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WCW Monday Night Nitro
May 26
Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
Commentators: Tony Schiavione, ‘Iron’ Mike Tenay and Bobby ‘the Brain’ Heenan
Written by: Joseph Fagan and James Nutter

[7:00 - 7:15]

The Winnipeg Arena explodes with a standing ovation as Monday Night Nitro kicks off with fireworks and theme music blasting over the PA system. Tony Schiavione, Mike Tenay and Bobby ‘the Brain’ Heenan take up their position at commentary. Schiavione, “Welcome to Monday Night Nitro! We’ve got the Tag Team Titles on the line! Hulk Hogan, Scott Steiner and Bill Goldberg are in the house! But what we are really looking forward to is the return of Ric Flair.” Heenan, “I’m not...” Tenay, “You’re in an interesting position with Ric Flair. When the David Flair turned against his father it was under your leadership, you just didn’t expect Vader and David Flair to assault your man, Dean Malenko.” Heenan, “Well let’s forget about that for just now and take a look at this up and coming youngster, Danny Dominion and his debut match.”

Danny Dominion vs Great Muta

Danny Dominion makes his way to the ring with a cryptic grin on his face. Great Muta is next to the ring to a standing ovation. Great Muta circles Dominion and they eventually lock up in a grapple. Muta pushes Dominion and sends him crashing to the canvas. He jogs on the spot and performs a brief warm up as Danny Dominion walks around the ring. Dominion steps onto the apron but Muta clocks him with a right hand. Dominion falls off of the apron and collides with the guard-rail. He stumbles around ringside before being knocked off of his feet with a Baseball Slide. Great Muta rolls out of the ring and throws some punches at Danny Dominion before smashing his face against the guard-rail. Dominion manages to get a sneaky elbow to the midsection before throwing Great Muta into the ring and heading to the top rope. Muta gets a right hand and throws Dominion into the middle of the ring. Great Muta heads for a Clothesline but Dominion ducks and begins to fire some punches. Schiavione, “Danny Dominion didn’t get off to a good start but now he is taking control of the match-up and hoping to get a win in this debut contest.” Dominion begins to club Muta around the head before beating his face against the turnbuckle and breaking out the knife-edged chops. Muta gets a kick to the gut before climbing the turnbuckle and heading for a Sunset Flip. Dominion performs a backward roll and takes hold of Great Muta’s legs before sending him crashing into the corner with a Slingshot! Muta staggers around the ring as Danny Dominion gets a School Boy for the one count. Dominion gets a kick to the gut and follows it up with the Snapmare. Muta tries to sit up but is Drop Kicked in the back. As the Great Muta struggles to arise but Dominion gets an Oklahoma Roll Up for the two count. Danny Dominion lifts up Great Muta and sets up a Suplex. He hoists Muta into the air but the Suplex is countered. Great Muta hoists Dominion into the air and lays him out with a Snap Suplex. Danny Dominion rolls onto the apron and drives his shoulder into Great Muta’s gut before hopping over the top rope with a Sunset Flip for a two count. Danny Dominion stalks Muta for an irish Whip but is pulled into a Samoan Drop. The Great Muta then heads to the top rope but Dominion hits a Drop Kick to the back, sending Muta all the way to ringside with a crash. Danny Dominion climbs onto the top rope before soaring through the air with a Flying Crossbody! Danny Dominion and the Great Muta lie at ringside in pain. Tenay, “Danny Dominion is making his mark in this one on one match-up with the Great Muta.” Heenan, “Some of the manoeuvres that this rookie are pulling off wouldn’t even be attempted by a veteran.” Danny Dominion sends Great Muta crashing onto the floor of the aisle with a Snap Suplex. He then drags Great Muta back into the ring and throws some punches. Dominion hits the ropes but Great Muta catches him with the Tiger Head Scissors. Great Muta climbs the turnbuckle again but this time Danny Dominion takes him off of the top rope with a SUPERPLEX!! The leg is hooked for the one...two...thre- kick out! Danny Dominion can’t believe that he hasn’t put away Great Muta. Dominion fires stomps and kicks at Great Muta before hitting him with a Body Slam. He then climbs to the top rope for a Moonsault but Muta rolls onto the apron. Danny Dominion bounces off of the surface of the ring upon impact before staggering towards Great Muta. Muta tries to Suplex Dominion out of the ring but it is countered with a shot to the gut. Dominion then smashes Muta’s face into the nearest ring-post. Dominion brings Great Muta into the ring with a Suplex and stalks him for a Super Kick! Schiavione, “Danny Dominion just nailed that Martial Arts Kick to the jaw and down goes Great Muta!” Heenan, “Dominion hit Great Muta so damned hard that I could have sworn some of his teeth were knocked out!” Danny Dominion hooks the leg but only gets a two count. He then lifts up Great Muta and whips him off of the ropes. Muta somehow equalises with a Swinging Neck Breaker before climbing to the top rope and delivering a Moonsault! The fans roar as the Moonsault connects. Great Muta hooks the leg for the one...two...thre- kick out! Danny Dominion struggles onto his feet against a barrage of right hands. Dominion blocks one and gets a rake to the eyes. He then gets a School Boy Roll Up with his feet positioned on the ropes to illegally gain leverage. The referee makes the count for the one...two...three! Danny Dominion with the upset over Great Muta!
Winner via pin fall in 8:56: Danny Dominion

Dominion rolls out of the ring with his arms raised in victory. He drops to his knees in disbelief and raises his fists in the air. Schiavione, “Danny Dominion doesn’t quite believe it but he managed to win his debut match in one of the most impressive manners I have ever seen.” Tenay, “Danny Dominion with the victory and that hasn’t gone down well with Great Muta.” Great Muta argues with the referee over his decision as Danny Dominion grins widely. Great Muta glares at the jubilant rookie.

