Summer 2007
Vol. 15 No. 2
"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous" - Aristotle

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Nature Area Happenings
by Margarete Hasserodt

In March, with the help of Tom Luley and Ingo Hasserodt, we installed four more birdhouses. Now we have a total of seven, all visible when you walk the Meadow Trail. We were delighted to notice the first Tree Swallows flying around and doing their acrobatic exercises in the air.

In early April the weather turned very cold. Granddaughter Ursula O'Connor noticed the first dead swallow on the ground when she placed painted wooden letters on the boxes for easier identification. We found three more dead ones; apparently all must have died of cold and starvation. We were very dismayed and learned later what had happened to migrant birds in an article, "Reflections on the Spring Chill", published by Julie Craves and reprinted here.

Opening day, May 5th, was very successful. Thanks to our bird tour guides, Carol and Dave Morse and Terry Ann Laesser, visitors identified 24 species of birds, ducks and geese. We will publish the total list in a later edition of The Voyageur. Even a mink has been seen on some occasions.

  • The Boy Scout troop 1261 , Den 9, experienced a wonderful morning hike in May.
  • On May 24th, spawning Spotted Gar Pikes again entertained some visitors. We were told that fish sometimes travel 100 miles or more to the same spot to perform this ritual.
  • Robert Kruse stopped by with a basket full of Yellow Flag iris plants.
  • In June, the Grosse Ile Evening Garden Club enjoyed an evening picnic with a short walk around the main trail.
  • The "Red Hat Ladies" visit was another success. Barbara Leeper made the arrangements.
  • In July, the participating children from the G.I. Recreation Department/YWCA's Science Discovery Camp voted on their last day, that the Nature Area visit was the best experience of the week.
  • In August, the children from the DelRay summer camp will enjoy their 3rd annual visit. As usual, the local Rotary Club sponsors this bus trip.
    A morning visit by Kiddie Kampus Daycare is also on the schedule for August.
  • Kevin McHugh is finishing his Eagle Scout project. He built 8 benches and had beautiful plaques made with the names of all the donors or honorees. They will be placed for your convenience while visiting the Nature Area.

Don't forget, the American Lotus is beginning to bloom now. Viewing this water plant, a "protected flower" in Michigan, is a sight one will not so easily forget. They are very sensitive to their environment and have been known to disappear and come back many years later, when the conditions are right.

We hope the information about our Grosse Ile Nature Area will enrich your knowledge about the very special place in which we live.

Kevin McHugh, Eagle Scout candidate, preparing one site for a bench