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Skateboarding first started around the 1960's. Early skateboards were made out of wooden boards cut into shape, and metal or clay wheels from roller skates. By the 1970's, skateboards were being made with much better rubber wheels and skateboarding became popular throughout California. In the early 70's there were only two forms of skating, flatland and pool skating. Flatland skating consisted of the skater being on flat land with his skateboard and using the short kicktale on the back of the board to do tricks. Pool skating was a form of skating where skaters actually skating in pools and doing tricks never seen in the world of skateboarding before the 70's.

In the 1980's a new form of skateboarding came along, street skating, and with it came wider and longer skateboards which eventually were being made with two kicktales. Street skating consisted of skaters actually skating on the street. This form of skating is very popular today and often involves skating ledges, benches, stairs, and handrails. Vert skating is another popular form of skating that started around the early 80's. Vert ramps are huge U shaped ramps. Skateparks, which were first being built in the 70's are also very popular.

With the 90's came the type of skateboards which are still being used today. In 92 skateboarding hit a huge all time low, but with the start of the X-games on ESPN came skateboarding's comeback. Skateboarding today is continuously progressing at a rapid rate. With skateboarding being one of the new sports in the 2004 Olympics there is no telling how much this sport is going to grow. With so many people being interested in the sport, skateboarding has become a very profitable industry.

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