Backstage, Vince Russo is shown arriving under the protection of his bodyguard, the Big Boss Man. Mean Gene Okerlund approaches them with a microphone. Russo, “Ah, Mean Gene, you’re just the person I wanted to speak to. You see, I’ve got some special announcements to make regarding the show. Firstly, Buff Bagwell has arrived and is warming up for his match with Goldberg later on tonight. So Goldberg, you better get ready for the fight of your life. Bagwell isn’t going to be playing games or messing around tonight. He’s got direct orders from me, the commissioner, to take you out!” Mean Gene, “Aside from the main event, we should be expecting Wolfpack in action in various other matches.” Russo, “Hulk Hogan had his brains scrambled last week by Scott Steiner when he signed up for that I Quit Match. But if you ask me, Hogan provoked Steiner.” Mean Gene, “Well that’s a completely outrageous allegation to make. If you look at footage of those men signing the document then you will clearly see Scott Steiner throwing the first punch.” Russo, “Mean Gene, I hold all the stroke around here. I’m the commissioner. Now, I saw Scott Steiner brawl with Hulk Hogan but that was in self defence. So as punishment for Hulk Hogan starting that fight last week, he’s going to step into the ring tonight with Lex Lugar.” Mean Gene, “That’s unfair! Hogan was put through a table last week and now you want him...” Russo, “Shut the hell up, Mean Gene. I’m running the show, not you. I decide who wrestles who. As far as you’re concerned and as far as everyone else in WCW is concerned...I AM GOD!!” Mean Gene backs down as Vince Russo glares at him. The Boss Man takes the microphone and scares of Mean Gene before holding it to Russo’s mouth. Russo, “Also tonight, in a Mixed Tag Team Match we’ll see Scott Steiner and Midajah take on Hugh Morrus and any female member of the roster he can find to be his partner. But I hear Hugh’s been having some trouble in that department recently. Ric Flair is scheduled to return, Bret Hart and Sting are in the house and Wolfpack will be out in force. But the biggest match of the night has to be the Tag Team Championship Match. Kronik are going to take on the Harris Boyz...” Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang approach Vince Russo, yelling in Japanese. The Boss Man tries to hold them back but they won’t shut up for a second. Vince Russo backs up away from the Jung Dragons but the Playboyz, Mike Sanders and Billy Kidman approach him from behind. They start to yell at Vince Russo as well. Russo, “Okay everybody calm down! I think it’s safe to assume that you’re yelling at me because you’re not in the Tag Team Match. Well you still might be. Tonight it’ll be the Jung Dragons taking on the Playboyz and the winning team will go on to face Kronik and the Harris Boyz in a 3-Way Tag Team Match with the titles on the line. Now get out of my sight.” The Playboyz and the Jung Dragons leave as Russo straightens his jacket. Russo, “I’ve got stars dropping out, I’ve got men yelling at me backstage...I’m Vince Russo and I’m meant to be the most powerful man in World Championship Wrestling. Who the hell do these people think they are, talking to me like that? The time for change is coming. As of now consider WCW to be under the control of a dictatorship. I want to see Wolfpack logos and posters on every wall in the arena. I want people to address me as ‘sir’. I want to wipe my ass with silk bog rolls and I want the wages of anyone who pisses me off to pay for it. This means no more Mr Nice Guy!” Russo storms off down a corridor followed by his bodyguard, the Big Boss Man.

[7:15 - 7:30]

Tag Team Championship Qualifier
Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang (Jung Dragons) vs TV Champion, Billy Kidman and Mike Sanders (Playboyz) w/ Stacy Keibler

Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang arrive to a standing ovation from the sold out crowd. They pace back and forth in the ring, awaiting the arrival of their opponents. Schiavione, “Kaz Hayashi is a formidable athlete inside the squared circle. He can pull off any manoeuvre at any time and he seems to do it instinctively.” Tenay, “Don’t discount the abilities of Jimmy Yang. He’s sacrifices his body just about every time he steps into the ring.” Heenan, “Oh come on now, Mike. He’s not that bad.”
*She’s got the legs!!*
Stacy Keibler steps through the curtain and raises her arms as from behind her come Mike Sanders and Billy Kidman. Sanders and Hayashi decide to start off the match but Kidman gets a tag and circles the ring with Kaz. Kaz Hayashi runs at Billy Kidman but the TV Champion hits the deck and Hayashi runs over him and into the ropes. Kidman catches him with a Small Package for a one count before tagging back in Mike Sanders. Tenay, “Mike Sanders and Billy Kidman are playing games with the Jung Dragons. They will do anything to make sure that when they strike their opponents aren’t on guard.” Mike Sanders runs at Hayashi but misses with a Clothesline. He then manages to catch his opponent with a Martial Arts Kick to the chin before hooking the leg and getting a one count. Mike Sanders lifts Kaz Hayashi and throws right hands at him. He clubs the Japanese star around the head before hitting the Snapmare. Sanders applies a Sleeper Hold and tightens his grip. Hayashi struggles to get onto his feet and throws Sanders to the canvas. He then gets a Knee Lift before hitting the ropes. Sanders catches Kaz Hayashi with an Arm Drag and follows it up with a Clothesline. Mike Sanders sets upa Suplex but Kaz Hayashi counters by setting him up on the top rope. Hayashi then looks for a Superplex but is nailed in the side and pushed back into the ring. Sanders soars through the air with a Missile Drop Kick for the near fall. Mike Sanders tags in Billy Kidman and together they stomp on the fallen Kaz Hayashi. They whip him off of the ropes and catch him with a Double Flapjack all the way to the canvas. Sanders rolls onto the apron as Kidman beats Kaz against the ropes with some right hands. He then whips Hayashi across the ring and takes a swing at him. Hayashi ducks and rebounds off of the ropes with a Catapult DDT all the way to the canvas. Kaz Hayashi hooks the leg for a two count before setting up a Vertical Suplex. Kidman gets a kick to the midsection and hits the ropes before delivering a Swinging Neck Breaker. Billy Kidman covers Kaz Hayashi for a near fall. He then begins to climb the turnbuckle but is nailed from behind. Kaz Hayashi looks for a Back Superplex but Kidman rolls onto his feet and from behind takes Hayashi off of the top rope with a SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX!! Kidman hooks the leg and the count is made for the one...two...thre- kick out! Kidman picks up Hayashi and tries for a Body Slam but the Jung Dragon slides onto his feet and from behind heads for the Final Cut. Kidman gyrates out of the hold and sets up the Kid Krusher but Kaz counters with a Backslide for the one...two...thre- shoulder up! Billy Kidman stalks Kaz Hayashi for a Clothesline but misses and has his brains scrambled with a Reverse DDT. Hayashi then hits the ropes and lands a Leg Drop across the throat for a two count. Kaz Hayashi drags Kidman to his corner and tags in Jimmy Yang. Together they stomp a mudhole in Billy Kidman before whipping him into the opposite corner. Hayashi heads to the apron as Yang connects with a Body Splash to the corner and follows it up with a Bulldog for a near fall. Jimmy Yang then hops off of the second rope with a Summersault Leg Drop for another near fall. In frustration Yang fires some stomps at Kidman. The TV Champion fights back with a rake to the eyes before hitting a Back Suplex from behind and hooking the leg for a one count. Billy Kidman stomps on Jimmy Yang before hitting the ropes. Yang catches him with a Drop Kick before nailing a Scoop Slam for the near fall. Jimmy Yang tags Kaz Hayashi back in but they are both mowed down with a Double Clothesline from Kidman. Yang is thrown over the top rope and Hayashi is subjected to a barrage of right hands. The TV Champion whips Kaz off of the ropes and into a Back Body Drop. Hayashi lands on his feet and hits the ropes for a Flying Forearm to the face. Kaz Hayashi then sets up the Final Cut but Mike Sanders enters the ring and low blows him. Kidman capitalises with the Kid Krusher for the one...two...three!
Winner via pin fall in 9:21: Billy Kidman and Mike Sanders

The Playboyz roll out of the ring and have their arms raised by Stacy Keibler. They back up the aisle as the referee and Jimmy Yang check no the condition of Kaz Hayashi. Schiavione, “The Jung Dragons came close to picking up a victory but Mike Sanders managed to sneak in a low blow. The Playboyz are now on their way to a Tag Team Title match later on tonight. Hopefully lightning won’t strike the same place twice and they’ll lose to either the Harris Boyz or preferably Kronik.” Kaz Hayashi begins to move. He rolls onto his stomach and looks up at the Playboyz celebrating their win.

A limousine is shown pulling up and out of it steps Ric Flair, wearing casual clothes. He storms into the arena but stops briefly to read a poster showing David Flair’s face and the word ‘missing’. Flair enters the arena and his theme music begins to roll. He is shown storming through a corridor before pushing the curtains aside and heading through the entranceway. He makes his way to the ring and takes a microphone. Ric, “Cut that damn music! Last week I was pouring myself a glass of milk, it’s one of the few things that the doctors would let me drink after my own son beat me half to death. And what do I see on that milk carton? I see a picture of my son. That’s how I find out that he’s gone missing after wrestling in sleazy basements and warehouses with Vader at his side. Now I know that David kicked the crap out of me the last time I saw him but damnit he’s family and if anyone so much as lays a finger on them then I’ll take them apart limb from limb!” Ric Flair has never looked more emotional in his entire life. Ric, “Now the question is who is behind him going missing? David isn’t the kind of guy to just disappear. Someone knows why he’s missing and doesn’t want to come forward. So let’s start with Vader. David Flair was in Vader’s corner when they were wrestling in New York, Pittsburgh, Canada and all over the world in some of the seediest venues there are. Vader was the last person to see David before he went missing and now it looks like Vader has decided to go into hiding as well. He’s not even in the arena. What the hell is it that made him do that? What does he have to hide? What about Bobby Heenan? Now you all saw footage at the beginning of the night about the Heenan Family turning against me because they think I cost David the TV Title. The next night on Nitro is became apparent that the Heenan Family had created a monster and they couldn’t stop it.” Ric Flair rolls out of the ring and heads to commentary. Ric, “I want to know everything that you know about my son going missing.” Bobby Heenan just shakes his head but then Flair grabs him by the throat. Dean Malenko’s music kicks in and the Man of 1000 Holds heads through the curtain with a group of security guards. Malenko, “Ric, I know that you’re angry about David going missing and I know that you’re angry at Bobby and myself for having the Heenan Family turn against you all those months back at Uncensored. But you’ve got to understand that even though we created a monster we couldn’t control in the form of Vader and David Flair, we had nothing to do with anybody going missing. Now you’re emotional and you’re not thinking straight so I’ve asked these security guards to escort you back to your limousine. You need to calm down.” Ric Flair lets go of Heenan’s throat and starts to shout at Dean Malenko. He reluctantly leaves as the guards follow. When Ric Flair gets backstage he looks shocked. Somebody has TRASHED Ric Flair’s limo! Ric, “That was you! Wasn’t it?” Malenko, “I had nothing to do with it.” Ric charges at Malenko and throws a barrage of right hands at him. Security finally hold back Ric Flair as he glares at Malenko who checks his forehead for blood.

