His and Her Circumstances

Magic / Science Fiction
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Love / Drama
Mid-Evil War
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His and Her Circumstances O.R. 8:

Yukino Miyazawa is addicted to attention and being a young high school student who lives and strives to have everyone praising her at all times has to work her ass off to get it. Unfortunately she's a total fake, she puts on an act at school to make herself appear the way everyone "wants" her to look like and to act. At home she is a slob, loves reading books about how to make it rich, doesn't care about anything but being lazy and rarely dresses up for anything at all. A perfect girl at school and a run of the mill girl once she arrives home, although these are two totally different worlds she has always been #1 until the first day of high school she meets her match, Souichirou Arima.

At first they are bitter rivals, then friends, then more then friends but not yet a couple, then finally boyfriend and girlfriend. How did this all happen? They both end up discovering the hidden secret about one another and realize that they are actually the same! Through this they start to grow on each other and decide to throw away their "masks" and show their real sevles to the world. Will their relation ship last? Will they finally make real friends at school? What if Miyazawa's competitive nature takes over once again? Did I also mention Arima has almost every girl in the school after him for a date? Then there's Asaba and Tsubasa, which are problems in them selves.

His and Her Circumstances is a crazy high school love drama from the creators of famous animes such as Evangelion, Slayers and Nadesico have put together an amazing display of how everyone in one person's life has a story and has been through something at one time of another and how all these story intertwine. This isn't your average drama, expect to ask a lot of questions towards the end and have extra time on your hands because you're going to want to see multiple episodes in one sitting.