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WWE Monday Night RAW
May 26, 2003
Madison Square Garden, New York
Announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler

[8:00- 8:15]

"Across the Nation" by Union Underground blares throughout historic Madison Square Garden as pyros shoot through the air, signaling the return of WWE Monday Night RAW to the airwaves after a few week absence. The capacity crowd is going insane as Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler look on in absolute awe as they sit at their announce table. JR says, "Good Lord King, will you look at this?" King says, "Yeah JR, this is unbelievable. These fans are really rabid for WWE's return!" JR says, "They sure are and Stephanie is about to make an announcement explaining WWE's absence."

A close up of Stephanie McMahon appears on the Titantron. Steph says, "I want to explain to you all why WWE has been dark ever since Wrestlemania. Basically a huge power struggle erupted between my Father Vince McMahon and the WWE Board of Directors. The Board called for a vote of "No Confidence" in my father. He retaliated and the courts got involved. When all was said and done, my father, and the investors in WWE were all bankrupt and WWE was in ruins. My father has become a shell of his former self and my mother has left the business completly, vowing to never return. My brother Shane is off doing who knows what. But for me, I decided to take action! Afterall I am a McMahon damn it! And I will never lay down! This business is in my blood and I will never back down from a fight! So I took my own personal money and secured some other funding and was able to purchase 50% of WWE when it went up for sale. A group of investors bought the other 50%, but rest assured I am running the show! Some changes are going into effect as of now! WWE will.... well, it may just be better for me to come out to the ring and show you some of the changes that have taken place in the WWE since I took over!" Suddenly over the speakers we hear "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor!!!" as out walks new WWE owner Stephanie McMahon to a huge reaction from the sold out arena. The fans go completely nuts when they witness what Steph is wearing. Steph is wearing black leather boots, a black leather mini-skirt, and a black leather vest that is unbuttoned which allows her huge voluptuous breasts to move around freely to the delight of not only the crowd but also Lawler, whose eyes are about to pop out of their sockets! Steph does her signature strut to the ring and signature pose after entering the ring. Steph has a mic and says, "As you can all plainly see, this is not my father's WWE! WWE has needed a facelift for a long time now, and I intend to do just that! For one thing, no more disqualifications! Anything goes in WWE! And I do mean anything! So if anybody wants to take a chair to somebody else, feel free! If you want to put somebody through a table, then do it! If..."

But Steph is cut off when "GLASS SHATTERS" and out comes the WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin to a deafening ovation from the crowd. Austin enters the ring and does his signature poses for the crowd. Austin grabs a mic and says, "Let me get this straight, Vince McMahon no longer runs the show anymore? You do? And anything goes?!" Steph nods her head, which brings a smile to Austin's face. Austin says, "Well, all I got to say is I am now in Redneck Heaven! And if you people out there like these changes, give me an 'Oh Hell Yeah!'" The crowd goes nuts, which delights both Austin and Steph. Austin says, "Hell, this calls for a celebration! Toss me some damn beers!"

But before Austin is tossed any beers, over the speakers we hear, "Here Comes The Money!". Out walks Shane McMahon to a mixed reaction as he heads to the ring. Shane is handed a mic as he enters the ring. Shane says, "Hey Sis, you seem a little shocked to see me. I hated to break up this little gladfest you two were having, but I was about to lose my lunch!" Steph says, "Shane, what the Hell are you doing here?!" Shane says, "Well, Steph you aren't the only McMahon who has this business coursing through their veins. And furthermore, you aren't the only McMahon who has a stake in the new WWE! You see, I am part of a Coalition that bought the other 50% of WWE! For now, the others wish to remain faceless. But I on the other hand couldn't wait to get back in the spotlight! And I too have a few changes in store for WWE! First and foremost, WWE now has an open door policy! Anyone can come into WWE if they can get out of their contracts with other organizations! As a matter of fact, I sent out letters to all wrestlers in WCW and ECW, inviting one and all to jump ship to WWE! Some saw the light and are making the move. I..." Austin steps up and says, "Why don't you shut your yappin', you mealy mouth sumbitch! Just when I was in a good mood, you had to go and ruin it! I ought to give your sorry ass a Stone Cold Stunner! I..." Shane says, "Austin, why don't you take your own advice and shut your mouth for awhile?! Before you interrupted me, I was about to announce the first person who has jumped ship to WWE!"

