jack!
No Man Is An Island by AnnP
A heart broken Methos is running away when he's stranded on a deserted island with his Watcher Amy Thomas, among others.
Friends in Low Places by Suze
MacLeod doesn't believe that anyone could ever be good enough at sex to be worth paying $20,000 a night. Methos proves him wrong. Money well spent!
Belling the Cat by Suze
Duncan pounces, Methos ponders, and Amanda leaves a lasting impression. Sorry, Amanda lovers, this part is mostly D/M sex. Third in the Cat and Mouse series.
Baiting The Trap by Suze
Duncan has a plan, and Methos goes along for the ride. Dancing, shower sex, chains, feathers... Lucky Amanda. Duncan/Methos/Amanda. Second story in the Cat and Mouse series.
Building A Better Mousetrap by Suze
Watch Methos plot and scheme. Watch Amanda egg him on. Watch Duncan pounce. I just love it when Duncan pounces, especially when Methos forgets to duck. Duncan/Methos/Amanda. First story in the Cat and Mouse series.
Please Don't Pet The Methos by Suze
Post-NTB, Duncan finally pounces (surprise!), and finds out Methos is... straight? Yeah. Right. We believe you, Methos. But Duncan won't. A classic HL fic.
See Methos Run by Suze
Sequel to For a Good Time, Call... Methos and Amanda talk about Duncan. (aka the Phone Sex: Part 2 fic)
For a Good Time, Call... by Suze
Amanda can conjure Methos for Mac, even when he's half a world away! (aka the Phone Sex: Part 1 fic)
Missed the Saturday Dance by Zeotrope
Multi-media World War II SGA AU, including video, audio, images, and text that all work together fabulously. I especially like the "radio broadcast".
The Killing Frost by Friendshipper
A scientific mission gone wrong leaves the Daedalus stranded on an ice planet with Atlantis's top scientists and a ruthless saboteur. Suspense, action/adventure, hurt/comfort, drama, team.
The Wisdom to Know the Difference (1/11) by tartanshell
"Hank was the first person Peter told his biggest secret to. The person who showed Peter that coming out of the superhero closet could be pretty cool." Also features Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, too. Sequel to Office Hours.
Office Hours by tartanshell
Peter learns a lot from Professor McCoy.
The Color of Stone by Friendshipper
An alien device turns the team members against each other, on a desert world where the only rule is the age-old law of kill or be killed. (aka the Sheppard vs Ronon fight fic)
"Wormhole X-Treme! II" by Nindulgence
Mock-IMDb page for Wormhole X-Treme's fake sequel: Space Vampires from the Unicorn galaxy! Absolutely, ridiculously hilarious. Total crack. Created for sga_flashfic's Documentation Challenge.
Old Soldiers Die Hard by Friendshipper
The old guy in Room 30B was about the most disagreeable human being that the nurses had ever met. But he did get visitors -- including a retired Air Force Colonel. Outside POV.
Eurydice Turns Left by Veheme
"Aha!" crowed Rodney. "Better a wuss than the biggest klutz in two galaxies." An adventure story. An extremely deep drama. A deathmarch. (aka the Cave Spelunking fic)
Land Shark by basingstroke
Things had devolved to the point where Zelenka was yelling in Czech and Rodney was yelling back in math and John had Saturday Night Live sketches running through his head.
Percentages by ladycat777
John meets House's startling blue eyes. "This isn't my first combat situation," he says, and lets House make of that what he will. He's pretty sure House will get it right, though; he's that kind of guy.
Raiders of the Seven Systems by ltlj (aka Martha Wilson)
AU. John Sheppard leads a crew of Athosian space pirates in the Pegasus Galaxy. They rescue Earth refugees Rodney McKay and Sam Carter, but then things get complicated.
Friendly Competition, by siegeofangels
There comes a time in every fangirl's life when she has to choose between writing a meaningful story with accurate characterization, and one where Ronon picks up Caldwell and swings him around in a big circle. (aka the Competitive Hugging fic)
On the Wings of Imagination by X-parrot
"Oh, sure, riders said that dragons never hurt humans, but had anyone who believed that ever taken a good look at those teeth?" Written for sga_flashfic's Not Human Challenge. Dragon Riders of Pern AU.
Alpha by perspi
"Why wouldn't I be tense? We got ourselves captured, again, and tossed into a hole in the goddamn ground and we've got all night in here." Written for sga_flashfic's Not Human Challenge. Werewolf!Rodney, alpha!Sheppard.
Some Days Are Stranger Than Others by Sapphire
The recent string of shriveled, mummified-looking bodies in Joe’s district piques Methos’ interest enough to insist on accompanying Joe to check it out. Good thing he does. (aka Methos vs Wraith)
Every Day in Every Way by Velocitygrass
Rodney proposes an arrangement with John for "mutual relief", which works out surprisingly well for a while. Except there's one problem, John's in love and Rodney's straight.
The Lonely Sea by Tarlan
Global warming has melted the polar caps. Rodney McKay has a map leading to the only remaining dry land, and John has a boat. Waterworld AU.
Going Home by Titan5
John is sent back to Earth to recover from his latest set of injuries and decides to visit his father. He is very surprised at the homecoming he receives. (Best version of John's father I've ever seen -- beats the canon by a mile!)
Human Enough by Leah
John reveals a secret. The consequences are both better and worse than he expected. Loosely inspired by, but does not exist in James Walkswithwinds' established Centaur AU-verse.
The Return Part 2: Favorite Son by Titan5
An AU version of what happens in the season three opener "The Return Part Two", in which the team and the Ancients work together to bring Atlantis back to her former glory. Features John with a strong ATA connection with sentient!Atlantis.
The Llama Song by Burton Earny
Flash video of the classic, highly addictive, viral web song with a rate of cuteness and annoyingness somewhere between the Hamster Dance and Badger, Badger, Badger. ::shrugs:: I still like it. (Llama, llama... duck!)
Size Matters by Sardonicsmiley
This started out as a silly fic about Sam not being quite as in proportion as we all hope he is. And then it evolved into something completely different and with much more porn.
Five People John Sheppard Didn’t Kill on P11-23R by Sardonicsmiley
The boys get kidnapped, John gets them out. Told by five people he doesn’t kill in the process.
Relearning How to Walk by Sardonicsmiley
“You took me on a date.” Sam can’t quite wrap his mind around it... as far as first dates go, it was pretty awesome. He repeats it once more, because he likes the way it sounds in his throat, “You took me on a date.” (SPN-Atlantis!verse)
Out Looking In by Sardonicsmiley
Gordon Walker never wanted to be in the Pegasus Galaxy. He certainly didn’t want to be stuck with this team. He takes some precautions. Hendrickson takes over after Walker’s untimely death. Sequel to Counting to Ten in Other Galaxies.
Counting to Ten in Other Galaxies by Sardonicsmiley
Complete AU of SPN, Crack! There’s quoting of Lord of the Rings and dirty limericks and sex and complete abuse of the SGA universe for my own personal enjoyment. (aka Winchesters in Atlantis!verse) Nifty original format!
Shook Me All Night Long by Sardonicsmiley
“Rodney’s pretty sure that this is not what’s supposed to be happening.” Almost 7000 words of porn, okay? Just… Porn. (With a hint of background plot that, alas, may never be explained.)
The Geek's and Goon's Guide to Baby and Child Care by LiketheKoschka
Omelets, diapers, Nana and Freud, and slash but quiet slash while the baby sleeps. Twelfth in the Geeks and Goons series.
Post-Nuptial by RagePrufrock
"It took another six weeks, six days, thirteen hours, and two follow-up trips to the Coreenian planet, three thousand hours of talking about how John had flooded his man-womb with semen before Sheppard snapped.” 14 Valentines '08. Crack. Kid!fic.
Sanctus Espiritus by Rhi
John never speaks of his hometown. Eureka/SGA crossover, written for 14 Valentines '08.
War and Peace In Mind by Jeune Chat
Warren Peace had a hard road to get where he was, and dealing with the future is bound to be no easier. With friends at his side, can he learn of his shaded past and find a heroic future?
Secrets Revealed by Magdelena
Clark gets drugged, winds up admitting his feelings for Lex, and perfectly awful sex ensues (other stuff happens too). First story of the Kent-Luthor Family series.
Haiku by Caroline Crane
He thinks sometimes that he might have turned evil, if it wasn't for Will.
Musical Advent Calendar: Day Four by Caroline Crane
Will comes home late and stumbles around in the dark trying not to wake Warren. He fails. Porny goodness.
Paper Lantern by Ampersand
Layla dumps Will. In homage to freshman year, Will asks Warren to take him to Homecoming to make her jealous. Warren/Will
Stop by Jeune Chat
"If you don't want this, tell me to stop." Warren/Will; Sky High fandom.
Up the Duff by niroby
One time where the agents didn't get pregnant, a story in three parts. Written for Yuletide 2007.
MacDonald Hall is Fabulous by Nimori
Boots comes back from summer vacation with a problem. Bruno's going to fix it. Even if it kills him. And Cathy. And everyone else in the universe. Written for Yuletide 2007. Gordon Korman's "MacDonald Hall" books.
Trees Are Tricky Things by Rachel Sabotini
Patrick's happy ending. Written for Yuletide 2007. Set post-David Hewlitt's movie, "A Dog's Breakfast." (Hewligan pairing)
Water's Edge by MJ MInk
Peter and Pop take a trip back to San Francisco to remember their roots. (Part of the SOS joke.)
Time Past by MJ Mink
AU: Bon Bon Hai alters the past, then gives an unhappy Peter the chance to restore what he's lost... or to be lost himself -- forever.
Caustic by Pet
Buffy's Spike problem is now Angel's Spike problem. Sequel to Cryptic.
Cryptic by Pet
Angel comes to Sunnydale to help Buffy with her Spike problem.
The Mohinder Suresh Affair by Medie
Written from a prompt from reel_heroes. Basically taking the Pierce Brosnan version of the Thomas Crown Affair and turning it into, well, The Mohinder Suresh Affair. (aka Mohinder steals a Monet and Matt has to catch him.)
R.E.M. (Recalled Emotional Memories) Series by Avarice
12 short stories that chronicle Spike and Angel's gradual return to a Sire-Childe relationship stronger and more loving than ever.
The Adventures of Captain Peroxide and Deadboy
A collection of hundreds of Angel/Spike focused stories. Mostly slash, but some gen.
Sex, Specs, and Mrs. Smith by Collie
Spike and Angel finally *do* bag the research and get around to a little more fun. Sequel, of sorts to Four Eyes & Steroids, but not necessary to read that first.
I-Man: The Virtual Seasons
Two full seasons and several short fics of The Invisible Man virtual fanfiction seasons.
Until the Stars Are All Alight by Reccea
"Shit like this never happened on Middle Earth." Written for the SGA_Flashfic Folklore Challenge. (Oddly enough, despite the disparate universes, this is not AU.)
A Friend in the Nightcrawler by L. Zephaniah
"When you have a friend in the Nightcrawler . . . who needs enemies?" Vachon/Nick/LaCroix threesome; sexy, emotional, and entirely fulfilling. My favourite FK story ever!
Tipping the Scales by Cousin Shelley
Constantine hears about the exorcism of demon possessing a vampire and goes to investigate. Constantine (movie)/Forever Knight crossover.
If We Kissed by Cousin Shelley
A post- 'Knight in Question' fic... what if Nick remembers more about his relationship with LaCroix than just the fights?
Trespassing by Leslie GS
Nick loses control while at work -- LaCroix arrives to help him out. More porn!
Submarine Races by Leslie GS
Nick takes LaCroix to 'watch the submarine races' at a lookout point. (Yes, that is a euphemism for sex. :P)
Echoes by Leslie GS
LaCroix 'helps' Nick find some evidence in one of his cases. Nick is very grateful. Kink Warning: Knifeplay.
Belonging by elfin
Nick returns to LaCroix. Sweet and sensual.
This Corrosion by elfin
Nick gets jealous of LaCroix's new bed partner and pays him a visit. Just a tad more than pure porn. Lighthearted and fun.
The Living Undead by Jarvinia
Nick goes to Sunnydale to help out an old 'friend'.
Intoxicating, Isn't It? by Jarvinia
A drunk LaCroix plays a trick on Nick, which both works and somewhat backfires. Slightly dark, dry humour.
The Other Side of Paradise by Kay Copeland
Ambassador and Dr. de Brabant journey aboard the starship Enterprise-D in search of a cure for their 'phototropia'. Cmdr. Data's assistance in enlisted. Very straightforward, simple fic, but one of few well-written crossovers in FK fandom.
Playing Hooky by Arduinna
Daren and Bobby take a day off to hang out at the beach. Carwash-porn.
The Trick by MJ Mink
The trick is in not minding the pain. Pure angst, this story breaks me everytime.
The Substitute by JP Kraft
Kermit is sick, so Peter escorts Captain Karen Simms to the Ambassador's party in his stead. Naturally, that's when the terrorists show up.
The Path of Least Resistance by Brenda Mick
Everything seems so clear when you're looking back from such a distance. When the road not taken disappears into the path of least resistance....
The Lessons of Silence by Brenda Mick.
Few things under heaven are as instructive as the lessons of silence, or as beneficial as the fruits of non-ado. -Tao Teh Ching (aka Peter and Karen in a car accident)
The Twenty-Fith Example by Brenda Mick
There are 24 Examples of Filial Piety from Chinese Mythology. Peter is #25. Very sweet, powerful family-focused fic.
Looking For Salt by dotfic
Sam, Dean, Mulder, Scully, and zombies. Lots of zombies. Any questions? Sequel to Stopping for Pancakes.
Stopping for Pancakes by dotfic
At a truck stop in 1993, the Winchesters encounter two FBI agents.
Blood and Wine by kroki_refur
Eventually, one of those boys is going to get caught.
Days Like This by killabeez
Tentacles. Why did it have to be tentacles? Angel, Dean Winchester (and two cute guys whose names start with 'S').
Because I Could Not Stop for Death (He Kindly Stopped for Me) by kroki_refur
Sam and Dean are dead. Except they're kind of not. (Written for Marishna's Deathficathon - author may have gone slightly overboard. *eg*) Crack!fic.
The 'Samcakes' series by bitchandjerk
To quote the author: "I honestly have no idea how to summarize this." 20+ stories of super fun, hilariously gay baker!Sam and handyman!Dean having way, way too much fun living the big gay life together. Also, Lloyd the Ghost is awesome. Pure crack!
Stop Me If You've Heard This One by lyra_wing
Sam gets whammied in an unexpected way. This is a genderswap fic. Kinda. Crack!fic.
Morning Rituals by Ashinae
"God." Matt gratefully took the mug and then leaned down to kiss Mohinder's cheek. "You're the best."
Trust Me, I Saw It On TV... by Medie
"Your boyfriend," she says with a nod. "Can't live with 'em, and murder's pretty much illegal." Monica gives Mohinder some advice.
Five Times When Matt Parkman Uses His Abilities Without Any Thought Towards Saving the World by kleenexcow
Five somewhat fluffy scenes involving Matt, Mohinder, Molly, telepathy, and purely personal gain.
20 Random Facts about Matt and Mohinder by Mirielle719
See the title. It does what it says on the tin.
The Cell
Mamoru's excellent fanvids. Mostly SGA, creator of such classics as "Cartoon Heroes" and "Only One". Awesome cutting and synching work.
TV Junkeez featuring K.I.T.T. - Knight Rider Video
The professional Knight Rider music video made by the band, TV Junkeez, to go with their techno version of the classic television series' theme song. One of my favourites!
Tramping Out the Vintage Where the Grapes of Wrath Are Stored by lyrstzha
Third story in the Fruit series, but not necessary to read them first. Simon has to pose as a Companion to get Mal out of trouble. Fun!
The X-Files Wiki
This site is a reference guide to The X-Files television series, movie, and related series, Millennium and The Lone Gunmen.
Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki
The Transformers Wiki, the fan-maintained database of Transformers knowledge that anyone can edit!
The official CBS-supported wiki for the television show, NCIS.
TV Tropes & Idioms
A catalogue of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction. Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations. If a trope gets used too much, then it becomes clichéd.
Welcome To Tranquility by Devilish Kurumi
[07 Movieverse] When FBI special agents Mulder and Scully get a request to visit Tranquility, Nevada, they really have no idea what they're getting into.
Hot Wheels by almightyhat
"Sam wasn't sure who'd started the race. [...] But. There had been a stoplight, and Bumblebee's engine had growled, low and challenging-- and Kitt's had answered." Sequel to Nice Car. Crossover crack!fic.
Nice Car by almightyhat
"Two sports cars sat in the parking lot of the fast-food restaurant, low-slung and sleek." Crossover crack!fic. Bumblebee meets Kitt.
Mirrors by Sakon76
"Among Cybertronians, there are three types of brothers. There are brothers sparked, brothers made, and brothers found. Everyone believes that Prowl and Jazz would fall into the third category if they considered themselves to be any sort of brothers at all."
In Two by Sakon76
"It was like a bad dream." Post-Movieverse spectral visit. Hints of Prowl/Jazz.
Flying Towards Destiny by vanillafluffy
Ardeth Bey and Jonathan Carnahan have little in common, but the phrase Opposites Attract was coined for a reason. Ardeth/Jonathan slash, NC17.
Purpose by Dreaming of Everything
[2007 Movieverse] Scorponok was left stranded and half-crazed in the desert, with nothing but his own scattered thoughts. Until he found a group of children, slowly dying of exposure... A look at broken things.
The Trouble with Jondy by WyldeGod
Trouble is all that can come from the actions of those involved in the events that are occurring. Has Deck turned to the dark side? Where did Logan disappear to? Why isn't Max back yet?
New CO by dleep
After Zack is captured, a new commanding officer drops in on Logan. Some Max/Logan.
Lara Croft and the Knowledge of the Ancients by MarbleGlove
Shoot first, ask questions later is frequently a bad plan. OneShot. Lara Croft vs Methos.
Back to Good by Kyre
What if S2 was an illusion? No virus, no Familiars, no destiny, and Lydecker never left.
The Four in the Morning Visitors by Ithilien
Legolas and Gimli make a middle-of-the-night, bedside visit. Post-ROTK. Rated G.
Cover Story by Magda
Methos gets curious about what's going on under the Mountain, so becomes an Air Force lieutenant at NORAD. Unfortunately, what he sees gives him the wrong impression. Things get kinda crazy from there. Very long (92,941words) but incomplete and abandoned.
Death & Betrayal by MarbleGlove
Methos takes a young Severus Snape under his wing.
Burn Dollhouse Burn by MadDogNikki
Dark Phoenix plays with her food and finds something interesting. Is heavily Jeancentered, but includes two chunks of ScottLogan goodness and thus should be considered slash. Dark-fic.
Transitioning by Aces
Sometimes, there are no words. Short but deep ficlet.
Dark Streets and Cheap Nights by James
Gibbs didn't bother telling himself he didn't do this kind of thing. PG-13. Gibbs/Dean
Transmission Breakdown by OblivionDragon
As the Decepticons plot to destroy Cybertron, the Autobots fight to make Earth their home. But fate is not always kind... and popcorn can kill. A long serious plot with many humourous moments.
This Is What a Car's Really For by betterasalover
"The engine purring was like music to his ears, the seats seemed to fit perfectly to his body and driving was peaceful..." Set before Sam realises his car's a giant alien robot. Heh.
What to Expect When Your Impala's Expecting by Epeeblade
The Impala may be pregnant, but that's only the start of Sam and Dean's problems. Pure crack. :P
Beautiful Day by Aspirare
Bumblebee liked to listen to Sam talk. Even if it was about nothing in particular.
Stargate Atlantis' My Favourite Line Part 1 by David Hewlitt (aka h0rrid)
The first episode of David Hewlett's "Favourite lines from Stargate Atlantis Season Four", for appropriately enough, episode 1 - "Adrift". Starring David Hewlitt playing McKay (obviously :P) and Mars the dog playing Sheppard. Funny!
Car Wash by Mistressxd
Sex, slight swearing, and very very odd things going on with wires and spark!electricity. Because car washes are to this fandom what shirtless lightsaber duels are to Star Wars. Bee/Sam.
