"How powerful, and grand, were the men! How I wanted to please them, and knew that I must. They did not fear, or object to, masculine power. They delighted in it, reveled in it. It ennobled and exalted them. It made them great! It made them glorious!And had they not been such men, how could I have been such a woman?"
{Dancer of Gor ~ page 364} 

Owner of #Koroban_Kaverns
and #Writhing_Kajira
Slaver of Koroba
Owner of ja`lyssa{Sax} & kamna{Sax}

Saxus is a Slaver of Ko-ro-ba. He wanders freely around Gor, as He has for years now, filching a slave here or there when it suited Him *grin*. He is a fair Master who enjoys peace and serenity. He is not angered easily but will react when pushed too far. He offers a helping hand to most anyone who needs it and ensures their safety while in His home. He is a simple man, not overly interested in the everyday drama's you find often on Gor. He lets it roll off His back and just looks the other way. He keeps a well stocked servery and more than enough gorgeous slaves to see to the needs of the Free.



First Sword
Keeper of slaves
Personal Master of kai{Sav}





Second Sword of the Kaverns
Keeper of the Kaverns
Head of High Guard

A quiet and pensive man of sincere honour and respect, Lu`Kel can be described in many ways; charming, sexy, protective, teasing and intelligent... just a very few of his many facets.

Slim and muscular with a football players build ((that'd be soccer for those Stateside)), this dark-eyed, dark-haired English gentleman is, more than anything, a truly wonderful friend, always ready to listen, advise, comfort, distract and soothe, never asking anything in return... making his only flaw (besides that disturbingly appealing voice) that he is too generous with himself.

For years, Lu`Kel claimed Dalnet as his residence, but when he came upon Gor and the Kavern's, he felt he'd arrived home from a very long journey. Lu`Kel is now proud to be a High Guard and Keeper in his Homestone, Koroban Kaverns.

'My family and My homestone have provided Me with many hours of happiness. When My pet begged My collar I realised I am truly home, and that this is where My destiny lies. My pet fulfills My every need and I celebrate that I have found a girl with a pure kajira heart. is truly a rare find in a slave.'

You may judge and scorn the Goreans if you wish. Know as well, however, that they judge and scorn you. They fulfill themselves as you do not. Hate them for their pride and power. They will pity you for your shame and weakness. ~Beasts of Gor, page 11~



Ambassador of the Kaverns
Keeper of the Kaverns
Personal Master of lika_nala{A}

  Sits at his table with his ever present mug of blackwine, and nods a howdy---
"Welcome to Koroban Kaverns one and all. As an intro, let me say a few things. I'm a member of the High Guard, an watch over the folks here, with my sences an smarts. (Yes I do have a brain ......and shows you a Polaroid picture of it )

As the Jarls are Northern Free Men........ I'm a southern gentlemen by nature. Yet I will !!!... ( I cant stress that enough ) ....stand up in the name of Honesty and Respect; things I hold most dear. I'm a simple man an speak in simple terms in most cases.

I seen enough by now to laugh....... not at any one, but with..... Every thing, every one has a lighter spin. (Yea, an SOME folks are just plain clowns any way)

I can ..........and often do talk to any one; Free or slave alike, most anytime day or night. I'm also a quiet and meek sort. Yet mark me well my friend.

*Looks around the Kaverns and then looks at you evenly* "I see disrespect ?......I see danger to my home or family, or the ones I hold dear to me : ......I'll be in your face..............simple as that.

*Takes a sip of his Blackwine an looks back at you* "A fair warning, or friendly advice.....you make the call: Dont make me angry...............you wont like me when I'm angry "

Again I say welcome and enjoy your stay "




Keeper of the Kaverns
Personal Master of atiya{JMac}

A strong, quiet, yet proud Warrior with black eyes steps into the clearing and stands facing the Free and slaves of the Koroban Kaverns. His past well hidden as an air of mystery surrounds Him. His cloak, dark as midnight and lined with Warrior red, swirls about His muscular physique. Low on His hip a glint of

silver is visible and one can imagine the battles won with His sword. A glimpse inside His mind reveals His penchant for Honor, above all as He stands firmly behind the code of the Warrior. He commands respect with a glare and receives it with lowered eyes. He values courage and will protect all that is His with a fierce sense of strength and ability. Many a slave has begged His steel but none, save one, has been granted the privilege. His girls should be beautiful, loyal, and intelligent. He tolerates no disobedience and is swift to punish should the need arise. To know Him is to respect Him. To wear His steel is to be privileged. To be in His presence is to be honoured.

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