Over the speakers we hear, THE CHO...CHO.. CHOSEN ONE, followed by Godsmack's "Straight Out of Line". Out walks JEFF JARRETT to a huge round of boos from the crowd. Jarrett gives a wicked smile and motions to the back as out walks TORRIE WILSON! Torrie is dressed in a sparkling red string bikini. Jarrett and Torrie head to and enter the ring as Shane applauds them. Steph and Austin look at each other in disbelief. Jarrett is handed a mic and says, "Shocked to see me in the WWE Austin?! A few years ago you tried your damnedest to keep me held down. Hell, you even succeeded to an extent, until I headed for WCW and showed the world that I am a premeire superstar in this great sport! But guess what Austin, I'm back and back for your blood!" Austin smiles and says, "Jarrett, you keep running that mouth and the only blood we will see is yours!" Jarrett spits in Austin's face. Austin retaliates with a right hand to the side of Jarrett's head. Both men start exchanging right hands in the middle of the ring. Austin goes for a clothesline, but Jarrett ducks. Jeff kicks Austin in the gut and goes for The Stroke. However, Steph nails Jeff with a low blow. Austin breaks free and kicks Jarrett in the gut. Austin is about to deliver the Stone Cold Stunner when the lights suddenly start flickering and go out. When they come back on, the crowd is amazed to see VADER standing behind Austin. Steph points behind Stone Cold, but by the time he turns it is too late. Austin's head is nearly taken off by a vicious clothesline by Vader. Shane begins shouting instructions as Jarrett and Vader start stomping away on Austin. Steph tries to help, but she is taken down with a Spear by Torrie. Steph and Torrie are rolling around on the mat. Steph gains the advantage and is straddling Torrie, pounding her head into the mat. But Shane grabs her by the hair and drags her off Torrie. Steph turns and slaps Shane in the face. She kicks him in the family jewels and goes back after Torrie. But Shane motions to the back and out comes running SABLE. Sable is wearing blue jeans and a see through white lace bra, which is just barely able to contain her huge breasts as she runs to the ring. Sable enters the ring and kicks Steph in the back of the head. Torrie and Sable start stomping away on Steph as Jeff and Vader do the same to Austin. Torrie and Sable give Steph a double SableBomb and force her to watch Jeff and Vader destroy Austin. Shane goes to the floor and gets a steel chair. He slides back into the ring and hands it to Jarrett. Vader holds Austin as Jarrett smashes the chair repeatedly into Stone Cold's skull. Austin is busted open and blood starts flowing down his face. Jarrett tosses the chair down and Vader plants the bloody Austin on the chair with a huge powerbomb. Jarrett lays a second chair across Austin's chest, making a Stone Cold Sandwich. Vader climbs to the top rope and begins taunting the crowd. Vader crushes Austin between both chairs with a devastating moonsault. Austin appears to be coughing up blood as Vader and Jeff hoist him through the ropes to the ring apron. Shane in the meantime has set up a table on the floor. He pulls out a bag of thumb tacks and pours them over the table. He then takes a can of lighter fluid and pours it on the table before setting it on fire. Jarrett takes Austin and gives him The Stroke from the ring apron, face first through the flaming table covered in thumb tacks! Austin's face is covered in thumb taccks as blood continues to flow from his head and mouth. Jarrett screams, "Now choke on that, SLAPNUTZ!" As EMTS rush down to the ring to help Austin, Shane tells Steph, "Sis, if ol' Stone Cold here is the best you can come up with then it won't be long before I will be the only McMahon here in WWE!"

JR and King are in disbelief over what they just saw. JR says, "Good Lord King, Austin was just whipped like a government mule by a group of people who just a few days ago were part of WCW!" King says, "Yeah JR, it seems Shane's open door policy and offers were taken up by Jeff Jarrett, Vader, and Torrie Wilson. Not to mention the return of Sable. Shane McMahon really seems to have outdone his sister in a huge way to start this new era of WWE."



JR and King show highlights of what happened earlier and show footage of Austin being loaded into an ambulance. They then show footage from Wrestlemania of John Cena losing to Randy Orton. Plus shows footage of Billy Gunn attempting to aid Cena, but to no avail. We then see some footage on the Titantron, saying earlier today. Gunn and Cena are in a heated argument. Cena claims that Gunn hsould have been of more help. Gunn tells Cena that from now on he can help his own ass. Both men start shoving back and forth before Stephanie comes up and tells them they can settle it in the ring.

Billy Gunn vs. John 'The Prototype' Cena

JR, "This one will be the grudge match from hell King" Lawler, "No doubt about it JR. You know this has been eating at Cena." JR, "Yes it has, I spoke with John Cena earlier tonight and he has reverted to an older more vicious form known as The Prototype." "Assman" plays as Billy Gunn makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Then the music hits again and the fans get on their feet for The Prototype John Cena, he performs no poses and runs to the ring causing Gunn to bail out. John Cena is seething with rage as he watches Billy circle the ring. When Cena finally has enough he launches himself over the top rope with a diving suicide headbutt that catches Gunn full in the chest! The crowd explodes at this manuever. Cena wastes no time and is all over Gunn as the ref calls for the bell to start the match. John continues to pummel Billy on the outside before he finally regains his focus and drags Gunn to his feet and throws him back into the ring. Billy has to use the ropes to get back to his feet as Prototype slides under the bottom rope. Cena charges Gunn and takes him down with a double leg takedown and starts pummeling him again. Gunn manages to roll Cena over and starts pummeling John. Gunn then drags The Prototype to his feet and whips him to the ropes; John rebounds off the ropes and gets caught with a dropkick from Gunn! Billy goes for the pin but Cena kicks out at two. Gunn drags John to his feet and whips him to the ropes again; Cena hits the ropes but holds on as Billy goes for the dropkick again and catches nothing but air and canvas. Gunn is stunned from the missed dropkick as Cena leaps over him and hits an asai moonsault that gets a near fall. Cena then goes out on the ring apron and waits for Gunn to get back to his feet and when he does John uses the ropes to his advantage hitting a springboard clothesline taking Gunn down again. Cena goes for the pin; one, two. thre..kickout by Gunn. John drags Billy to his feet again, Gunn knocks his hands aside and lands a boot to the gut, Billy then goes for the famasser, but Cena counters with a modified protobomb! JR, "That last move got the fans going." King, "Cena's still a loser, he couldn't beat Orton and he won't beat Billy Gunn either!" Both men slowly get back to their feet and Gunn strikes first with hard right hands and chops. Billy then hooks Cena and hits a long standing verticle suplex. When they hit Gunn floats over and makes the cover again for a two count. Gunn drags Cena to his feet and this time hits his finisher The Famasser! He goes for the cover; one, two, thre..kickout by Cena!!! Billy cannot believe it, and staddles Cena out of frustration and begins pummeling away on the young man. King, "He is beating the hell out of that kid!" JR, "No matter what Gunn has tried this young lion will not give up." Gunn gets up and looks at the blood on his hands and the busted open kid at his feet and signals to the crowd that its over. He raises the young man up and hoists him into the air for a verticle suplex, but Cena slides out and down his back! Cena ducks down and puts his head between Billy's legs and lifts him up into the air and plants him face first with an Electric Chair Drop. The Prototype then goes upstairs and when Gunn gets up leaps off hitting a diving ranna that sends Gunn across the ring. Billy gets right back up and charges Cena who nails him with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker! Cena goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Cena drags Gunn to his feet and slides his head between his legs into the piledriver/powerbomb position and hoists Gunn into the air and hits a running ProtoBomb!!! Cena makes the cover and picks up the hard fought victory!!!