Remote Connection by Lola Hard
[2007 Movieverse] Sam told Bee of his feelings in a message, and the Autobot is quick to give a call to his human. Two boys, one phone… you do the math. *cough* Rated NC17.
Seashells by Lady Oneiros
No matter how hard Bumblebee has tried, he cannot hear the ocean. Incidental Bee/Sam. Rated G. Very moving ficlet.
Combustion by Atlantia
With Megatron defeated and the decepticons MIA, life begins to settle down for Sam. Except that his relationship with Mikaela isn't working, and maybe that's because things with Bumblebee are going a little too well. Bee/Sam [07 Movieverse]
The 'Human' Series by Keelywolfe
An ever-growing series of stories featuring Bumblebee's holoform in a relationship with Sam Witwicky. Occasional forays into Bee/Sam/Sideswipe. Ridiculously well-written. Very NC-17. And hey, it has a plot too! [post-07Movieverse]
Connection by jezebel_rising
"After the...incident in the high school parking lot, Sam wasn't sure if he'd ever be able to look at Bumblebee again and not blush." Sequel to Spanking the Monkey. NC17.
Spanking the Monkey by jezebel_rising
"It couldn’t be the treacherous letch in his brain that was reading into Bumblebee’s words. It almost – it almost sounded like his car was eager to get him naked in the front seat." (aka the masturbation!sex fic)
Communication by Emerald Embers
Sam parents don't think he should be spending quite so much time with his giant alien robot friends. Sam and Bee think otherwise. Very sweet.
beexsam: 1sentence Challenge by antiquixotic
50 first sentences of potential Bumblebee/Sam fics that have never been written. But they have lots of possibility!
First Time for Everything and A Second to Dream by the_mad_fangirl
Two short interconnected fics. Sam/Mikaela/Bumblebee and implied Will/Sarah/Ironhide. Very tastefully done.
In the Line of Duty by CasusFere
After Mission City, Barricade moves to LA and mystifies the local police force. [07 Movieverse]
Ghost Stories by Sakon76
[2007 Movieverse] Everything can change in an instant. But you never, ever give up. The story of a boy and his car. Or a robot and his ghost.
The Long Road Home: Not Alone by Conna Stevenson
Damaged and unable to communicate with or even find his fellow Autobots, a lone survivor crashes to Earth and must locate Optimus and the others before a dangerous enemy arrives. Who can he trust, if he cannot tell friend from foe? [07 movieverse]
Pieces of the Dead by David Hines
Sam and Optimus take a road trip. Movieverse, with some tips of the hat to other formats.
Second Chances by Macx
Transformers the movie ficlet. The little Nokia phone-bot Sector Seven created and tried to destroy gets a second chance at life with Captain Will Lennox.
Adaptation by Macx
OMG, a new Knight Rider: Fire & Ice AU story by the brilliant Gryph, and crossed over with the new Transformers movie to boot! Fantastic! Summary: Nick and Karr are in Mission City during the big battle and get hit by the Allspark. Change is inevitable.
Bones Season 1 bloopers
The season one blooper reel of Bones. Most notable for the last 30 seconds.
Amanda Tapping and David Hewlett by Saavira
This is a cute short clip of Amanda challenging David to see who can read faster. Apparently, it's a 'thing' they did back on SG-1. You know, a Sam Carter vs. Rodney McKay kinda thing.
McUseless by sleeboss
A short hilarious blooper with Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson during the taping of "Solitudes".
Big Deck by jradrex
Short skit from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour - starring Jeff Foxworthy and Drew Carey. Innuendo galore!
Jaaaaaack! by Overchay
Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge talk about Jack/Daniel slash.
The Fast and the Furyan by Maygra
An improbable but fun and very hot crossover to get Riddick and Brian in the same verse together. NC17.
Judas Kiss by Joe Lawson
Dom can't get Brian out of his head, so six months later he tracks Brian down at his parent's ranch in Arizona. Minor crossover with Soldier of Fortune but not necessary to know it.
The Naked Variety by out_there
Porn, baby. Yummy, porny goodness. Yay!
Comic Con 2007 clip by morwyn42
Heroes stars Greg Grunberg ("Matt Parkman") & Sendhil Ramamurthy ("Mohinder Suresh") play up total fan-service to the Matt/Mohinder slashers. Yay!
Forbidden Fruit by Adrian Pasdar (aka buckshotwon)
Sendhil Ramamurthy ("Mohinder Suresh") in the age-old conundrum -- to eat or not to eat. Very dramatic! :P
Bangs by Gloriatraveler
"Bangs -- they taste good with brains!" Funny fanvid about first season Heroes.
Bone Marrow Meltdown # 9 by Adrian Pasdar (aka buckshotwon)
Aww-worthy clip of Adrian Pasdar ("Nathan Petrelli") LOL'ing until he can't breathe and Milo Ventimiglia ("Peter Petrelli") rubbing his back and giving him a hug. Awwwww!
AirBorne by Adrian Pasdar (aka buckshotwon)
Short, funny behind the scenes clip of Heroes stars Milo Ventimiglia ("Peter Petrelli") and Greg Grunberg ("Matt Parkman") goofing off, set to goofy music.
Jensen and Jared at CreationCon 2007
Approx. 20 minutes. Uploaded by _sin_attract
When You Came Home by Medie
"God, you have no idea how you look right now," Matt says. "No idea."
Finding Family by Debra Noellert
At an airport in Denver, Naomi sees someone she never expected: Blair's father, Chris Larabee. Short ficlet.
Swords by Red Wolf
Wolf&Declán-verse. Sequel to Changes.
Can't Take It Anymore by Gita Toronjil-Lee
Supposedly, this story has made some readers cry... yes, I was hurting when I wrote this longer K/Z story over two years ago. Take that as you will. Kunzite/Zoisite
The Searching Compulsion by Gita Toronjil-Lee
I just don't know what this one's about. If you don't mind that it's definitely citrus, do look for yourself, okay? Kunzite/Zoisite
Rational Thought by Gita Toronjil-Lee
This begins the night before # 33 (when Sailorvenus arrives). I should note that it's a bit lime-ish... Kunzite/Zoisite
A Day in the Life of the Negaverse by Marla
Join our favourite four Kings when they experience an 'average' work day between retrieving the rainbow crystals, hunting down the Sailor Senshi and keeping up with Queen Beryl's special orders.
The Truth About Love by Princess Destiny
A girl from his school is stalking Mamoru! On impulse, he spots Usagi and pretends that she's his girlfriend. But once they start pretending, it all starts to become very real.
Feel Your Way by Princess Destiny
Sailor Moon drops her communicator during battle and sees Tuxedo Kamen pocket it. Freaked that the other Senshi will find out she lost it, she follows Tuxedo Kamen home to try and get it back-but instead discovers that her crush is her worst enemy! Not on
Chaos Theory by Princess Destiny
Mamoru thinks he loves Sailor Moon, but what if it's just a longing for what he can't have? To test this theory he decides to kiss his worst enemy...but it doesn't turn out as planned and now everything is in chaos!
Darien's View by Jennifer Wand
The fic I'm famous for, so to speak. A retelling of the beginning of Sailor Moon R from Darien's POV - how did he feel about Serena while he had no memories of being Tuxedo Mask?
Subject to Change by Eight of Swords
High school is hard enough for Serena with only the jerkwad junior Darien to worry about. But when you add a naked transformation phase, a pyro, a genius with OCD, and REALLY short skirts – how’s a girl supposed to graduate!
Choose for Me, Old Santa Claus by Alicia Blade
Mamoru has not had a true Christmas since he was orphaned at age seven. Two of Santa's elves set out to make things right by giving him his one true wish: someone to love.
Newborn Wings by Alicia Blade
There is a new kid at Chibiusa's school, a handsome young man with a secret she's dying to find out. Chibiusa/Elios.
Baby Cupid by Alicia Blade
Darien has to babysit Baby Jordan while his mother heals from an attack, and Serena is determined to help out. Takes place in the Doom Tree series.
Love Potion No 19 by Alicia Blade
Usagi accidentally drinks a love potion and begins acting very strangely, especially toward a certain despised enemy.
The Professional by Alicia Blade
First season UM, OC. The flow of time has been altered and the Outers must fix things by making Usagi and Mamoru fall in love. To help with this seemingly impossible task, they're bringing in a professional matchmaker...
A Dance to Remember by Alicia Blade
Serena's heart has been broken by the most popular guy at school, and Darien attempts to mend it by taking her to the Valentine's Dance. Meanwhile, the girls seek revenge on the school snob.
A Million Kisses by Alicia Blade
Serena discovers Darien's love for her moments before death claims him, along with her closest friends. Now, the power of the Silver Crystal has returned their lives to them, but it's up to her to reclaim their love as well.
Next Time Take the Stairs by Alicia Blade
Darien's apartment seemed like a good sanctuary, until the elevator broke, with the two enemies stuck inside! Enter six friends and two incompetent maintenance workers, and laughter and mayhem are sure to follow. 3 parts.
Royal Flush by Alicia Blade
Through a lucky hand of cards, Darien wins Serena as his slave for a week. Can he use the opportunity to win her heart as well? Complete.
Status Quo Ante by Domenika Marzione
Set before the prologue to Qui Habitat. (Not required reading.) Earth falls to the Ori more with a whimper than with a bang.
Officers Call by Domenika Marzione
Lorne and Sheppard spend quality non-professional time with the marine officers.
Praxis by Domenika Marzione
A war games exercise is both war and exercise. Game... not so much.
That Which Is Always Present by Domenika Marzione
The last thing anyone expected to see was Colonel Sumner leading his team back into Atlantis.
The Pledge and the Turn by Domenika Marzione
It takes a special kind of magician to make the extraordinary ordinary.
Five Times - Contact by Domenika Marzione
Five Times the Expedition Wished They Hadn't Re-established Contact With Earth
Qui Habitat by Domenika Marzione
Six months after Earth falls to the Ori, things start to fall apart in Atlantis. Featuring SG-1 past and present.
Minor in Archaeology by Domenika Marzione
Sheppard spends the afternoon alone with Atlantis and is rewarded for it. Sheppard/Atlantis
Royal Jelly and Return to Oz by Domenika Marzione
Lorne's marines watch Sheppard and McKay. Tied in with Custer's Last Stand.
The Welcome Wagon's Greasy Wheel by Domenika Marzione
To the ATA carriers among the marines arriving in Atlantis, the city is one part eager puppy and three parts surreal hell. Sheppard/Atlantis
Masquerade by Domenika Marzione
The first time Lorne met John Sheppard, it was by the elevators on Level 28.
Thankless Tasks by Domenika Marzione
Lorne during Common Ground. Ties in with New View, Same Old Scene.
Entaillen by Domenika Marzione
Things go wrong when the two teams go off-world together. Written as a serial.
Five Things - Devices by by Domenika Marzione
Five Things... Five Ancient devices they really shouldn't have initialized.
Five Things - Lorne by Domenika Marzione
Five Things.... Sheppard did that Lorne had to fix.
Five Things - Sheppard by Domenika Marzione
Five Things... John Sheppard hadn't ever thought he would do
Route 66 by Domenika Marzione
The Pegasus version of Driver's Ed was significantly less traumatic than John remembered from high school. And it wasn't just because he was the one giving the lessons.
Just Like the Richard Gere Movie by Domenika Marzione
Major John Sheppard from the perspective of the Atlantis-bound marines.
It's Always the Quiet Ones by Domenika Marzione
Sheppard won the battle to get Elizabeth trained in self-defense. But he lost the war.
Custer's Last Stand by Domenika Marzione
Lorne knows that a battalion of marines shouldn't be risking annihilation at the hands of a small band led by an Air Force rotor pilot.
Asymptotically Approaching Inspector Clouseau by Domenika Marzione
Major Lorne has far more in common with Peter Sellers than he'd like.
Some Assembly Required by Domenika Marzione
Major Lorne acquired the traveling circus he calls his team partially by intent and mostly by circumstance.
First Nights by Domenika Marzione
Three vignettes (glorified drabbles, really) set in the first fortnight in Atlantis. Featuring Sheppard, Ford, and Zelenka.
Curribat, Currit by Domenika Marzione
Ronon Dex could be so much more than a professional fugitive if he'd only give it some thought.
The Pegasus Galaxy Presents: George Romero's Alice in Wonderland by Domenika Marzione
It only seems like John Sheppard's past and present are both out to get him.
The Care and Feeding of a CO by Domenika Marzione
Lorne invites a recovering Sheppard to accompany his team on a traipse around Atlantis.
The Novelization by Domenika Marzione
Pretty good story, pretty crappy lack of title: the events of The Rising from Jack O'Neill's perspective.
Jack of Spades by Domenika Marzione
After the events of The Storm/The Eye, Elizabeth Weir realizes that she doesn't know John Sheppard at all.
White Noise by Domenika Marzione
Set circa "Hide & Seek", John Sheppard fails to avoid participating in an Athosian rite. He's supposed to be thinking on his past ties, but instead ends up thinking about his newest relationship -- with a city that kindamaybesorta talks to him. Sheppard/Atlantis
The Jenny Code by Domenika Marzione
All of the conventions that were supposed to make Earth's fighting 'civilized' -- the sanctity of women and children, the giving of quarter, the treatment of prisoners -- were largely absent here in the Pegasus galaxy.
Penelope Waiting by Domenika Marzione
Set during The Lost Boys. Radek Zelenka's theory cannot be proven, but that doesn't make it untrue. Sheppard/Atlantis
Self-Made by Domenika Marzione
John Sheppard on the long trip home from Afghanistan.
the sound of one hand clapping by Gale
“The first rule of The Daniel Thing is: We don’t talk about The Daniel Thing.” Ascended!Wash
Progeny by Annabelle Leigh
Let's face it, it's never easy being Sentinel and Guide. Jim and Blair turn to their friends for help with the latest bout of weirdness, and the past comes back to haunt everybody. Sequel to Tribe Sentinel.
Tribe Sentinel by Annabelle Leigh
By helping a couple in trouble, Jim and Blair finally manage to put the events of SenToo behind them. First of a series.
Surrogate by Annabelle Leigh
Classic Jim-has-Sentinel-sex-trouble-so-the-boys-have-to-do-it theme. Some cliches are just too much fun to ignore.
Scoring Opportunity by Jane Mailander
Blair takes a bet that he can't do the entire soccer team in 2 hours of less. He wins. Shamelessly multiple partners, both male and female. (Aka the Blair/mmmffmmmmmm story.) Set in the pre-Jim days.
Paying the Rent by Elaine
Jim has recently returned from Peru and is working in the Vice Squad. One night he meets a rent boy called Blair. Warning: Underage sex.
A Day in the Life: Or, the Care and Feeding of a Modern-Day Sentinel by Shadow
A typical Saturday in the life of a Guide and his Sentinel.
Behind Bars by Mia Athlas
Blair is sent to jail and falls under the protection of his big, buff cellmate.
Wolf Whistles #4 by Texas Ranger
Blair's lycanthropy is still a secret... ...or is it?
Wolf Whistles #3 by Toshua
Blair is still a wolf. Guest Author.
Wolf Whistles #2 by Texas Ranger
Blair's still a wolf.
Wolf Whistles #1 by Texas Ranger
Blair wakes up with more hair than he had when he went to bed.
Guides with Fleas by Monica
How to care for Spirit Guides with very real fleas. Sequel to Crazy From the Fur.
Crazy From the Fur by Monica
The Sentinel needs to vent his feelings about the animals in his life. This story is a sequel to Adventures in Guidesitting.
Adventures in Guidesitting by Monica
Two Spirit Guides get more than they bargained for when they agree to babysit. This story is a sequel to Strange Rescue.
Strange Rescue by Monica
What happens when you have a Guide who is a trouble magnet and two Spirit Guides who can be very persuasive? You can be one confused Sentinel.
Quietly Into the Night by Sorka
In the moment of greatest danger, the most unlikely people can show up to help.
Family Curses by Sorka
Stephen admits to hiding a secret. Jim and Blair must deal with an obsessed researcher. Fourth story in Curses series. Warning: Bestiality-kink.
Hope and Curses by Sorka
Blair is chosen to go to a conference in New York, and Jim gets into trouble while he's away. Third story in Curses series. Warning: Bestiality-kink.
Life and Curses by Sorka
Jim and Blair's relationship hit a few small bumps. Second story in Curses series. Warning: Bestiality-kink.
Love and Curses by Sorka
Can the Jim and Blair find a way to bridge the gap between them when serious changes occur in their lives? First story in Curses series. Warning: Bestiality, Jim-as-a-Panther.
Voyager's Guide by Saraid
Sequel to Guided Voyage.
Guided Voyage by Saraid
An unpaired Sentinel must overcome cultural prejudice and a lifetime's worth of training to bond with his Guide on Voyager. Jim/Blar, Tom/Harry, Janeway/Chakotay
Backroom Blues by Saraid
Blair meets Jim after his trip to Borneo. [159k, dark]
Panther Tales by Saraid
Ten years ago, Jim and Blair were taken and tortured by the government for unknown reasons. They escaped, damaged, and now live twisted lives as mercenaries. Will they ever find their way back to the people they once were? 7 stories. 539k. NC17.
Until Proven Innocent by JC
It's said that prisons are full of innocent men -- they just haven't been able to prove it. In the meantime, they survive as best they can...
The Beret: Man in a Uniform #5 by JC
Rumor has it that Jim in just a beret makes for a wonderful present.
Dress Blues: Man in a Uniform #4 by JC
Getting out of your uniform can be the best part of the day.
Cascade P.D. Blue: Man in a Uniform #3 by JC
Cascade's finest is on patrol.
Full Uniform: Man in a Uniform #2 by JC
Ever pick up a man in a uniform?
Camouflage: Man in a Uniform #1 by JC
Well, there's heat, and sweat, and sex, and I guess you can tell from the title, there's a man in a uniform.
A Million Pieces by Candy Apple
Blair is the only survivor of a violent attack on Jim's family, and both men must support each other through physical and emotional recovery, and the exploration of their relationship. 327kb
Release by Candy Apple
Jim craves some time "without walls", post Prisoner-X, and retreats into the night with Blair. The two men make a discovery about their relationship.
Tell Me A Story by Emma Woodhouse
Blair tells Jim about one of his favorite fantasies, but Jim doesn't know if he can go through with it.
You Know Who by Emma Woodhouse
Blair gets flowers at the station. Sequel to The Haunted Grove.
The Haunted Grove by Emma Woodhouse
While investigating a case, Jim experiences strange flashbacks in the woods.
SVS-13: The Mountie Who Fell to Earth by Josephine Darcy
Jim and Blair stumble across a Chicago cop, a Mountie, his pet wolf and a murder. The gang is led across the Canadian wilderness in pursuit of a demented religious freak. Can Jim and Fraser save their partners before it's too late?
Partners by Josephine Darcy
What would happen if Brown and Rafe tried to 'borrow' Blair for a day? Much craziness ensues.
The Bond by Josephine Darcy
Jim and Blair return to the jungle to learn about Guides and Sentinels, and discover a bond between them that neither was prepared for. 102kb
Completion by Jayd
Jim is still having some very primal instincts playing havoc with him after they get back from Sierra Verde. Blair wants to help. NC-17
Driven By Instinct by Jayd
Jim's instincts are getting the best of him and those instincts all revolve around Blair. 219kb
A Pawn Of Prejudice by Jayd
Someone is out to get Blair Sandburg for reasons unknown to him. 483kb
Rendex-Vous in the Moonlight by Quicksliver
A Sidestory to To Dance By Moonlight. How exactly did Usagi end up going to Sunnydale in the first place? Oneshot.
To Dance by Moonlight by Quicksliver
Tsukino Usagi is visiting the US... in Sunnydale. While some of the town's more unique residents recognize the fact that she's a magnet for trouble, our little Odango seems completely oblivious to the danger all around. [Unfinished and abandoned.]
A Lytell Geste by Catherine Boone
Methos and Amanda reveal their common past.
Just Hit Reset by Ossian
Methos starts a new life, Joe gets an update...
The Letter by NorthernStar
An elderly woman seaches for her immortal father... Methos.
