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Invasion 2013
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For a better Simulator experience, close all other apps & programs, and fullscreen your browser. This simulator works in all latest/updated major browsers(Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome & Firefox - and is compatible with Internet Explorer & Firefox the most). If you have Flash Block installed, Turn it off to hear the sounds.

1# Don't let your Enemy get away. Kill him before he slips past you. You have to kill atleast 60% of the enemy fighter formation to achieve your Goals. Or in other words, once the 5th enemy gets past you, the battle is LOST!
2# Watch your altitude! Don't get below 150 meters.
3# Don't crash into the Enemy! Maintain a respectable distance as there may be an explosion from supersonic shockwaves eventhough there may or may not be physical contact between the planes.
4# You can fire the Space based laser just once. So use it smartly.
5# You only have a limited number of R-27 Air-Air Missiles. Hence use them sparingly.
6# A MiG-29B is a highly maneuverable fighter which can air-break and appear to even go backwards instantaneously, but can only guide a single R-27 Missile with its N-019EB Non-Warsaw-Pact Export Radar. If a second missile is launched when the first missile is in flight, then the N-019EB radar starts to guide the second missile to its target, leaving the first missile to self destruct. The fighter has 6 underwing hardpoints and can carry 2 R-27 missiles in the inner most wing hardpoint on each wing. In this simulator, the MiG-29 is souped up to carry 3 R-27s on each hardpoint using multiracks thus carrying 18 missiles.
7# Watch the Radar for information on the enemy fighters' type and position.
8# Use your mouse(or touchpad, or the touchscreen) to fly your MiG-29. However its highly recommend to use the Mouse to fly the plane, over touchpad and touchscreen.
9# Click your left mouse button(or the left touch pad button(or double tap the touch pad), or the touch screen equivalent for the left mouse click) to launch the R-27.
10# And lastly - Defeat the enemy formations 3 times to gain Air-Supremacy over enemy airspace, and win the war!

That's it. Buckle up and, Fly the MiG-29B Fulcrum!
MiG-29 Simulator - Planned, Conceived and Made by

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