Winner in 7:23 via pinfall: The Prototype John Cena

In the back we see a close-up of The Hurricane costume being tossed into a trash can and being set on fire. Helms turns around and says, "Well, say good riddance to The Hurricane and say hello once again to "Sugar" Shane Helms!" Next a beautiful blonde walks up and kisses him. She turns around, revealing herself to be GORGEOUS GEORGE. She is wearing a white leather bikini top and matching short shorts. Geore says, "Yeah, and I can't wait to wee you go out there and take on Jaime Knoble and AJ Styles tonight for the Cruiserweight title."

Next we see a limo pull up and out steps THE ROCK. Up comes running a beautiful blonde woman with huge breasts and a microphone in her hand. She says, "Rock, I would like to ask you..." But The Rock cuts her off and says, "Woah, Woah, Woah! Who in the Blue Hell are you?" She says, "I am Pamela Paulshock and I have been hired by Stephanie McMahon to be the new interviewer around here." The Rock is smiling as he checks her out. She is wearing a tan leather halter top and matching min-skirt. Rock says, "I guess you have a question for The Rock?" Pamela says, "Yes, I was wanting to get your comments on the emergence of Shane McMahon and his group of thugs Jeff Jarrett, Vader, Torrie Wilson, and Sable taking down Steph and sending Stone Cold Steve Austin to the hospital." Rock says, "First of all, The Rock has no idea what you are rambling on about." Then up walks Steph. She says, "Rock, thank God you are here. It seems Shane is part of a Coalition that has purchased 50% of WWE and intend to take over completely. They just assaulted me and completely detroyed Austin." Rock says, "So you are telling The Rock that your brother has gotten his own personal goon squad consisting of a bunch of rejuects from WCW? And are trying to take over? well, The Rock has something to say about that! And I will do it in front of The Millions... and Millions of The Rocks' fans!" Rock blows past Pamela and Steph.



When we are back on the air, over the speakers we hear "If you Smell What The Rock is Cooking" and out comes The Rock to a deafening ovation from the crowd. Rock enters the ring and does his signature poses before getting a mic. Rock says, "The Rock just found out what went down earlier! So I am calling out those Candyasses Shane McMahon, Jeff Jarrett, and Vader!" Shane's music hits again and out he walks, followed by The Chosen One Jeff Jarrett, Vader, Torrie Wilson, and Sable. Shane says, "I think.." But The Rock cuts him off and screams, "It don't matter what you think! You think you can just stroll into The Rock's ring and take out the WWE champion Stone Cold Steve Austin and the owner Stephanie McMahon?! Well The Great One says that lets see if you can take me down when I am standing face to face with you and your punk ass Boy Scout Troop!" Rock makes The Just Bring It motion. Jarrett gets the mic and says, "You may be The Great One, but I am The Chosen One! Furthermore I have no problem coming down there and kicking your ass! Everone knows that you are just all mouth anyway!" Rock says, "You want to go one on one with The Brahma Bull?! Then let's do it right now!" Jeff starts toward the ring, but Shane grabs him by the shoulder. Shane says, "Hold up there Rock. Let's make this a little more interesting. You see Vader just got warmed up with that ass kicking Austin got earlier. So you find yourself a partner and tonight you can step into the ring with Jarrett and Vader!" The Rock says, "You got it! I know there are plenty of people in the back who wants a peice of your asses after what you did to Austin!" Shane and the others smile as they walk away, leaving The Rock to soak in the cheers from the crowd who are chanting his name.



