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The Sphinxes

The Sphinxes possess information and clues to the artifacts, in the form of riddles and rhymes. Sometimes they direct you to another creature for more information. The majority of their rhymes relate to where a given artifact is found. Sometimes a story is told of how the artifact came to be, and other times hints are given on how to obtain it.

There are four different "looks" to the Sphinxes: Winged-Woman-Lion, Man-Lion, Hawk-Lion and Ram-Lion. To gain information on an artifact from a sphinx, /say [Artifact Name]. Each Sphinx knows of only five to seven artifacts, generally within that or the next zone. Each Sphinx has what I call a primary location - someplace near the scholars where they can be found. They are often on the move to other locations, however, sometimes running off in the middle of your question, other times dissappearing into thin air. It is best to know which artifact you wish to ask them of since your time may be limited.

The Sphinxes are regional. They have information to artifacts found within the terrain based zone in which they are located. For example, Bakabti and Deshrentan are located in the desert zone of Stygia and know of the artifacts found in the desert zones (Stygian Delta & Land of Atum). There are four types of zones: Watery, Desert, Grassy and Lava. Each type of sphinx corrosponding with a given terrain-type zone.

Aidoios, Callia, Hesper and Senia are all of the winged-woman-lion type. They have information on the artifacts studied by Scholars Ashton, Jasmaria and Mailla in Hesperos Haven. The artifacts the know of are found in the watery zones of Oceansu Hesperos, Oceanus Boreal, Oceanus Anatole, Oceanus Notos, and Mesothalassa. Their primary location is on the four pads found on Sphinx Nosos, the island just south of Hesperos Haven.
Bakabti and Deshrentan are of the man-lion type. Their primary location is 28, 60 Stygian Delta. Bakabti and Deshrentan have information related to the studies of Scholar Ranlend in Stygia Haven. All of the artifacts they know of are found in the desert zones of Stygian Delta and the Land of Atum.
Seviach and Ciramas are of the hawk-lion type. Their primary location is found just west of the Haven of Aerus on a grassy hill. Seviach and Ciramas have information on the artifacts studied by Scholar Kevyn, who is located in the Haven of Aerus. All of the artifacts which they have knowledge of are located in the grassy/tree zones of Green Glades and Arbor Glen.
Arastia and Aphyne are of the ram-lion type. Their primary location 2, 30 and 2, 32 Typhones Reach, at the entrance of the zone from Oceanus Anatole. They have information on artifacts studied by Scholar Trelina in Volcanus Haven. The artifacts which they have information on are all located in the lava zones of Typhones Reach and Ashen Isles.

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