All Scipture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.
  —2 Tim. 3:16-17

Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.
  —1 Tim. 4:16

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In agreement with the Cambridge declaration


My theological journey
Why theology matters
Axiom used: The Bible is inerrant and infallible

Doctrines of the faith

Sola Scriptura: The necessity, sufficiency, authority, preservation, perspicuity of Scripture ( Available in PDF format here)
(Part 2) Sola Scriptura and Creeds, Confessions and Tradition
Scripturalism and the Canon of Scripture

On the Covenant of Works
A Defence of the Imputation of the Active Obedience of Christ to believers, against New Covenantal Theology
2 Cor. 5:21 and the imputation of Christ's righteousness

Christian soteriology: The 5 points of Calvinism
Alternate theories on relation between justification, faith & works?
Why Calvinism has nothing to do with fatalism
On the heresy of Classical Arminianism
Difference between Classical and Evangelical Arminianism

Does God have two wills? — A Review of the book by C. Matthew McMahon on the topic with regards to the Will of God relating to Salvation, and the refutation of Amyraldism and Neo-Amyraldism as seen in the doctrine of 'Common Salvific Grace' and the 'Well-meant Offer'
The Archetypal/ Ectypal distinction and Clarkian Epistemology

An analysis of the heresy of Hyper-Calvinism in the error of Eternal Justification

The Crux of the Gospel

The (non)-problem of evil

A Primer on the topic of Law and Gospel (IMPT!)
A Primer on the topic of Assurance of Salvation

The eternal and transcendent purpose of the Law
On the Law of God — The Mosaic Law in light of the Gospel of Christ

Adressing the topic of Divine Impassibility

An exegesis of some misquoted/ misapplied verses

Theological Articles

Reformation 500: The Five Solas

Response to "An Evangelical Statement on the Trinity"

The Gospel and its proclamation (IMPT!!)
The Gospel of Sola Fide
Is the contemporary Gospel "Another Gospel" — General article at

A rebuttal of Neo-Amyraldism with a focus on the misquotation of John Bunyan's writings

Refusing to love the truth

We shouldn't judge people, right?
Sequel: On the judging of heretics

Can you really tell a tree by its fruit — or was Christ lying? by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon of
Discernment in an Age of Deception by Bob DeWaay

If people are coming to know Christ through this program, should we not criticize it? (A look at one of the tenents of the church growth movement)
Is good intention a good excuse for being wrong?

The Doctrine of Separation
A debate on the Doctrine of Seperation with Frank Turk (Centuri0n) - 2011

Articles on the purpose-driven movement, Seeker sensitivity, Church Growth Movement (CGM)

On the Efficaciousness of Prayer — Does prayer operates ex opere operato?

God, the Author of Sin and Metaphysical Distanciation: A Brief Rebuttal of Vincent's Cheung Theodicy
Vincent Cheung and 18th century English Hyper Calvinism
Some practical problems with Cheung's heresies

On Singapore Church History


A Brief Analysis of Michael Polanyi's view of Personal Knowledge
Christianity and Metanarratives
The epistemic priority of logic


Evaluating Kazoh Kitamori''s Doctrine of the Atonement (May 2012)
Fiducia and the Anatomy of Faith (Jan 2013)
Gender Roles: Ordained Order of Mankind towards the Creator (Jun2012)
James 5:1-6 — An NT Imprecation Against Injustice (Feb2013)
Mainline Presbyterianism and Reformed Piety (Feb 2012)
Preaching to the Three-Fold Image of God (Dec2010)
Science as Paradigmatic: A Critical Analysis of Thomas S Kuhn's View of Normal Science (May2011)
The Apologetic Import of the Autopistia of Scripture (Dec2010)
The Marriage Bond and Covenant (May2013)
The Prophetic Portrayal of Judgment against King Jeroboam (Jun2012)
The Receiving of the Spirit: Monergism in Gal. 3:1-5 (May2011)
The Special Office of the Church (May2013)
The Submission, Authority and Glory of the Son (Dec2011)

Church Polity

[PDF] Did all presbuteroi proclaim God's Word? by Brian R. Keller
Exposition of 1 Tim. 5:17 — On the office(s) of elders

On Church Polity

On worship

Exclusive Psalmody?
Instruments in worship?

Practical theology

COVID19 and the Necessity of the Church

On Reformed Piety (in comparison and contrast with Evangelical piety)

Abortion: Sacrificing to Molech
Babel, the Curse of Confusion, and the Blessing of Discord
Christianity and the Culture War
Ignorance, Scholarship, Authority and Autonomy
On Celebrity Christianity
On speaking the truth in love
On the Christian Sabbath — with a particular defence against the claims of strict Sabbatarianism.
      Also contains a short writeup on the role of the Law in the entirety of Scripture
People will listen to you when they know you care for them?

The Problem with "Marketplace Ministries"

On "The Evils of Public Education"


Reflections on Don A. Carson talks at the Living Word Conference 2008
Reflections on Prof Peter Jones' talk in Singapore 2009

Analysis and refutations of heresies

Charismatism/ Third Wave / Latter Rain
Roman Catholicism

On the Seventh Day Adventists

Contra Feminism
No "third way" - Against social egalitarianism (soft complementarianism) - Review of "Beyond Authority and Submission" by Rachel Green Miller

The heresy of Open Theism

Contra "Asian Theology"
Contra the Joint Federal Vision Profession

The Essence of the Hyper-Grace Error


Correspondence with a self-proclaimed OSAS Arminian (who turns out to be a Pelagian Gnostic)

Review of John Piper's sermon on Romans 2:6-10, preached on December 6th, 1998.

Differences between Pelagianism, its derivatives and Christianity
Simple logical refutation of the Arminian theory of simple foreknowledge
The doctrines of Once Saved, always saved (OSAS) or eternal security versus the doctrine of the Perseverance of the Saints

On the Ravi Zacharias Scandal
On abuse and the response to the Ravi Zacharias Scandal