WWE Cruiserweight Title

Jamie Knoble vs. 'Sugar' Shane Helms w/Gorgeous George vs. A.J. Styles

JR, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this matchup is sure to please all of the light heavyweight fans out there. The three competitors in this matchup are three of the very best in this business." King, "No doubt about it J.R. These guys will leave you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire match." The sound of Japanese bamboo flute plays as Jamie Knoble makes his way down the ramp to a decent ovation from the crowd. Then "One" by Metallica plays as A.J. Styles makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd. When the music hits again the crowd comes alive as 'Sugar' Shane Helms comes out onto the stage with Gorgeous George by his side. They take time to acknowledge the crowd as they make their way down to the ring. JR, "Our fans really love Helms and George King." King, "They love the Gorgeous one, I'm not so sure about Helms, I mean come on JR everyone loves puppies!!" The ref calls for the bell and we get underweigh. All three men look at each other, each looking for an opening. As if on queue Knoble and Styles double team Helms. JR, "Looks like these two worked something out before the match." King, "Well yeah JR, I mean you do whatever you have to in that ring." Styles and Knoble continue the double team on Helms hitting several high impact moves including a spike pile driver. Then out of nowhere Styles hits 'The Styles Clash' on Knoble!!! He goes for the cover but Helms breaks up the count! Styles then takes Helms and launches him over the top rope and continues to work on Knoble. Styles whips Knoble to the ropes; Jamie rebounds off the ropes and into a ranna from Styles which he converts into a pinning situation; one, two, thr..kickout by Knoble. 'Sugar' has recovered and is on the top rope where he leaps off hitting a missile drop kick on Styles that sends him across the ring and under the bottom ring rope! Knoble gets slowly back to his feet where he gets a boot to the gut from helms who hoists him into the air and nails a running power bomb for a near fall. Styles now recovered slides back in under the bottom rope with chair in hand. He swings for Helms who ducks and instead Styles nails Knoble! King, "Was that intentional or not JR?" Jr, "The way this match has gone, who knows?" Helms lands a boot to the gut causing Styles to drop the chair and Helms hooks him and delivers The Sugar Rush(double underhook pile driver) onto the steel chair. Helms then covers Knoble; one, two, three.

Eliminated in 7:34 via pinfall: Jamie Knoble.

King, "One down and one to go!" Jr, "What a match this has been so far." Helms then goes over and covers Styles; one, two, thre..kickout by Styles! JR, "Helms should have covered Styles first King." Lawler, "No doubt about it, A.J. is obviously the better of the two, but at least now he won't have to worry about a double team from Knoble and Styles." Helms drags Styles to his feet and whips him to the ropes; Styles rebounds off the ropes and comes back into a tilt-a-whirl side slam from Helms. Shane then goes up top and leaps off with a shooting star press but Styles moves out of the way! Styles then rolls over and lays his arm across the chest of Helms but Shane kicks out. Both men are now showing signs of fatigue and struggle to their feet. They start exchanging right hands with Styles gaining the advantage by blocking several of Helms' right hands in a row and landing a wicked left handed jab that sends Helms staggering back into the ropes. Styles whips Shane to the ropes but Helms reverses the momentum and sends A.J. in instead; Styles rebounds off the ropes and comes back into a super kick from Helms! Sugar goes for the pin; one, two, thre..kickout by Styles! Helms drags his former freind to his feet and sends him face first into the corner turnbuckle pad. Shane then begins laying in the knife edge chops and mounts the corner and starts drilling Styles in the forehead as the crowd counts along; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and finally ten and Helms hops down from the corner as the crowd cheers him on. Helms drags Styles back to his feet and nails him in the gut again but this time before Shane can hook the arms A.J. back body drops him to escape the finisher. Both men are slow to get up and Styles gets back to his feet first and drags Helms back to his feet, A.J. goes for the styles clash but Helms counters with a high angle spine buster! Helms falls across Styles and goes for the pin but only gets a count of two. Helms drags Styles back to his feet and manages a Northern Lights Suplex for another near fall. Helms drags him back to his feet again and Styles staggers around and Helms goes for another super kick but Styles side steps it and hits a reverse DDT! and goes for the cover picking up a near fall. A.J. then goes up top but Gorgeous George grabs his leg causing him to fall and crotch himself on the top rope before falling into the ring. The ref begins scolding George and threatening to disqualify her man if she interferes again. But through the crowd comes Brian Lawler to a very loud ovation, that is until he climbs to the top and hits the Bama Jam on Helms! JR, "You must be so proud of your son King." Lawler, "He did what he had too, to help his friend JR, just like I always did." Styles then rolls over and covers Helms for the victory!

Winner and new WWE Cruiserweight Champion via pinfall: A.J. Styles in 12:36.

After the match Styles and Lawler head to the back as Gorgeous George checks on Helms. Helms grabs a chair and heads after them with Gorgeous George following him. AJ has the title and is running for all he is worth, with Lawler behind him. They exit the arena and run up to a waiting limo. Out steps Jasmine St. Claire, who is wearing a see through black lace dress. Jasmine says, "See, I told you two that my plan was fool proof. Jasmine kisses AJ before the trio get into the limo and speed off just as Helms and George arrive.


[8:50- 9:00]

The Rock and Steph are in her office trying to decide who will be Rock's partner. When in comes The Undertaker. Undertaker says, "I am not asking, I am telling you two that I will be Rock's partner tonight! You see that's my Yard out there and those boys think they can come and take it over? They got another thing coming!" Rock and Steph smile at each other as Undertaker leaves the room.

Shane McMahon exits a dressing room. He looks back into it and says, "You two are just the types of people I am looking for when The Coalition's vision of WWE comes to pass. I am giving you this opportunity, now down't let me down! You become the Intercontinetal Champion, and you two are in! If not, then you may just be joining Austin!" Out of the room walks Test and Trish Stratus. Test says, "Don't worry Shane-O. We go back a long ways and you know what I can do. Thanks for the chance to join you and I won't let you down! By the way, I am going to put of Latino Heat just like a sticking a match in a glass of water!"