As Time Goes By 4 - Still The Same Old Story by Nutmeg9cat
As Time Goes By 3 - When Two Lovers Woo by Nutmeg9cat
As Time Goes By 2 - On That You Can Rely by Nutmeg9cat
In Paris, Duncan and Methos translate the hidden cave writings and learn more about Duncan's predecessor. Danger lurks. 218kb
As Time Goes By 1 - Fundamental Things by Nutmeg9cat
Duncan searches for the next Champion, with help from Methos and Joe. 295kb
Devil Went Down to Geneva by Ekat
Adam Pierson, Watcher Trainee. Rules? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Rules!
And the Angels Wept by Ekat
Methos' thoughts on the Attack on America. Post-9/11 fic.
Watcher Friend, Immortal Foe - Methos by Scipionis
How Methos met his Watcher and, eventually, husband. This is the Methos=Martin version, there is also a separate version in which Martin is an original Immortal character instead. This version is better, though.
Quid Pro Quo? by Kai
Cassandra's evening goes from bad to worse to bad. Methos helps.
Quickenings: What, Why, When, and How by Parda
Two guys drinking beer and talking about the physics of Quickenings.
A Gift of Swords by Trudy A. Goold
Methos appears after Christmas with a surprise for MacLeod; however, is Mac the only one who will be surprised? Meanwhile, Duncan is having unusual dreams. 43kb
Rite of Fire by Andie P.
Methos is challenged two against one,and Duncan realises something has happened to him as a huge Quickening rips through the City. 130kb
Bodypaint, Bartabs, and Beer by Andie P.
The boys get together to discuss the morning after a heavy night at Joe's. If you like Methos, you'll probably like this.
Transitions by Cameron Dial
Sequel to "Seasons of Rest". 9kb
Seasons of Rest by Cameron Dial
Sequel to "Seasons of Change." Methos sets out to find Duncan MacLeod after the Highlander disappears from Paris. 489kb
Seasons of Change by Cameron Dial
Methos takes Nick Wolfe on as a student Immortal. 309kb
I,Immortal by Devo
The good robot detective encounters the oldest immortal. Sparks fly. Methos/Isaac Asimov's "I, Robot"
Shifting Gears by Fat Joey
Get into Brian's head as he takes it in the ass for the first time.
Gravity by Dawn (aka ixchel55)
The storyline begins approximately eight months after the end of the first movie. This was written before 2F2F was released.
Cover by Kay Deluca (aka untappedbeauty)
The assignment that prompted this fic was the old Undercover Lover/have to pretend to be dating cliche, along with a little bit of a possessiveness kink.
Animalistic Behaviour by Stormy1x2
Dom and Brian release a little bit of tension much to Leon and Jesse's utter dismay.
The Window Washer's Opinion by Victoria Hughes
Er ... what does a windowwasher say when asked about SpiderMan?
PurseSnatcher: A Not-so-Casual Observation by Victoria Hughes
It's just a pursesnatching, right? Not to this guy! Based on the Ultimate SpiderMan comic books.
Down Came the Rain by LAXgirl
Spidey is shot down in a botched rescue attempt and to make matters worse, there are threats to attack the city with a deadly biological weapon. How will he save the city and dodge the hit out on his head when he's unable to fight back?
Harsh Times by Star24
Sequel to Alliance. Things are heating up in Seattle for the transgenics. M/L, A/A. Joshua,White and Deck.
Alliance by Star24
Logan and Alec make an uneasy alliance in Logan's quest to cure the virus. White is after Max. M/L and A/A pairings.
Radio, Radio by Star24
Lydecker is closing in on Max and on Eyes Only.
If Scheherazade by The Inimitable Pooh-Bah
Ben experiences the shift from love to obsession to insanity. Zack/Ben, Ben/Krit.
Even Though It's Painful, Always (1/4) by Kara
In 2023, Max's world is beginning to right itself again. But when she and Logan have a chance at their happily ever after, the past comes back to threaten everything she loves.
The Industrial Cycle by WyldeGod
The Cycle is complete. The enemy is broken. The kids have gone home. Lydecker has given Logan new hope. Max is thinking of things to come and she can't stop smiling. The only problem... White is still out there.
Recovery by WyldeGod
Eyes Only goes after Manticore with a vengeance. Set after AJBAC. First-person POV.
Biggs by WyldeGod
Biggs has some questions he doesn't know how to ask. Logan offers a cup of coffee.
Hunt for the Eyes by WyldeGod
Things are spinning out of control for an X-5 Rogue in search of Eyes Only. Action.
Emotional Response by WyldeGod
Rachel is dead. Alec is confused. What the hell is he doing at Logan's penthouse?
Guardians by Red Wolf
Wolf has to face the changing of the guard, it stirs up old memories and friends. Wolf&Declán-verse. Sequel to Impiety.
Impiety by Red Wolf
Duncan is out of town but that doesn't stop two old friends from making themselves at home in his dojo! Wolf&Declán-verse. Sequel to Swords.
Changes by Red Wolf
Wolf has to face a nightmare from her past, she requests Mulder and Scully help her track down a killer. Features Alasdair MacLean's character, Will McCormack. Wolf&Declán-verse. Sequel to Shift.
Startle by Red Wolf
Spike is woken by a strange sound and can only assume the worst. London!verse. Spike/Dawn.
Shift by Red Wolf
Mulder hears about a werewolf sighting and drags Scully into the boondocks to investigate. Wolf&Declán-verse.
Redolence by Red Wolf
Declán finds that some skills don't come naturally. Wolf&Declán-verse.
Meetings 02: Introductions by Red Wolf
Declán is catching up on paperwork in the park when he bumps into a friend. Wolf&Declán-verse.
Meetings 01: Deliquescence by Red Wolf
Declán makes a new friend after enjoying a downpour. Wolf&Declán-verse.
Apposition by Red Wolf
A wolf runs across a bounty hunter with another man in his sights. Wolf&Declán!verse
Feral Dreams by Pheral
Jim's animal guide visits him in his sleep, to alert him of his friend in need.
Stealing Harry and Laocoon's Children by Sam Starbuck (aka Copperbadge)
If Lucius Malfoy got to Peter Pettigrew before Sirius could, Sirius would be a bookshop owner, Remus would have a steady job, and one day, they might steal Harry Potter as their own. Long, epic AU series. Four novels. Various oneshots.
Something Old by Ducks
Epic series that begins when Willow does a spell to have her will done, and it has some interesting effects on Buffy and Angel. In fact -- it changes all the gang's lives... forever. Four novels and several tag fics.
Everybody Smokes In Hell by Ducks
Spike refuses to go on a mission with Angel, almost resulting in his Sire’s Final Death. He feels bad. And you know that can only be a good thing.
Same Rose, Different Promise by Bill K.
After the Sailor Moon R movie. Usagi's perplexed. Mamoru is acting strangely - - he's being nice.
The Ascension Trilogy Book 3: Ressurrection by Bill K.
Sailor Moon and the senshi must try to rebuild a world crippled by disaster.
The Ascension Trilogy Book 2: Judgment Day by Bill K.
Sailor Moon and the Senshi must prevent a second ice age from occurring.
The Ascension Trilogy Book 1: The Coming Ice Age by Bill K.
In 2013, Sailor Moon faces the possible end of civilization.
Creatures of Legend by Shini02
Crossover between the movies, DragonHeart and The Last Unicorn. On returning from a village, and leaving Bowen to enjoy himself, Draco encounters another dying breed of legend.
Winding River by Mistress of the Knight
River is lost: Where is found and what she uncovers may teach her more about her verse than the crew of Serenity are willing to face. Spoilers for the movie Serenity.
Road Trip by ridesandsuns
Four people, one dog and all the snark you can fit in a minivan.
Pet Peeves by ridesandsuns
Scott and Logan run errands, oh my. Jean's POV.
Fly the Passive/Aggressive Skies by ridesandsuns
Scott and Logan take the Blackbird for a spin.
For a Pocketful by Tassos
When D'argo Sun Crichton is kidnapped down a wormhole, he ends up in the wrong time, the wrong galaxay, and definitely the wrong reality where the humans of Atlantis must cope with his mistrust, his kidnappers, and...his parents.
From Heaven and Hell by Tassos
When a search leads Moya ad her crew to LA, Earth, a very special vampire helps them out.
Concurrent Jurisdiction by Shywr1ter
Two homicides, both victims former SEALs, reunite cousins a continent apart. A DA NCIS crossover, circa 2020. S1, Max/Logan
Crumpets Aren't My Style by Marz1
General O'Neill is sent on a nice relaxing diplomatic mission in the U.K. Of course there's bound to be trouble when he runs into a murderous cult called the Death Eaters, who've some how gotten their hands on alien technology.
A Mate by Awe
Remus is confronted by a big problem, his wolf side keens for a mate and the only way to keep himself sane is to find one. Yet the only person Remus could even contemplate as a lifepartner could never be his, could he?
Citizens by Water Mage
During the creation of Crystal Tokyo all those who were citizens of the Silver Millennium are awakened to their past lives. Every one of them. Even those who are not on the same Earth, who are indeed living very unique lives now. (Short, but clever.)
Interlude by Sexylyon
A 'what-if' story set between plot points in the NA version - Usagi and Mamoru meet and discover love before they discover who they were to each other. Rated NC17.
As We Were by VO1
The Sailor Senshi attend university in America and come across some familiar faces. Hijinks ensue. Long, hilarious novel. Rated R for language, sexual situations, and enormous amounts of underage alcoholic consumption.
The Geek's Guide to World Domination by LiketheKoschka
Teddy bears, self esteem, and mad scientist but no fricking laser beams! But it is slash! Eleventh in "Geeks and Goons" series.
The Goon's Guide to Mind Control by LiketheKoschka
Brain chips, humping squarks, little green men, and a mint green house. All rolled up in slashy McSheppy goodness. Tenth in "Geeks and Goons" series.
The Geek's Guide to First Times and Second Chances by LiketheKoschka
Peanuts, roller coasters, time travel, second chances, and Miko squared....and slash! Ninth in "Geeks and Goons" series.
The Goon's Guide to Psychoanalysis by LiketheKoschka
Shrinks, near death and partial destruction, star wars action figures, and PETA. Free the squarks! Eighth in "Geeks and Goons" series.
The Geek’s and Goon’s Guide to Holidays by LiketheKoschka
Pissed off squirrels, redemption, and the Gift of the Magi. Christmas comes to Atlantis. Seventh in "Geeks and Goons" series.
The Geek's Guide the Military Vessels by LiketheKoschka
Naked aliens, cocoons, Johnny Cash, and boxer shorts. Happy Birthday, Colonel Sheppard. Sixth in "Geeks and Goons" series.
The Physician’s Desk Reference to Geeks and Goons by LiketheKoschka
Purple spots, bats and rats, slash and a proposal...have you da wing? Fifth in "Geeks and Goons" series.
The Goon’s Guide to Rest and Relaxation by LiketheKoschka
Feathers, lava, amazons, and virility rites. Oh yeah, and tribbles. Fourth in "Geeks and Goons" series.
The Geek’s Guide to Goon Warfare by LiketheKoschka
Kidnappings, Druglords, Red Chief, Snickerdoodles... and Slash. Third story in "Geeks and Goons" series.
The Goon's Guide To Mental Health by LiketheKoschka
Llamas. Windmills. Cheeseandangst sandwiches. Oh yeah...and slash. Second story in "Geeks and Goons" series.
The Geek’s Field Guide to Arachnids by LiketheKoschka
PG-13. Big robot spider, slash, lemon bars, everyone almost dies... don't you love it? First story in "Geeks and Goons" series.
Bugs in the System by Liketheriver
Weir POV as Atlantis is once again on the verge of destruction with only our favorite boys to save the day. Sheppard & McKay friendship.
Games by Liketheriver
Tag for Sanctuary. Teyla’s POV. Take one disabled jumper, two bickering men, and a squadron of pursuing Wraith darts. Add a dollop of humor and mix well. No’ ship but friendship and the jumper!
What You Leave Behind by Stephensmat
We set a story with the Spiderman Movie, and now, a story set with The Shadow movie. A ShadowSpider crossover. Messages from the past send Peter and Stephen on a merry chase...
The Night of The Psycho Shadow by Stephensmat
It's hellmonth in New York. Why has the Shadow lain siege to the underworld, and who will pay the ultimate price for making it personal? Ninth in series.
Trading Places by Stephensmat
A contract is on the heads of Stephen Cranston and Peter Parker. The assigned hitman however gets clser to you than the reflection in your mirror, and not only that, but The Shadow and Spiderman are having power issues. Eighth in series.
Revenge of Kingpin by Stephensmat
Mysterious explosions rock New York. Spiderman and the Shadow begin to track the bomber, leading them against the Crime Lord himself! Seventh in series.
The Deadly Touch by Stephensmat
Four mysterious murders, lead the duo, on a high stakes game of myster, consiracy, and fear. Sixth in series.
And So I Made the Choice by Stephensmat
Peter comes back from vacation, to hear about what happened while he was gone. Modeled on a Star Trek episode, whose title I cannot remember. Fifth in series.
Wrath of Khan by Stephensmat
An old enemy of the Shadow is in town. Will the masked man be able to take on the newest threat to New York City? Or will the price be too high to pay? Fourth in series.
Who is the Traitor? by Stephensmat
The Shadow is betrayed to his worst enemy, by his most trusted man! Can he escape? Will his partner figure it out? Third in series.
Why Wasn't I There?: A September 11 Fanfiction by Stephensmat
Even superheroes can't fix everything. But they sure do try. Spiderman/Shadow crossover.
The Start of a Beautiful Friendship by Stephensmat
This is a prequel to the SpidermanThe Shadow crossover series, depicting the start of the partnership, written by myself and my partner, Kimmurphysmith.
I, Hail by Knightshade
Someone slipped something into my drink. Or maybe they swapped my memory card for one that took control over the writing center of my brain.
Inevitable Silence by Knightshade
She was in the most mundane of places when the link finally went silent. It was almost an after thought, an inevitable footnote to the whole experience. Tag for 'After Images'.
After Images by Knightshade
After Images is set sometime after elfin’s Soul Survivor, but it incorporates Gryph’s link. I hope I haven’t confused anyone.
Soap-Sud Tears by Knightshade
"Kitt, you didn't fail, and there is no way on this earth I would want you deactivated. It was an accident. They happen. It wasn't either of our faults."
Reeling by Knightshade
He remembered returning to the Foundation, late at night after most everyone had left. He wasn't actively scanning, so he didn't even realize there was a problem. Dark!fic.
Boring Car Chases by Knightshade
Michael glanced down at his watch. Damn. It was later than he thought. They didn't have much time and he wasn't about to get blamed for blowing the schedule.
In Pieces by Gumnut
They hadn't been fast enough. Third of a mini-series set in Gryph/Macx's 'Fire & Ice' AU.
Voices by Gumnut
There was a voice in his head and it was calling his name. Second of a mini-series set in Gryph/Macx's 'Fire & Ice' AU.
The Photograph by Gumnut
It was old and worn. First of a mini-series set in Gryph/Macx's 'Fire & Ice' AU.
The Target by Gumnut
They couldn't hit him, but they could hurt him.
The Asgard Sequence by Gumnut
They may seem alien to us, and us to them, but how much more alien are they to us than we are to ourselves?
Faux Pas by Wendy Richards
Clark offers his new colleague Lois Lane a bed for the night after she's mugged. It was supposed to be all above board, but one thing leads to another.... What *will* she think of him in the morning? 832kb
Divinity's Ends by Gerry Anklewicz
This story is a what if ... based on the beginning of Wendy Richard's "Faux Pas." Lois gets pregnant and has some very important decisions to make and then has to deal with the consequences. 234kb
A Conscious Choice: The Morning After by Wendy Richards
In this sequel to the author's "A Conscious Choice," Lois and Clark continue their relationship, but struggle over how go public with the news. 127KB
A Conscious Choice by Wendy Richards
A close call brings Lois and Superman into close quarters. Clark makes a choice, and things are soon spiraling out of his control. Will he be able to remedy the situation before it destroys his relationship with Lois? 167KB
The Healing Time by Wendy Richards
After her almost-wedding and the death of Luthor, Lois has a hard time finding her equilibrium. This wonderfully written story will take you more realistically through the first few season two episodes.
Green Card by Wendy Richards
Superman has just told Lois Lane that he's from another planet. Unfortunately for Clark, there is a government agency which is quite interested in that information... the INS! 743KB
The Devil's Bargain by Wendy Richards
Just what will Clark do to save the woman he loves? In this Faustian tale, a devilish enemy tests the Man of Steel's ethics against his love for Lois. 359KB
Just Another Undercover Assignment by Wendy Richards
Lois's mother thinks her daughters need a helping hand to find suitable boyfriends. Where can Lois find someone willing to help her evade Ellen Lane's scheming? 245KB
Genesis by RivkaT.
Superman goes back in time to change the future. Semi-dark.
Playing Banjo In Sgt. Zygote's Ragtime Band by Aklani
Inspired by recent discussions regarding mpregs, I wanted to give it a whirl. Clark has yet another secret!
The Silly Press Conference Story by Chelle
Clark and Lex are not friends. With perks or otherwise. Futurefic AU.
Not Yet by Ruby
Sequel to 'Promise.' About six months have passed and the boys trade Smallville weirdness for Metropolis weirdness.
Promise by Ruby
Clark graduates then foils an assassination attempt, and Lex always keeps his promises. First season AU.
Protection by Bagheera
Set post S6, spoilers up to "Static". After Lana dies in childbirth, Lex blackmails Clark with his secret.
Sacrifices of a Hero by Philtre
A day in the life of. Futurefic, humour, PWP.
Settle by Stillane
Set'tle v. To pay (a debt); to establish residence in, colonize; to discontinue moving and come to rest in one place; to restore calmness or comfort to.
Boogying Down to Disco Town by Out_There
Heroes drabble, Matt/Mohinder, prompt: teaching Molly to dance.
Love's Labors: Part 2 by TenthMuse1
Apartment hunting, school districts, and Matt's wife, oh my! PG
Love's Labors: Part 1 by TenthMuse1
Mohinder and Molly wait for Matt to recover from his surgery. PG
Rituals by TenthMuse1
Matt and Mohinder reconnect after his time away from home. NC18 spoilers for Kindred.
Start Me Over by Out_There
A year ago, this was precisely what Matt wanted with Janice: a kid of their own, a place of their own, a domestic routine of chores and TV and homework. That tells him everything.
Graduation Day by Medie
"We thought about Disneyland, but that's cliché." She smiles. "So we're just going to save the world instead." Futurefic AU.
Operational Risks by Clara
Molly has been abducted, and Matt and Mohinder risk everything to protect what is most important to them.
The Long Road Series by Sorrel
After the first, fateful meeting at the bridge, Lex leaves Smallville and forgets the boy who saved his life. Two years later, he meets him again- a new, improved version of Clark with a brain warped by red kryptonite and a tendency towards obsession.
Love Games by Sorrel
“Clark Kent used to be Superman.” It’s five hundred years in the future and the boys have reached peace with themselves and each other. Then one day Clark takes passage on Serenity, and that’s when the games begin.
Faking It by Suz
It's just as well they're best friends, really. Future fic, humour. Cliche fic! NC-17.
The Lazarus Gap by Dolimir
Helen never happened. Everything else did. A post-Exodus story.
How to Manage Your Alpha Male by ELG
Daniel Jackson of Stargate SG-1, with the assistance of Sam Seaborn of The West Wing, attempts to help others to learn the best way to deal with their problematic alpha males. Meanwhile, the alpha males have their own problems.
Pop-culture by Remma
The continuing adventures of Jim and Blair at the SGC, where our boys encounter a very unusual alien culture. Sequel to Protecting the Tribe.
Protecting The Tribe by Remma
Jim and Blair have joined the SGC. During a joint mission with SG- 1, Daniel is taken hostage, and it falls to the sentinel and his guide to save him.
Channel 7 Productions
Magnificent Seven virtual fanfiction seasons for both the original Old West and the ATF alternate universe.
The Watcher's Tale by Medea
Rupert Giles had been trained as a Watcher to mentor the Slayer; it was his calling. But he never expected to be drawn into the complex networks of vampire society. Part nine of Masters and Minions.
