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"My father always told me never to trust a person whose system of thought has a name." George Carlin, American Comedian




My name is Kubilay Ertuna and Natranism is the name of my personal philosophy which I had started to develop since 1999. The term Natranism was coined in April 1999 as an acronym that stands for Naturalism, Transhumanism, and Anarchism, which are the three components from which Natranism draws its principles. The philosophy is still in its embryonic stage and I shall be continuing to develop it as time allows.


Natranist philosophy can be characterized by the following attributes:



Naturalistic spirituality: Natranism is a naturalistic philosophy, i.e. it rejects the idea of the existence of supernatural beings or deities and affirms that the universe or nature is all that exists and is real, that nature is of a whole, and that we are part of the natural realm. Thus, Natranism derives its spirituality on wholly naturalistic grounds. It regards nature, life and the universe as the source and focus of religious and spiritual feelings. Nature is the proper object of reverence and joyful celebration, and regarded as the only real divinity with feelings of awe, belonging, and recognition of its tremendous power, beauty and mystery. These feelings are what constitute the experience of divinity. Natranism believes that such a regard for the cosmos is a very powerful and beneficial attitude to possess and with which to approach life. It sets the foundation for the overall positive and constructive attitude of Natranism. Natranism seeks to foster a mind that is alert to vibrant reality. The meaning of life is found in an individual's relationships with the cosmos and with other humans. Rather than in an afterlife and a place beyond death, Natranism asserts that here and now, in this life and in this place, the divine can be found and experienced face-to-face.


Transhumanist outlook: Natranism considers the complete realization of human personality and the achievement of happiness to be the purpose of a human's life. It encourages the individual to engage in a continuous search for self-improvement and self-transformation. People can acquire purpose in life and maximize their long-term happiness through developing their physical and mental talents, and using those talents for the service of humanity. Natranism believes in perpetual progress and holds a belief that humanity can take charge of its own evolution and develop in ways to enhance the quality of life through the intelligent application of science and technology. Natranism denies the assumption that human nature and the human condition is constant and unchanging, and affirms that it is possible and desirable to overcome all biological limitations so as to become even more than human. This means humans who have been augmented technologically to be physically stronger, mentally more intelligent, possessing longer life spans, even possibly living elsewhere in space. Natranism values constant learning and exploration, and seeks continual improvement, physically, intellectually, psychologically and ethically in ourselves and our societies.


Anarchist vision: Natranism seeks to progress towards an ideal conception of the just society as a free, democratic and universal society that is egalitarian politically, socially, and economically - wherein people cooperate voluntarily for mutual benefit. In this society, the separation between government and civil society has been removed by everyone governing themselves through direct democratic participation. Natranism supports social orders that foster freedom of speech, action and experimentation, and opposes discrimination and authoritarian social control. Natranism asserts that each individual is born free and asserts a belief in basic human rights such as the right to life, free thought, free speech and civil liberties integral to free enquiry, such as free press and voluntary association. Natranism asserts that social equality is the best context in which individual liberty can flourish and in which individuals can govern and manage themselves. Natranism hopes for a society in which war, poverty, crime and environmental degradation have ceased and where the natural and proper relationship between people is one of sympathy, affection, co-operation and harmony, as well as a respect for individual rights. The vision is of a society where each individual can belong, seek happiness and attain self-realisation in peace.



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Updated: March 11, 2004

by Kubilay Ertuna

Bangkok, Thailand