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(, CPA 90-91 (french executive development program) in french on

Landes, in « The wealth and poverty of nations. Why some are so rich and some so poor », establishes the scientific cultural base of progress. For Kelly, in Out of control, this base becomes biological.

The biology of parasitism (Science et Vie 3/2001 p102-108) constitutes the paradigm of the French social system ( see «Les associations du vivant. L’art d’être parasite» Combes find it and translate in english with Google, « Ethologie. Approche systémique du comportement » Campan and Scapini, « Les sociétés animales. Evolution de la coopération and organisation sociale» Aron and Passera, « Ethologie. Les origines animales de la politique » Sciences et Avenir 4/2002, p100-107). ). For Science et Vie : "One is still far from having discovered all the subtleties of « manipulator » parasites which, dissimulated in the least recesses of the ecosystems, seem to hold the whole alive world under their cut… The parasites known as "manipulators" belong to a particular class : they invented, during the evolution, infernal machinations to modify the behavior of their preys, in order to direct their activity for their advantage. They are generally parasites with complex cycle… They are able to achieve this goal with an amazing inventiveness… This very elaborate "handling" does not concern any conscious calculation obviously. They were simply retained by the natural selection because they bring an advantage to the "manipulators" by facilitating their reproduction. "

The French system gives 42% of children of teachers in the best engeneers and managers schools (the low classes children passed from 29% to 9%) instead of 100% of diversified talents recognized in reference to Gardner in Harvard (multiple intelligences) and to Alverno university training in Milwaukee (Carnegie Foundation prize).

The French state and local civil servants system, cancer patient (de La Martinière), feudal, heir to Ancien Régime, is building an unemployment double of other exemplary countries and multiplied by 3 exclusion in 20 years (DARES/CAE). For Zimmern (X-ENA ), each civil servant induces an unemployed person and France redistributes 2 times less than the USA with 3,5 times more social civil servants and 5 times more social workers. For Brunhes, there is a flexibility transfer from the included towards the excluded.

Parasites (ditches, trematodes) push their hosts towards suicide through the complex cycle of parasitism. According to the Commission of the Plan, there is parallelism of the curves of unemployment and of suicide: there is thus parallelism between the number of civils servant and the number of suicides. For Maisondieu ("The factory of excluded"), modern exclusion has ethnic purification for paradigm. According to the Observatory of poverty, 5,5% of the young people were poor in 1970 and 20% in 1996. According to Astier ("Insertion Minimum Revenue" or RMI) and INSEE, the death rate of RMIsts and unemployed is the double of the French average. According to Medecine Academy Tubiana ("Education and life"), there are 2 times more premature deaths of young people by suicide or accident, in France, than in Great Britain or Sweden and France is the European country where the mortality of the young people is strongest and increased the most. Chauvel analyzes in "Destinies of generations" the setting apart of French youth by the baby-boom generation. For Kaltenbach, ENA/Cour of the Accounts, same year than Jospin, Toubon, Chevènement, Seillère, in "Sanctimonious hypocrite in charge with the businesses": the generations " War of Algeria "(born between 1935 and 1944, 5,5 million people) and " May 68 "(born between 1945 and 1954, 8,2 million people) closed the gates behind them, locked their privileges, lengthened the studies, multiplied the phoney training courses, expelled the" quinquas "in early retirement… "Unemployment is not a problem, it is a deliberated and collective solution"."

For Zimmern, there is a dominant class and the quarter-world is French Gulag. It is efficient to read in parallel "Intellectual terrorism" and "The meal of the big cats". The first is the ideological legitimation of the second, within the meaning of Marx and Bourdieu, with a new class struggle Or is it « species competition inversion of patterns » page 6 "By weakening the preys which are more easily catched, the parasites support the populations of predatory"

The approaches of Elias, of Iribarne-Tchibozo (logical of honor-statute), Maisondieu-Fitoussi- Kaltenbach-Argyris-Palo Alto (double bind), Girard-Terrolle-Orwell (goat-emissary), Dupuy (on the indifference), Todd (dominant nuclear family), Baverez-d' Intignano-Godet-Michel (new classes struggle), do not answer the question: why the system is a genocide for excluded people (Tubiana, Astier, INSEE) instead of simply drawing them aside? Kelly ("Out of control"), Kauffman Santa Fe Institute, Wilson ("Consilience"), Fustec and Fradin ("The neuronal company") structure "soft sciences" by the biological one. The French system genocide for excluded people, in indirect approach (the most powerful for Liddell Hart, Sun Tsu, Herbemont-César, Palmo Alto, Bettelheim and Malarewicz) has a biologic (see and ) and ethologic-epigenetic regressive base. The gregarity of the dominating herd-caste raises from the primitive reptilian and limbic paleo-mammalian brain.

