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Ailsa Craig DXpeditions

Ailsa Craig also known as "Paddy's Milestone" as it is halfway between Dublin and Glasgow and was passed many times with the Irish emigrants who settled in the Glasgow area in the last centuries.
It is all that is left of a volcanic plug made up mostly of micro-granite and used in the making of the world's best curling stones.
Ailsa is 1114 feet high and is 3/4 mile long by 1/2 mile wide and is 9 1/2 miles out from Girvan on the Ayrshire coast.

The 150 metre cliffs of Ailsa CraigGB2AC

Our First dxpedition to Ailsa Craig was in July 1959

Ailsa Craig

GM3ITN-Les Hamilton, SWL-David Smith, GM3KBZ-Jim Dunlop, GM3LYS-Duncan McCansh.

GM3ITN, GM3LYS and GM3KBZ over 50 odd years ago

QSL card and granite rock from Ailsa Craig 1959

Second DXpedition April 1988


GM0FHJ, GM3UTQ, GM4FDM over 20 odd years ago..........GB0AC/GB8AC QSL CARD

Ann Bowker's brilliant pictures of Ailsa Craig click here