Warp and Weft by Medea
As Willow, Angel and Spike adjust to ruling the vampire clans of Los Angeles, their first challenge comes from a very sinister, human organization. Part eight of Masters and Minions.
Triptych by Medea
The Trinity steps in to restore the balance of power among L.A.'s vampire clans after Spike's rampage. Three perspectives on power, retribution, and responsibility. Part seven of Masters and Minions.
Coming of Age by Medea
When her isolation as vampire without blood ties is too much to bear, Willow leaves Angel and Spike. Sometimes a journey isn't about finding what you're looking for, but finding what you already have. Part six of Masters and Minions series.
Oil and Blood by Medea
On the heels of wrath follows atonement. Willow and her companions deal with the consequences of their actions in London. An extended musing about what binds us to each other. Part five of Masters and Minions series.
Dies Irae by Medea
What would drive Willow to a murderous rampage? Part four of Masters and Minions series.
Feeding Habits by Medea
When Buffy issues an ultimatum, Willow experiments with different means of feeding from the living that will not necessarily result in death. The boundaries of friendship are stretched. Part three of Masters and Minions series.
The Pit by Medea
Willow faces several challenges to her existence as a minion, not the least of which is Spike. However, when other vampires seek to claim her, Angel and Spike stand with her in her most difficult trial of all -- the Pit. Part two of Masters and Minions.
Masters and Minions by Medea
A minion turns Willow, breaking every vampire code of conduct. Now, Willow has to learn to survive as an outcast. Part one of a long AU series, will be Angel/Willow/Spike overall.
Anatomy of a Song Part 2 by TenthMuse1
The lead to find Buffy doesn't turn out as planned. The continuation of the sequel to Litgal's Adventures of Deadboy and Zeppo.
Anatomy of a Song Part 1 by TenthMuse1
When Buffy goes missing, Xander has to face the people who used to be his friends, which Angel's not all that happy about. Sequel to Litgal's Adventures of Deadboy and Zeppo featuring vampire!Xander.
Adventures of Deadboy and Zeppo by Litgal
Xander shows up in LA as a rather strange and suicidal vampire. Angel/Xander.
Redemption by Dawn C.
Alex Barnes' psychiatrist realizes she's a sentinel, forcing Jim and Blair back into the media spotlight. Spoilers for TSbyBS
Just Good Friends... by ELG
A letter from his ex-wife sends Jack on a road trip with Daniel that culminates in him realizing some new things about their friendship. Also, a happy ending for Sara since they so owed her after "Cold Lazarus".
The Gift by ELG
Doctor Daniel Jackson is heir to the Ballard millions but a virtual prisoner in his luxurious home, a victim of psychosis and depression. Is he truly as mentally ill as his medical records suggest or a victim of the controlling behavior of his stepbrother
Of Comfort No Man Speak by Musefool
"Family, man," Connor says. "They really fuck you up." Sam Winchester/Connor Angel
A Dog's Life by Musefool
Padfoot goes home with some Muggles.
Come Undone by Musefool
"I'm going to fuck you now."
Caught with Their Pants Down by Musefool
"More interested in your meat and two veg than the roast and potatoes, huh? Can't say I blame her for that."
The Way Around, the Way Through by Musefool
"You're like Simon. Simon keeps me from going too far. Always takes the way around, instead of the way through." (aka Remus meets River)
A Million Light Years from Home by Musefool
"You're a long, long way from home, but you're a good dog." (aka Sirius in Space)
Kore by Musefool
River has a need, and Dean is happy to fulfill it. Dean/River, NC17.
Danse du Petit Cygne by Musefool
"I'll never be a real girl, but I don't want to be a swan anymore."
Methos in Atlantis by Pentapus
Unfortunately linguists and death-defying ascendants weren't two for one in this galaxy, so he figured they were pretty much dead unless Whealdon stabbed somebody in the eye with a cheekbone.
Rebellion at Heaven's Gate by Elaine
The discovery of an old pulp fiction novel sets Daniel on a quest to find the author, and answers to his questions.
Metamorphosis by T. W. Lewis
After Blair trashes his dissertation, he gets help from an unexpected quarter. Also contains Teal'c/Blair.
The Great Escape by Hephaistos
Blair escapes protective custody once too often, so the detectives of Major Crime take drastic action.
Uneasy Alliance by Hephaistos, DawnC, Jmas, Jennifer Krall, and Sealie
What do you get when you mix an anthropologist and an archaeologist, let them simmer, then add a smattering of bad guys followed by current Air Force and ex-Army en flambe? A crossover with The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1, of course!
Times Change by Dawn C.
A Sentinel/Starsky and Hutch Crossover that is probably not what you think.
On the Edge of Forever by Dawn C.
The Sentinel/Star Trek (original series) cross-over! It's long, that's all I'll say.
By the Gods, A Lone Wolf Cries by Dawn C.
It's a Sentinel-Xena-Herc crossover with lots of smarm and angst.
Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose by Synecdochic
The SGC finally stops calling by December. Rodney celebrates by writing a final exam so difficult that it reduces four students to tears in the exam hall. Upon reflection, he decides to be merciful and offer partial credit. Gen, but references to past slash.
Failsafes by Luna
The city was full of failsafes. (PG-13)
Dreams Torn Asunder by Nevermore
Part 3 of Season 3 AU: How much are Max, Logan, Zack, and Alec willing to sacrifice to preserve everything they’ve fought so hard for?
Three Hail Mary's by Nevermore
Mid-season 3 interlude. Max sends Alec on an important errand outside Terminal City, and he ends up getting involved in far more than he expects. (Alec POV fic.)
Seasons Change by Nevermore
Part 2 of Season 3 AU: The Coming has been averted; but now what? Still under siege and facing innumerable enemies, Max tries to find a safe path for her people and herself while forces gather around her.
Unnatural Selection by Nevermore
Part 1 of Season 3 AU: the transgenics find themselves under siege inside Terminal City. Outside the walls, the Familiars prepare to unleash The Coming. Max, Alec, and Logan ally with new and old faces in opposing the Familiars' apocalypse.
Conversation - Father and Son by Pho
A conversation between father and son.
Dating Game by Pho
Kelly Blaisdell runs headlong into trouble while away at college and Peter soon finds himself embroiled in a situation outside his jurisdiction. (121Kb)
Friends and Aquaintances by Pho
Ever wonder why Peter and Kermit are such good friends? (188kb)
Cops and Robbers by Pho
A deadly gang of thieves cause havoc for Peter Caine. Sequel to Shattered and Long Time Coming. (213Kb)
Long Time Coming by Pho
A Christmas visit from Peter's San Francisco friends turns into a nightmare for Peter and Pop. Sequel to Shattered (200Kb)
Shattered by Pho
A hostage situation gone bad could destroy Peter Caine. (237Kb)
Diplomatic Immunity by Pho
Peter is assigned the simple task of escort duty to diplomats from the People's Republic of China (PRC), and still can't stay out of trouble. (168kb)
Inheritance by Pho
An unexpected inheritance may end the line of Caine forever. (117kb)
Shades of a Memory by Pho
A deadly menace from Peter's past re-emerges with a vengeance. Sequel to Memories (203Kb)
Memories by Pho
Peter's nightmares threaten his job, his sanity and his life. (173kb)
To Protect and Serve by Wendy Hislop
Final episode of the Kung Fu: TLC Virtual Fifth Fanfiction Season. Peter finally realises his destiny while trying to help Kermit with a case.
Five Days a Week by Milkshake Butterfly
Five ways in which the Ducklings *didn't* find out about House and Wilson.
Balances by Milkshaske Butterfly
In which Wilson has a bad day, House helps make it better, French Maid outfits are not worn, innocent scotch is abused, handcuffs are not purchased, Julie has a new haircut, House is not actually getting fat, and Wilson sacrifices a tie to a good cause.
Defensive Strategies by Milkshake Butterfly
In which Wilson has a problem, House has a cunning plan, girls hunt in packs, chocolate cake has unexpected dangers, furniture is unintentionally ordered, several conversations occur, and dinner is repeatedly served. (aka the Velocibreasts fic)
The Galactic Miscellany by Rheanna
The Galactic Miscellany; or, How Arthur Dent Learned to Stop Worrying and Love His Towel. With footnotes. (Fanfic for novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams, as channeled by mystic Rheanna.)
A Fashionable Profit by mad_gaters
"Why the hell didn't you tell me they were taking your picture in nothing but a pair of Daisy Dukes?" (aka the Calvin Klein fic)
Opportunistic Lover by joyfulgirl41
Sam wakes up a girl. Dean notices. Total crack!fic: Genderswitch.
The Rules Remain a Mystery by joyfulgirl41
Another town, another job, and as it turns out, Dean needs Sam's help.
The City of Angels (and Demons and Lawyers) by joyfulgirl41
Wolfram & Hart goes after the Winchester boys, but Angel & co. interfere, causing a spell to go awry. Crack!fic: Genderswitch.
Strong by ShayneT.
In her time of greatest need, Lois Lane hears a voice asking "Are you ready to be strong?" Now she must deal with the consequences, while investigating the collapse of Sunnydale and dealing with her new partner Clark Kent.
Spring Break, Slayer Style by Valerie Meachum
What Buffy and Willow get up to while away from the Hellmouth visiting Toronto, Ontario. Trouble, of course. Companion to Spring Break, Sidekick Style by Perri Smith.
Spring Break, Sidekick Style by Perri Smith
With Buffy and Willow both away, Xander is the only hero-type left on the Hellmouth. So when the supernatural threaten to take over Mrs. Summers' gallery, Xander finds himself with only one ally to turn to -- Angel. Companion to Spring Break, Slayer Style by Valerie Meachum.
Black Panther Productions
Another one of the Gen versions of virtual fanfiction seasons for The Sentinel.
Faux Paws Productions
One of the Gen versions of virtual fanfiction seasons for The Sentinel.
Five Senses Inc.
Slash version of the virtual fanfiction seasons for The Sentinel.
Magical Cage by Lit-Gal
Jack hates it when missions go wrong. Having a vampire with a couple of civvies show up after a wormhole/portal disaster is just the icing on the cake.
Faith in the Breed by Kevin Matsumoto
AU for the episode "Blind Faith". What if Jodi's dog Perry was more special than Nick knew? Crossover with Dean Koontz' novel, "The Watchers".
For Every Ending by Aesop
Some people just can't help meddling. Angel and company get a second chance.
Too Close by Jennifer Lyon
A serial killer stalks the halls of the FBI itself. Contains a carefully 'Carter-esque' relationship between Mulder and Scully.
Safe Haven by Jennifer Lyon
AU version of what happens after the end of the second season finale "Anasazi." While hiding out on the Navajo reservation, Mulder and Scully must make some difficult decisions about whom to trust. M/S romance.
Ghostly Reminders by Jennifer Lyon
A series of strange deaths bring Mulder face-to-face with some very painful memories, and forces him to lay some very personal ghosts to rest. Lots of warmth and understanding between M&S, but no romance.
Beyond Impulse by Jennifer Lyon
Dealing with the aftermath of the events in "Impulse"...(Slash, J/D)
Impulse by Jennifer Lyon
Stargate Command personnel are suddenly behaving very strangely...(Slash, J/D)
In Our Own Backyard by Jennifer Lyon
Daniel Jackson takes on his first command, leading an SGC team to investigate an archaeological dig site in Egypt. Some angst.
In The Wind by Jennifer Lyon
Ex-Detective Mike Kellerman struggles to put his life back together under the tutelage of the oldest immortal, but before he can move forward, he must defeat an old enemy with Methos' help. Crossover with Homicide: Life on the Streets.
What Else is a Guide For? by Jennifer Lyon
Dealing with overactive senses and zone-outs is difficult enough on the job. What happens when the problem interferes with Jim's social life?
Guide for Sale by Alyjude
Things aren't so easy for Blair, after he diss'es his diss.
Bakari by Alyjude
A resident of Cascade, Wa. needs to get away and decides on Africa, where he hears a tale of a magical white man living with the great mountain gorillas of Uganda.
If Ben Were Here & Sentinels Weren't So Stupid by Alyjude
Wherein Blair and Jim get stuck in an elevator and if you can't guess what happens, then you really need to read more slash. Way more.
Timing by Alyjude
Wherein Jim is seeing someone and it isn't Blair and there's a seriel killer on the loose in Cascade. Like, I ask you, where the hell else *would* a seriel killer be on the loose????
Private Thoughts by Alyjude
Wherein Jim, Simon and Blair have private thoughts, and Blair learns that Jim isn't the only one who can be betrayed by a woman. Simon hijacks the cluebus and drives it up to Jim's house, but will the two idiots get on?
Future Tense by Alyjude
Blair moves on with his life and career, but a violent case brings him back to Cascade to assist in catching a killer.
A Sentinel Takes A Guide by Alyjude
Wherein Lee Brackett escapes and finds that Jim Ellison has something Lee needs. In addition, Jim does some honest talking and Blair is forced to reveal past secrets. Warnings for non-con.
Tops To Bottoms by Alyjude
Blair muses on bisexuality and the joys of being a bottom.
Click-Click by Alyjude
A rescue goes wrong. Outside POV.
The Healer by Alyjude
Major Crimes is hit hard and healing and unification comes from a surprising source. Sort-of Kid!fic.
Taming Of The Shrew by Sideburns (aka Alyjude)
Sequel to Measure for Measure. Jack is learning to deal with his newly expanded team -- until things go from strange to even stranger and SG1 finds itself in the middle of a battle for Earth.
Measure For Measure by Sideburns (aka Alyjude)
Sequel to Comedy of Errors. The SGC needs Jim's special talents -- and Blair's.
Comedy Of Errors by Sideburns (aka Alyjude)
Two geeks wax poetic over their lamentable love lives and the clueless jocks they love... and confusion reigns.
One Night in the Park by medie
With a chuckle, he wrote in the margins "Identity confirmed, Spock of Vulcan, mostly harmless."
The Storm Signs Trilogy by Legion
Inspired by saraid's Panther Tales. Sam Beckett 'puts right what once went wrong' that resulted in the creation of Panther and Chief from Jim and Blair, but though history is changed they cannot escape their destiny. Jim/Blair, Sam/Al, NC17.
White Rabbit by Valderys
A slightly odd derivatives trader drives all his colleagues wild when he introduces them to his pal, John. John is a 6’ 2” Colonel in the US Air Force. Oh yes, and he’s also invisible. Crossover with Stargate: Atlantis and Traders. PG.
Complicated by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
Life gets even more complicated, which was really saying something, given what Peter's life was like. (Peter/Harry)
The Window by Summertime
Tony wakes up alone in a locked room. Gradually, he creates his own way out, but when rescue finally comes, how can he reconcile what he sees with what he knows? Complete.
MTAC - NCIS Fanfiction Archive
Small but growing archive of NCIS fic. All genres and pairings. Automated archive.
Tears by Lady Ra
Someone wants Gibbs to suffer.
Breeding Season by Christine Morgan
The clan prepares for some new arrivals. In two parts due to length. Mature readers only, please. Goliath/Elisa, other pairings.
The Wedding by Christine Morgan
The big night is finally here! And so are some unexpected guests. Rated PG-13 for Adult Situations. Goliath/Elisa
Night Moves by Christine Morgan
Elisa discovers the power of the little black dress. Mature readers only. Goliath/Elisa
Kittens by Christine Morgan
Some uninvited guests crash Maggie's baby shower. Mature readers only due to violence. Goliath/Elisa
Family Reunion by Christine Morgan
A sequel to Passions, for mature readers only; Elisa attends a family gathering in Las Vegas and tells all to Beth. Goliath/Elisa
Passions by Christine Morgan
An exploration of some mature themes, for suitably mature readers only. Goliath/Elisa
The Morgan's Web Site - Gargoyles
Homepage of Christine Morgan's numerous Gargoyles fanfiction and art. Read the whole saga, it spans time and characters -- just like the show. Mostly Goliath/Elisa romance, some other pairings.
Sorry, Lois by Dayspring
I personally don't believe it's inevitable that Superman and Lex Luthor will be enemies in the future. Comicbook!Lex and Smallville!Lex are too profoundly different to end up in the same place. Futurefic.
Run by Dayspring
"The castle blew up right after I dragged him from the shower. We've…we've been running ever since."
Time And Chance by Dayspring
Lex is pregnant. Nobody's happy. Long, long story.
Ants And Other Higher Lifeforms by Dayspring
He really didn't want to come back as an ant. Outside POV challenge. Futurefic.
The Mottled King by Dayspring
Other forces play their version of the Game.
Save The Last Dance For Me by Dayspring
It started as a game and ended as love.
Dark Places And Fair by Dayspring
Mac, Methos, and Marriage.
Mind Games by Spider
A horrific series of child molestations and murders has escalated. The director has no choice but to assign the FBI's best profiler to the case, despite a promise he made ten years previously... (683 k)
Oklahoma by Amperage and Livengoo
It's 1987 and the Oklahoma cops call in Fox Mulder, golden boy of the VCU, to stop the murders of children across the state. What he finds takes him places he never wanted to go and forces him to make the pivotal choice of his life. Horror. (974 k)
Dogged Determination: Book Two by Rhondda Lake
The dog Scully finds is more than he appears, and the people looking for him are willing to kill to find him, changing the lives of Agents Mulder and Scully forever. From a crossover with Dean R. Koontz' novel, "The Watchers". Continues from Book One. (35
Dogged Determination: Book One by Rhondda Lake
The dog Scully finds is more than he appears, and the people looking for him are willing to kill to find him, changing the lives of Agents Mulder and Scully forever. From a crossover with Dean R. Koontz' novel, "The Watchers". (663kb)
The Abyss Looks Back by Kronos
Mulder is the Bureau's last hope for solving a horrific child kidnapping/murder case and is assigned as behavioral specialist consultant. It's Skinner and Scully's job to keep him well and sane long enough to prevent another death. (549 k)
Standing Ethics (1/9) by SwordKat
Sequel to Toxic Lives. A young man with a rare and intriguing genetic disorder creates some medical and ethical problems as House deals with his continuing relationship with Wilson and the arrival of Stacy. Long casefile fic. Complete.
Toxic Lives (1/8) by SwordKat
Sequel to Infectious Personalities. Two interesting cases land in House’s lap at once. While he tries to solve both cases, he and Wilson navigate the waters of their new relationship. Long casefile fic. Complete.
Infectious Personalities (1/10) by SwordKat
House faces two challenges. A strange new case involving a rather horrifying set of symptoms and a change in direction in his relationship with Wilson. Long casefile fic. Complete.
Fragile Existence by Laney
A clean slate opens up a whole new existence for Jack. Starring mini!Jack and Dawn Summers. Set season 7 for both shows. No pairings.
Legolas: The Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual by Theresa Green
At last! The definitive User Guide to everyone's favourite wood-elf. Warning: relentless innuendo.
Hobbits: An Owner’s Guide and Maintenance Manual by Theresa Green
Everything you always wanted to know about the care of hobbits, plus quite a lot of information that you probably didn't.
Gimli: The Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual by Theresa Green
This text, recently discovered in the Chamber of Mazarbul, is the ultimate guide to Gimli, son of Gloin. This is the user guide that was described by “The Khazad-dum Times” as “Worth its weight in mithril”. Slashy innuendo.
Boromir: The Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual by Theresa Green
Worried about the care and maintenance of your Man of Gondor? Then look no further! This comprehensive handbook will answer all your questions, plus a few others that you wouldn’t have thought to ask!
Aragorn: The Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual by Theresa Green
Thinking of buying an ARAGORN this summer? Own one already but can't find the button to turn him on? Then look no further than this authoritative guide to the operation and upkeep of your trusty Ranger. (Originator of the popular idea; hilarious!)
Advice Taken by Theresa Green
Sequel to "Advice," and will make more sense if you read that first. Aragorn has a host of new ideas, but can he put them into action? Aragorn/Arwen
Advice by Theresa Green
Post ROTK. Aragorn turns to Legolas and Gimli for guidance on… ahem…a personal matter. Warnings: Lots of kinkiness.
Virgin On The Ridiculous by Theresa Green
The occasion of Eldarion's marriage encourages Legolas and Gimli to engage in a little role-play. NC-17.
Of Fire and Stars by Gecco (aka Ro)
A Gimli centric story. Ever wonder what Gimli was doing during the 'Hobbit'?