Netherlands (with an « existence incom » for 800 000 people out of 15 million, from which France must be inspired whereas the « Allowance of Handicapped Adult » and the « old age minimum » do not give buttons to anybody; the RMI and the Funds of Assistance to the Young people make it possible to survive, not to live cf FFF and FNARS), Denmark, Canada, are exemplary, with dynamic economies. In USA, the state money is 30 times more efficient than in France for job creation : businesses angels create employment in a powerful way in « swarm » (Kelly « Out of control »)

Bui Trong (Police General Informations service or RG) got rapped over the knuckles after having declared, in Le Monde newspaper, that the inhabitants of the sensitive districts felt abandoned: 1200 sensitive districts, quantities multiplied by 10 in 10 years, of which 300 carburize with cannabis and 300 are out the republican law.

Montesquieu wrote: "the people fall into misfortune when those to which it entrusted seek, with corrupting it, to hide their own corruption". The active national deseducation was defined by Rosset, founder of Without Shelter in Lyon and professor of letters at the Ampère college. In Abbeville, a college teaches paedophilia. Many signals indicate that we will know a Mechanical Orange Generation. The Abadie Center in Bordeaux and the CAREPS/CHU in Grenoble defined the link between suicide and sexual violences.

The pledged media are the new opium of the people or the parasits third floor immuno-depressing viruses. Coignard and Wikham, french nomenklatura and omerta specialists, mention about some journalists: the idea that there is perhaps a link between the explosion of the backhanders, the wasting of the public money and the return to misery for much do not seem to skim them. They draw a picture of the media venality and of the attacks against the freedom of press and edition which make think of king Louis-Philippe in the middle of the XIXth century. Like in the XVIIIe century, "Secrecies of State of a President" is published in Monaco in the shape of Montesqieu's "Persian letters".

Zimmern ("State profiteers"), Garrigou (« Elites against the Republic. Sciences Po and ENA) and Emmerich ("The prodigal Republic") dismount our return to Ancien Régime. Kaltenbach ("Sanctimonious hypocrite in charge with the businesses") draws up the systemic landscape of France. With the alder of the benchmarking, our regressive State is ridiculous. This system is unsuited to the new economy based on cooperation which functions with reactive combinative flexibility centered on the customer, the sharing of the knowledge and confidence (Pyzdek, O' Reilly and Pfeffer de Stanford). For Schwartz ("The long boom"), knowledge is standardized, the creativity will be discriminating, for Amar ("Power and leadership"), the creativity is inalienable by the power, for Robinson and Stern ("How innovation and improvement actually happen"), it is not related to the intelligence (for John B.Caroll, fluidity exceeds the reasoning).

It is known today (Balazs, Mokyr and Landes) that the system of the mandarins, well-read men recruited by contest, sank China by its conservatism blocking the technical evolutions and the maritime trade. The reengineering of the french system of feudal State constitutes the axis of work: the room for manoeuvre is equivalent (Safir, Goldfinger, Ravaï, Marseille, Desjardins, Bébéar) to the budget of the State. Scandinavia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, the USA, modernized or modernize their public sector. Starting from Kauffmann Santa Fe Institute, the civil servants number can be limited to the square root of the number of French, that is to say 8000 coaches. Systems of this type proved reliable. Le Monde newspaper quotes Attali : thanks to new technologies, one will be able to decentralize in Morocco or in Algeria the majority of the administration tasks.

Violence goes up (Bui Trong RG). Will the cohabitation of retired baby-boomers, with those which they watered of rejections, of loss of reference mark, every man for himself and promotion of the eugenism and the euthanasy, turn short? Proscription and terror kill the republics. Tolerance zero will be set up by the non-educating themselves, but they will not be able to control the balance of power jeunes/baby-boomers (especially in french Guyana with 52% of young people find it and translate in english with Google).