Hugh Morrus is shown backstage. He knocks on the door to the women’s locker room door. Madusa answers. Morrus, “Hey Madusa. I’ve got a Mixed Tag Team Match coming up after the break and I could use a partner.” Madusa, “To be honest, I was hoping you’d pick me. Scott Steiner sickened everyone in the locker room after he put Hulk Hogan through that table last week. I want a piece of him and maybe slap the taste out of his freak’s mouth while I’m at it.” Morrus, “Great, let’s go. We’re up next.”

[7:30 - 7:45]

Mixed Tag Team Match
Hugh Morrus and Madusa vs WCW Champion, Scott Steiner and Midajah

Hugh Morrus and Madusa make their way to the ring together. Morrus climbs a turnbuckle and raises his arms as Madusa claps her hands in the ring. Schiavione, “Madusa and Hugh Morrus are stepping up to the challenge to take on Scott Steiner and Midajah in a Mixed Tag Team Match.” Tenay, “Everyone in the locker room was shocked by Scott Steiner putting Hulk Hogan through a table last week and so they’re going to stand up to him tonight.” Hugh Morrus and Madusa watch the entranceway like hawks in anticipation of their opponent’s arrival.
Scott Steiner heads through the curtain with the World Title belt around his waist and his freak, Midajah at his side. Big Poppa Pump steps into the ring and poses on a turnbuckle, flexing his muscles. Scott Steiner takes off the title belt and holds it in the air. Madusa takes hold of Midajah’s hair and throws her to the ground as Hugh Morrus nails Steiner from behind while he is on the turnbuckle. Morrus throws Steiner to the canvas before firing a barrage of stomps at the fallen champion. Madusa and Midajah roll to their corners as Hugh Morrus lifts up Steiner and floors him. Morrus then heads for a Body Slam. The champion slides onto his feet and spins Hugh Morrus into a kick to the gut. Scott Steiner clubs Morrus around the head before beating his face against the turnbuckle. Steiner then fires a volley of Shoulder Thrusts to the midsection of his opponent. Freakzilla climbs the turnbuckle and fires the 10 Punch. Morrus throws Steiner to the canvas before mowing him down with a Clothesline. Hugh Morrus then looks for an Irish Whip but is pulled into a Power Slam for the one count. Schiavione, “Scott Steiner is scheduled to meet Hulk Hogan at the Great American Bash in an I Quit Match. Obviously he’ll be focusing on that but he can’t let a loss tonight slip through his fingers.” Heenan, “I’m confident that Steiner will do everything in his power to secure a win tonight. That should give him some momentum heading in to Great American Bash.” Scott Steiner whips Hugh Morrus off of the ropes but is taken down with a Clothesline. Morrus then heads for a Suplex but can’t lift Big Poppa Pump up. Steiner gets a kick to the gut and clubs Morrus around the head before whipping him into the corner and crushing him with a Clothesline. Steiner then tries for a Belly to Belly but receives a headbutt. Hugh Morrus sends Scott Steiner crashing to the canvas with a Sidewalk Slam and tags in Madusa. He holds Steiner in place allowing Madusa to slap the champion. Morrus heads to the apron as Madusa beats on Steiner with rights and lefts. Big Poppa Pump pushes Madusa to the ground and grabs her by the hair. He floors the defenceless woman with a right hand before tagging in Midajah. Midajah throws Madusa to the ground and beats her head against the canvas. Madusa counters with a Monkey Flip. She then takes down Madusa with a Spear and fires a volley of right hands at the face. Madusa beats Midajah into the corner and gets the fans on their feet by executing a BRONCO BUSTER!! Madusa then hoists Midajah into the air and hits a Snap Suplex before she hooks the leg for the one...two...thre- kick out! Madusa lifts up Midajah by the hair but is eventually kicked in the gut. Midajah equalises with a Clothesline and both ladies crawl to their corners. Scott Steiner gets the tag and enters the ring. Hugh Morrus tags himself in and charges at the champion. Morrus looks for a Clothesline but misses and is sent to the canvas with a German Suplex. Morrus struggles to pull himself up and is taken down with a Spinning Belly to Belly Suplex. Steiner kisses the largest arm in the world and drops an elbow into the heart of Hugh Morrus. The leg is hooked and the referee moves in for the kick out! Schiavione, “Scott Steiner is hitting Hugh Morrus with everything that he’s got and it only made it to a near fall.” Heenan, “This match is getting faster and more exciting.” Scott Steiner sets up a Steiner Screwdriver but Hugh Morrus counters with a Vertical Suplex to the World Champion. Hugh Morrus then goes to the top rope and tries for the No Laughing Matter. Steiner rolls out of the ring as Morrus collides with the canvas. Steiner returns to the ring with his title belt and stalks Hugh Morrus with it. He swings the gold but Madusa snatches it from him. Big Poppa Pump glares at Madusa as she backs up into Midajah. Midajah spins Madusa into a kick to the gut before tossing her over the top rope. Scott Steiner takes back his belt but he walks right into a Spine Buster from Hugh Morrus. Both men lie spread out across the surface of the ring. Slowly Hugh Morrus covers Scott Steiner as the referee makes the count for the one...two...thre- kick out! Hugh Morrus holds the ropes to help maintain his balance as he pulls himself up. The Big Bad Booty Daddy slowly gets to his feet. Hugh Morrus swings his fist but Steiner blocks it and throws some punches of his own. Scott Steiner then rears up for a Clothesline before running right into a Tilt a Whirl Slam for the near fall. Hugh Morrus tosses Scott Steiner to ringside and smashes his face into the guard-rail. He then looks for an Irish Whip but Freakzilla counters and sends Morrus into the metal steps at ringside. Steiner throws Hugh Morrus back into the ring before lifting up the title belt and charging at him. Morrus ducks and Steiner accidentally sends his championship gold into the skull of the referee. Morrus gets a School Boy but the referee is down. He then sets up a Power Bomb but Steiner counters with a Back Body Drop. Freakzilla then lifts up his title belt and drives it into the face of the big man. Suddenly through the crowd comes none other than a bandaged HULK HOGAN!! Hogan enters the ring and ducks a belt shot from Steiner before hitting the Big Boot to the chin. Hogan then hits the ropes and lands an ATOMIC LEG DROP!! Hogan rolls out of the ring as the referee recovers. Hugh Morrus goes to the top rope and delivers the No Laughing Matter for the one...two...three!
Winners via pin fall in 11:43: Hugh Morrus and Madusa

