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Tuesday, June 12, 2007: Crimson Sweet have broken up. Goodbye.

Saturday, June 9, 2007: Cincinnati, OH. Crimson Sweet play their last show ever.

Thursday, June 7, 2007: Geauga Lake, OH. Jeff is nervously watching Rob approach a tableful of 13-year-olds with a handful of stickers. No charges were filed.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007: Pittsburgh, PA. I think this place is called O-Dog. It is home to the best fish sandwich ever made, and also a blinding display of malt liquors and Bacardi Silver.

Sunday, June 3, 2007: Washington, DC. We are into champagne.

Saturday, June 2, 2007: Baltimore, MD. I don't know whether "Electric" Al bought this suit or not, because I closed my eyes and ran as soon as I took this picture.

Friday, June 1, 2007: Harrisburg, PA. Bartender Skye schools bassist Robbie Kongress on dressing for success.

Sunday, April 1, 2007: Knowlex Ivory, producer of Crimson Sweet's very first seven-inch. Fame has not changed him.


Tuesday 12/19/06: Well, it's almost 2007, and another year has gone by without a member of Crimson Sweet being incarcerated. Much of the credit for that has to go to our lawyer, Paul Sommerstein, shown below with a screaming fan. Thanks, Paul—you're the best! And to everyone else: Happy New Year! See you soon!

Wednesday 10/04/06: So the record is written and now we just have to record it but we're finally gonna start playing shows. That's good, because right now I'm channeling all that energy into anthropomorphizing fruit.

Wednesday 5/10/06: We're not playing any shows while we write a record. It's driving me crazy. It'll be worth it. Here's a picture from the last show we played, at the Glass House in Brooklyn on 4/14. Dark Skies from Portland, Oregon played; there was a huge tree made out of metal growing from the middle of the floor, green glitter and smashed plates all over the place, burning white lights, and somebody served me apple juice and vodka. Have you ever had that? Me neither but now that summer's almost here, you might want to reconsider. I'm just gonna stick with the juice part....*can you hear me, mom*?

Wednesday 4/12/06: Did you miss the show we played with Birthday Suits last night? Mmmmm....sorry!

Sunday 4/2/06: Peter Bottomley took me to see Municipal Waste at SXSW. You can't see the bruises from the pit in this pic tho... **UPDATE 4/10***Bottomley has informed me that he bruises are from the Lifetime reunion show. The psychic pain (not shown) is from the Waste show. Well, *I* had a blast—at *both* of them!

Tuesday 3/28/06: Never forget me.

Saturday 3/25/06: Did I mention that Tim Champagne, our drummer, took all these pix? Well, he did.

Friday 3/24/06: One representative of Rotten Shambles, a band that schooled me in hair, eyeliner, clothes, and . . . um, other stuff.

Thursday 3/23/06: The legendary Kill the Hippies at the soon-to-be-legendary Turnup Records. More pix of all bands from this show here (thx jimi imij).

Tuesday 3/21/06: Some Pernicious Knifs, all of CS, and Victor from the Virgins

Sunday 3/19/06: We saw the Alamo . . . in more ways than one. Thx Chris, Jess, and the locals playing it national style at Cafe Revolucion.

Saturday 3/18/06: We played SXSW, goddammit.

Thursday 3/16/06: Drove all night from New Orleans (where the rockers are holding the forts, the levees, and all the cards) to play afternoon party in Austin. Video here (thx faggotybackpack!) and about halfway through here (thx HT). First celebrity sighting: Gene Mullett. Yah!

Wednesday 3/15/06: Already done Dallas, Memphis (thx Windy Lou!) and a wild night in Jackson. The Party Dots' Marsh leads a landing party to Peaches for breakfast. If you go to Jackson, find this guy. Or Peaches. Or both.

Sunday 3/12/06: Four days in. God complex develops at Arkansas rest stop. Police are called.

Saturday 3/11/06: Three days in. Blew all three days' per diem at Red Lobster. Believe it.