Violence goes up like a tide. For Fauroux in "Our State": "the case of the districts known as difficult is in this respect particularly significant: for two decades, it had hardly been difficult to recognize that all the elements of an explosion were joined together... That was not the case, that is not yet the case, and we will collect today and tomorrow the fruits of our carelessness ".

The referendum of popular initiative constitutes the nodal point of the system: its refusal marks the monopolistic, basically antidemocratic and reactionary essence of the french political State caste which turns in round on itself. For Allègre, the decentralization of National Education by referendum is the key point. The bedridden (Imbert) French State dies of its cultural dephasing.

In the « republican line » of Montebourg, deputy and barrister, it is necessary:
- to cancel the villainous corruption amnesties and judgements for contaminated blood.
- to transform into national properties, feeding funds for excluded people, the inheritances resulting from corruption (the Brossault ecologist, according to the New Observer of December 2, 1999, requests the refunding of the money diverted in Paris) and from the venality of the offices (560 millions/year for the TPG civil servants, million for the collectors of customs, fees of the architects of the historic buildings, 2,1 billion/year for the Equipment civil servants, billion diverted from the Public Treasury, ministerial cabinets, Paris Town Hall quaestorship, retirements of the deputies and senators, fictitious employment of the Presidents of the Republic and the Prime Ministers) abolished the night of August 4, 1789, to assign to only excluded people all the social action money.
- to reduce the national representation on the model of the USA (123 deputies and senators with an economy of more than 2 billion: cf Kaltenbach "Sanctimonious hypocrite in charge with the businesses" page 15), the local representation with 400 pays/6 regions (DATAR).
- constitutionally to prohibit the autoamnesty by subjecting to referendum any law concerning the deputies and the senators, to remove the royalties of the public sector (direct survival of Ancien Régime): no one can be judge and part. To pass in Cour d’Assises corupted leaders, without lapsing of the sentence, to deprive them with civic rights.
- to blow up like in Switzerland by referendum the statute of the civil servants.
- to make ENA a school of application of systemic (Malarewicz, Bériot, Genelot, Safir, Ettighoffer and Van Beneden, Senge), opened to all, private managers and civil servants, and leading to private and public executive responsabilities, where one teaches Schumpeter, Welch, Nash, the game theory, Fustec and Fradin, the new cooperative economy and the reliability applied to the cooperation of the University of Technology of Compiegne, after having swept the administrative culture of Ancien Régime, inherited from middle age king Philippe the Beautiful, and after having entrusted the coaching of the kingly functions to Ireland, Singapore and New Zealand (see "France SA » p97 and 144).
- to forbid to the policy professionals, as Condorcet and Saint-Josse proposed it, to be elected more than once, to put an end to elected mandates plurality and to the abuse of dominant position of elected civil servants, judges and part, for systemic variety.
- to thank Sciences Po Paris for having started the provisional quotas of excluded system in reference to the USA and India for the untouchable ones.

Let us point out the base of the Republican Pact, the 1789 Declaration of the rights of man, preamble to the Constitution: Article 6 "All citizens are also acceptable with all public dignities, places and employment, according to their capacities and without other distinctions that that their virtues and their talents". For Ravaï in "The republic of vanities" the criter ion for the co-optation at the top of the pyramid is not the virtue but the teeth length.

The king is naked. The ingredients of 1789 are there: delinquent nobility, nobility reaction which excludes, driven out ministers, divine right, lettre de cachets, censorship, debt, tax revolt. For Emmerich reality will be avenged about 2002-2005 at the latest. For Bichot in "Retirements in danger" (in reference to 1789): "a situation in which the political power is between the hands of non-productive people present of pre-revolution characteristics. One day or the other, those drawing part of work from others thanks to their political domination are disputed, regarded as parasites and the conflict bursts "For Kaltenbach, in"Sanctimonious hypocrite in charge with the businesses ": "According to all observers', the next rupture will occur about 2005 (date also mentioned by BIPE director Préel), on the initiative of an " Internet generation ", well decided to blow up the abusive privileges of its parents and especilly time for retirement and duration of the work. Thus for the second time in history, May 68 will carry conflict of generations. But this time, it will be in the form of requiem, at the time of balance sheet. The next relay of generations will be differently cruel to the parents than 1968. "Kaltenbach positions the detonator: "In the private life area, all would be only youth, releases, rights, permissiveness. In the public area, would be essential the requirement of an authoritative type, even collectivist, with a call unceasingly growing to the State. The claim of the greatest individual tolerance is accompanied thus by the hardest collective requirement, to produce an explosive mixture: "totalitarian relativism". "

