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The 'Wee Folk' in Maritime Canada and the

Katherine Briggs in her famous book 'An Encyclopedia of Fairies 'The Little People of the Passamaquoddy':- There are two kinds - the Nagumwasuck and the Mekumwasuck. They're both two to three feet tall and ugly. The Passamaquody live close to the Canadian border near Eastport Maine,

A Canadian documentary 'The Fairy Faith' directed by John Walker explores the ancient Irish and Scottish fairy myths and those who still believe in them. THE FAIRY FAITH is also a touching look at a culture that still survives amid more modern beliefs. Filmed mostly in Ireland and Scotland, director John Walker ends up in Nova Scotia through the Antigonish area and finally at Eskasoni - the largest Mi'kmaq reserve in the Maritimes with a population of over 3,000. .

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