Chamber of Lovers by Adina
Prequel to Back to the Beginning. Legolas visits the Glittering Caves for the first time with Gimli.
Overheard by Sleeveheart
Two elves of Lothlóien overhear ... something.
The Bearding of Legolas by Sleeveheart
A PWP of four vignettes. Humour.
Total Eclipse by Marie Noire
After the War of the Ring, Legolas and Gimli go their separate ways, but cannot stop thinking of each other. Friendship is thicker than blood, to quote Rent. Long
Bargaining for Beginners by Honesty
This is for Celebrimbor and Narvi, the two craftsmen (craftsbeings?) who made the Doors of Moria. What happens when an Elf-Lord discovers the hazards of trading with Dwarves. Very, very mild slash. Long
Parental Consent by Honesty
A pair of star-crossed lovers broach the vexed issue of parental consent. Humour.
The Magician Book Four: The Warrior Priest by Suzanne Bickerstaffe (with Jennifer Lyon)
Scully and Mulder go back to the Realm for the birth of Shannon's first child. But someone follows accidently in their wake, then a terrible crime occurs, sending the pair and their ally on a mission against evil. Fantasy novel; 1st-person POV. (507Kb)
The Magician Book Three: The Dark Queen by Jennifer Lyon and Suzanne Bickerstaffe
Mulder and Scully's visit to the Realm becomes much more complicated than they could ever have expected, sending them on a vital and dangerous quest for answers from a mysterious source. Fantasy novel. (1067 k)
The Magician Book Two: The Runaway by Jennifer Lyon and Suzanne Bickerstaffe
Prince Andalor of the Realm runs away through the vortex in search of Mulder, only to find himself in trouble with Mulder's enemies. A search party from the Realm joins up with Mulder and Scully to rescue the young Prince. Fantasy novel. (705 k)
The Magician Book One by Jennifer Lyon and Suzanne Bickerstaffe
Mulder and Scully investigate the appearance of a strange creature in an MIT laboratory, and find themselves drawn though a vortex into another world - a world where magic works - a world that is threatened by a terrible darkness. Fantasy novel. (758 k)
The Magician Trilogy (in 4 parts) Homepage
Homepage for the classic X-Files fantasy novels by authors Jennifer Lyon and Suzanne Bickerstaffe. Links to first two books expired, but homepage still has various accompanying pictures and the map of the Realm.
Fourth Excerpt: "Occasional Demons" by Keith R. A. DeCandido
Richie brings his new friend "Joel Hunter" back home to be reunited with "Adam Pierson," and to meet Duncan MacLeod and Joe Dawson. But the breaking of a thousand-year-old promise may have devastating consequences for both Iolaus and Methos.
Second Iolaus Sidebar: "Old Hunter's Tricks" by Marina Frants
Following the events of the HL episode "The Messenger," Richie Ryan has started travelling. He encounters an Immortal named Joel Hunter -- who used to call himself Iolaus -- and both of them are targeted by a group of renegade Watchers.
First Iolaus Sidebar: "Life and Death" by Keith R. A. DeCandido
Iolaus returns to Greece for the first time in decades in order to be at Gabrielle's deathbed -- and encounters a red-headed Immortal woman named Rebecca among the Amazons.
Third Excerpt: "Cold Wind to Valhalla" by Keith R. A. DeCandido
Iolaus re-encounters Methos in Rome in 35 BCE -- and then the pair of them are given the chance to be reunited with Hercules, whom Iolaus hasn't seen in centuries. Also featuring Marcus Constantine.
Second Excerpt: "Red Right Hand" by Marina Frants
Methos wants out of the Horsemen -- but the opportunity to leave without incurring Kronos's wrath doesn't present itself. At least not until the Horsemen encounter Xena, the Warrior Princess, and a plan begins to form...
First Excerpt: "Protect and Survive" by Keith R. A. DeCandido
Iolaus learns, much to his surprise, that he is an Immortal -- and that the warlords known as the Four Horsemen are Immortals, also...
Dark Hearts, Modern Days by HonorH
This takes place in modern days and involves Xena and Gabrielle's descendents as introduced in "Please Remember Me" as well as Xena and Gab themselves, Methos, Duncan MacLeod, Amanda, Autolycus, and other Surprise Guests.
Please Remember Me by HonorH
This story takes place partly in modern days, as Methos meets Angel Covington, a descendent of Gabrielle's, and partly in ancient times, as Methos remembers the last time he saw Gabrielle.
The Warrior, the Bard, the Thief, and the Immie by HonorH
This time, Xena and Gabrielle get irked at some slavers and decide to take them out--and they end up dragging Methos and the newly Immortal Autolycus, King of Thieves, along for the ride. Sequel to Descent.
Dark Hearts: Descent by HonorH
Methos has regressed to his old Horseman ways ("I was Death" and all that), and Xena and a feverish Gabrielle have to figure out why--and what they can do to stop him before more people die. Sequel to Dark Hearts.
Dark Hearts by HonorH
A "Gabrielle gets kidnapped and Xena's got to save her" story, but with the twist that Xena must enlist the help of a very reluctant Methos in order to save Gabrielle.
They That Survive by HonorH
This is another crossover, but it's to the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" universe. Nick Wolfe has a new career in the 24th century: Chief of Security aboard the USS Enterprise. Abandoned WIP.
The Meaning of Methos by HonorH
What exactly is Methos? Is it a person, a name . . . or something more? Cassandra has a dream, Duncan has a question, and Methos has a revelation.
The Cat Who Owned Methos by HonorH
One dark and stormy night, a cat wandered into the ROG's life, ruining his sweater and bringing six rowdy kittens with her.
Keeping Company by HonorH
While Methos was away helping MacLeod during the Dark Quickening, Alexa was in Athens--but not alone. None other than Amanda kept her company. Adam/Alexa pairing.
Time Stands Still by HonorH
A simple re-telling of the episode "Timeless," entirely from Alexa's POV. Adam/Alexa pairing.
Gender-Bender Highlander by HonorH
Based on a thread posted to the Rysher Forum, this fic puts Duncan MacLeod into the body of a woman, his counterpart in another universe. Weirdness ensues. (aka the Methos=Metha fic, the only completely GEN genderswitch fic I've ever heard of.)
Elegy for a Fallen Heroine by HonorH
The L.A. crew comes to Sunnydale for Buffy's funeral, and all is most certainly not well. The Scoobies are grieving, Dawn's traumatized, Angel's repressing, Cordy and Wesley are worried, and Spike is annoyed. Nine chapters, complete. Post-"Gift".
Dawn and the Dead by HonorH
Portents cause Buffy to panic and send Dawn to L.A. one weekend (post-"Forever"/"Disharmony"). A ticked-off 14-year-old may be more than Angel Investigations can handle--especially when feelings are still so fragile among the team. Seven chapters, complete.
The Defender by Matthew
What if the Lost City that SG1 found at the end of season 7 had held something entirely different? Crossover with Voltron.
Unusual Guests by XWingAce
The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler land at the Ouran Academy, where the Host Club is dealing with a guest who's looking for a different kind of Host. Crossover between Dr. Who and Ouran High School Host Club anime.
We Shouldn't Keep Meeting Like This... by XWingAce
Who is the strange visitor that keeps popping up in Jack O'Neill's life?
Familiar Faces by XWingAce
Deeds of the past may come back to haunt you... WIP.
Another Knight, Another Dream by SkyBlaze (aka Janeway)
An experimental new 'AI controlled' starship. A legacy kept safe for three hundred years. The resurrection of the Knight Rider in a slightly different form.
Cast in Darkness by Princess Nat
With a figure from Princess Serenity's past out to destroy her, Usagi finds she has much to lose, but her entire future to gain. 235Kb.
Not With a Leap, but a Series of Staggers by the nyxie
Reeling in the wake of their father’s death, things change.
The Methos (and Kronos) Journals by Xenon
Approx. 50 loosely connected stand-alone novels featuring the adventures of our two favourite Horsemen, Methos and Kronos. Listed in chronological order, but not written that way. Maybe 6MB in total?
The Sentinel's Rules for Dating the Guide by Diana Williams
Jim states the Rules for dating his Guide.
Misconceptions by Diana Williams
The shared Double Quickening in "Revelations" has an unexpected side effect, one that changes the lives of Methos and Duncan MacLeod.
Dayspring's Desires
Homepage for author Dayspring. Mostly slash, some gen.
Seize the Knight by J.L. Kerr
Gang killings are on the rise and a vampire is responsible; but is it really for thrills, or is there another motive?
In the Dark of Knight by J.L. Kerr
An elusive killer stirs panic in the city. How far will Nick go to catch his man? Flashbacks to 13th c. Florence.
To Desire the Knight by J.L. Kerr
An 'old girlfriend' of Nick's comes to town, just before a series of murders begin.
A Truly Dark Knight by J.L. Kerr
An unwelcome customer returns to the Raven, seeking satisfaction.
Knight Terrors by J.L. Kerr
Haunting dreams of 15th c. Budapest turn to reality as a nemesis of Nick and LaCroix comes to Toronto.
Ransomed Knight II by J.L. Kerr
The pursuit of revenge goes both ways. Flashbacks to 20th c. Vietnam and 13th c. China.
Ransomed Knight by J.L. Kerr
An unknown enemy uses Nick and the Metro police to exploit a vulnerability.
Tax Time by Fenris
Tax season brings out the worst in all of us, doesn't it?
Light Reading by Fenris
Sequel to Station Break. Nick is going to be sorry for what he did to LaCroix - or is he? NC17.
Station Break by Fenris
Nick decides to play a practical joke on his master, but gets a bit carried away. NC17.
New Year’s Resolution by Brenda and ELG
Jack and Daniel learn an important lesson about life... 12 Days of Bunnyfic: #12
Recovery Position by Brenda and ELG
After the events of The First Ones (S4), Jack and Daniel celebrate Daniel's return home. 12 Days of Bunnyfic: #11
Alpha Jack by Brenda and ELG
Jack comes home from a mission expecting an apology from Daniel, only to find Daniel has very different ideas. 12 Days of Bunnyfic: #10
Large Victories by Brenda and ELG
After Small Victories (S4), Jack and Daniel are reunited. 12 Days of Bunnyfic #09
Patient Safety aka Doctor's Orders by Brenda and ELG
Daniel finds out just how bad a patient Jack can be. 12 Days of Bunnyfic: #08
Boyz in Bed by Brenda and ELG
Um – the boys decide to spend a day in bed. There is some bondage, a blindfold, and ice cream involved. 12 Days of Bunnyfic: #07
Bored Daniel by Brenda and ELG
Jack is watching hockey. Daniel wants Jack to play with him instead. 12 Days of Bunnyfic: #06
Too Close for Comfort by Brenda and ELG
After Daniel almost gets raped by priests Jack is not a happy camper. 12 Days of Bunnyfic: #05
Comfort and Joy by Brenda and ELG
Daniel gets hurt. Jack makes them both feel better. 12 Days of Bunnyfic: #04
Honeymoon Jack by Brenda and ELG
Jack and Daniel ahem 'christen' the Briefing Room. 12 Days of Bunnyfic: #03
New Ground by Brenda and ELG
Takes place during and after New Ground (S3). 12 Days of Bunnyfic #02
Command Performance by Brenda and ELG
Apophis tells Jack to mate with Daniel or he'll give him to his Jaffa. Once rescued, the boys carry on where they left off. 12 Days of Bunnyfic #01
Into the Labyrinth by ELG
After the events of 'Menace', Daniel needs some time away from the SGC, but his planned escape back into archaeology is swiftly hijacked by the USAF who believe the ancient labyrinth he wishes to excavate could hold valuable alien technology.
Reflection by ELG
Jack is forced to re-examine his relationship with Daniel after the two of them travel to an AU where a very different Jack O'Neill is in charge of SG-1.
Ripples by ELG
After the events of 'Shades of Gray' Daniel is kidnapped by a rogue NID offshoot and the rest of SG-1 are caught up in a desperate race against time to save him.
Undercurrents by ELG
Set during 'Beneath The Surface'. Drawn to one another despite themselves, they are left stranded with Jack injured and the memories from the events of 'Alter Ergo' leaving them ever more confused about their own identities. Sequel to Alter Ergo.
Alter Ergo by ELG
SG-1 start behaving oddly and it seems likely alien technology is once again to blame but could it just be their own sublimated impulses making them act this way? Jack/Daniel, Sam/Teal'c
Walk Out of the World by ltlj
Kaylee falls, River follows, because nobody should be there alone.
Lick, Slam, Suck by Kikkimax
Two of Blair's friends join forces to push Jim into action at Blair's graduation party. Post TSbyBS, but Blair is not a cop. Knowledge of the Partner series and Dead Man Walking helpful, but not necessary. 25kb
Sweet Child of Mine by Kikkimax
Sequel to Quantum Luck. Blair's back where he belongs, mostly. Jim discovers how he really feels about his Guide, but he's in for a fight if he wants to keep him. 201kb
The Sentinel Conspiracy by Kikkimax
Alternate Universe, set in a futuristic world where Sentinel and Guide teams are used by the military for covert ops. Front line Sentinel Jim Ellison refuses to bond with a guide until the most irritating, exasperating, and downright mean Guide he's eve
Blue Eyes Rides Again by Kikkimax
Newly blind Blair goes undercover against his overprotective partner's wishes to catch a thug who preys on people with physical disabilities who ride the city buses. Sequel to Hook, Line, and Sinker.
Hook, Line, and Sinker by Kikkimax
Blair is abducted by a madman out for revenge. Injured and blind he tries to get a message to Jim who's already tearing up Cascade looking for him. Sequel to Bait.
Bait by Kikkimax
Blair and Rafe go undercover in a gay bar to catch a killer, but the bait may be just a little too strong.
Tinker's Dam by Kikkimax
Brady's down on his luck and things don't get any better when he goes undercover as a hired gun. It's up to Jim and Blair to find him before it's too late. Fourth of Partners series.
Juanita and the Cowboy by Kikkimax
Sandburg is the hunter as well as the hunted as he joins Brady on a job down in Mexico. When they land in jail for murder it's Jim and Megan to the rescue... or not. Third of Partners series.
A Dirty Cop by Kikkimax
Blair's been set up and Jim's powerless to protect him so he calls in some help from an unexpected source. Second of Partners series.
Partners by Kikkimax
There's a new detective in town and he's looking for a partner... Introducing Jay Brady. First of Partners series.
After the Fact by Kikkimax
Sequel to Obsession. Blair's not himself and Jim comes to the wrong conclusions about what happened when he was abducted.
Obsession by Kikkimax
An unbalanced student with an unhealthy crush on her favorite teacher puts Blair in danger when she steals from her boss, a brutal drug lord.
Quantum Luck by Kikkimax
Is Blair unlucky because of all the trouble he finds himself in, or is he extremely lucky because he always seems to land on his feet? He gets a peek into what might have been while Jim mourns his loss.
More Phene by Kikkimax
Blair is shot and has an unusual reaction to Morphine. Meanwhile Jim has troubles of his own.
Relapse by Kikkimax
Jim's undercover assignment becomes complicated after Blair has a relapse of an old illness.
Asunder by Kikkimax
When you've given too much, how do you get back your own soul? Blair gets one more shot at being an anthropologist. Post TSbyBS.
Glass Houses by Kikkimax
An old army buddy comes to visit, but Jim soon regrets his decision to let him stay at the loft.
The Long Goodbye by Kikkimax
Prison guard Jim Ellison struggles to prevent the impending execution of serial killer Blair Sandburg, AKA the Manifesto Murderer.
Bullies by Kikkimax
Dean has always been dangerous. Kid!fic.
Legends and Myths by Kikkimax
Sequel to Angels and Heroes. Tony has a little trouble readjusting after he returns to work. Are his nightmares dreams or memories?
Angels and Heroes by Kikkimax
Things go bad after Tony receives the yearly reminder of a case from his past that refuses to let him go.
Tryst by Kikkimax
Daniel Jackson is a man on the run from the Air Force and one Colonel in particular. He finds an unexpected haven in Cascade, Washington. Warning: Multiple partners - Jim/Daniel, Jim/Blair/Daniel, Blair/Daniel.
Stardust by Kikkimax
A man with no memory holds the key to three bizarre deaths. Tony/Daniel, only mildly slash.
More Than Meets The Eye by Astolat
Dean had them heading towards Golden Valley on I-93 when the semi and the fighter jet went screaming by, blasting at each other with what looked like laserbeams. (Crossover with Transformers)
Chevron2: Thicker Than Water by Margaret Martin
Huge, massive crossover of Stargate: SG-1 and MacGyver. Set post-MacGyver but in the second season of SG-1. Mac and Jack are distant relatives who could pass as twins. Turns out they share more than just physical appearance too. 3MB and growing!
Vegas by ltlj (aka Martha Wilson)
Rodney was just trying to figure out how he ended up in a reality show called "Air Force Majors and Athosian Leaders Gone Wild." Retrograde series. Implied Sheppard/Teyla/McKay threesome.
Colorado Springs by ltlj (aka Martha Wilson)
John put on a fake relaxed smile and started Operation "Try Not to Look Crazy." Retrograde series.
Recovery by ltlj (aka Martha Wilson)
Atlantis recovers after the attack, and the Daedalus prepares to leave with most of SG-1. Second of Retrograde series.
Retrograde by ltlj (aka Martha Wilson)
The Atlantis expedition has been lost for three years. SG-1 goes to find them, and arrives just a little too late. First of a series.
Wrong Place, Wrong Time by MadyBay
Martin Fitzgerald's in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets mistaken for Vin Tanner.
Stop the Press by Sammy
A reporter and her young son vanish from Times Square. It is a routine, albeit high-profile, investigation...until her friends in the ATF make their appearance in New York.
Lady Angel's M7 Library
A small archive of gen and het Magnificent Seven fanfiction. Privately owned by Lady Angel.
Just Our Luck by Lady Angel
Terrorists hijack an airplane. Both the Seven and Jim and Blair happened to be on board. Oops!
Not Again by Phyllis Loafman
ATF Agent JD Dunne seeks Blair's counsel and the two end up trapped after an earthquake.
X-Magnificence by Rhicy
Set a few years after the events of the first X-Men movie. JD on the run, runs into Vin, who both run into Chris, who all run into trouble. Mutant AU.
Control by Lydia
"You know -- buddy sex." Only not.
Euler's Jewel by Basingstoke
In which John is a geek. PG-13. 7K.
Freight Train by Basingstoke
A shameless Darien/Bobby PWP. 5K
So, So, So by Basingstoke
Darien and Bobby on the hunt. Like wolves, they hunt. 9K
Loss and Gain by Matthew Haldeman-Time
Wherein the reader will meet Mr. Yodels, a little pheremone factory, and someone you mistakenly thought MacLeod killed (no, not that one, the other one - - actually, him too).
Darien by Matthew Haldeman-Time
Wherein it's sort of cool working with an invisible guy; sometimes political correctness is right after all; and Darien Fawkes is hell-bent on setting Bobby Hobbes's table.
Sharing the Madness by Matthew Haldeman-Time
Wherein one man serves as Calvin for Hobbes, a new federal agent with fuck-me lashes for Fawkes, and, oh no, an OMC!
Seven Minutes In Heaven by Charlotte Ruocco
A mission goes wrong and Darien's injured; vacation days don't seem like much of a consolation prize.
Red Rebellion by Henry Jones Jr.
Mama Kent sends Lex after a rebellious Clark. Red Kryptonite porn. Rated NC-17
Mouse: A Definition by Henry Jones Jr.
An alien Clark reaches adulthood. Lex has mice. Season One.
Life of Mediocrity by Henry Jones Jr.
They could be mediocre together, or powerful alone. Future!fic.
Kryptonian Mating by Henry Jones Jr.
How Lex Luthor learned to stop freaking and love his breasts. Horrible, horrible yet oddly hilarious crack!fic.
Love Isn't Blind by Henry Jones Jr.
Lois Lane learns love isn't as blind as she thought. Future!fic. Kink: Voyeurism
Family, Friendship, and Love by Henry Jones Jr.
A story of love, friendship, and family, not necessarily in that order.
A Date With The President by Henry Jones Jr.
