To be sure, in certain cities, as had been the case with Ko-ro-ba. Women were permitted status within the caste system and had relatively unrestricted existence. Indeed, in Ko-ro-ba, a woman might even leave her quarters without first obtaining the permission of a male relative or free companion, a freedom which was unusual on Gor. The women of Ko-ro-ba might even be found sitting unattended in the theater or at the reading of epics.
{Outlaw of Gor, pg. 49}



Keeper of the Kaverns

It stands to reason that as individuals we have beliefs and convictions that set us apart from each other, how boring life would be if we were all the same, however, there are standards that we must live by, our behaviour IS judged. A free woman has a responsibility to uphold that which keeps her free and I believe it is our honour that keeps us just that. There is a lot riding on making the 'right' decisions, choosing the 'correct' course of action and basically in our 'conduct'. We are taught at a very young age the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, truth and lies..honour guards us and guides us, we trust it and live by it. Anything less is unacceptable.


Keeper of the Kaverns
Mistress of kataya{Jae}







Kaverns Keeper
~Always in our hearts~

Rest with angels, dear Mistress

A woman of grace and perhaps some mystery, Fyree graced our Home with laughter and wit. She forever challenged us with her charm and sharp tongue. She pledged her duty to the Kaverns in June of 2002 and her memory will forever be a part of this Home.


Keeper of the Kaverns



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