Hugh Morrus backs up the entranceway with Madusa at his side. Scott Steiner struggles to stand before stomping the floor in anger. Schiavione, “Hugh Morrus and Midajah have done it! Scott Steiner used a foreign object as a weapon while the referee was down. Hulk Hogan not only got some measure of revenge for being put through a table last week but he also equalised for Hugh Morrus and Madusa.” Heenan, “The simple fact is Hugh Morrus wouldn’t have won that match without help from Hogan. As far as I’m concerned that was cheating by Morrus and Madusa.” Scott Steiner glares at Hugh Morrus and Madusa as they celebrate their win on the entranceway.

Backstage Hulk Hogan is shown heading through a corridor when Mean Gene Okerlund approaches him with a microphone. Mean Gene, “Hulk Hogan, you got one up over Scott Steiner tonight on Nitro. But these skirmishes are nothing compared to the I Quit Match which is drawing ever closer.” Hogan, “You know something, brother...” Vince Russo approaches Hulk Hogan with the Big Boss Man. Hogan, “What the hell do you want, Russo?” Russo, “First of all, you are going to start calling me ‘sir’. After all, I run this show and I’ve got control over your career as long as you’re a member of WCW.” Hulk Hogan glares at Vince Russo but then notices the Big Boss Man and backs off a but. Russo, “Well the only reason I wanted to talk to you is to say that what you just did can’t be tolerated by the office of the commissioner. That is why I’ve scheduled a match for later on tonight. It’ll be Hulk Hogan taking on Lex Lugar. Lugar has got orders to soften you up for the I Quit Match at Great American Bash and orders to punish you for interfering in Scott Steiner’s Mixed Tag Team Match just a second ago. See you around.”

[7:45 - 8:00]

WCW Tag Team Championship
3-Way Tag Team Match

TV Champion, Billy Kidman and Mike Sanders (Playboyz) w/ Stacy Keibler vs Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke (Kronik) vs Heavy D and Big Ron Harris(c) (Harris Boyz)