Clark and Lex further their relationship after meeting again, five years in the future. Future!fic.
Stardate 41112.3 by Henry Jones Jr.
Clark and Lex have a future together. Crossover with ST: TNG.
Fatherhell by SaberShadowKitten
Into every souled, redemption-seeking vampire's life, a little baby must fall... Kid!fic. Angel & Spike family fic.
Slaying Retreat by SaberShadowkitten
Spike's home gets invaded for the annual Slaying Retreat. Buffy/Spike; Cordelia/Angel; Buffy/Angel; Angel/Spike; Willow/Oz; Xander/Anya (Rated NC-17) Crack!fic.
Teaching Spike by SaberShadowKitten
Spike is bored, Angel teaches him something. (Rated PG-13)
Treasure Island by SaberShadowKitten
The gang get hijacked and set adrift in the ocean, ending up on a deserted island. Sequel to Nice To Meet You, Pinocchio. (Rated NC-17)
Nice To Meet You, Pinocchio by SaberShadowKitten
Angel and Spike have a...ahem...little problem.
Everything Has Its Place by SaberShadowKitten
Angel and Cordelia head to Sunnydale to rescue... Spike? Buffy/Angel/Spike; Buffy/Riley undertones (Rated NC-17)
Never Send A Psychotic To Do A Lunatic's Job by SaberShadowKitten
The Council of Watchers find a way to vanquish the demons of the world. The trouble is, if they do that, they'll destroy everything. Angel/Spike, Xander/Cordelia, Willow/Oz/Tara, Drusilla/Lilah, Buffy/Spike, Xander/Spike (Rated PG-13)
Don't Fence Me In by Kennedy
Enormously long, richly-detailed, and involved story about Nick and Greg and going home to the Stokes ranch for Christmas. Story is 34 parts long, complete, but Wayback Machine only has first 22. Full fic is on author's Friends-locked LJ. Alternate link:
Emo by Boonies
The thing about orphans was the emo. Kidfic.
Don't Step On the Grass, Sam by Mona1347
Getting stoned rules. Getting your brother stoned rules more. Getting your stoned brother? Even better.
Accidents Will Happen by Holli
Some Goth teenagers accidentally resurrect John Winchester. No, seriously.
The House Fan Fiction Archive
Large House fic archive. All genres, all pairings, all ratings. Automated archive.
The Unwilling Host by J.M. Torres
Thanksgiving at House's house. Fun times!
A Life Never Lived by Mer
Wilson learns that Cuddy didn't want him as a donor and that Julie had an abortion.
Francesca's Sentinel Fiction
Homepage of Sentinel author Francesca (aka Cesperanza). Famous for her Nature series. All slash, mostly NC17.
Written by the Stars by Cesperanza: Ars Atlantiadae Archive
A collection of loving tributes (art, poetry, songs, podfics, stories) written based in the Written by the Victors AU by Cesperanza. Various artists contributed.
The Iohannes Cash Poem:Text and Commentary by Aesc
Set in the Written by the Victors AU by Cesperanza. Centuries later, an old Lantean document is translated and studied. Don't miss the music-version! Johnny Cash, sung in Ancient!
Atlantis Rising Mural: Art and Commentary by Wihluta
Set in the Written by the Victors AU by Cesperanza. Centuries later, a large mural depicting a battle of Atlantis is discovered and studied.
Se Narsaugir: Text and Commentary by Aesc
Set in the Written by the Victors AU by Cesperanza. Centuries later, an old Lantean document is translated and studied by Skani historians.
Written by the Victors by Cesperanza
Experimental fic, written more as a historical document than a story. This story is really less a piece of entertainment than it is a reflection of the fandom itself. Spawned many loving tributes. 336Kb. (aka King of Atlantis fic)
Sailor Moon Universal: A & B by Lady Jendra
Serena makes a new friend when Darien breaks up with her. But the new friend, an unusually well-written OMC, is more than he seems. Good family-centered fic, good romance, good action. Serena/Darien. PG13.
Lilacs in the Summer
Homepage of Sailor Moon author Lilac Summers. (Note: Classic Serena/Darien romance author.)
Angels We Have Heard On High by DL Witherspoon
Michael's Warrior stumbles upon angels on earth. Tag to Gates of Hell series. Cameo by Touched by an Angel characters.
Recovery And Loss by DL Witherspoon
Now that Tim has recovered from his injuries, can Blair help him accept his loss? Sixth of Homicide: Life on the Streets crossover series.
Darkest Of Nights by DL Witherspoon
Jim receives a late-night phone call from Baltimore. Fifth of Homicide: Life on the Streets crossover series.
Speaking For The Dead by DL Witherspoon
Jim and Blair go to Baltimore to help with a case. Fourth of Homicide: Life on the Streets crossover series. Also part of Supernatural Anthology.
Busman's Holiday by DL Witherspoon
The boys go on a team-building retreat in South Dakota. Third of Homicide: Life on the Streets crossover series.
Conversations In Cascade by DL Witherspoon
Frank and Tim visit Cascade. Second of Homicide: Life on the Streets crossover series.
Murder In Baltimore by DL Witherspoon
Jim and Blair visit Baltimore. First of Homicide: Life on the Streets crossover series.
Flux by DL Witherspoon
The Elder and Blair prepare to leave Cascade. Eleventh in Family series.
Inferno by DL Witherspoon
A tour of Hell, among other things. Gates of Hell, Book Four.
Pains Of Power by DL Witherspoon
Blair becomes the Family's cultural liaison and Jim has to do Elder duty. Tenth in Family series.
Where We Belong by DL Witherspoon
Mandy finds out about the Family, and makes a decision. Ninth in Family series.
Lilith by DL Witherspoon
The Warrior and his companions not only battle major demon Lilith, but also a nosy reporter. Gates of Hell, Book Three.
Family Discord by DL Witherspoon
A misunderstanding and an accident lead to revelations about positions in the Family. Eighth in Family series.
Family Visit by DL Witherspoon
It's Thanksgiving and the loft is Holiday Central. Seventh in Family series.
Reckoning by DL Witherspoon
Hell comes to Cascade. Gates of Hell, Book Two.
Moral Dilemma by DL Witherspoon
Blair discovers illegal research at the university. Should he tell the Elder? Sixth in Family series.
Deep Cover by DL Witherspoon
Jim and Blair go undercover in a new city and state. Is gen, but has elements of pre-slash for those so inclined.
Adam's Date by DL Witherspoon
Who is the woman in Adam'a life and will the Elder approve? Fifth in Family series.
Bayou by DL Witherspoon
Jim, Blair, and Simon head to New Orleans to stop a cult. Gates of Hell, Book One.
Family Reunion by DL Witherspoon
A Family reunion plus a christening. Sequel to Errand Of Mercy. Fourth in Family series.
Alone by DL Witherspoon
An old enemy seeks to make Jim as alone as he is. But he doesn't know about Jim's other "Family". Second in the Family series.
Shades Of Black by DL Witherspoon
Blair learns about Jim's "other" life. First in the Family series, with ties to the Watcher series.
According To Our Powers by DL Witherspoon
Simon thought he had made his decision to be the Watcher. But when he fails Jim, he has doubts. Watcher series.
Faith by DL Witherspoon
Jim thinks he's a murderer. Watcher series.
An Essential Friend by DL Witherspoon
Can Jim and Blair stop an assassination attempt? Watcher series.
Candle In The Dark by DL Witherspoon
When torture rips away Jim's control of his senses, can he overcome the madness? Watcher series.
Traces: Father's Day by DL Witherspoon
A special Father's Day in the Miracles of Life universe.
Traces: Mother's Day by DL Witherspoon
Snippets of the holiday, as experienced by the family in Miracles Of Life.
Traces I by DL Witherspoon
Sequel to Miracles Of Life.
Miracles Of Life by DL Witherspoon
Post- Sentinel Too angst for both guys. (aka the pregnant!Alex fic)
Evolution by DL Witherspoon
What if no one believed Blair's lie at the press conference? Another post-TSbyBS tale.
Hijacked! by DL Witherspoon
A simple prisoner delivery goes wrong.
Seal by DL Witherspoon
It's about choice. Who dies in twenty-four hours...and who mourns?
Sirocco by DL Witherspoon
When Carolyn runs afoul of bioterrorists, she heads for the one safe place she knows--the arms of her ex-husband.
The Haunting by DL Witherspoon
42 people were cruelly murdered. Now they want Jim to find their killer. (First story of the Supernatural Anthology.)
That Darn Cat by DL Witherspoon
Jim receives encouragement from an old friend.
Scavenger Hunt by DL Witherspoon
Jim, Blair, and SG-1 team up in a high-stakes game.
Dark Journey by DL Witherspoon
An evil is attacking Chinese communities worldwide. Can the Sentinel and Guide help? (Stand-alone story, but also part of the Supernatural Anthology.)
A Tale Of Two Cats by DL Witherspoon
Jim and Blair go to Chicago and bring their usual luck with them. Crossover with Early Edition.
Circle by DL Witherspoon
What's the connection between Jim, Mulder, and a certain Cigarette-Smoking Man? This story is online and can be found in the fanzine, "The Ellison/Sandburg File". Sequel to Extreme Possibilites.
Extreme Possibilities by DL Witherspoon
Jim has to save the world. Will Mulder and Scully get in his way? (Stand-alone story, but also a part of the Supernatural Anthology.)
Who Wants To Live Forever? by DL Witherspoon
Alex killed Blair, but he didn't revive as an Immortal. Does that mean the prophecy was wrong? Unfortunately, he and Jim have a lot more to worry about, like getting back to normal and a certain dissertation going public. Sequel to Princes of the Universe
Princes Of The Universe by DL Witherspoon
Jim's old friend Amanda pays a visit... and she's more trouble than Sandburg!
Becoming by DL Witherspoon
Methos tracks his "father", and Cassandra arrives with a prophecy. Sixth in Restoration series. 4-parts.
What Lies Within by DL Witherspoon
Methos remembers more of his past and confronts his demon. Fifth in the Restoration series.
Memory Rut by DL WItherspoon
Fourth in the Restoration series.
Boats Against The Current by DL Witherspoon
Mac signs up Adam for the Faculty Talent Show, and Hunters search for the mythical Methos. Third in the Restoration series.
Twilight Of The Dawn by DL Witherspoon
Methos gets a flash of his "lost" past, Joe receives a unique Christmas gift, and Duncan comes up with a weird theory about Immortal origins. Second in the Restoration series.
Called To Rise by DL Witherspoon
What is the true nature of Methos' soul? Duncan knows,and he's betting the future of the Game on it. First in the Restoration series.
Flirt by Biblio
Jack challenges Daniel to prove that he isn't an arrant flirt at an SGC reception packed with resourceful, determined admirers.
Deja Vu by Biblio
When Daniel meets General O'Neill sparks fly between them. Colonel O'Neill is frankly pissy. Quantum Mirror fun.
Um - about Jack by Biblio and PhoenixE.
Transcript of SGC Security covert surveillance operation 'Spacemonkey'.
Commanding Daniel: A Rebuttal by Biblio and PhoenixE.
Colonel O'Neill's Top Secret Memorandum regrettably fell into enemy hands. Collusion is suspected. Doctor Daniel Jackson has penned a vigorous and articulate point by point rebuttal. Sequel to Commanding Daniel.
Commanding Daniel by Biblio and PheonixE.
A Top Secret SGC Memorandum in which Colonel Jack O'Neill shares his experiences of commanding Doctor Daniel Jackson in the field (or anywhere else for that matter).
The Jamie Series by Gillian Middleton
Jim rescues Blair from a war torn country and they adopt a baby boy. 18-part series with several short follow-ups. Kid!fic.
BJ Sandburg by Gillian Middleton
The Sandburg Curse - on their thirtieth birthday, members of Blair's family have been known to change sex for a year. 34-part epic novel with several short follow-ups. Not to be missed, it's a classic! (Warning: Genderswitch!fic, sort-of mpreg.)
No Regrets by Gillian Middleton
Long AU story where Jim meets Blair when the younger man is barely 16 years old. Adventure and romance ensues. Warnings for slightly underage sex.
Gillian Middleton's Slash Fan Fiction
Homepage of author Gillian Middleton. Several fandoms, mostly slash.
Stayka's Dark Kingdom Home
Homepage of Stayka and several other Sailor Moon authors who focus on the relationship of the Dark Kingdom Generals. Mostly Kunzite/Zoisite slash, some gen and het. Uncensored
Homepage of author and artist Gumnut, aka Nutty. Mostly gen, some slash.
Knightshade's Garden
Homepage of author dKnightshade, aka Shady. Mostly gen, some het.
fiction of the wolf
Homepage of author Red Wolf. Multifandom, many crossovers, many drabbles. All genres, but mostly PG-13 or less. Some guest authors.
Author DL Witherspoon's homepage of fanfiction stories. Several fandoms, many crossovers. All gen. (Note: Her older work is much better than her newer stuff, more rich and detailed and exciting.)
Homepage for Pru's fanfiction. Several fandoms. Mostly slash. (Note: Has some of the funniest turns of phrase I've ever read, very clever writing.)
DAFF -- The Dark Angel Fan Fiction Archive
Large Dark Angel fanfiction archive. All genres, all pairings, all ratings. Automated archive.
Gil Hale's Literary Leaflets
Homepage for author Gil Hale. Gen only.
Homepage of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues author Marge Shasberger. Gen and het stories.
Firefly's Glow Archive
The main Firefly fandom archive. All genres, all pairings, all ratings. Automated archive.
The Mpreg Archive
Small multifandom archive focusing on male pregnancy fics. Mostly slash, but has many hard-to-find elsewhere stories.
CalSci Library: A Numb3rs Gen Archive
Small but growing collection of general Numb3rs fanfiction.
the dmz: Domenika Marzione's fanfic
Homepage for Domenika Marzione, aka Miss_Porcupine, fanfiction. Stargate: Atlantis, X-Men, DCU. All gen. (Note: Excellent military realism! Makes canon actually *make sense*!)
Ramoniciu´s Artworks
Homepage for fanvidder Ramoniciu. NCIS, Supernatural, and Stargate: SG-1.
Vids by Porthos
Collection of all fanvids made by Porthos. TMNT and GateTrek are especially good. Mostly Stargate: Atlantis vids.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Stargate by Porthos
Total crack!vid of Stargate: Atlantis set to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themesong. Very funny.
NCIS is Fun by Ramoniciu
A fun NCIS fanvid set to "S.O.S." by Rihanna. Made by Ramoniciu.
Fiction Alley: A Harry Potter Archive
A multi-site Harry Potter archive for every imaginable pairings, genre, and scenario. Broken up into different themed "houses", it's at least well explained if not too interconnected. Good resource when you know what you're looking for. Not fully automate
The Smallville Slash Archive
A large archive of Smallville slash stories of all pairings and ratings. Automated archive.
Lois & Clark Fanfic Archvie
The main archive of the Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman, this website has everything a discerning FoLC could be looking for. Thousands of stories, easy-to-browse, polls, bulletin boards, and the Kerth Awards.
Twisting the Hellmouth: Buffy and/or Angel Crossover Archive
The Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series Crossover fanfiction archive. All genres, all pairings, all ratings. Also accepts non-Buffy stories and crossovers. Automated archive.
BFA: The Buffy Fiction Archive
Huge archive of Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series fanfiction. All genres, all pairings, all ratings. Automated archive.
JADFE: A Forever Knight Adult/Slash Archive
The main archive of Forever Knight ADULT and SLASH Fanfiction. Still active, but infrequently updated. Search by author or pairing.
Forever Knight Fan Fiction 2
In honour of Mel Moser's now-defunct archive of Forever Knight fanfiction, version 2.0 was opened by loyal followers. Follows the same format as Mel's original archive, but contains the newer stories and is still actively accepting submissions.
Forever Knight Fan Fiction
Mel Moser's huge archive of Forever Knight fanfiction, all genres, all stored locally as text files. Categorization is iffy. Archive is no longer active, so no new updates.
The Annex: The X-Files Novel Archive
The home of X-Files fanfiction stories (or compiled series) of over 200K in length only.
The Gossamer Project: The X-Files Fanfiction Archives
Multiple mirror archives of practically every X-Files fanfiction ever written. The collection of stories is colossal, but extensively indexed. All stories are text files, no HTML. All genres, all ratings.
Axe and Bow: A Legolas and Gimli Fan Archive
The archive of the Axe_Bow Yahoogroup, all GEN, ADULT, and SLASH The Lord Of The Rings stories featuring Legolas and Gimli (or any Elf-Dwarf pair) are accepted.
The Library Of Moria: LOTR Slash Fanfiction Archive
A large The Lord Of The Rings SLASH fanfiction archive for all pairings in J.R.R. Tolkien's book and movie universe.
Wormhole Crossing: A Stargate Universe Crossover Archive
A small but growing collection of any and all Stargate crossover stories. All genres and ratings. Automated archive.
Wraithbait: The Stargate Atlantis Archive
The Stargate: Atlantis fanfiction archive. Affliated with the mailing list of the same name, but open to all genres and authors.
Area 52: The HKH Standard - Stargate Slash Archive
The sister archive to the gen and het Heliopolis, Area52 is the slash home of Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis fanfiction. Both male slash and femslash accepted. Well organized.
Seventh Dimension -- Highlander Fanfic Archive Main Page
Huge, well-indexed library of all Highlander fanfictions. Complete stories only, no WIPs. All genres, all ratings.
M7Slash Archive
Zorrorojo's alternative Magnificent7 slash archive. Very small, but has some excellent stories. Automated archive.
Blackraptor: Magnificent Seven Fanfiction Archive
NancyW's huge archive of Magnificent7 fanfiction. Gen stories on the main archive, het and slash stories have their own smaller sub-archives. Age statement required to access Adult sub-archives.
852 Prospect Ave: The Sentinel Adult Fiction Archive
The main archive for slash (or adult-rated het) fanfiction in The Sentinel fandom. Automated archive.
Cascade Library: The Sentinel Gen Archive
The main archive for general and/or het stories in the The Sentinel fandom. Well indexed.
A multifandom archive along the lines of FF.Net, but geared toward the NC-17 side of things. All genres.
The largest and most reknown (aka the "Pit of Voles") multifandom fanfiction mega-archive.
Where Did All the Physics Go? by Amireal
"But that's just not possible!" (aka the Crack Crossover of DOOOM! *eg*)
Cartoon Heroes by Mamoru
Hilarious behind-the-scenes Stargate fanvid set to "Cartoon Heroes" by Aqua. Made by Mamoru.
Counting Sheep by Caroline Crane
This series ended with Tommy and Merton in a single, dorm room bed. Yes, it really is that slashy. The fic picks up right where the series left off.
The Offer by Nix
7 months after Mortal Kombat, Rayden comes to Johnny with an offer. Jonny Cage/Rayden, PG.
Storm's Comfort by Nix
Mortal Kombat fic. Johnny is suffering a serious case of burn out. A mysterious rain shower leads to relief. Jonny Cage/Rayden, NC17.
Connections Made and Unmade by Nix
Don and Mac catch a break in the case. Ninth of The New York Connection series. An off-shoot of Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
One Step Removed by Nix
Sort of a post-ep to Hot Shot, but you don't need to have seen the ep to understand the story. Mac worries when Don misses a phone call. Eighth of The New York Connection series. An off-shoot of Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
In and Out of Context by Nix
Don questions his own judgement. Spoilery references to On the Job (CSI:NY), The Closer (CSI:NY), and Identity Crisis (Numb3rs). Seventh of The New York Connection series. An off-shoot of Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Deviation from the Norm by Nix
Post ep for "Stealing Home". Mac is uncomfortable with being uncomfortable. Sixth of The New York Connection series. An off-shoot of Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
External Impressions by Nix
Sometimes the problem is how other people see you. Fifth of The New York Connection series. An off-shoot of Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Chain of Command by Nix
Do you ever wonder how you got quite where you are? Fourth of The New York Connection series. An off-shoot of Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Vertices by Nix
Family and work intersect more often than Don would sometimes like. Third of The New York Connection series. An off-shoot of Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Forging Alliances by Nix
Mac works too much. Is that necessarily a bad thing? Second of The New York Connection series. An off-shoot of Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Quantum Entanglement by Nix
After the end of The OG, Don is left alone with his thoughts, and his secrets, and his work. More or less. First of The New York Connection series. An off-shoot of Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Need and Novelty by Nix
Gibbs takes Tony out for something special. Fourteenth in the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Apple Pie and After Lives by Nix
Tony needs to talk to someone who understands. Thirteenth in the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Intersections and Investigations by Nix
A case unavoidably brings the life Gibbs was forced to leave behind into contact with the life he built for himself. Twelfth in the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Questions and Quirks by Nix
Tony goes back to work. There are questions to answer. Eleventh in the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Trust and Tenderness by Nix
Gibbs and Tony try something not quite new. Tenth in the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Love and Longevity by Nix
Secrets revealed lead to arguments. Ninth in the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Gifts and Gallantry by Nix
Tony surprises Gibbs. Eighth in the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Intermission: A Momentary Connection by Nix
NCIS/Numb3rs crossover. Set between the second to last and the last scenes of "M&R #7: Kin and Kindred." Herd stallions take care of those they are responsible for. For a brief period, Gibbs is responsible for Don... Threesome!fic, Gibbs/Don/Tony, NC17.
