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"Welcome Fellow Fans and Thieves Alike!!"

You have entered a fan based realm based upon the new and innovative Furry game. A game entitled 'Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus'. A truly great game that deserves more recognition than it currently is worth. A game that stars Sly Cooper, a Master Thief on a mission. Not only is he an excellent and charming raccoon, but he's a thief with honor. He's out to get his family heirloom back. 'The Thievius Raccoonus'. Accompanied with him are his buddies; Bentley the computer smart Turtle and Murray the driver crazy Hippo. Sly's main opposition is the 'Fiendish Five', Five lowly crooks that stole his birth right years ago. Also hounding Sly is the determined, but lovely, Carmelita Montoya Fox. (no doubt a love interest to our charismatic Raccoon. ;-)) This is just a break down of what the game is. Want to more, then explore the site.

This is a site for Sly Cooper fans and new Sly fans alike. Starting right now, it's small and simple. But with the right amount of support, it can grow into something much much more. This site hosts, and will host, a collection of Sly photos, FAQs, game tips, fan art and fan fiction alike, informative biographies, and a place where all those with an interest in Sly can send their fan based characters/art in to be posted. I will update this site as much as possible, and it will eventually grow into something much more bigger. You can find just about anything Sly related here. It's the first Sly Cooper fan site out there. And hopefully, with a little more fan base, it will NOT be the last.

So stick around and explore. Enjoy what's in stock for now. I'll get a chance to restock some more once the site is under way. For now, enjoy Sly's Hideout.

A BIG thanks to Sucker Punch for making a fantastic Game!!

UPDATE (May 31,2004)

UPDATED smack dab on Memorial Day!!! It's been a whole year since my last update. Sorry, =-p But let's get going! A NEW section has been added! A section containing character art and screen grabs from the upcoming Sly Cooper sequel, it's finally coming! Hooray!! ^^

Sly Bios

Sly Fan Art

Sly Fan Fiction


This Fan Site will grow over the next weeks to come. As long as there is Fan support for our new founded raccoon friend, then I hope to see more fans come by and offer their talents and what they may have. I look very forward to updating this site as frequently as possible, and hope those who visit it will enjoy the many sights to see here at 'Sly Cooper's HideOut'.

Should you have any comments, fan work, or anything else you woudl like to send or tell me about; then please contact me to the e-mail address below.


Look for more updates! Fan art, bios, and Faqs will be only a taste of what is in store for the future of this site.

Thank for visting! come back soon! =)