Welcome to my personal art page.

Please note all of this art has been created by me. I don't mind criticism, but if you wish to add my art to your collection please DO NOT claim it as your own. DO NOT distribute, link or use it in any way shape or form with out my permission. If you would like to ask permission please contact me via E-MAIL. I didn't steel and don't see why anyone else should have to. Remeber to despam the e-mail.

NOTE: Some of the links listed down bottem and my art might be 18+ meterial. if you are NOT 18 year of age or older please hit the BACK button and enjoy the rest of my page, which is all ages.

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More will be posted as I scan them.

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The wonderful world of furries.

My Furry Code
FCFm3a A- C- D++ H+ M- P++ R+ T+++ W Z- Sm++ RLA/BM/CT/M/RB a21 clnuw++++$ d- e+ f- h+ iwf++++ j+++ p- sm+


My Furry Ego
Name: Kiyo
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 130lbs
Species: Lupine (Red Fox)
Eye Color: Deep Blue
Muzzle & Belly color: Pure White
Piercings: Top Left Ear + Apadrovya
Sexual Pref.: Either
(what should I add? Tell ME )

This one wasn't drawn by me. I recently went to an anime converntion and had someone draw it for me. So it is ME, just not done BY me. ~_^

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