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August 26-Lord of the Rings two towers comes out today on video and dvd!!!!! Sorry, had to get that out of my system. Anyways, for today I have a new affiliate, Bolt of Lightning, a really cool website all about Berzerker. Also, I have, da da da...a Jean dress up doll!!! Many have been asking for this, and I finally got around to finishing it (I finally put it up for you Marissa!) I also have some Evo News about future episodes! Then, as usual I also have questions and answers, say what entries, and made up mutants.

August 15-Have a fanfic up by Ryokorose, some questions that are answered, a picture of X-Tina, some say what, and kitty fasihon.

August 9-I made X23's bio, and I updated some parts to the bios page. I also have one answered question (this one might interest a lot of people, since it contains spoilers for Dark Horizons part 2), and I have some new Kitty Fashion. If i have some more time later, I'll probably work on polls and the Character of the Month.

August 8-Back from my vacation! I had an AWESOME time in Louisiana! Ok, I have A LOT of updates for you today: new kitty and rogue fashion, new fanart, new made up characters, new say what entries, some questions that were answered, and a link to the new X-Men X-treme site. For those of you who have e-mailed me, I'll be replying really soon, It's just that I really haven't had the time. Oh, remember to watch X-Men:Evolution tomorrow!

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