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" Palestinian parents will never condone their children throwing stones at human beings, especially at ' armed ' Israelis. Nor will Israeli parents, cognizant of the Holocaust, ever condone their children denigrating a people, especially ' unarmed ' Palestinians. " Mr. Roger M. Christian, The Ithaca Journal, March, 2003, Ithaca, New York. A call to those who realizes the public sector ( political ) can not fulfill all the needs, or means necessary to accomplish the objective of regional stablization of the Middle East. Let alone a workable peace treaty. Thus, it is becoming clearer, the private sector and its socioeconomic dynamics should be implementing those objectives to develop free trade, and to enhance the regional economic expectations FIRST. Why FAIR: The Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation is based upon the idea that mutual discovery, and the resulting sociocultural awareness, of commonality between peoples is where the main work is for the promotion of peace. Thus one of FAIR's main guideline is " NO " political or hostile rethoric what - so - ever. The conditions for peace, historically, and the working foundations to promote it, largely has come by those on both sides who do not desire to have their interest held hostage to the public political sector, especially within the operating dynamics of Middle East politics. Moreover, as the central aspects of personal security is also involved, hate related rethoric, which has been shuned by both the Israeli and Arab private sector, is not condoned within this guideline. The conditions for discovery is manisfested by the sociocultural environmental conditions which allow a larger degree of personal freedom to explore, and focus on cross cultural experiences. It is here, where family networks are found to be more important than political discussions, and from which the other issues of free trade also enters. These conditions are the historic causes for any experienced prosperity within the region, as it allow the private sector to secure for itself within the normal market dynamics of a people in producing a society. Therefore career expectations, then, and only then, have already proven to be a major ally to combat the present political rethoric which has, already, fustrated so many individuals within the Middle East to raise a family, and to " create a life." Keywords=" Arab, Israeli, Palestinian, Peace, Middle East, Free Trade, Israel, Syria, Eygpt, Iraq, Lebanon, Lybia, Saudi Arabia, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Nabulus, Jerico, Bethleham, Jerusalem, Haifa, Jordan, Aman, Yemen, Iran, Rome, Paris, London, Moscow, Buffalo, Washington,D.C., New York City."