The legal boycott of the State in its metastases will take as starting point the historical reference of the withdrawal of the plebs of Rome on the Sacred Mount, to boycott the patricians. Castells of Berkeley, ex-EHESS Paris, mentions in "The information era": "another reaction against social exclusion and economic short-circuiting, I am convinced by it, will play a great role during the 21th century: the rejection by excluded people of those who are excluding them ", the resilience of excluded (within the meaning of Cyrulnik).Creation in spontaneous enterprise, in biological swarm of KILL CORRUPTION INTERNATIONAL, on the model of Amnesty, will kill the corruption based on the secrecy, the offence of initiate (the support for Association Against Corruption 5 street Racine 34110 Frontignan Peyrade, mentioned by Zimmern in his work "The manufacturers of unemployment" is a citizen duty).

All French should for this reason seize the European Court of the humans right of Strasbourg:
"I deposit a recourse in accordance with article 6 alinea 1 of the European Convention of the Human rights guaranteeing the functional impartiality objective and apparent with the eyes of justiciable (mentioned on page 202 by Ottenheimer and Lecadre in" The invisible brothers "and by Le Point newspaper 4/5/2001 p57) for what follows:
"Mathias Emmerich (Court of Auditors) mentions in" The prodigal Republic ", p67, "the systematic violation by the Ministry of Finance of the legal rules relating to employment and remuneration of its civil servants, in order to ensure a career to them that is not authorized by the finance laws and their statute, to buy social peace and to organize, in all opacity and irregularity, a system of embezzlement of the coffers of the Public Treasury towards the pockets of the civils servant who are the guards. In all impunity also, since the Court of Auditors, in its great carefulness, considered to be not useful to ask from the public accountant the refunding of the sums thus irregularly extracted from the coffers of the State, neither to prosecute the persons in charge for these irregularities, which cost each year the State several billion francs, before the Court of budgetary and financial discipline, nor finally, obviously to seize the penal justice of these intrigues. As for the Parliament, recipient of the report, one still awaits the constitution of a mission of investigation to understand how it was systematically rooked. They fill the case, they help themselves as they go past.

Except repeated self-amnesties, were prosecuted in France: 1 President of the Constitutional Council, 1 Prime Minister, 3 Ministers of Justice, 6 leaders of political parties, 2 Governors of the Bank of France, 3 Directors of the Treasury, ¼ of the ministers and secretaries of State (34 out of 128), ¼ of the presidents of Departments Councils (29 out of 102), ¼ of presidents of Regions Councils (6 out of 22), ¼ of leaders of the 40 largest companies, more than 100 deputies or mayors, more than 900 elected officials (source Economist, Montebourg "The machine to betray", Fay/Ollivier "The criminal record of the Republic").

Arnaud Montebourg, deputy and lawyer, define in "The machine to betray" a concept close to the absence of objective and apparent functional impartiality to the eyes of justiciable in reference to a list of classifications of procedures. He does not mention the judgement of the Court of Justice of the Republic on contaminated blood, the calling into question of this judgement, the origin of contaminated blood and its taking away in the prisons, the classification of the procedure concerning the fictitious employment of a Prime Minister.

