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      ::Wednesday, August 15th ,2007::

                                        Satriani riffs from satch boogie...

                                                             Posted by: Ace
      ::Friday, August 3rd ,2007::

                                        Sup bitches? Forget about City of the Dead, and Credit Line of Whole Staff. Return of the Living Dead, best fucking zombie movie of all time. Here's a cover I put together, the first is with voices, second is without. Crank up the volume, and subwoofer if you got one.                       

                                                             Posted by: Ace
      ::Monday, May 07th ,2007::

                                        Resident Evil : Extinction teaser trailer

                                                             Posted by: Ace
      ::Monday, April 30th ,2007::

                                        Hey, what's up everyone? Hope you had as good a weekend as me. I recently had a dimarzio tone zone pickup installed in my ibanez to replace that shitty stock pickup. It really brings out the notes and is much clearer, I reccomend it. I was messing around on my effects pedal all night & now I have the perfect tone to do these songs, plus tons of drum beats to work with. I'm working on the Credit line of Whole Staff, I just love that song...has a great 80's vibe to it. City of the Dead will be the next song I start on, I already did a Gminor jam awhile back, but I want to do something with it that is truly worthy of being listened to again and again. Here's what my guitar sounds like now, the song i'm playing is Joe Satriani - Always with you, Always with me. Have a nice monday!

                                                             Posted by: Ace
      ::Saturday, April 07th ,2007::

                                        View the Resident Evil 3 Extinction Movie trailer here.

                                                             Posted by: Ace
      ::Tuesday, April 3rd,2007::

                                        Added Resident Evil 2 Credit line of Whole Staff tablature to forums. I plan on adding more tabs, specifically, "City of the Dead". I've been working on a nice guitar rendition for City of the Dead for awhile. It uses G Minor arpeggios & is in the key of G Minor, i'll throw in some keyboard stuff to. I'll also be putting up a tab for Return of the Living Dead Main Theme. If you have any cool tabs, or creepy sounding riffs feel free to add them in the tablature thread here.

                                                             Posted by: Ace
      ::Sunday, July 16th, 2006::

                                       Resident Evil 1.5 Video Trailer             

September 1996 trailer video for the unreleased Resident Evil 1.5         

                                                             Posted by: Ace
      ::Tuesday, July 12th, 2006::

                                                               Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

The new movie follows Alice(Milla Jovovich) across the Nevada desert on a journey to Alaska. There are many theories, and rumors circulating about the storyline. One is that Albert Wesker is going to be hunting down the ultimate bio-weapon, Alice throughout the movie. Whether or not he has his superhuman strength from Code Veronica is not clear. There's a new monster in this movie to do some damage to the survivors of Raccoon City along their way. Could it be Mr. X? Maybe 2 Mr. X's? They're going to be in the desert, so a helicopter drop would make for a cool boss insertion method like in Resident Evil 2. The second photo shows Milla decked out in the desert reminiscent of Sarah Connor. Milla's clothing company Jovovich-Hawk will be creating all of her outfits for Extinction. The F/X people have had up to 100 zombies a day getting make-up done, that's gonna make for some serious undead action scenes. She has her telepathic abilities this time around, so we should be seeing more ass whooping than before, and more blood.

                                                            Directed by: Russell Mulcahy

                                                       Writing credits: Paul W.S. Anderson characters
                                                                              Paul W.S. Anderson screenplay

Milla Jovovich .... Alice
Ashanti .... Nurse Betty
Mike Epps .... L.J.
Oded Fehr .... Carlos Olivera
Ali Larter .... Claire Redfield
Iain Glen .... Dr. Isaacs
Spencer Locke .... K-Mart
Sienna Guillory .... Jill Valentine
Gary Hudson .... Umbrella Captain
William Abadie .... Envoy
John Eric Bentley .... Umbrella Tech
Rick Cramer .... Ice Hockey Undead
Christopher Egan .... Mikey
Ramón Franco .... Runt
Connor McCoy .... Small Boy
Debra McMichael .... Cindy Lennox
Geoff Meed .... Pockmark
Jamie Patrick Millar .... Evan
Peter O'Meara .... Albert Wesker (in negotiations)
James Tumminia .... Lab Technician
Shane Woodson .... Piggy

                                         Also Known As: Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil: Afterlife

                                                             Posted by: Ace
      ::Monday, June 12th, 2006::
The Merchant...behind the scenes video footage.

The merchant from Resident Evil 4 decides to set up shop in front of a pizza place.

                                                             Posted by: Ace
      ::Wednesday, June 7th, 2006::

Little is known about Capcom's next installment in the series. What is gathered from the teaser trailer , and few pictures is that Chris Redfield or Carlos Oliveria will be the main character. It's pretty obvious it's Chris, the development team hinted it was someone they were fond of. The setting looks to be a desert town of great detail with interactive environments.

Check out that knife on his back. We'll hopefully be seeing some hand-to-hand, and knife combat that puts the other games to shame. Zombies can also run now, we'll be having close encounters more frequently, and need something other than gun combat alone to take care of them. Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi commented that he is unsure if the level of detail seen in the trailer will be in the game. When told that the man in the trailer looked a bit too old to be Mr. Redfield, Takeuchi said that the Resident Evil timeline has continued on, and the hardware capabilities of the next-generation consoles are finally allowing characters to look as old as they're supposed to. His staff hasn't accurately represented the age of characters in previous games due to the limited performance of the platforms. The development team painstakingly created each strand of hair on the characters' face out of polygons, along with muscles to create realistic expressions and movement. Since the release of Resident Evil 4, Capcom has redone their survival horror franchises' third person view; to an over the shoulder view. This giving the game an all new feeling of control, without taking away from the scare factor. There's no doubt they will impress us again, and expect good ol' Wesker and Claire to come into play in Resident Evil 5. They've got the original team from Resident Evil 1 working on it, and it's Capcom's main priority right now. Heat and cold are going to come into play, affecting not only how the metal on your gun looks, but perhaps more realistic-survival type stuff like dehydrating or maybe freezing, ice, snow. Something alot of games lacked, which would have added more environmental depth.

                                                             Posted by: Ace
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