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To Contact A Companion Dragon

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This meditation ritual should be started on the first night of the waxing moon, when the first crescent is visible. It should be repeated every night until the full moon, by which time you should feel the presence of your new friend. If you do not, don't be alarmed. Wait until the next waxing period and begin again. If you still have no success, it is possible that you are not attuned to dragons, but may instead be attuned to another species (i.e. unicorns, gargoyles, Gryphons, wyverns, etc.)

If that is the case, simply change the word "dragon" to that of the species you wish to contact instead. Also remember that though this ritual is loosely designed from a Pagan perspective, it can (and should) be easily modified to accommodate any belief structure. Also, feel free to modify this ritual in whatever way seems best for you. Not all of the items mentioned *have* to be used... or even used at all. As with many things in magic, all that is required is the Will to succeed.

Needed Items:

1) One red candle
2) Cinnamon Incense
3) Friendship potion
4) One dragon (or appropriate species) figurine or statue

Perform normal circle casting ritual

Step 1. Inscribe the candle with the following runes, while concentrating on your desire to contact a Dragon companion:

Meaning of the Runes:

1) Uruz: to draw new situations into your life
2) Eolh: to promote friendships
3) Gifu: to promote positive partnerships
4) Fehu: to send energy out into the formative spheres

Step 2. Anoint the candle with the potion and chant 3 times:
Dragons of power, Dragons of Light,
Dragons of wisdom, Dragons of Might,
Lend me your magic; lend me your aid,
Lend me your guidance as this spell is made!

Step 3. Replace the candle in its holder and light. Then light the incense and say:
I give this fire and this incense in offering to all of Dragonkind, may you consider me worthy of your companionship.

Step 4. Pick up the dragon figurine and pass it carefully through the candle flame and the incense smoke and say:

This sacred fire and this holy incense drive out all
Unwanted influences, both positive and negative, in
This figure leaving it clean and pure.

Anoint the figure with a few drops of the friendship potion and say:

I draw the blessings of Dragonkind upon this
Figure, that it may be a worthy dwelling for
The Dragon who chooses to honor me with its Friendship.

Step 5. Place the figure on the altar and say:

In the name of all that is good and just, I ask a boon of Dragonkind. If there is one among you who finds me worthy and of Promise, accept this token of my friendship. And I offer my bond that should you choose to share your knowledge with me, I will Treasure it as a precious gift, of greater value than gold. Your companionship I will cherish second to none. For the rest of my life I will work to bring an understanding of Dragons back to the world. Of your magic, this I will use for the betterment of my family, friends, and world, and to protect and defend those who cannot do so themselves when it is right and proper to do so. This I pledge on my life and honor.

Step 6. Meditate on you desire for companionship. Concentrating on the honor and reverence you have for Dragonkind (or appropriate species) for several minutes. Let the candle burn its self out. If this is not possible, let it burn for at least an hour before extinguishing. Replace the candle with another when it is used up.

After you have made contact, don't be concerned if you have trouble communicating in words with your friend. For many people this ability takes time to develop. Generally, communication from your friend to you begins empathetically: "feeling" their presence; getting an impression of their emotional responses to your questions, comments, or actions (i.e. agreement, disagreement, approval/yes or disapproval/no...), or you may "see" image translations of actions and such. Don't get discouraged, but continue to talk to them as you would any other friend. Like learning a new language, you will begin to develop the ability to "hear" and understand them in your mind as you would learn to understand another language.

**Note: this ability is easier to develop if you believe that telepathy with another species is possible. Otherwise you will never learn how. And even if you don't ever get to the point of verbal communication with your new friend, don't worry. You will develop an efficient satisfying means of communication.

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