Stacy Keibler heads through the curtains and strikes a pose for the cameras. Mike Sanders and the reigning TV Champion, Billy Kidman follow her and together they all head down the ramp. The Playboyz warm up against the ropes as Stacy Keibler heads to ringside. Schiavione, “The Playboyz are taking WCW by storm. Their antics are quite frankly sickening but they’re taking them right to the top of the ladder.”
The big men step through the curtain and head down the aisle. Adams and Clarke step into the ring and the Playboyz immediately go to work on them. Mike Sanders clubs Brian Adams around the head before sending him over the top rope with a Clothesline. Clarke is pummelled into a corner by Kidman. The TV Champion tries to jab his fingers into Clarke’s eye but receives a kick to the gut. Bryan Clarke then tosses Kidman into a corner and crushes him with a Clothesline. Sanders leaps onto Bryan Clarke from behind with a Sleeper Hold but is sent crashing to the canvas. Bryan Clarke takes down Mike Sanders with a Clothesline before setting up a Suplex. Sanders gets a kick to the gut and together with Kidman executes a Double DDT. Schiavione, “Two teams are already taking each other apart and the Tag Team Champions have still to arrive.” The Harris Boyz finally run down the aisle and enter the ring. Big Ron takes down both Playboyz one by one with right hands. He then whips Sanders off of the ropes and into a Big Boot. Brian Adams crawls into the ring and takes down Big Ron from behind. Heavy D swings his Tag Team Championship belt at Brian Adams but misses and is sent crashing to the surface of the ring with a Full Nelson Slam! The Playboyz take up their position on a corner as Heavy D struggles to stand. Adams floors the Harris Boy with a right hand as Clarke and Ron head to their corners. Brian Adams whips Don Harris off of the ropes and into a Tilt a Whirl. Heavy D slides onto his feet and scores a Back Suplex for the two count. Don Harris then hits the ropes and lands a Leg Drop. He tags in Big Ron and together they set up a Double Suplex. Brian Adams cements his feet on the ground and takes down the Harris Brothers with a Double Clothesline. Heavy D rolls to ringside as Brian Adams looks for an Irish Whip on Big Ron. The champion pulls Adams into a Reverse Elbow and then hits a Body Slam. Brian Adams is covered for a two count. He struggles onto his feet as Ron Harris charges at him. Adams ducks a Clothesline and hits a Spine Buster. He then tags in Bryan Clarke and together they go to work on Big Ron. The Tag Team Champion stumbles into the Playboyz corner and Mike Sanders gets the tag. Sanders heads to the top rope but Big Ron throws him back into the ring with a Body Press Slam before rolling out of the ring. Mike Sanders pulls himself up but his eyes grow wide when Kronik stare right at him. Adams and Clarke head for the High Times but Sanders fights back with a rake to the eyes of Clarke and a Tiger Head Scissors to Adams. Brian Adams rolls out of he ring and Mike Sanders rolls up Clarke for a one count. The Playboy then applies a Reverse Chin Lock but Clarke backs up into the Harris Boyz corner. Heavy D gets the blind tag to Bryan Clarke and throws the Kronik member over the top rope. Mike Sanders takes out Heavy D at the knee joint with the Chopoblock. Mike Sanders struts around the ring with a cocky look on his face before kicking Don Harris when he’s down. Sanders then lands some Elbow Drops to the knee. He applies pressure to the joint but Heavy D pulls on his hair. Mike Sanders then drags Don towards the apron and places his foot on the bottom rope. Sanders climbs onto the second ropes and crushes the knee joint with a Ban Zai Drop. He then tries for a Figure-4 but Big Ron enters the ring and pushes Sanders to the ropes. Ron looks for a Big Boot but misses and finds himself straddled on the top rope. Mike Sanders pulls Big Ron into the ring and throws the big man over the top rope. Heavy D limps across the ring and clocks Sanders from behind. He then heads for an Irish Whip but is pulled into the 3.0!! Sanders tags in Billy Kidman. The TV Champion takes down Heavy D again and again with one Clothesline after another. Kidman then whips Don Harris into a Drop Toe Hold before trying for the Figure-4. Big Ron breaks up the hold with a Leg Drop across the throat. Mike Sanders sacrifices himself with a Cactus Clothesline that sends Big Ron tumbling all the way to ringside. Billy Kidman ducks a shot from Heavy D before getting a Drop Kick to knee. Kronik enter the ring but Kidman takes them both down with a Double Clothesline. He climbs to the top rope but Brian Adams tosses him onto the apron. Adams grabs Kidman by the throat but receives a rake to the eyes. Kidman then hits the Guillotine onto the top rope. He climbs to the top rope as Adams stumbles around the ring. The TV Champion soars through the air with a Missile Drop Kick. Adams rolls out of the ring but Bryan Clarke begins to take it to Billy Kidman. Clarke whips Kidman off of the ropes and heads for a Tilt a Whirl. Kidman slides onto his feet and from behind hits the Bulldog. Heavy D takes down Kidman with a Clothesline. Together the Harris Twins pulverise Bryan Clarke with the H-Bomb! Billy Kidman sends Big Ron crashing to ringside before ducking a right hand from Don Harris. Kidman gets the roll up and places his feet on the ropes to illegally gain leverage for the three count.
Winners via pin fall in 10:59 and NEW Tag Team Champions: Billy Kidman and Mike Sanders, the Playboyz!

The Playboyz grab their newly won title belts and have their arms raised by both the referee and their valet, Stacy Keibler. Schiavione, “No! The Playboyz steal a win and steal the Tag Team Championships.” Tenay, “I think I’d rather that those bullies, the Harris Boyz kept the title belts rather than the cockiest team in WCW winning them.” Stacy Keibler pops the cork of a champagne bottle and sprays it in the air as the Playboyz celebrate the biggest win of their careers.

A local hotel is shown on the camera and outside it stands Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart. He begins to pace back and forth when a taxi cab pulls up. Ric Flair steps out of it and is approached by Bret Hart. Hart, “Ric, I’m glad I found you...hey, since when does the jet-flying, limousine-riding son of a gun start taking cabs.” Ric, “I’m not in any mood to play games, Bret.” Hart, “I’m sorry. But I was thinking. David’s gone missing. I think I know who might have something to do with that.” Ric, “You know where my son is.” Hart, “No but you might want to try questioning Sting about it. He’s your biggest rival. For over a decade he tried everything in his power to take you out. If anyone knows where David is then it’s Sting.” Ric Flair gets back into the taxi and it roars away from the hotel as Bret Hart watches on with a twisted grin on his face. Schiavione, “Oh my God! What the hell has Bret Hart done? Surely he hasn’t let his feud with Sting reach this level.”

[8:00 - 8:15]

Ron ‘the Truth’ Killings makes his way through the curtain and heads down the entranceway. He stops to sign an autograph but throws the pen back in the face of a fan. Killings steps into the ring and takes a microphone. Chants of ‘Killings sucks’ echo throughout the arena. The US Champion holds his title belt into the air. Killings, “Take a look at this strap. Take a look at the symbol of everything that is important to me. Take a look at the United States Championship belt. I out my heart and my soul into this belt and I’m offering anyone from the locker room the chance to compete for the gold at the Great American Bash.” Killings throws the title belt over his shoulder and watches the entranceway.
The Austin Power’s music rolls and Johnny Swinger drives his Shaguar down the ramp. Swinger enters the ring with a microphone of his own while he’s dressed as Austin Powers. Swinger, “I was in the back shagging some groovy Canadian chicks when I hear that you’re issuing an open challenge.” Killings, “Are you trying to say that you accept the challenge?” Swinger, “Yeah baby!” Killings, “I have wrestled with the likes of Bret Hart and Sting. In fact I’m scheduled to wrestle Hart tonight but he’s not shown up. I wanted a living legend to answer my challenge and instead I get you. I could squash you in five minutes...hey, I could squash you in five minutes so I look forward to meeting you in the ring at Great American Bash.” Ron Killings steps out of the ring when suddenly running out of the entranceway comes...SID VICIOUS!! Sycho Sid runs by Killings and into the ring. He takes down Johnny Swinger with one right hand after another before pulverising him with a Choke Slam! Sid takes a microphone. Sid, “Before you start messing around with the US Championship how about we settle the little dispute we’ve been having ever since I Choke Slammed you onto the hood of that Shaguar. It’ll be you and me in a one on one match this Thursday on High Voltage!” Sid throws down the microphone and leaves the ring.