Le Nouvel Observateur newspaper 16-22/7/1998, Capital 3/2000, Challenges 5/2001, Henri of the Police General Informations service in "In the heart of corruption", draw a picture of the system. Le Point 12/1/2001 pages 56-59, Challenges 5/2001 pages 75-76, Ottenheimer/Lecadre in "The invisible brothers" pages 200-211, Coignard in "French omerta" page 141 and in "The report Omerta 2002" pages 95-109, Le Nouvel Observateur, establish the derailment of Justice in France. The Higher Council of the Magistrature of March 22, 2000 questions when Coignard specifies that "to seek affairs without brothers confines with challenge" (Point 12/1/2001 p56-57). Italy, since 1993 and lodge P2, prohibited the magistrates to belong to a secret association "incompatible with the oath of honesty with regard to the State and the republican Constitution". France does not manage itself in clubs of 50, in lodges Demain, République, Schoelcher, Mozart. Le Point 12/1/2001 mentions the transfer of a young police chief in Limoges and of the prosecutor associates Lallement, after they raised the Banana Roger affair in Lille. « The french omerta » mentions the transfer of the Candela gendarme . The press evoked the suicide of the gendarme of Auxerre. Capital of April 2001 mentions that the gendarmes Caillet and Jodet ( and Perrot judge were sanctioned following the investigation into the Toulon Arsenal. Le Monde newspaper 15/6/2001 mentions on page 1: "American justice officially notified, Thursday June 14 a decision which constitutes a double snub for French justice. Judge Ronald Ohata, indeed, granted the political asylum to a French citizen, a first in federal annals. But, especially, the magistrate justified his decision by denouncing the "corruption" of justice in Nice and the harassment undergone by Karim Kamal since this one denounced the implication of certain local judges in an affair of poedophilia ". Le Figaro newspaper 15/2/2002, on page 7, quotes Daniel Stilinovic, substitute in Auxerre at the time of the murders of handicapped young girls (there were also organized meetings of torture): "The magistrates or personnel of justice adulterated procedures for the account of people whom they wanted to protect. This means corruption. We deal with organized chicanery on the highest level " Le Figaro newspaper 18/02/2002 mentions on page 12 concerning the Var (south of France on mediterranean coast) : « With the eyes of part of the opinion, the rapists of children profit from, if not a total impunity, at least of a guilty indulgence. Several disconcerting cases, looking like bad inquiries on the legal level, can explain this feeling. »

« Today nobody trusts the justice corrupted by freemasons… » (Desjardins « French decaying » p185 and 190). Are 60% of the french judges freemasons Do 71 french judges practise poedophilia ? If yes, France is no more a democracy.

For Klatzmann, in Que sais-je? on "The undeclared employment", the civil servants in the public sector - gendarmerie, police, customs, teachers, SNCF, postal and telecommunications services, etc - constitute, with the posted workers, the majority of the clandestine cumulards.

Fictitious employments concern Presidents of the Republic and Prime Ministers (New Observer 2-8/12/1999, special fictitious employment; Le Monde 25/4/2001): more than 160 with the Paris Town Hall (« French omerta » p86), 44 at Elf, 50 with the MNEF, 80 with Air France.

A billion francs offence of initiate is quoted for Société Generale affair, a billion francs irregular markets for the UGAP (Le Monde 22/9/99). Jean-Pierre quantifies the wine pots to 1,6 billion francs in the MGM-SASEA/Crédit Lyonnais affair. Urba and colleges of Ile de France: 1,8 billion francs. Le Point 23/3/2001 mentions from 1 to 2 billion francs diversions for Toulon Arsenal alone ( have a look at the web pages from the Express newspaper ). For Le Monde 21/12/2000 the diversions of Sirven at Elf are up to 3,5 billion francs. Over-invoicing for the TGV and the colleges of Ile de France France: 4,5 billionfrancs. Calvi and Pfister, in "The meal of the big cats", mention: after the careful work of the parliamentary board of inquiry on the Crédit Lyonnais, de Courson, deputy UDF of the Marne, had indicated, in March 1997, before the Finances committee of the French National Assembly, that "the proven diversions of the executives or the leaders" of the public bank could be estimated at 5 billion francs. Angolagate : 1 billion commissions and link with Rwanda mass killing according to the abbé Pierre, Taiwan 5 billion francs retrocommissions (Le Figaro 23/4/2001, Le Monde 30/10/2001 about the discovery of 5 billion francs on the Wang swiss account for the frigates of Thomson, the Mirage and missiles of Dassault, SNECMA and Matra). Do the wine pots exceed 11 billion francs on the highest level of the State (Le Point 7/2/98 and 16/1/99; Laske "They believed themselves untouchable" pages 120-127; Lascoumes "Corruptions" page 68; Figaro 23/4/2001)? Le Figaro 27/10/99 specifies on "Secrecies of State of a President": many knows but nobody dares to denounce.

