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The Heart of the Cards

Thank you for visiting The Heart of the Cards!  I am working hard to bring you the best Yu-Gi-Oh site on the web.  If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or you want to bring something to my attention, please E-mail me.


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     Welcome to the Heart of the Cards.  There aren't too many Yu-gi-oh websites about the anime.  It seems that everywhere on the web, some one is trying to sell you cards.  Well I got really sick of that.  I'm working to make this site the best site for the anime.  You can always stop here for great character bios, accurate episode guides, fun downloads, and much more!  We hope you trust in the Heart and visit us a gain soon...


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     Ending 2 is up on the openings and closings page.  Just two more to go and they all will be up.  Also Episode 30 is up on the Episode Guide.  I have Screen shots for this episode too.  Check them out.  It's one of the best episodes ever.




     I added a Pharaoh's Servant and Labyrinth of Nightmare page in the card database.  I am going to start a section called upcoming news.  It will have a section for the anime, cards, and the manga.  It will feature actual news and I will try to post most of the information here.




     Not much just uploaded the 4th Opening (The Warriors one).  It is available for download at the openings and closings page.  Just a note about the downloads: They are on a separate account for Bandwidth and when Bandwidth runs out, it runs out.  I don't care because I'm not downloading from there.  So be nice.  Download only once so others can get a turn.  Enjoy.




     Well....More Character guide up.  A little more episode review.  That's mainly it.  I'm working on uploading the music and the rest of the Intos and Closings.  I'll have them up ready to download really soon.




     I know the god card pictures weren't working at first, but their fine now.  (Just a little bad quality.  I don't know how that happened.)  I also had fun and made a version 2.0 Heart of the Cards.  (You are there right now.)  Later in the series (Around ep 150) Mai is put under a spell.  When we get closer to that episode it will be the main home page.  For now it's under Version 2.0.  Tell me which one you like better.  Also Added Pegasus to Character Guide and added some pictures too.


     Oh Yah.  **Drum Roll** I finished the Millennium item page!!  Well, except for pictures.  But I'm looking for some.




     Sorry about not updating in the last few days.  My family went a couple hundred miles north of where we live for the weekend and up there, there really is no way to get to a computer, much less the internet.  Anyways, updated for the Character Guide.  Also I'm still working on the short episode summaries all 160 episodes should be up soon!  I also finished the God Card page.  The info is a collection from everywhere and the pictures were made by Yugioh Quarters.  So thank them.




     I got Screen Shots for Episode 47 done.  I also decided to make a mini Episode Guide.  It will have just a paragraph about each episode and a picture to go along with it.  That way you can see what happens without having to read the whole thing.  (You can if you want to.)




     Freedom!!! School got out yesterday though I haven't worked that hard on the site yet.  I got ep reviews for 28 & 29 up.  I'm working my way up to 158!  Also I'm working on screen shots for episode 47, The second part of the Dungeon Dice Monsters saga.  (164 SS!!!)  I have only 7 more episodes to use before I need to download more to make screen shots...  If anyone knows a great place to download full Yugioh Episodes (besides Kazaa) I would love to know.  E-mail me.  (darklight102001 at  Oh yah, new splash page.  Also added a link to see it.  (It's really simple then but I haven't had much time.)




     Well I got the LOB "not-so-spoiler" up.  And also the summary for the First Yugioh Movie in Japan.  And as always, working on more screen shots and episode reviews.  I think the website is 5 % done now.  (If you don't count uploading for hours.)




     Ah finals!!!  Why does my brain hurt so?  Anyways, I got screen shots for Episode 149 thanks to  Most of you know that I normally make my own screen shots but I really like this episode and I don't have it.  So I'm temporarily using the screen shots he took.  When I get the episode, (and get un-lazy), I'll make my own.  But for now.  All 196 SS for ep 149 have been uploaded to my angelfire account.  Enjoy!  As for me, my brain is full.  (Oh!)  I also made a card restriction page. 




     Well, I finished the Screen Shots for Episode 30.  They're up now.  Also I noticed the coolest thing ever.  In Episode 2, Grandpa is hanging up a poster for the upcoming Duelist Kingdom Tournament.  On it, there is a picture of a Black Luster Soldier facing off with a Harpies Pet Dragon.  During the Duel with Mai, Yugi has a Black Luster Soldier and Mai has a Harpies Pet Dragon.  I thought that that was the neatest thing I've ever discovered!  Both Episodes 2 & 30 are up so check it out!




     Again, sorry for the lack of updates and addition to The Heart of the Cards this week.  I have finals for school all this week and next week, a lot of studying to do!  Anyway, I'm working on screen shots for Episode 30, the Second part of Yugi's Duel with Mai.  It is one of my favorite episodes.  Look for the pics by the end of the week!




     Sorry for the lack of many updates.  My family decided at the last minute to go somewhere for Memorial Day weekend.




     I added a music page.  There are not downloads yet but you can see the info about it for now.  It's not complete.  Also Ep 27 is up the affiliate section is completed.




     I uploaded the first Ending to the Opening and Closing page.  I also made a spoiler for Legacy of Darkness (LOD) in the Card Database page.  There have been announcements of 3 more booster sets coming out in the US as well as a Second Yugi Starter Deck.  They should all be out this year!  So if you have the money...  There have been reports of LOD cards out already but most of them are fakes and you should NOT buy them.  The real set is supposed to come out next month.  They feature some exciting new cards that add quite a twist so check out Card Database for more information.