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My Testimony and Short Autobiography

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I am Daniel Chew and I would just like to share my testimony to show forth the reality of God and His grace in my life.

I was born into a Christian family and infant baptized, with both of my parents attending a Presbyterian church. My mother had a godly Christian heritage whereas my father was a convert to Christianity. In my early days, I was taught some simple Christian truths by my parents. Being brought up as a Christian, as a child of the covenant, so to speak, I automatically assumed I was a Christian, and have even said the sinner's prayer then to confess my sins and turn to Christ. However, I was not really regenerated or born-again and did not truly see my guilt and trust in Christ for my salvation.

I had a difficult childhood, partly due to my own pride and stubborness. I was ostracized when young, was rebellious and suffered depression then.

God however is gracious to me. While I was still his enemy, God drew me to Himself through the means of the preaching by a pastor at a church camp. At that time, I was going to church only because my parents wanted me to go there. In June 1997, my parents forced me to go to a church camp, which I definitely didn't want to go. It was only because they were my parents so they managed to drag me to the camp against my wishes.

The Holy Spirit thus begun to work salvation in my heart. Through the providence of God, I was led to reading the Scriptures more deeply and books on Christian doctrine, which led me to embrace the Doctrines of Grace later on sometime in 2002. The Lord has different plans for me however. During this time, I was serving in the youth ministry first over the youth prayer committee and then as a youth cell leader. The church I was in was moving in a different direction towards the Charismatic Third Wave movement, and soon there was doctrinal conflict between me and the leadership over disputes over Roman Catholicism and Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life. After a certain amount of pain, I left the church I was brought up in, and settled in 2006 in a Reformed church of the Continental tradition. My family eventually left too for other churches for various reasons not exactly the same as mine, mostly due to their disagreement with the way the leadership deals with those who disagree with them or is seen to be a threat to their rule.

As of now, God has graciously led me with a burden for His Church. After much prayer and seeking, I have enrolled into seminary to study for the ministry. Wherever God leads me, may He be glorified through me, for the proclamation of His truth.

Soli Deo Gloria (To God alone be all the glory),
Daniel Chew.

Jul 10, 2012

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