For Karl Laske (Libération newspaper): "an institutional corruption was set up at the highest level of the State. Some civil servants are in the confidence. They know the lucrative markets by heart. A president of the constitutional Council was constrained to resign in an Elf affair which still reveals other turpitudes of the State, increasingly more enormous, the supreme stage of the bribe "According to Le Monde 1/6/2001 page 9, the annual amount of the commissions poured by Elf grew from 100 million francs to 1 billion under the second Mitterrand mandate. Gaetner and Pontaut (Express newspaper), in « The man who knows too much. Alfred Sirven and the billion in the Elf affair », mention, on page 94, that 150 000F per month were poured by this one "for several ministers of right-hand side like left. Two former Prime Ministers were entitled to the same favours "Articles 40 of the code of penal procedure and 15 of the Declaration of the rights of man, preamble to the Constitution are supposed to guarantee the republican democracy in France. The Anglo-Saxon law can and must enable us to remain a democracy guaranteeing the objective and apparent functional impartiality with the eyes of justiciable. »

Copies: Transparency, Suleiman (Princeton), Castells (Berkeley), Garrigou, Chauvel, Préel, Safir, Ohata, Prodi, GAHFP, AAEENA, CFDT/ENA, IFRAP, ACC, Sos-justice, Montaigne Institute, ORSE, Dommel, Coignard, Wickham, de Montbrial, Henri, Imbert, Revel, Kahn, Ottenheimer, Laske/Lecadre, Gaetner/Pontaut, Gattegno, Descoings, Bechtel, Lebranchu, Hanoteau, CSM, de Montgolfier, Guéna, Merand, Emmerich, Kaltenbach, Médina, Will dribble, Fauroux, Spitz, Bert, Parlement groups, Poncelet, Forni, Frêche, Montebourg, Schrameck, Ancrage, Allègre, Kouchner, Crémel, de Largentaye, Muet, Vallini, Bianco, Joxe, DSK, Pisani-Ferry, Peillon, Tourret, Lienemann, Galut, Fleury, Dray, Grzegrzulka, Rouger, Holland, Mitterrand, Herve, Chevènement, Mourier, Keller, Borloo, Tobelem, Copé, Rousseau, Kociusko-Morizet, Forester, Jean-Pierre, Houillon, Chirac, Le Pen, Jospin, Mamère, de Villiers, Saint-Josse, Madelin, Hue, Laguiller, Caillet, Jodet, Perrot, Lallement, Ravaz."

For the Declaration of the rights of man, base of the Republican Pact and preamble to the Constitution, there is no more Constitution if there is not independence of the powers (the corruption of Justice is dreadful : it means the rupture of the Republican Pact on the level of the regulation) and resistance to oppression is an imprescriptible right. It is a republican duty.

For its director, the ENA is a school of excellence. Systemic thinking regards any system as a black box and looks at what enters and what leaves: France fell with 23th row as well for corruption as for Gross Domestic Product per capita. Zimmern, X-ENA, in "The manufacturers of unemployment", dates the France fall of years 75, period of arrival to the power of the énarchie.The system saturates.

The new State nobility begins to tear one another to pieces from the top to the base: Bonnet/Vigouroux/Colonna/RG/Erignac, MRFP mutualists against the freemason mutualist bantoustan Point 12/1/2001 p57 (Mucaso, FNMF, GMF - lost of 5 billion francs according to the Express 21/9/95- and MACIF in the Antilles, MNEF with 3 died in the fire of Marseilles duplicated fire of the Crédit Lyonnais). Virulence is growing when parasitism meets changing environment : and

Kauffman, Santa Fe Institute, locates the optimum between rigidity and chaos on an attractive limiting point where any system stabilizes itself.Balance will be restored. For Prigogine, it is because the minority groups are characterized by a marginal situation compared to the dominant circuits that their innovations manage to be propagated at the very whole society. Moscovici, in "Psychology of the active minorities", reactivates the "Delenda est Carthago" of Caton the Old. Alinsky, financed by the large American foundations, which proves the strength of the democracy in the United States, showed the way (validated psychologically by Cialdini) with "Rules for radicals": a social coaching for the nomenklaturists.

Spontaneous enterprise standard AES, WL GORE or NUMMI signs right now the death sentence for French feudal system. The Kelly’s swarm system will be the attractive irresistible one: "The concept of introducing weak broadcasting into evolution is quite appealing. Simultaneous agents trying to optimize a path. Thousands of full time adversaries who specialize in finding what's wrong with it. That's the evolutionary deal. We trade power for control. For control junkies like us it's a devil bargain. No one is as smart as every one." And for Pyzdek in "The end of management": "The basic idea is that complex order emerges as the result of a broad number of interactions among agents following simple rules."


- "How to be a star at work" Robert E.Kelley
- "The end of management" Thomas Pyzdek
- "Hidden values" Charles A.O'Reilly and Jeffrey Pfeffer
- "Jack" John Welch Jr