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Austin Powers

International Man of Mystery.  He's always out to save the day and capture Dr. Evil's assassins.  Women love him and men want to be him.  After Dr. Evil was frozen, Austin too was frozen until Dr. Evil's return.  He also goes through time in different car's with time machines implemented on them.  Being frozen for 30 years, Austin has missed out on a lot in the world.

Mike Myers

Dr. Dougie Evil

Austin Power's nemesis.  He is the head of the evil organization bent on world domination.  He never met one of his birthparents until Goldmember.  He was raised by Belgians.  Being frozen for 30 years, Dr. Evil also is oblivious to previous world events.  He loves his cat Mr. Bigglesworth and his clone Mini-Me.  He is unsure about his son Scott.  At first he wants Scott to accept him as his father.  Then he wants to kill Scott.  Dr. Evil turns to the good guy side when he finds out Austin is his brother and Nigel Powers is his father.  This is where his first name is revealed:  Dougie.

Mike Myers


A Dutch metallurgical hedonist obsessed with gold.  His real name is Johan van der Smutt.  He got his nickname when he was his lost his genitalia in an unfortunate smelting accident and had it replaced with a golden substitute.  He also has a disgusting habit of eating his peeled off skin.  He invented a cold fusion power unit which would be used to develop Dr. Evil's tractor beam.  The tractor beam will used to lure a meteor made of solid gold, named Midas 22, to crash into Earth's North Pole. 

Mike Myers


Probably the nastiest of all of the characters.  Introduced in the second Austin Powers movie, The Spy Who Shagged Me, this guy is known for his lethal temper and unusual eating habits.  Weight:  1 metric ton.   His Scottish accent rings in your head, and to hear that he has a turtle head poking out is freaky.  What's worse, he claims he eats babies!  He wants his baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back ribs.  In Goldmember we learn of his cooperation with Dr. Evil and Mr. Roboto.  We also see that he takes sumo wrestling seriously, and that he's on a diet-the Subway.  In the end he loses over 180 pounds.

Mike Myers

Nigel Powers

Father of Austin Powers and Dr. Evil.  He is as popular as Austin is when it comes to being an International Man of Mystery, but he has had a poor relationship with Austin.  He always fails to arrive at Austin's ceremonies.  He is kidnapped by Dr. Evil and Goldmember, and later rescued by Austin.

Michael Caine

Vanessa Kensington

Austin's sidekick in International Man of Mystery.  Vanessa is one of British Intelligence's top agents.  She is a normal nineties woman and is not used to Austin's insanities.  She grows to like Austin in how he always likes to have fun.  After foiling Dr. Evil's plan in International Man of Mystery, she marries Austin, and they happily for a while.  It turns out she is a fem-bot.

Elizabeth Hurley

Felicity Shagwell

Austin's sidekick in The Spy Who Shagged Me.  Felicity is from the sixties and likes Austin's awkwardness.  She works for the CIA, but British Intelligence tells her to put a bug on Fat B|CENSORED|.  She is almost killed in The Spy Who Shagged Me, but Austin goes back 15 minutes in time to save her.

Heather Graham

Foxxy Cleopatra

Austin's sidekick in Goldmember.  She apparently had a relationship with Austin earlier, but Austin had to leave her.  She was angry at first but back to business now trying to stop Dr. Evil.  She works for the FBI, and Goldmember had killed her partner.She goes back to the future with Austin, and together they defeat Goldmember and foil his plan.

Beyoncť Knowles

Basil Exposition


Head of British Intelligence.Basil is Austinís boss.He keeps in contact with Austin as Austin travels though time.He keeps Austin up-to-date on what Dr. Evil is up to and where his assassins are.He communicates with Austin often through AOL.

Michael York

Number Three / The Mole


British Intelligenceís undercover agent.At the beginning of Goldmember, the Mole is introduced as an assistant for the evil organization.He is later discovered to be working for British Intelligence, receiving information on Dr. Evilís new submarine lair.  His large mole on the left side of his lip draws a lot of attention.

Fred Savage

Frau Farbissina


Dr. Evilís sidekick.Frau is also Scottís mother, which makes Dr. Evil her husband, sort of.Frau established the Militant Wing of the Salvation Army.She has an old-aged look for herself.When Dr. Evil goes back to 1969, Number Two looks much younger, but Frau looks exactly the same-OLD!Besides that, she has a Turrets problem.She screams intermittently when sheís giving a command.

