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Heart of the Cards


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     Disclaimer:  I do not own Yugioh or any part of the Yugioh franchise.  This is a fan site.  I am a fan, this is my site.  Therefore this is a fan site.  (Try to keep up...)  Upon entering, you are agreeing not to hold me accountable for any problem you might find.  You can not pull a legal thing on me.  (You can't sue.)  Also you will need to find someone else to blame for your problems.  The Yugioh franchise, and everything that has to do with Yugioh, is copyrighted to, and owned by Kazuki Takahashi.  I am NOT Kazuki Takahashi.  Therefore I do NOT own Yugioh, but Kazuki Takahashi does.   This is all his.  Hurray for Kazuki Takahashi!!!  Thank you.  You may now enter...