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<bgsound src="" loop=infinite> Hey I'm Andy the owner and creater of this wonderful site. It's mainly about Electronics and D and D (Dungeons and Dragons for all you poor souls out there) Most people think of the movie Dungeons and Dragons when someone says that but the movie was a very bad impresion of Dungeons and Dragons as the game is alot more fun (and only involves dice and a creative DM and PC's)
The music that is playing right is by my favourite band Blind Guardian and i tell you download their songs they rock
More stuff will up soon so come back!

Good sites

D and D: A part of my site explaining D and D in brief A very nice site: wizards of the coats created. D and D. Magic: the gathering. A great site with heaps of SNES and NES roms and emulators A nice site of upcoming authors and people who write for relief

Stuff up soon