Backstage Sting is shown walking through a corridor when suddenly from behind him comes Ric Flair with a baseball bat. He brings it down hard across Sting’s back again and again and again. Flair, “What the hell have you done to my son? Talk you little son of a bitch!” Dean Malenko runs down the corridor with security and drag Ric Flair out of the corridor. Malenko, “I told you to stay out of the arena. Why in the hell did you show up again? Why in the hell did you take a baseball bat to Sting?” Flair, “If he won’t tell me where my son is then I’ll beat an answer out of him next week.” As officials drag Ric Flair out of the area and others tend to Sting’s injuries, the camera shows Bret Hart grinning widely at the damage done from the background. Ron Killings bumps into Hart. Killings, “I was scheduled to face you tonight. Where the hell were you?” Hart, “I was tending to some very serious business.” Killings, “Yeah well I want the match that I was promised.” Hart, “Tell you what. I’ll give you your match next week, kid.” Ron Killings leaves through the corridor as Bret Hart continues to grin at the damage done.

[8:15 - 8:30]

‘The Total Package’ Lex Lugar vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan

‘Voodoo Child’ hits the PA system as Hulk Hogan makes his way toward the ring. The crowd cheers Hogan out of the stadium while he rolls into the ring. Hogan marches around the ring with his hands cupped around his ears.
Lex Lugar walks out of the back and onto the stage. The crowd starts a ‘Lugar sucks’ chant! Lugar runs into the ring and the bell sounds. Lugar goes for a right hand but Hogan blocks and fires away with some right hands. Hogan whips Lugar into the ropes. Lugar comes out of the ropes into a shoulder block, sending Lex crashing to the mat. Hogan bounces off the ropes and comes back with a big elbow to the skull of Lugar. Lugar stands up. Hogan goes for a clothesline but Lugar ducks. Lugar connects with some right hands sending Hogan into the corner. Lugar slams some knife edged chops into the chest of the Hulkster. Hogan falls out of the corner onto the mat. Lugar taunts the crowd and the crowd retaliates with boos. Lugar picks up Hogan and tosses him into the ropes. Hogan comes out of the ropes into a Power Slam. Schiavione, “Lex Lugar has just knocked the wind out of Hulk Hogan.” Heenan, “Things aren’t looking good for the fan favourite.” Lex Lugar pins Hogan for the one...two...thre- kick out! Lex Lugar picks Hogan up and Irish Whips him into the corner. Lugar charges at Hogan but Hogan hits an elbow to Lugar’s head. Hogan takes Lugar into a Vertical Suplex. Lugar gets up. Hogan runs him over with a clothesline. Hogan taunts the crowd. Lugar comes from behind with a headlock. Lugar works the lock. Hogan goes down to a knee. The ref asks Hogan if he gives up. Hogan screams “NO!” Hogan’s body is lifeless as the ref raises Hogan’s hand for the knock out count. The hand falls once, twice. The ref raises it a third time but Hogan comes alive and fights his way up. Hogan is standing and starts to hammer some elbows to the stomach of Lugar! Hollywood Hulk Hogan tosses Lex Lugar into the ropes. Lugar comes back into a spine buster! Hogan picks Lugar up and tosses him over the top rope. Hogan climbs to the outside. Hogan throws Lex Lugar into the steps. The Hulkster starts to bang Lugar’s head of the steel steps. Hulk Irish Whips Lugar into the barricade. Hogan rolls himself and Lugar back into the ring. Hogan Pile Drives Lugar! Lugar is hurt. Lugar stagers up. Hogan takes Lugar over to the corner. Hogan attempts to slam Lex’s head off the turnbuckle but Lugars counters and slams Hogan’s head off. Hogan is not effected! Hogan is hulking up! Lugar nails some right hands but no effect! Lugar bounces off the ropes and connects with a clothesline but Hogan doesn’t move an inch! Hogan points his finger at Lugar. Hogan whips Lugar into the ropes. Lugar comes back into a Big Boot! Hogan runs into the ropes, comes back and nails a Leg Drop! Hogan pins Lugar for the one...two...three!
Winner by pin fall in 7:34: Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan has his arm raised by the referee. He begins to flex his muscles but Lex Lugar pulls himself up and watches the Hulkster from behind like a hawk. The Total Package nails Hogan from behind in anger after losing the match. Schiavione, “Lex Lugar isn’t taking that loss too well.” Hulk Hogan glares at Lex Lugar. The Total Package takes a swing at Hollywood but it is blocked. Hogan wags his finger before flooring the Total Package. He then takes off his belt and twirls it around in the air. The Hulkster whips Lugar across the back again and again but Scott Steiner comes running down the ramp with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Hogan realizes that the odds are against him and makes a getaway through the crowd. Schaivione, “Hulk Hogan was punishing Lex Lugar for taking a cheap shot but Wolfpack forced him to make an escape.”