Intercontinental Championship

'Latino Heat' Eddie Guerrero[C] vs. Test w/Trish Stratus

The music hits and out comes Test with the lovely Trish Stratus by his side to a mixed reaction from the capacity crowd. 'Latino Heat' then blasts from the p.a. and Eddie also gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as the champ performs his signature poses for the crowd who are just not giving him the love he thinks he deserves. Jr, "This should be one helluva contest between two of the premier athletes in the i-c division!" King, "A real slobbernocker right JR?" Earl Hebner takes the title from Latino Heat and shows it to Test who pats the title and tells Guerrero that the title is coming to him, this action angers Eddie and he attacks Test with a flurry of right hands driving the big man back into the corner. Test retaliates with a back elbow and a flurry of his own, and then drives Eddie to the mat with a haymaker from right field. Test drags the i-c champ to his feet and levels him again with a stiff right hand, that he follows up with an elbow drop to the sternum. Test turns his back on Eddie and poses for the crowd. Eddie nips up and school boys Test for a near fall. King, "He was so close!" JR, "Test does not want to underestimate the ability of Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero" Both men get quickly back to their feet and start trading right hands again with the big canadian getting the upper hand driving Eddie back into the corner with a series of knife edged chops across the chest. Test whips Guerrero to the opposite corner with such velocity that Latino Heat goes down in a heap when he makes contact with the turnbuckle pads. Test then slows things down and begins working on Eddies back with stomps and forearm shots to the small of the back. Test then puts Guerrero in position for the pump handle slam but Eddie reverses it with a ranna that sends the big Canadian across the ring. Eddie vaults to the top rope and catches Test with a missile drop kick that sends the big man down again. Guerrero vaults to the top rope again and goes for a Dragonranna but Test catches him out of the air hitting a sitout powerbomb!!! JR, "What a tremendous manuever by the challenger Test!" King,"He just got lucky thats all...come on Heat!" Test goes for the cover; one, two, kickout by the champ! Eddie begins crawling toward the ropes and the big Canadian drops the elbow on the back of the champs head. Test then drags Guerrero to his feet and whips him to the ropes; Eddie rebounds off the ropes and gets pancaked by the challenger! Test drags Guererro to his feet once again and takes him down with a short arm clothesline! Eddie refuses to stay down and staggers to his feet and Test catches him from behind with a pump handle slam! The crowd gets to their feet anticipating the end watching in anticipation as Test measures Guerrero. The i-c champ makes it to his feet and Test goes for the kill shot with the big boot but Eddie ducks the shot and hits a reverse neck breaker! King, "The champ isn't done yet!" An exhausted Guerrero then goes up top and leaps off nailing the frog splash!!! JR, "looks like this may be it for Test." Eddie goes for the cover but Test manages to get his foot on the bottom rope. King, "Oh No" Jr, "that was a huge mistake by Guererro, Eddie usually drags his opponents to the center of the ring for his finisher and he didn't hook the leg either." King, "I think the champ underestimated Test and didn't think he had to hook the leg after the frog splash." Eddie drags Test to his feet and whips him to the ropes; Test rebounds off the ropes and ducks the clothesline attempt by the champ. Eddie turns right into a big boot from Test!!! JR, "What a shot by Test!" King, "My God, he took Heat's head off!" Test climbs the turnbuckle to the top and leaps off hitting a huge elbow drop! Test makes the cover and Earl Hebner administrates the three count; one, two, three! JR, "I don't know if we should call that an upset or not but it was a huge win and we have a new Intercontinental Champion!"

Winner and new Intercontinental Champion in 8:14: Test w/Trish Stratus

After the match Test rips up the mat on the floor set up a table. Test enters the ring and puts Eddie over his shoulder. As Trish cheers him on, Test gives Eddie a Pump Handle Slam from the top rope, through the table, to the concrete floor. EMTs ruch down to check on Lation Heat as Trish places the I-C title around Test's waist.

In the back Shane is watching a monitor and is smiling. He turns to Torrie and says, "I put you into the Women's title tournament. Now go out there and rip that bitch Lita'a head off!

Qualifying match for Women's Title

Lita w/Matt Hardy vs. Torrie

King, "Finally! We are gonna see some puppies!!!" JR,"Easy Tiger. That's right, up next we have the first of two qualifying matches for the women's title match on Thursday."
'Live for the moment' plays on the p.a. and the crowd goes nuts as Lita makes her way down to the ring and performs her signature poses to the delight of the crowd. When the music plays again the crowd gets to their feet again but not to cheer but to boo Torrie Wilson as she makes her way to the ring. JR, "That young lady has had quite an attitude change recently that has caused her to fall from the favor of the fans." King, "Who cares JR, she has a magnificent set of PUPPIES!!!" The two ladies stare holes in each other and meet in the center of the ring and stare each other down. Torrie strikes first with a slap across the face of Lita who responds with a hard right hand that drops Torrie to the mat much to the delight of the crowd. Lita follows up by mounting Torrie and pummeling her with hard right hands. Torrie manages to bring her legs up and hook Lita under the arms and force her back with her superior leg strength to gain a near fall. Both women are quickly back up and lock up in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie up. Torrie gets the upper hand and monkey flips Lita across the ring. Lita, gets quickly back to her feet only to be taken down with a vicious clothesline. Torrie goes for the quick cover; one, two, kickout by Lita. Torrie drags Lita back to her feet by her hair but Lita knocks her hands away and takes Wilson down with drop toe hold. Lita floats over and locks in a front face lock and drags Torrie to her feet and then drapes Wilson's arm across her shoulder and snaps off a suplex. Torrie writhes around in pain from the impact on her back and slowly makes her way to the ropes. Lita charges looking for the clothesline but Torrie falls backward and pulls the top rope down causing Lita to spill out onto the concrete floor. Torrie then grabs the top rope and launches herself over the top rope with a suicide plancha! The crowd goes nuts and a Holy Shit!!! chant breaks out. Torrie snatches a handfull of hair and throws Lita back into the ring. Torrie slides back into the ring and begins stomping away on Lita. Torrie drags Lita her feet from behind and sinches in a reverse facelock and grabs Lita by the tights and hoists her into the air. As he reaches the apex of the lift she releases Lita's tights causing Lita to land face first on the canvas!!! Torrie rolls Lita over and makes the pin for the hard fought victory.