Kin and Kindred by Nix
Gibbs pushes Tony into an unwanted confrontation and unexpectedly finds himself in the same position. Seventh in the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Home and History by Nix
Tony and Gibbs have a quiet night. Sixth in the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Crime and Conflict by Nix
Tony's old lieutenant shows up and Gibbs's nature starts work. Fifth in the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Brushes and Bedding by Nix
Tony buys Gibbs a present. Gibbs shows his appreciation. Fourth in the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Visited and Voiced by Nix
Tony meets someone from Gibbs's childhood and is confronted with a few facts of centaur life. Third in the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Running and Riding by Nix
Tony and Ducky conspire to convince Gibbs to take a couple of days off...and Tony goes with him. Second in the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Footsore and Fractious by Nix
Ducky thinks it's time Gibbs brought someone in on his secret. First of the Myths & Revelations Centaur AU.
Pride Goes Before the Fall by Nix
Tony, McGee, and Palmer make a bet. Drastic measures are required to determine the winner.
Change of Pace by Nix
CorporateMogul!Tony is taken hostage.
Skin Deep by Nix
It was as if the man had been specially designed to upstage Tony in the most obvious way possible.
Matchmaker, (Don't) Make Me a Match by Nix
Who has given The Institute for Personality Compatibility Evaluation a chance to hook them up with Mr. or Mrs. Right?
Wishful Thinking by Nix
On Christmas Day snow and ice trap Gibbs and Tony in a hotel on their way back from successfully resolving a case. Old issues develop in new ways.
Zealous and Jealous are Just One Letter Different by Nix
Tony thinks he knows what he's going to get when he makes Gibbs jealous. He's wrong. Written for the ncis_flashfic "Sins and Virtues" challenge.
Play by Nix
Written for the ncis_flashfic "Toys" challenge. Tony entertains a fantasy. Don't worry if your minds went straight into the gutter--that's exactly where they should be.
Hailing From Parts Unknown by Sister Wolf
Alec (X5-494) and Logan (Wolverine). Cagefighting. Snark. Smut.
Give and Take by Nix
Don almost couldn't believe he was actually doing this. Stand-alone ficlet.
Excitation Energy by Nix
Don comes home. Don/Mac, stand-alone ficlet.
The Answer Is Yes by Nix
Set a long time in the future, Scott remembers the battles he's fought, the friends he's lost and muses on the only person to survive as long.
Outside Looking In by Nix
Logan ponders Scott's expressiveness (or lack thereof) and finds unexpected insight.
Dork by Northlight
In which Tommy is awkward and Merton fails to notice the subtext. Tommy/Merton, PG.
Proposition by Northlight
"Tommy. Tommy, I think he just propositioned me!" Tommy/Merton slash, PG.
Epithalamion by Carleton97
Touching first time fic in which Tommy's wolf chooses its mate. Tommy/Merton. NC-17.
The "Into You" Series by Hergerbabe
Big Wolf on Campus Tommy/Merton 12-part slash series, lots of smut and sap with a hint of plot. All NC-17, 144kb in total.
Stopover by Gryph (aka Macx)
A crossover of an AU of an AU with another author's AU! An off-shoot of Gryph's own Fire & Ice AU, this story also crosses with Ladywolfe's KR universe (although you don't need to know it to understand). Do read Gryph's "Nemesis" first though!
Beyond Loyalty Part 1 by Gryph (aka Macx)
Third story in the KR: Fire & Ice AU, it is one of the best stories ever written anywhere anytime. Long, deep, and fiercely compelling, you will become fully invested in every word. This is what fanfic is *supposed* to be like: amazing, utterly amazing.
FLAGNet - Fire & Ice AU by Gryph (aka Macx)
This is it, the immensely popular and crazily addictive Fire & Ice AU that all Knight Rider fans *must* read. Link goes to the main page where all the stories can be found -- read them all!
Soul Survivor by elfin
An almost fatal attack on Kitt changes many lives.... (The tradional "Welcome to the fandom!" fic, this is the story that first hooks many a fan into reading KR. Multiple award winner.)
Side By Side by elfin
Michael takes Kitt to meet TKR to settle his ego problem.
Animism by Julie
A compellingly metaphysical interpretation of Michael and Kitt's relationship. PG.
Longnecks by James
It's a PWP. I swear. Has no socially redeeming value beyond... well... the obvious. Kink. NC17.
Heat In The City by James and Wolfling
Lundy knows more about a current case than he wants to let on.
December of Long Ago by James
A crossover with Houston Knights, it addresses the question - where does Kermit disappear to, every Christmas? Peter/Kermit, Levon/Joe (NC-17)
John Finds Out by James
John walks in on his boys. Crack!fic, surprise ending.
(Not So) Ordinary Gaits by James
Picks up where Thundering of Heartbeats left off. Seventh story in the SGA Centaur-verse. Sheppard/Carson, Sheppard/Radek, Sheppard/McKay
Thundering of Heartbeats by James
Centaurs, after the S2 opener. Sixth story in the SGA Centaur-verse. Sheppard/Carson, Sheppard/Radek
Untitled Snippet by James
Carson started it. Fifth in the SGA Centaur-verse.
The Clock Struck One by James
Radek's the tricky one. Fourth in the SGA Centaur-verse.
Tetrameter by James
Four feet, four people, four points of view. Third story in the SGA Centaur-verse. Sheppard/Carson, Sheppard/Radek
Centaur Lullabye by James
John accepts the responsibilities that go with being herd stallion. Second story in the SGA Centaur-verse.
There's No Place Like A Mythological City To Call Home by James
John Sheppard realizes something. First story in the SGA Centaur-verse.
Horses of Different Colors Series by James and Wolfling
Lundy has a secret which he fears could destroy his relationship with LaFiamma. What happens when he's forced to reveal it? This link is to the entire 25 story series, as well as several off-shoots. Origin of the Centaur AU, the best idea in creation.
Anonymity by James
Tony needs something, and sometimes the cost is far too high. Warnings: Bondage kink. NC17.
A Thousand Words Are Worth One or Two Pictures At Least by James
This is because I kinda felt bad about encouraging evil bunnies in other people. No, really. Werebunny the third.
Deadlier Than the Mail by James
Is it possible to write a crack!fic version of a crack!fic? If so, I did. Werebunny the second.
Issums Bunny by James
Werebunny crack!fic the first.
Price of Wisdom by James
Percy has a secret. What will happen when he has to reveal it, to save his brother? Percy/m, Percy/Lucious. BDSM. (aka the Percy sex-club kink!fic)
Hurricane Jack by Shrift
In which Will Turner most emphatically does not avoid familiarity with pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow cheats in his infamous and fabulous fashion, vast quantities of rum lead to drunkenness and debauchery, and there are no silly nautical euphemisms for sex (so long as the barnacles don't count).
Getting Somewhere Fast by Shrift
"I got a full stomach, a car with a sweet engine, and a fully stocked garage, man. What more could a guy want?"
In the Arms of the Dead by ZzoaozZ
Nightmares drive Constable Ichabod Crane to revisit Sleepy Hollow and examine his most basic beliefs. He discovers the truth about himself and the real meaning of love from a most unexpected source, but that love brings danger to him and the Horseman.
Sailor Trek: Where No Scout Has Gone Before by Bill Harris
Voyager gets caught in an unstable wormhole and finds themselves landing on Earth. Problem is, it's the wrong Earth. The Sailor Scouts help them return to the Delta Quadrant and clean up a little mess left over from the the first story. Fourth in series.
Sailor Trek: A Sailor Paradox by Bill Harris
In an alternate timeline, the Sailor Scouts are needed at DS9 to right a terrible wrong. Third in series, but exists outside of the main storyline.
Sailor Trek: A Borg to Remember by Bill Harris
This time, the Sailor Scouts get pulled into the Federation to help the Enterprise-D fight Rubeus, who is even more powerful than before now that he's taken over control of the Borg. Second in series.
Sailor Trek: The Dilithium Dilemma by Bill Harris
A rip in the space-time continuum sends the Enterprise to an alternate universe, where the crew gets embroiled in a fight with the Negaverse. First of a series.
Secrets of Darkened Hearts by Tenaya
This story approximately takes place around the time of "Till Death". This is a sequel to Tainted Love. Methos/LaCroix, Duncan/Methos
Tainted Love by Tenaya
Methos and LaCroix meet by chance in plague ravaged England in 1349, and again in Seacover, soon after the events that took place in the episode "Chivalry". Slash version of The Quick and the Dead, and the last third of the story is completely different.
The Quick and the Dead by Tenaya
An old acquaintance from Methos' past catches up to him in Seacouver — one that delights in enjoying a rare old vintage that allows him to revisit the past. Gen version of "Tainted Love", and the last third of this story is completely different.
On Faith and Trust Alone by Tessa Rae & Sethra
Duncan MacLeod, hunting an old family enemy, lands in more trouble than he believes possible when CI5 put him under surveillance. A young student by the name of Adam Pierson has the rotten luck to be at the wrong place at the right time and gets dragged in.
Space Pirates by Shanna
When Serenity needs to set down for repairs, things never go smooth, especially with a band of space pirates in the vicinity.
Dangerous Cargo by Nestra
Mal takes on some new cargo that proves to be almost as troublesome as Simon and River.
Just Cause by Kellygirl
An emergency causes beliefs to change.
Proof of Trust by Zorrorojo
Sequel to Proof of Life.
Proof of Life by Zorrorojo
Standard first time, setup for a longer series. Collaboration with Robin Serrano.
Holiday by Zorrorojo
Things go slightly awry on a mission. Stargate fans will be familiar with the title... Sequel to One Day Out West.
One Day Out West by Zorrorojo
One day, seven men disappeared from the Old West. 100 years later, they show up at the SGC. Now what's Jack gonna do with seven cowboys pulled out of time?
Scorpions by Lady Ra
A Jim Ellison from an alternate reality comes through a wormhole, looking for this Earth's Blair Sandburg.
Puzzle Pieces by Lady Ra
In two other realities, Jim, Blair, Jack and Daniel have to live with the sorrowful consequences of life. Then circumstances put them all face-to-face again.
Gene Therapy by Lady Ra
An energy force hits a puddle jumper and Sheppard's team ends up someplace very unexpected.
Loving Rodney by Lady Ra
Atlantis comes to love Rodney, and so does Sheppard: a romantic shmoop fest.
Jack And Daniels by Lady Ra
Jack touches something he shouldn't and goes on an unexpected journey meeting Daniels from other realities.
Wraith Killers by Lady Ra
Atlantis ends up with some unexpected new residents.
Oceans Of Space by Tarlan
All Atlantis really wants to do is protect her people. Fifth of the Sentience series.
Of Time And Distant Stars by Tarlan
The Daedalus is ready to head to Pegasus and on Atlantis, Rodney releases a nanovirus. Fourth of the Sentience series.
City of Dreams by Tarlan
Weeks have passed in Atlantis but a discovery proves they were never entirely alone. Third of the Sentience series.
Down to a Sunless Sea by Tarlan
Hours turn into days for the stranded expedition while Jack calls on a friend to ask for help. Second of the Sentience series.
Into the Blue by Tarlan
When the eighth chevron locks, Rodney and John take a step into the blue of the Stargate and into the unknown. First of the Sentience series.
Such Great Heights by Geekwriter143
Written as a Christmas present for Girlnorth. Greg never expected anything like this. Greg/Sara, Greg/Nick, NC-17 (Not a threesome fic.)
Simple Man by Geekwriter143
Nick was a simple man when it came to his turn-ons.
Greg Sanders Explains it All by Geekwriter143
Greg explains basic anatomy. NC-17
One Good Man by Geekwriter143
It starts in San Francisco at a conference and ends in Las Vegas with a muder case and there's lots of other stuff in the middle.
Counting the Days by Dira Sudis
Dawn needs to get out of the house, so Spike takes her down to LA for a visit.
The Highlander's Guide to Hitchhiking in the Star Wars Universe 2: The Return of the Abomination by Bunny & Coyote
A funny thing happened on the way to the Gathering... Two Jedi, two Immortals, an Assassin, and a Sith head back to Earth on a mission of mercy.
The Highlander's Guide to Hitchhiking in the Star Wars Universe: The Crossover Menace by Bunny & Coyote
If Methos decided to escape the Gathering altogether - by hitching a ride on the first starship that passed by. And took Duncan with him. And just happened to get picked up by a certain Jedi pair...
Acherusia by Sleeps with Coyotes
Methos and myth. Kronos Resurrection fic.
Stall Wars: The Implier Strikes Back by Sleeps With Coyotes
Written for X's hysterical artwork - a drunken night at Joe's gets out of hand...
The Art of War by Sleeps with Coyotes
In which we discover just how sneaky the author of the military classic really was.
Hush by Sleeps with Coyotes
Methos observes first-hand the answer to a disturbing mystery of Immortality, but is it a blessing or a curse? And can the burden be shared?
Still-Heart by Sleeps with Coyotes
"Imagine an immortal so old that he doesn't remember the time of his birth." But when memory isn't the only thing that returns, it may not be enough to keep Methos and those he cares about alive.
Le Revenant by Sleeps with Coyotes
An obsession is born.
Claiming by Sleeps with Coyotes
Baby did a bad, bad thing. Horseman/Ichabod
Sword and Bones by Sleeps with Coyotes
A wager wakes the Horseman, and Ichabod takes a few chances.
Ye Merry Gentlemen by Sleeps with Coyotes
Headless horsemen in the back forty? Ghost ships on the Sound? Who ya gonna call? (Jack Sparrow/Ichabod Crane)
Headhunters by Sleeps with Coyotes
Ichabod finds out the Hessian's sword did more damage than anyone thought -
The Trial by TenthMuse1
A Stargate/JAG crossover where Commander Rabb is in charge of defending Colonel O'Neill from a charge of interstellar murder.
Farscape Encounter by TenthMuse1
SG1 encounters an American on a planet far, far away.
Quantum Mirror by TenthMuse1
More alternate universe fun when Jack and Daniel escape from an Earth taken over by the Goa'uld.
Promises by TenthMuse1
What was it that everyone says about the Core planets being safer? Sequel to Recompense.
Recompense by TenthMuse1
Mal makes it to the Core for River's birthday where, naturally, he and Dr. Tam, Sr., do not get along. Sequel to Parting Ways.
Parting Ways by TenthMuse1
The Tams get the warrants on their children rescinded and Simon and River leave Serenity.
Later by TenthMuse1
Simon's trying to figure out how to get back to where he was before the kidnapping. Eleventh of a series.
Fairy Tale by TenthMuse1
Zoe's family heritage comes into question. Ninth of a series.
Early by TenthMuse1
Jubile Early comes calling again. Tenth of a series.
Family by TenthMuse1
The Tams have decided to get involved in their children's lives again. Eighth of a series.
Slow Dancing by TenthMuse1
Just a little slow dancing and getting back on an even keel. Seventh of a series.
Flashback by TenthMuse1
Mal has a flashback and it's up to Simon to bring him back to the present. Sixth of series.
Den of Iniquity by TenthMuse1
All Mal wants is some shore leave...nothin' ever goes smooth, though, does it? Fifth of a series.
Reconnecting by TenthMuse1
It takes a conspiracy to get a Captain and a Doctor back together again, but the crew is up for it. Fourth of a series.
Near Miss by TenthMuse1
Someone nearly gets away with kidnapping Simon right off of Serenity and Mal decides that it's not worth the chance that his emotions will get in the way. Third of a series.
Vaccinations by TenthMuse1
Poor one told him that he needed to have all his shots updated. Second of a series.
Burden of Emotion by TenthMuse1
To Mal's way of thinking, how he feels about Simon is a burden of emotion...or is it? First of a series.
Claimed by TenthMuse1
Mal stakes his claim on Simon. Kink!fic. NC-17.
Faulty Programming by TenthMuse1
The crew discovers that River isn't the only one programmed to be a weapon under certain circumstances.
Companion Tam by TenthMuse1
Mal encounters Companion Simon Tam and decides to be the Big Damn Hero.
Connecting by TenthMuse1
When Caroline Plummer returns to Cascade, Blair is determined to put up a fight for Jim. Warning: Domestic Abuse of the husband-bashing kind.
Sentinel/Stargate SG-1 crossover: Part 2 by TenthMuse1
Their first mission and already, no one can decide who's the worse trouble magnet - Blair or Daniel.
Sentinel/Stargate SG-1 crossover: Part 1 by TenthMuse1
An old friend of Blair's asks for help with a translation, then offers Blair and Jim a job at the SGC.
Seeing by TenthMuse1
Blair gets a strange new gift, thanks to the medallion, while Sara and Danny keep an eye on Gabriel. Nottingham bides his time. Part 4 of series.
Revelations by TenthMuse1
Gabriel takes off to protect Sara, while Lazar is doing what he does best, protecting the one who protects the Wielder. Blair and Jim face their own challenges as Blair struggles to recover from the explosion that robbed him of his sight. Part 3 of series
Divergence by TenthMuse1
Just when things are going so well for both couples, Nottingham shows up in Cascade. Part 2 of series.
Connections by TenthMuse1
Gabriel is kidnapped and Sara discovers a connection to a kidnapped cop named Detective Sandburg in Cascade. She and Jim hunt down their respective partners. Part 1 of series.
Shapeshifter Part 3 by TenthMuse1
Blair's in research mode, Jim's frustrated, and newcomers herald trouble to come.
Shapeshifter Part 2 by TenthMuse1
The consequences of Jim's urge to mate leads Blair to the answer on how to change him back.
Shapeshifter Part 1 by TenthMuse1
Blair comes home to find a Jaguar-shaped Jim. Bestiality kink. NC-17.
Children of the Night by Lorelei Sieja
Ghosts from the past catch up with Voyager. The ship experiences growing pains.
Knight of the Undead by Lorelei Sieja
LaCroix insists Nicholas protect himself from the code, and remove a few memories from his mortal friends. An alien race wonders if Nick's special healing abilities might be the cure they need.
Redemption of The Damned by Lorelei Sieja
Nick adjusts to his new career as counselor and discovers what it takes to be a part of a family.
The Persecuted by Lorelei Sieja
Nick, a maquis rebel, joins the crew of the Starship Voyager. Janeway discovers a vampire in her crew... the last of the persecuted, who is even denied the right to exist.
Sir Galahad by TenthMuse1
Bobby plays hero and is starting to fall in love and it's putting a strain on the partnership.
Promises by TenthMuse1
Darien's being drawn back into the criminal world and Bobby makes a promise to stop that from happening.
Making Up by TenthMuse1
HB apologizes to John in a big way.
Opportunity by TenthMuse1
John gets the opportunity for a better, more prestigious job and feels there's nothing keeping him at the BPRD. Hellboy changes his mind.
Wake-Up Call by TenthMuse1
Beck gives Travis an unusual wake-up call. PWP.
The Ex-Factor by TenthMuse1
Travis gets kidnapped, again, but Billy isn't behind it this time.
Settling Down by TenthMuse1
Beck has a close call and decides it's time to settle down...Travis doesn't stand a chance.
A Lecture by TenthMuse1
Beck meets up with an old Army buddy in Cascade.
