Love Hina

Magic / Science Fiction
Sexual Content
Love / Drama
Mid-Evil War
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Love Hina O.R. 9:

Incoming, flying 21 year old boy!!! *ducks while Kintaro whisks by* ...well now. You'll be seeing a lot of that in this anime series. That poor boy gets beaten on over and over again by Naru and the other girls at the Hinata apartments. Well, who wouldn't beet the crap out of a boy staying at an all girls apartment home. Even his Anti Haruka smacks him every time he calls her "anti". But he can't let this get to him. Kintaro promised a little girl from his past that they would one day meet again at Tokyo University and fall in love together. The only problem is that he has failed the entrance exams 3 times, but Naru and the girls want to help.

What's this ??? Kintaro has feelings for Naru? What about Senobu's feelings for Kintaro? With Su's crazy machines will they even live long enough to get this mess cleared up? Will he be able to finally pass the test with Naru's and the girl's help? Or will they beet him senseless before he gets another shot at the entrance exams?

This comedy / love drama will stay with you for a while. It has its laughs and OH there are a lot of them, but it also has a strong story behind it as well. Expect to watch this series a few times with out getting old. You'll find new jokes you didn't notice and deeper story points that are hidden on a first viewing. Also expect to cry, both from laughter and from love, this anime is in a field of it's own.

Series Length: 6 DVDs (24ep)