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A Photographic Gallery of Somerset's Orthoptera

Grasshoppers , Crickets and Groundhoppers

This site was inspired by the lack of photographs available on the internet of British Orthoptera. The photographs on this site have all been taken in the Somerset and Bristol region by Simon Mackie. Images will be uploaded as new species are found and photographed.

I'm an amateur naturalist and photographer with other web sites to my name , including one showcasing the areas' birds , another local orchids and one covering my nearest nature reserve at Stockwood. Links to these are at the bottom of this page.

The images on this site are of a large size , this is to show details in close-up. Therefore please be patient when viewing an image , they may take a few seconds to load.

Many thanks go to Jeff Holmes for his expert knowledge in finding many of the species photographed and for putting up with me in the field.

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    The images

  • Common Green Grasshopper Omocestus viridulus
  • Common Green Grasshopper - Purple Form Omocestus viridulus
  • Meadow Grasshopper Chorthippus parallelus
  • Meadow Grasshopper - Purple Form Chorthippus parallelus
  • Field Grasshopper - Male Chorthippus brunneus
  • Field Grasshopper - Female Chorthippus brunneus
  • Field Grasshopper - Colour Variants Chorthippus brunneus
  • Mottled Grasshopper - Male Myrmeleotettix maculatus
  • Mottled Grasshopper - Female Myrmeleotettix maculatus
  • Mottled Grasshopper - Male (Green Form) Myrmeleotettix maculatus
  • Lesser Marsh Grasshopper - Male Chorthippus albomarginatus
  • Lesser Marsh Grasshopper - Female Chorthippus albomarginatus
  • Woodland Grasshopper - Male Omocestus rufipes
  • Woodland Grasshopper - Female Omocestus rufipes
  • Rufous Grasshopper - Male Gomphocepippus rufus
  • Rufous Grasshopper - Female Gomphocepippus rufus
  • Stripe-Winged Grasshopper - Male Stenobothrus lineatus
  • Stripe-Winged Grasshopper - Female Stenobothrus lineatus
  • Dark Bush-cricket - Male Pholidoptera griseoaptera
  • Dark Bush-cricket - Female Pholidoptera griseoaptera
  • Grey Bush-cricket Platycleis albopunctata
  • Bog Bush-cricket - Male Metrioptera brachyptera
  • Bog Bush-cricket - Female Metrioptera brachyptera
  • Roesel's Bush-cricket - Male Metrioptera roeselii
  • Roesel's Bush-cricket - Female Metrioptera roeselii
  • Great Green Bush-cricket - Male Tettigonia viridissima
  • Great Green Bush-cricket - Female Tettigonia viridissima
  • Oak Bush-cricket - Male Meconema thalassinum
  • Oak Bush-cricket - Female Meconema thalassinum
  • Speckled Bush-cricket - Male Leptophyes punctatissima
  • Speckled Bush-cricket - Female Leptophyes punctatissima
  • Long-Winged Conehead - Male Conocephalus discolor
  • Long-Winged Conehead - Female Conocephalus discolor
  • Short-Winged Conehead - Male Conocephalus dorsalis
  • Short-Winged Conehead - Female Conocephalus dorsalis
  • Common Groundhopper Tetrix undulata
  • Slender Groundhopper Tetrix subulata

  • Environmental recorders have labelled the Large Marsh Grasshopper as nationally vulnerable. The status of Britain's largest and rarest grasshopper in Somerset is officially unclear. The Large Marsh grasshopper lives exclusively on floating acid bogs of which there are scant few in the county. The species is also the focus of a Biodiversity Action Plan , something only given to flora or fauna in peril. The images below of both male and female were taken in Dorset , one of the only places in Britain the Large Marsh has a toehold. As far as Somerset goes - we're still looking.

  • Large Marsh Grasshopper - Male Stethophyma grossum
  • Large Marsh Grasshopper - Female Stethophyma grossum
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