Scorpion Dreams Part 2 by TenthMuse1
Beck finds an unlikely ally while Travis' kidnapper shows a little too much interest in him.
Scorpion Dreams Part 1 by TenthMuse1
Past lives filter into the present when Travis brings Beck halfway around the world to Egypt on a search for a mystical headdress worn by a sorceress from ancient times.
Little Boy Lost by Emerald
Blair's cryptic words at the hospital were just a hint at the horrors of the past. Now Jim must watch as the nightmare returns and threatens to take the young man away forever. Will the support of their colleagues be enough to prevent any more harm? 254kb
Suicide Watch by Emerald
Was it a suicide attempt, or something else. Jim and the men and women of Major Crimes face the possibility that they don't know their favorite observer as well as they think they do. Will they find out the truth in time to save him? 178kb.
Overdue Penalties by Dolimir
A Starsky & Hutch crossover with The Sentinel (or at least a ten-year old Blair). Blair witnesses a murder. Can Starsky and Hutch get to him before the killer does?
Revenge For The Scorpion by Cindy Combs
MacGyver helps Jack O'Neill deal with Daniel's ascension while Blair is entangled by a woman with ties to Mac's past. Thirteenth in series.
Brothers, Fathers And Sons by Cindy Combs
When Cory's father travels to L.A. to straighten out his son, Sam and Cory's problems are just beginning. Twelfth in series.
Follow The Tiger by Cindy Combs
A vision the night before a MacGyver family trip puts Jim and Blair on edge. Eleventh in series.
Synchronization In Chaos by Cindy Combs
When a photojournalist gives a federal agent a lift, what could happen? When it's Sam Malloy and Ezra Standish, it will take all their friends and family to settle the resulting chaos. Tenth in series. Also follows "Refuge".
Charming The Hawk by Cindy Combs
When Sam is targeted in San Francisco, Blair and Jim will need a little magical help to protect him. Ninth in series.
Weardians And Witans by Cindy Combs
When a top secret government project decides to 'recruit' Blair for his sentinel research, Jim and Mac will have to break into a high security installation to get him back. Eighth in series.
In The Genes by Cindy Combs
Jim, Blair and Sam must use the clues Lisa brings them in order to find and rescue MacGyver. Seventh in series.
Hot Time In Chicago by Cindy Combs
Sam runs into trouble in the Windy City, and calls Blair and Jim for help. Sixth in series.
Heirs to a Nightmare by Cindy Combs
Murdoc attempts to capture Sam and Blair in the Colorado wilderness, drawing MacGyver and Jim into a race for survival. Fifth in series.
Ares Bugle by Cindy Combs
The Sun Rise Patriots go after Daryl and an ailing Blair to get what they want. But why do they need MacGyver's alter ego? Fourth in series.
Coatlicue by Cindy Combs
An attack on a young man draws Blair, Jim, and MacGyver into a treasure hunt. Third in series.
Control by Cindy Combs
Jim's senses have gone haywire, and it is up to Blair and MacGyver to help him regain control - once they find him! Second in series.
The Maze by Cindy Combs
Galileo returns to abduct Blair, forcing Jim to accept a stranger's help to rescue him. First in series.
Refuge by Cindy Combs
When an ATF agent is on the run and believes his teammates are dead, who else is he going to call but his former Ranger C.O. -- James Ellison.
Under The Cover Of Darkness by Cindy Combs
When a scientist is abducted and taken behind enemy lines, he and his friends must find some way back before the Roaches can target his sons. Massive multi-verse AU crossover. Third in Roachia series.
Home By Sunset by Cindy Combs
In the aftermath of the Clarian Invasion, a boy searches for the father he's never met. Massive multi-verse AU crossover. Second in Roachia series.
Before Dawn by Cindy Combs
During a losing war on an alien planet, an untrained sentinel hopes that an injured young man will help unlock his talents to save their colony. Massive multi-verse AU crossover. First in Roachia series.
A Wolf's Cry by Kateri
Detective Jim Ellison must find a young boy named Blair before it is too late.
Mixed Signals by Lori Wright
The Tok'ra Malek and Selmak join Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson on a mission to Peru, when Blair Sandburg inadvertently gives them information pertaining to an Egyptian-like site in the middle of the jungle. Curiosity drives Jim and Blair to investigate
Incongruities by Lori Wright
Set a few weeks after Circles. Jake McCarty sees a painting in Kenneth Irons' home that the Watchers must possess. Can Joe Dawson purchase the picture or must they resort to a more direct method?
Circles by Lori Wright
After the great rewind, Sara finds help from two Immortals in dealing with her problems. This is another way season 2 could have progressed. Elements from both seasons are contained in my story.
Beware The Lion's Roar by Lori Wright
Methos tries to teach Alex Barnes the meaning of being a Sentinel.
Prima Donnas and Secrets by Lori Wright
Jim and Blair try to foil a plot against Claudia Jardine's life.
Actualize This by Helena Handbasket
Darien and Bobby, Jim and Blair, and Jack and Daniel are all forced to endure a weekend teamwork-building retreat. Together. Chaos ensues. Hilariously.
Catholic Agency Boys in Trouble by Helena Handbasket
Darien and Hobbes encounter more than they bargained for on a routine mission at a Catholic school.
Fearful Symmetry by Evermore
Scott Brunell, a.k.a. Methos, escapes from prison, leaving frightening clues in his wake. Will Jim discover his Guide's secret? Part Two of a Trilogy.
The Dead Past by Evermore
Blair must deal with the realization that one of his oldest friends might have become a criminal. Part One of a Trilogy.
I Fought the Law by Andi and Charli Charleville
The ATF boys of Team 7 follow a lead to Cascade. There, they meet the Sentinel of the Great City. Will they be able to work together to catch the bad guys? 273kb.
Convergence by Shifty
Dean’s past as Alec catches up to him when Max and the Transgenics have a supernatural problem.
Captive Audience by Shifty
Alex needs an arm, Lindsey knows a guy. Sentinel School verse.
The Beginning by Shifty
Vin finds his Guide, but Chris Larabee's not the most spiritual person in the world. Sentinel School verse.
Sentinel School by Shifty
There's more fallout from the dissertation and subsequent press conference than either Blair or Jim expected. Start of Sentinel School verse. Multiple crossover.
Rite of Passage by Shifty
Methos is kidnapped as a sacrifice to someone who shouldn't exist. Sentinel School verse.
Still Waters by Shifty
Mac and Don share much more than a vision. PWP, Sentinel School verse.
Grim and Reaper by Shifty
Two old friends discuss boyscouts and prophecies.
Proteus by Shifty
Martin’s past as Vin Tanner comes to the fore when Chris Larabee tracks him to New York. Sequel to Metamorphosis.
Metamorphosis by Shifty
Throughout his life Martin Fitzgerald has escaped his problems by being someone else.
The Way It Goes by Shifty
The course of a House/Wilson relationship. Angst.
One Last Rundown by Fallen Firefly
Picks up where the movie left off, with Beck and Travis outside of Billy's mansion.
Demon Babysitters and Their Cats by En_Kaiiz
Hellboy and John must learn to cope with the consequences of their actions. Sequel to Babysitters, Cats and Demons.
Babysitters, Cats and Demons by En_Kaiiz
Hellboy does not make it in time to save John from a demon.
None So Blind by BlackEyedGirl
An injury puts Mal out of commission and forces him to realise that sometimes you have to trust that even when you can't crawl, there's those that will carry you.
Captain Doctor by KMSpider
AU—instead of losing the Battle of Serenity, the Independents won, extending the course of the war. Takes place around the same time as the series, six years after the First Battle of Serenity on Hera.
Rehmembahit by bphaines
Mia’s ‘group hug’ coercion has lingering effects and other commands she’d planted before Alec and Logan left.
Nine Lives, Cat's Eyes by Veronamay
Futurefic. It's 2020; Sam's passing through Seattle when he meets someone he didn't expect. Sam/Alec
The One With The Alleyfucking by Veronamay
Set immediately after the pool game in 'Borrowed Time'. Max left in a cloud of angst; Logan and Alec, presumably, did not. Enter PWP!
Standing The Heat by Veronamay
He notices when Max disappears for a couple of days and comes back looking hollow-eyed and haunted, of course he does, but he never figured it'd happen to him.
Case X-1743: Unresolved by Minisinoo
In 1996, Mulder and Scully investigated the case of a teenager pulverized the wall of his high school bathroom at senior prom, ‘with red beams that came out of his eyes.’ The boy went missing before he could be questioned. Case, unresolved. Until now
The Room with a Computer by Minisinoo
Hogwarts has a new professor of Muggle studies -- who happens to be a Muggle. McGonagall is skeptical, Hermione is curious, Ron is jealous, Ginny is impressed, and Harry has questions. Arthur Weasley finally gets a plane ride.
Climb The Wind by Minisinoo
Logan and Scott are held prisoner. The descent of the hero, and his redemption. c. 83,000 words Warning: Rape
Trellises, Romeo and Juliet, and Other Romantic Things by L. Burke
Jean's Valentine's Day date dumps her in favor of a bimbo, and Warren and Hank both quarrel for the right to fill in, until Xavier orders Scott to take her, though Scott can't stand Romeo and Juliet. (What? The Professor Matchmaker?) Early Years fic.
Boy Scouts, Sex, and Other Mysterious Things by L. Burke
Scott's parole officer Carol talks him and his fellow students into a camping trip with other 'problem' kids. Insight occurs, as well as poison Sumac, a drunk Jean, Scott all hot-and-bothered, and a fateful canoe trip. Early Years fic.
Anger Management, Geeks, and Other Scary Things by L. Burke
Jean is sent to an anger management seminar and Scott volunteers to go with her. Mind games ensue. And Scott gives a heart-felt speech about the value of some kinds of anger. Early Years fic.
Hit Women, Goats, and Other Vacation Blunders by L. Burke
Scott rescues a goat, Bobby gets a marriage offer from a Sheik, Warren faces the angry brothers of a girl he didn't date, and Jean wears a leather corset. Early Years fic.
Twinkies, Holdups, and Other Things That Aren't Good For You by L. Burke
One dead rat, one dim-witted 'bank' robber who accidentally holds up the pet store, and a snake that won't eat people. Oh, and Jean ends up with another traumatized study date. Early Years fic.
Tormenting Jean, Killer Robots, and Other Bad Ideas by L. Burke
Jean's study date is treated to Danger Room robots gone berserk and apparent ritual sacrifice in Xavier's living room. Early Years fic.
Friday-Night Guy Talk, Stalkers, and Other Strange Things by L. Burke
The boys spy via a telescope, and bond over pizza. Scott worries about the lipstick that won't come off. And Jean catches all of them at it. Early Years fic.
Bridesmaid Dresses, Slime, and Other Horrible Things by L. Burke
The Greys come to visit the school to see if they want to send their daughter there. Exploding basements, sentient slime, and a rude juvenile delinquent give them second thoughts. Early Years fic.
Sabbatical by RagePrufrock
"I've been watching a lot of CSI," John says, eyes crazy. Sequel to Shore Leave.
Shore Leave by RagePrufrock
Whipped, Jack thought, totally, totally whipped. Sequel to Summer House.
Summer House by RagePrufrock
Among the citizens of Eureka, Rodney McKay has a completely different sort of reputation.
One Life to Ascend To Shenanigans #3 by RagePrufrock
And just unforgiveable here. (aka the ancient soap opera AU)
One Life to Ascend To Shenanigans #2 by RagePrufrock
And worse. (aka the ancient soap opera AU)
One Life to Ascend To Shenanigans #1 by RagePrufrock
It gets bad. (aka the ancient soap opera AU)
One Life to Ascend To by RagePrufrock
"I can't believe he ascended the baby," Dr. Kavanagh says. (aka the ancient soap opera fic)
Irreconcilable Differences part one by RagePrufrock
Teyla and John are both hot-blooded women. (aka the BFF fic)
Intermission by RagePrufrock
"I really think if I go back, I might kill somebody," John said desperately. (aka the Celine Dion fic)
Personal Item by RagePrufrock
More Than by RagePrufrock
"John Sheppard, you utter moron! You're the only person in the world who could get caught in a hostage situation trying to deposit a check!" Hindsight AU.
Hindsight by RagePrufrock
Hindsight is at best, only 20/20.
Directional Theory by RagePrufrock
A voter, x, plotted at -1 as an expression of aggregate ideological beliefs, will be far more likely to vote for a candidate Z, located as point -8 on the ideological spectrum than candidate Y, located at point 1. (aka cheater!Rodney)
Rhodonea Curves by RagePrufrock
A family of curves. Bell Curve AU.
Pursuit Curve by RagePrufrock
If A moves along a known curve then P describes a pursuit curve if P is always directed towards A and A and P move with uniform velocities. Bell Curve AU.
Skew Curve by RagePrufrock
Rodney hates penguins. No, seriously. Bell Curve AU.
Curve Ball by RagePrufock
Rodney wouldn't be worried except that he knows John finds Canadians irresistible. Bell Curve AU.
Exponential Curves, or, Chance by RagePrufrock
"So I guess this is one of those times we should take the opportunity to discuss improving our communication," Rodney said, and his mouth twitched. Bell Curve AU.
Learning Curve, or, Tab by RagePrufrock
"Are you honestly still freaked by the club scene?" Bell Curve AU.
Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room by RagePrufrock
In his rational mind, Rodney knew that following a girl who'd just dumped you into a strip club was really, really pathetic.
Bang by RagePrufrock
YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE ALONE. (aka the -- accidentally -- abused!John fic)
#435, The Atlantis Local Stitch'n'Bitch Chapter by RagePrufrock
They stitch. They bitch. And Rodney steals a scarf.
! by RagePrufrock
In mathematics, the factorial of a non-negative integer n is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to n. Written as n! and pronounced "n factorial", or colloquially "n shriek", "n bang" or "n crit". (aka the Rodney/m/m/m mega-porn)
Visiting Hours by RagePrufrock
In which Metropolis stays weird. Sequel to Conflicts of Interest.
Conflicts of Interest by RagePrufrock
In which Clark is a not-so-mild-mannered reporter, Lex is a biological fugitive, and someone is mold.
The Fine and Subtle Art of Cardiology by RagePrufrock
"Oh, God," House whines. "Are you really going to make me ask you?"
Fibonacci by RagePrufrock
01123581321... (aka the hooker!Greg fic.)
Bruno Walton for Student Body President By RagePrufrock
It's not like Boots cares about Cave Theory, anyway.
Simple Simon - Creed Cascade
Mal starts to self-destruct after Inara announces she’s leaving and Simon decided to intercede.
Alpha Pride – Creed Cascade
Sequel to Alpha Tactics. Jim and Blair now struggle to lead their new people. AU Crossover with Andromeda.
Alpha Tactics - Creed Cascade
Blair is captured by his enemies and taken possession by Jim. AU Crossover with Andromeda.
Pack Evolution - Creed Cascade and Echos Revenge
Part Three of Pack series. Wolverine's boys grow up.
Pack Loyalties - Creed Cascade and Echos Revenge
Part Two of Pack series. Wolverine and Cyclops continue to deal with the new developments in their life.
Pack Rules - Creed Cascade and Echos Revenge
Part One of Pack series. Wolverine returns to the compound he escaped from and finds something he never expected.
Uncle Jack by Loves Bitch
Xander has never had the best home life. What happens when a long lost relative finds out?
Best Friends by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
Clark wins a trip to New York City. Lex takes care of business. Peter gets in touch with his Spidey side as he discovers mating season. Harry makes a decision. It's an educational experience for everyone.
Conflict of Interest by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
Without a Trace/NCIS crossover. Martin/Tony slash
Life by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
Queen of Swords fic. Doctor Helm makes a housecall and gets close to a Seer. Death chooses life. Methos/Marta
No Obstacle by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
Clark's lizard brain kicks in; Lex's Id sneaks up on him; Martha's had enough and Jonathan doesn't know what hit him.
Chaka by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
Chaka keeps Daniel from becoming lunch. Daniel/Chaka the Unas.
The Cure for the Common Zone-Out by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
Blair discovers two whole new ways for Jim to zone out, and Jim figures out how to cure them.
Surprise by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
Jim goes back to nature, and takes Blair on an unexpected trip. Blair then returns the favor.
Polarity by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
A current case opens the doors to Blair's past and creates a new dynamic in the Sentinel/Guide relationship.
Curveball by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
Life throws Jim and Blair a curveball, and Duncan and Methos help them deal with it.
Claimed by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
Blair accidentally distracts his class with a wardrobe malfunction.
Mine by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
Wolverine goes to extremes to protect Cyclops, with repercussions.
Maybe Not by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
Sequel to Maybe.
Maybe by Glacis (aka Brenda Antrim)
Maybe she made her choice. Maybe they were all they had left.
Year in the Life Series by Lisa Roquin
It begins with the revelation Loki didn't stop with creating a clone of Jack O'Neill. He created four children with cloning technology and various combinations of DNA from SG1 and Janet Frasier. Loki had also been experimenting with his own little breeding program 20 odd years before--that resulted in one Alexander LaVelle Harris. The insanity only builds from there. The stories are listed in order but each can stand alone. Consists of 12 main stories (some novel-length) and about a dozen short snippets.
Take A Long Line by Derry
Winchester isn't stupid. Dangerous, unpredictable and often reckless. But definitely not stupid. So why did Dean get himself arrested by the FBI?
Planes, Trains, And Bullies by OughtaKnowBetter
Bullies these days come with their own surface-to-air missiles.
Tug of War by OughtaKnowBetter
Several million people in LA, a few thousand criminals, two FBI agents, all battling over one mathematician.
Cipher by OughtaKnowBetter
Don and Charlie get involved with terrorists, the NSA, and the CIA.
Anything For Charity by OughtaKnowBetter
Thousands of illegal immigrants. Nine players on a baseball diamond. Three acres with a broken down hacienda. One city planner. And it all comes together!
Mind Of The Beholder by OughtaKnowBetter
Two thousand black sedans. Four FBI agents. Two kidnapped kids. One psychic.
Plague by OughtaKnowBetter
Bio-terrorism strikes the L.A. FBI headquarters.
Yield by OughtaKnowBetter
A not so prominent researcher is murdered. Was she the real target, or was it her obnoxious boss?
Failure by OughtaKnowBetter
Someone out there likes making the FBI look bad. They send Don Eppes and his team little clues to crimes just in time to miss apprehending the perps. But what's the real agenda?
Frontier Fleet by Gil Hale
Why would Vin think Chris is the enemy? Future AU.
Womack and the Hands of Blue by Gil Hale
A Sentinel AU based on an episode of (and is therefore a crossover with) Joss Whedon's Firefly.
In a Land of Shadow by Gil Hale
Blair is missing, Jim is desperate, Doyle's on a cliff edge, and Bodie's holding a fifteen-year-old grudge... so who's making love not war?
Tibbles to the Rescue by Gil Hale
In which Tibbles shows his heroic side, Blair has no more sense than a kitten, and Jim is Supercat.
Arnaud You Don't! by Gil Hale
Can a Sentinel sense an Invisible Man?
Fear by Gil Hale
Third story in the Hippy-Goldilocks GDP-ish crossover series.
Rogues by Gil Hale
Second story in the Hippy-Goldilocks GDP-ish crossover series.
You Watch the Hippy, I'll Take Goldilocks by Gil Hale
First Story in Hippy-Goldilocks series, a set of The Sentinel and The Professionals crossovers. (Includes elements of Susan Foster's GDP universe.)
Runners by Gil Hale
An ATF AU with Vin and Ezra as teens living on the street and JD a 10-year-old runaway they've taken under their care.
Demolition Men by Gil Hale
Jim and Chris dead? Vin is the only one who doesn't believe it. A sequel to The Compassion Trap.
The Compassion Trap by Gil Hale
Blair and Vin are lost to a secret from their past, but Jim and Chris find formidable help in each other while searching for their missing friends.
Aleatoric Paths To Destiny (1/14) by marge Shasberger
14 part AU about a Peter who never went to the Orphanage, but still became a Shaolin Cop.
Baohuren by Marge Shasberger
Book One of the Baohuren series by Marge Shasberger. Peter becomes a Shaolin Priest.