Mindy Sterling

Number Two (1997)


Dr. Evilís Number Two man.Number Two is Dr. Evilís advisor, and head of the innocent faces of the evil organization.In International Man of Mystery, he is head of Virtucon.In The Spy Who Shagged Me he advises to put stock towards Starbucks.In Goldmember he is the head of the Hollywood Talent Agency.However, Dr. Evil seems to enjoy abusing his Number Two man.

Robert Wagner

Number Two (1969)


When Dr. Evil goes back in time to 1969, he is greeted by the young Number Two.He organizes Dr. Evilís volcano lair, and he commands Dr. Evilís guards.

Rob Lowe

Scott Evil


Son of Dr. Evil and Frau Farbissina.  Scott is the average modern teenager hooked on rock.  He doesn't accept Dr. Evil as his father, because he never had a father.  In International Man of Mystery he was claimed to be a test-tube baby, but Dr. Evil goes back in time in The Spy Who Shagged Me and rewrites that record.  At first he despises his father, but he later turns evil.  Dr. Evil and Scott bond, especially when Dr. Evil receives his gift from Scott-sharks with laser beams attached to their heads.  Dr. Evil is proud of Scott for a short time, but Dr. Evil turns good.  Will Scott still be evil?

Seth Green



Miniature clone of Dr. Evil.  Poor Verne.  These people make a circus freak out of him.  He is treated like Dr. Evil's baby.  Dr. Evil loves him, because he's evil, he wants to take over the world, and he fits easily into most overhead storage bins.  He is one-eighth the size of Dr. Evil and just as evil, but he can't speak.  In Goldmember, when he is rejected because of Dr. Evil's pride for Scott, he joins Austin and Foxxy to get revenge.

Verne Troyer

Mr. Bigglesworth


Dr. Evil's cat.  Mr. Bigglesworth had lovely fur before he and Dr. Evil were frozen in International Man of Mystery.  Due to a complication in the unfreezing process, the evil organization couldn't bring the cat back with fur.


Mr. Roboto


Owner of Roboto Industries.  He has the technology to build Goldmember's tractor beam.  He joins Goldmember and Dr. Evil, and he denies knowing about Austin's father's where...abouts.  When he asks Dr. Evil for a bonus, Scott handles the situation.  Mr. Roboto is eaten by sharks with laser beams attached to their heads.

Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

Random Task


Korean ex-wrestler and Dr. Evil's assassin.  He is equivalent to James Bond's Oddjob.  Random Task is famous for his weapon-his shoe.  He whips his very massive shoe at his target, and he speaks not a word.

Joe Sam

Paddy O'Brien


Irish ex-assassin and now Dr. Evil's.  Paddy O'Brien is famous for leaving a lucky charm off his lucky bracelet on his unlucky targets.  Scotland Yard has been after O'Brien, and their only evidence is the charms off his bracelet.  They're always after his lucky charms.

Paul Billon



Another one of Dr. Evil's assassins.  He is incompetent though.  He designs one of Dr. Evil's favorite toys-the burning pit.  Dr. Evil pushes "the button" and sends Mustafa down to the fiery pit.  In The Spy Who Shagged Me he drives off a cliff chasing Austin and Felicity.  When they try to get information from him, they discover that he can't stand to be asked the same question three times.  As time-consuming as it is, Austin asks each of his questions three times.  Mini Me sneaks by and shoots Mustafa with a dart.  Mustafa falls down the cliff, and gets severely injured.

Will Ferrell





Guess who's coming for dinner?  It's that fat Scottish again. Chain down the fridge! A BLOOPER!  Mr. Bigglesworth taking a tinkle on Mike Myers.
HERE IS THE WHOLE EVIL FAMILY... ...and the Family Vacation "Volcano."



Here's that Fat dude again.  He...eats babies?  HOW DISGUSTING! THIS is where those nasty babies jokes come from. This scene was cut out of the movie.  I don't know why?  It's funny!


And now, A FUN FACT!  The following clip was deleted from Austin Powers:  International Man of Mystery when it first came out in England: 










Austin Powers:  International Man of Mystery was released shortly after the death of England's Princess Diana.