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Name: Brad Crawford
Code Name: Oracle
Age: 27
Height: 180cm
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Ability: Premonitions(or precognative)
Weapon: Gun
Likes: Money
Origin: American

He's ruthless, kind of reserved, and dedicated to his job. He is seen as the leader of Schwarz. Even with his power he can be taken by suprise at times. He tends to smirk when he thinks. He seems like the type that likes to be in contol, and doesn't seem to like being told what to do. His rival is Aya(Ran) Fujimiya.





Name: Schuldig
Real Name: Unknown
Code Name: Mastermind
Age: 22
Height: 180cm
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Ability: Telepathy
Weapon: Gun
Likes: Controling people
Origin: German
Affiliation: Schwarz

Schuldig is, simply put, a deranged trickster(no better way to say it). He enjoys messing with people's minds. He seems to kill without remorse. He is very fast, he can dodge both bullets and hits alike. He also seems to have a strange ability to leap from the balconies of tall buildings to the ground with no problems. His rival is Yoji Kudo.





Name: Farfarello
Real Name: Jei
Code Name: Berserker
Age: 20
Height: 180cm(?)
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Ability: Doesn't feel phyical pain
Weapon: Knives
Likes: Hurting God
Origin: Irish
Affiliation: Schwarz

He is the most insane member of Schwarz. He had a sad, and strangely interesting past. He lost his mind when he was very young. His parents and sister where killed when he was young and he blamed God. His aival is Ken Hidaka.





Name: Nagi Naoe
Code Name: Prodigy
Age: 15
Height: 160cm
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Ability: Telekinesis
Weapon: none
Likes: Tot
Origin: Japanese
Affiliation: Schwarz

The most innocent member of Schwarz, he doesn't seem very cold-hearted. He had a very cruel past, which is how he ended up with Schwarz. He is quiet, calm, and only cares about himself and Tot. He is pretty much the Omi of Schwarz, he uses the computer to find information for the group. His rival(suprise suprise) is Omi Tsukiyono.