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TO PADDY McGILL...The Wooden Overcoat

Paddy McGill

There was a man from Donegal, his friends they called him "PADDY",

Twenty fags he smoked a day, when he was just a laddie,

He started smoking as a boy, I tell you this is true,

He puffed and puffed, sometimes gasped, sometimes would turn blue,

He's tried and tried so many times, to give the smoking up,

Fifty fags a day is all he smokes and that is quite a cut,

He's been told so many times to take his fags and shove it,

He said "You know I cant do that because you know I love it",

The doctor said "Give smoking up,get rid of all your snout",

He said your heart is "OK, but your lungs will have to come out",

Just think of all the damage to your heart, lungs and throat,

Please give it up before we send for your "WOODEN OVERCOAT"

By Daniel Mc Rae

Sadly Paddy McGill GM3MTH passed away a few years back ...

Always remembered,

Your old pal.

Les Hamilton GM3ITN