Winner: Torrie Wilson in 5:03 via pinfall.

JR, "What an impressive victory by Torrie." King, "Torrie is impressive alright and she finished it with a Torrieplex."



Stephanie is in her office when in rushes a back stage technician. He tells her to get to the parking garage fast. Steph takes off down the hall and runs to the parking garage. What see sees sends shivers down her spine. Steph is devastated by the image of The Undertaker crucifed on a pillar with barbed wire. Undertaker is a bloody mess. Shane walks up and says, "Well sis, looks like Undertaker won't be playing in his yard tonight. Guess that leaves The Rock all alone." Suddenly The Rock comes up and says, "The Rock has no problem kicking both Jarrett's and Vader's monkey asses tonight!" Steph says, "No, Rock will have a partner!" Steph grabs Rock by the arm and leads him away. Shane begins laughing as The EMTs are cutting down The Undertaker.

JR says, "King, I never thought I would see The Undertaker in that kind of shape." King says, "You know, I have to agree. That was a sight hard to even believe we were seeing."

Steph and Rock come to a dressing room. They barge in, revealing it to be HHH and HBK's dressing room. HHH says, "What the Hell do you two think you are doing?!" Steph says, "I assume you two saw what has gone down tonight?" HBK says, "Sure. It looks like ol' Stone Cold and The Undertaker will be roommates at rhe hospital for a few days." Rock says, "Forget it Steph. I don't need any help from these two glory hounds!" Steph says, "Well I think you do. Hunter, I want you to team with The Rock to take on Jeff Jarrett and Vader." HHH says, "Ordinarily I would tell you to shove your orders up your ass, but it just so happens that I was going to challenge Austin myself tonight for the WWE title. So Shane and Jarrett screwed my plans up good. So Rocky, whether you want me or not we will be partners." From behind we hear some clapping. Steph, Rock, HHH, and HBK turn to see Shane McMahon. Shane says, "Good choice Steph. I can't wait to see Jarrett and Vader take apart The Game and The Great One. Although I would have loves to see you get that broken down pretty boy there to be Rock's partner." HBK says, "You know you got a big mouth Shane. How about I show you just how broken down I am?!" Shane says, "You know, why not? Let's do this. Tonight it will be The Rock, Triple H, and The Heartbreak Kid versus Jeff Jarrett, Vader, and Shane McMahon!" Shane exits, leaving HHH, HBK, Rock, and Steph to discuss what Shane just did. HBK is grinning from ear to ear as he says, "Shane my man, you are definitley in for some Sweet Chin Music."

Women's title tourney

Trish Stratus vs Jenna Jameson

JR says, "This should be an interesting match King. Jenna Jameson is making the transition from the Adult Film Industry to professional wrestling and Trish is one of the most accomplished wrestlers around, even though she seems to have aligned with Shane and his Coalition. King says, "All I care about are the puppies!"
Trish comes down to the ring to a chorus of boos. Jenna Jameson comes down to Lenny Kravitz' "American Woman". Jenna is wearing a white t-shirt that has been cut up the middle and tied back together. It is all the fabric can do to contain her massive breasts. She is also wearing a pair of skin tight shorts. Trish begins talking trash, but Jenna will have none of it and slaps her across the face. Both women go at it. Match goes back and forth for a couple minutes. Jenna goes to the top turnbuckle. But Trish knocks her feet out from under her. Trish flips up and goes for her headscissors take down. However, Jenna blocks it and plants Trish with a Cradle Piledriver. Jenna makes the cover for the 1...2..3!

Winner: Jenna Jameson via pinfall in 4:21.

After the match, Test runs from the back, but Jenna exits the ring and heads through the crowd to a huge ovation.



In the back we see Chris Jericho exit his dressing room. He comes frace to face with Shane, Vader, and Jarrett. Shane says, "Jericho, I have been trying to call you on your cell phone all day, but you have failed to return my calls. Having phone trouble?" Y2J says, No, I just like talking to Jackasses! I got your messages about siding with your little Coalition, Shane. But no matter what problems I have had with Steph in the past, compared to you she... well let's just say she isn't anywhere nearly as slimy as you are Junior!" Shane says, "Sorry you feel that way!" Then as if planned all along, Jarrett and Vader begin nailing Jericho. Y2J fights back, but the numbers catch up with him as Jeff gives him a chop block, taking his knee out. Jarrett takes Jericho and gives him The Stroke onto the concrete floor. Vader takes Jericho and sends him face first through a plate glass window. Jericho is laying in a pool of his own blood as shattered glass lays around him. Then up comes Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, and Edge. As they check on Jericho, Shane says, "Let this be a lesson to you boys. I have made the same offer to you three. One of you has taken me up. You other two should very soon." Shane walks away as Benoit, Angle, and Edge look at each other with distrust in their eyes. EMTs arrive to help Jericho. Angle says, "I admit he tried to get me to go along with him, but I turned him down. Steph is my friend. Besides, he wanted me to forget about the fact that I was number one contender for the WWE title. I worked too hard to give that up. Now they have taken Austin out, which really screws things up for me! Not only am I not with them I will make sure that their little reign of terror ends tonight." Angle looks at Edge and Benoit. Benoit says, "He tried for me too." Edge says, "Same here. I don't know if he was jsut playing mind games, or he was serious that one of us is with him. But either way, I don't trust either of you." Edge walks away as Benoit and Angle stare at each other.

