Notes for new readers concerning the 'Seabreeze Situations' Angel/Host series.

This series was started not long after the second season of 'Angel' began airing. The Host caught my eye within the first five seconds of the first episode - when we saw the camera close on a green skinned, red eyed, horned creature and drew back, expecting carnage. Instead, we got 'I Will Survive' :) I started thinking about this pairing, as did a number of others, at their first meeting when the demon in question summed up his opinion of Angel with the phrase 'Smart *and* cute.' My first A/H stories were written within the first few episodes. We knew almost nothing about the Host at this point.

Which leads to the point of this little addendum. Now, some four months after the release of 'A Voice Alone' (#1 in my series), as the last few episodes of 'Angel' season 2 have recently aired... we know a lot more about this guy than we did. A lot of what we know makes me look at my book of scribbled-out pages and feel thankful I edited a lot out. [grin] In particular... our demon has a name. Unsurprisingly, it's different from what *I've* been calling this guy in my stories. As yet, we don't know whether canon will now call him by his real name, or keep him as just 'the Host'. In my non-Seabreeze stories, sometimes he's 'Lorne', sometimes he's just 'the Host', depending on the story and my mood at the time of writing it. ;)

Now, it didn't take a genuis to work out that this might happen - he was obviously a wildly popular character, and they had to give him a background at some point. The name he gives Angel in story #1 is, as he says, what people call him, not his real name. So it doesn't exactly contradict canon. In short, as you read the stories (and I'm hoping that you still want to after I've rambled on here)... know that not all of it fits in with what's now been established as canon. It starts out more or less at the beginning of season 2, but sets out into it's own timeline after the first few. The major storylines of season 2 - Darla, Drusilla, and Angel's brief time of not giving a damn - didn't happen. Cordy, Wes and Angel are still good friends, and Gunn is occasionally around, but not the permanent resident he later became - primarily because this author just can't get to grips with him. :) (addendum: yet. I'm working on it.)

Having said all that, I have used the newer episodes to try and keep the characters in, well, character. :) Speech, mannerisms, dress and various other affectations have been noted and, for the most part, used. Details of the Host's past are being worked into the storyline, I promise. I may or may not address the name issue in a future story... we'll just have to see. I have no idea where this series is heading, any more than you do :) I initially thought there might be three, maybe four stories to write. Cleo, Beloved Betareader, has #17 in her hands as I write this. It's pure self-indulgence, but this particular universe has captured my imagination like none of my other Host stories have.

If you're still here... enjoy the stories. Please let me know what you think of them.

May/June 2001

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