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Public Records Office of Northern Ireland
Doc D664/0/5
Copied from original
(Two Page Document)
Oath made by James Kennedy

City and County

The examination of James Kennedy Farmer,
who Maketh Oath Before me this that
he resides in the Townland of Coolnaman
in the Parish of Desartoghill Half Barony
of Colrain in Sd County and who being Duly Sworn &
examd Before me Saith

That on or About the Hour of Eleven O Clock
on the Evening of Friday the 6th Day of July Inst he was
Conovying Some of His Neighbors [inserted above..(toward)] the place of their abode
Where he was met in afield not far Distant from his
Dwelling House In Coolnaman aforsd by Thomas Torren's
Senr, Thomas Torran's Junr, Andrew Torrens,Samuel
Torrens John Torrens Hugh Torrens Senr, Hugh Torrens
Junr, Alexander Torrens Senr, Alexander Torren's Junr, all
of Coolnaman aforsd and James Elder & John Elder both of
Moneydig all in the Parish Half barony & County aforsd
together with a Number of Other Persons whose Names
he downd know but from Information who had
assembled themselves in a Very Riotous & Disorderly
Manner and he believes were making their way to
Eamt Residence to Abuse him Armed with Large
Cudgells, Poles,Sticks and Iron Tongs, with which weapons
they most violently In humanly & Barbarously & assault
and Beat Battred Cut Wounded & Abused this Examt
and that the aforsd Thomas Torrens Senr, did then and there

(End of Page 1)
Strangle & Chock the Examt by the Handkerchief that
was Around his neck and Abused him is so Inhuman
a Manner, that he was nearly rendered Lifeless and is greatly
hurt Blackned & Bruised from sd Abuse

James Kennedy

Sworn Before me this 9th
Day of July 1810 and Examt Bound
in 5 to proscute at Next General
Sessions of the Peace to be held at
Colrain for sd County

Alexander Orr

Visitations as of 27 March 2000