WWE World Tag Team Titles

The Hardy Boyz[C]; Jeff and Matt Hardy w/Lita vs. The APA: Farooq and Bradshaw

JR, "This matchup should be huge King." King, "yeah, you know these two teams have a tremendous amount of respect for each other but I think we'll see new tag champs when this one is over." JR, "That could very well be the case, The Hardyz have been having some problems of late." King, "Yeah, Jeff is a glory hound." JR, "Why? Because the young man wants to pursue singles gold?" King, "Exactly, I knew with a little time and patience you would come around to my way of thinking. Jeff Hardy is a tag team specialist, and should stay with what he knows." Jr, "Well that still remains to be seen."
'Live for the Moment' plays on the p.a. and out comes Team Xtreme; Matt and Jeff Hardy with Lita by their side to a great ovation from the crowd. When the music hits again the crowd comes to their feet for the arrival of The APA as Farooq and Bradshaw make their way to the ring. All four men stand in the center of the ring trash talking and then finally shaking hands before the match starts. The ref calls for the bell and Bradshaw starts things off with Matt Hardy. They lock up in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie up, Bradshaw with the clear strength advantage forces Matt to the ropes where Jeff makes the blind tag as the big Texan whips his brother to the ropes; Matt rebounds off the ropes and ducks the attempted clothesline and then he and Jeff hit the ropes simultaneously and come off nailing Bradshaw with flying reverse elbows. King, "That is what I was talking about, they are great as a team." Matt exits the ring and Jeff pulls Bradshaw to his feet, out of nowhere Bradshaw nails Jeff with a hard right hand that drives him to the mat. Bradshaw yells to his corner and Farooq puts the boot up on the corner pad as Bradshaw whips Jeff to the corner Jeff avoids the boot by running up the corner and leaping off hitting whisper in the wind on Bradshaw. Hardy goes for the cover; one, two, thre..kickout by Bradshaw. Jeff drags Bradshaw to his corner and tags Matt back in. Matt lays the boots to the big Texan then finally drags him to his feet and whips him to the corner; Bradshaw rebounds off the ropes and ducks the spinning heel kick by Hardy and comes back with a diving clothesline! Bradshaw then manages to roll to his corner and get the tag to Farooq. The big man comes in on fire taking out Matt then charging the ring and taking Jeff off the ring apron with a stiff forearm shot to the head. Matt charges Farooq but gets caught in a huge spinning spinebuster! JR, "That could be all she wrote for Matt." Ron goes for the cover; one, two, thre..kickout by Matt! Farooq drags the elder Hardy to his feet and takes him right back down again with a hard clothesline. Farooq goes to the ropes and comes off with a leg drop and goes for the pin again but only gets a two count. Farooq then drags Matt to his feet again and drags him to the corner where he tags in Bradshaw. The big Texan comes in and goes to grab Hardy, but the smaller man drops down and crawls through Justin's legs and makes the tag to Jeff. The younger Hardy leaps over the top rope with a crossbody on the big man but Bradshaw catches him and delivers his version of the fallaway slam. Bradshaw drags Jeff to his feet and whips him to the ropes; Bradshaw catapults off the ropes and hits The Clothesline From Hell! King, "Oh man, that'll leave a mark!" Bradshaw covers but Matt breaks the count with his patented leg drop from the second rope! Farooq comes in and clotheslines Matt over the top rope with such force that it carries him over as well leaving Bradshaw and Jeff in the ring by themselves. Lita on the outside has climbed up to the top turnbuckle, the fans get on there feet because they know what is coming. The ref is warning her off but she goes for the Litaranna but Bradshaw snatches her out of mid-air with devistating powerbomb! Jeff Hardy has climbed to the top rope and goes for a diving ranna of his own and nails it! Jeff goes back to the top rope again and goes for the Swanton but the big Texan rolls out of the way. Matt has made it back to the ring apron and is yelling for Jeff to tag him in. Bradshaw gets back to his feet first and takes a swing at Matt but Hardy ducks it and hooks Bradshaw in a double chicken wing. Jeff tries to take advantage by going for a heel kick but the big Texan gets out of the way and he nails his brother instead! Jeff is slow in getting up and Bradshaw builds momentum by bounding off the ropes and takes the younger Hardy out with The Clothesline from Hell!!! Bradshaw makes the cover and picks up the huge win for his team.

Winners and new WWE World Tag Team Champions; The APA in 12:47 via pinfall.

After the match; Farooq and Bradshaw celebrate their title win while Matt has made it back into the ring to check on Lita who is still down from the powerbomb. Jeff has recovered from The Clothesline from Hell and comes over to check on Lita as well but Matt stands up and shoves him away. Jeff tries to approach again but again gets shoved away. Jeff finally has enough and flips his brother the bird and exits the ring.

We see Shane on his cell phone. Shane says, "Brock, sorry to hear you missed your flight tonight. But I want to discuss..."



The Rock, HHH, HBK with Stephanie McMahon vs. Jeff Jarrett, Vader, Shane McMahon with Torrie Wilson and Sable.

Jarrett's music hits and out he comes with Shane and the others. Rock's music hits and he comes to the ring with Steph. Next we hear "Time to Play The Game" as out comes HHH. Next "Sexy Boy" plays and out comes HBK. Shane has a mic and says, "Now before we get started I want you all to take a look at a little movie shot earlier in the night." On the Titantron appears some footage from earlier in the night. We see The Undertaker about to enter his dressing room, when a back stage official tells him somebody is stealing his motorcycle. Undertaker heads to the parking garage, but as soon as he gets there he sees Vader pushing over his bike. Undertaker begins nailing Vader with right hands, but from behind come Jarrett and Test. Jeff, Vader, and Test are able to get the advantage on Undertaker. Jarrett breaks a 2x4 over Taker's back. Vader smashes a metal trash can over the back of his head. Trish wraps a chain around Test's foot before he nails Undertaker right in the face with The Big Boot. The three men continue to pummel a defenseless Undertaker as Shane walks into view of the camera. Shane turns to the camera and says, "How did you ever get to be so good at handling a camera like that? I mean you handle that camera like a pro." The camera is placed on the hood of a car so it can still film Undertaker getting beat. Then a figure starts coming into view as he walks from behind the camera. And a very familair voice says, "Hell, you know me. I like to be the very best at everything I do. So when I was in Hollywood making those movies, I learned how to use a camera. Afterall, the cameras do love THE ROCK!!!" The Rock and Shane both glare into the camera before helping Jarrett, Test, and Vader crucify Undertaker. The crowd, JR, King, Steph, HHH, and HBK are in complete shock as to what they just witnessed on The Titantron. In the meantime Test came through the crowd and handed Jarrett, Vader, and Rock steel chairs. HBK turns, but is met with a vile chairshot to the face by The Rock. HHH suffers the same fate from Vader. Torrie and Sable jump Steph and start brutalizing her. Trish comes from the back to help them. As Rock, Vader, Jeff, and Test continue to dismantle HHH and HBK, Shane gets a mic and says, "I give to you the second man in The Coalition, THE ROCK!!!" The Rock takes HBK and gives him The Rock Bottom onto a steel chair. Rock takes the mic and says, "The Rock has now truely done it all here in the WWE, even becoming part owner! And none of you morons ever saw it coming!" As the beating continues we see Benoit watching on a monitor. Kurt Angle runs by and says, "Its time to pick a side Benoit! Where do you stand?!" Benoit gives his toothless grin and joins Angle as they rush down the hall to the stage. But as soon as they get on stage, Angle is leveled by a spear by EDGE! Edge gets up and is eye to eye with Benoit. Benoit grins and slaps The Crippler Cross face on Angle. Edge grins and starts kicking Angle in the head. Benoit releases Angle, which allows Edge to plant Kurt skull first on the stage with The Edgucution! Angle is bleeding profusely as Benoit puts him back in the Crossface and Edge puts him in The Edgucation! In the ring, HHH has been handcuffed to the ropes as HBK and Steph continue to be beatdown. Test slides a table into the ring and does the same with a roll of barbed wire. Rock and Jarrett hold HHH's head and force him to watch as Test and Vader lay HBK across the table and wrap the barbed wire around it, pinning him to the table. Vader climbs to the top rope and does a moonsault, putting HBK through the table causing the barbed wire to dig into his flesh! Next HHH is force to watch as Torrie, Trish, and Sable give Steph a spike piledriver onto a chair! Steph and HBK are out. Rock takes a chair and begins beating HHH in the head with it until The Game is also out.

JR is on the verge of a combined heart attack, stroke, and nervous breakdown as he screams, "Good Lord King, The Rock just sold out everyone of his fans and everything he ever stood for. And for what?! To join Shane McMahon in purchasing part of WWE?! I don't believe what we are witnessing. Benoit has also sold out to them, as has Edge!" King says, "I don't know what to say JR. It seems Shane and The Rock have orchastrated a coup!" Shane takes the mic and says, "Oh yeah JR and King, I didn't want you two to feel left out!" JR says, "What does he mean King?!" But Lawler doesn't answer. When JR turns, he sees why. Lawler is being choked out by TAZ!!! Shane says, "As you can see, WCW wasn't the only place top talent jumped ship from!" JR tries to help Lawler but can't. After Taz chokes out Lawler, he takes a slap across the face from JR. Taz gives JR a sadistic look before grabbing him and putting him through the announce table with a T-Bone Tazplex! Taz gets a mic and says, "Let this be a lesson to anyone who decides not to join The Coalition! Nobody is safe from us! Especially me! For I am Taz! Beat me if you can! Survive if I let you!!!!!!!!!!!"

As Shane McMahon, Rock, Vader, Jarrett, Test, Trish, Sable, and Torrie Wilson stand over the mangled bodies of HHH, HBK, and Steph in the ring, Taz does the same with JR and King in the announce position, while Edge and Benoit stand over Angle on the stage as he lays in a pool of his own blood.

Now we get as shot of three figures standing in the shadows backstage watching a monitor. One of them says in a familiar voice, "So it has begun and we won't rest until The Coalition is in complete control of the WWE!!!!!" All three men begin laughing as they continue to enjoy the carnage caused by their two partners and troops.