[8:30 - 8:45]

Tag Team Match
Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon (Masked Machines) vs Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias (Three Count)

*He’s coming*
Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon come running from the back as the crowd cheers as loud as they can. Rey and Ultimo jump into the ring as Shannon and Evan run down the ramp. Evan will start for his team and Rey for his. Rey and Evan tie up in the middle of the ring. Rey takes Evan into a headlock. Evan pushes Rey into the ropes. Rey comes out of the ropes into a shoulder block. Evan bounces off the ropes and nails a Baseball slide into the head of Rey Rey. Rey stands up. Evan connects with a Japanese arm drag. Evan puts Mysterio into an arm wrench. Evan tags in Shannon. Shannon goes to the top rope. Shannon jumps off with an ax handle smash onto the arm of Rey. Shannon whips Rey into the ropes but Rey reverses it and sends Shannon into the ropes. Shannon comes out and connects with a tilt-ta-whirl head scissors. Shannon pins, one, two, kick out. Shannon picks Rey up and connects with DDT! Shannon picks Rey up and delivers a Vertical Suplex. Shannon runs into the ropes and nails a Lion Sault! Shannon tags in Evan. Evan comes in and hits a drop kick. Evan puts Rey in a Half Crab. Rey screams in pain. Rey fights to try to get to the get to the ropes. Rey is inches away from the ropes. Just before Rey can get to the ropes Evan pulls him away. Ultimo comes in and knocks Evan off Rey. Evan picks Rey up. Evan goes for a back suplex but Rey counters with a bulldog! Rey and Evan are lied out on the mat. Rey crawls for the tag as Evan is also doing. Rey leaps and makes the tag! Evan jumps and makes the tag! Shannon goes for a right hand but Ultimo blocks it and fires back with some right hands of his own. Ultimo Dragon sends Shannon into the ropes. Shannon comes back into a Flapjack. Evan comes in but Rey cuts him off with a Tornado DDT. Ultimo puts Shannon on the middle rope. Rey runs and connect with a 619! Ultimo Dragon tags Rey Mysterio in. Rey hops to the top rope and signals for a West Coast Pop! Evan pushes Rey off the top rope through the announcer’s table! Ultimo jumps in the ring and nails a shining wizard to the head of Evan causing him to fall off the top rope. Shannon throws Ultimo to the outside. Shannon bounces off the ropes and dives to the outside taking out all three men. Rey climbs out of the reckage. Shannon throws Mysterio into the steel steps. Shannon rolls Rey back into the ring. Shannon puts Rey on the top rope. Shannon climbs on the top rope with him and attempts a Superplex! Rey counters and pushes Shannon off the top rope. Shannon stands and Rey dives off with a West Coast Pop! Rey hooks the leg for the one...two...three!
Winner by pin fall in 7:02: Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon

Mene Gene Okerland is backstage with Goldberg. Mean Gene, “Bill Goldberg, since winning the right to face the World Champion you’ve been forced to defend the spot against Buff Bagwell. Is Vince Russo trying to make sure that you don’t wind up getting the chance to be the next WCW Champion? ” Goldberg, “Believe me Mean Gene when I say that if Vince Russo keeps playing these little games then getting Scott Steiner in a title match will no longer be a priority. Kicking Vince Russo’s teeth so far down his throat that he’ll have to eat with the ass will become a priority. But as far as tonight goes. Buff Bagwell is next!”

[8:45 - 9:00]

Wolfpack are shown watching the upcoming match in their locker room. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Syxx-Pac, Lex Lugar, Scott Steiner, Midajah, Big Boss Man and the commissioner, Vince Russo are all gathered around the television set. Schiavione, “Wolfpack have a vested interest in tonight’s main event. If Buff Bagwell can beat Goldberg then it’ll be one less contender for the World Title which is currently being held by their man, Scott Steiner.” On the screen Bill Goldberg is shown stepping out of his locker room as security escort him through a corridor.

Main Event
Bill Goldberg vs Buff Bagwell

Goldberg’s theme hits the P.A system as ‘Da Man’ Goldberg comes out from the back. Tenay, “This man has a great physique that allows him to push guys around such as Buff Bagwell.” Goldberg takes one giant leap from the floor to the apron. A HOWL is heard through the arena as Buff runs down the ramp. Bagwell wastes no time and rolls right into the ring. The bell sounds. Bagwell runs at Goldberg with a clothesline but Goldberg ducks it. Buff comes off the ropes and is met by a clothesline. Buff gets right up and is ready. Goldberg latches his hands around Buff’s waste and attempts a Belly to Belly Suplex. Buff quickly counters with head butts and Goldberg loses grip. Buff takes advantage of the counter and connects with a DDT. Buff grabs Goldberg’s head and puts it in rear chin lock. The referee asks Goldberg is he wants to give up but Da Man just powers onto his feet. Goldberg stands up with Buff on his back. Tenay, “Look at the power! Look at the strength! Look at this amazing display from Bill Goldberg! He has a two hundred plus pound on his back but it isn’t effecting him at all.” Goldberg runs backwards into a turnbuckle, crushing Buff’s spine! Goldberg does it again causing Buff to fall off of his back. Buff is sitting down in the corner. Goldberg comes charging at him and smashes a knee into Buff’s head! Goldberg picks up Buff. Goldberg lifts Buff into the air with a Vertical Suplex. Goldberg then drops him forward onto the ropes. Goldberg goes to the top rope and jumps off with a leg drop to the back of Buff’s head. Goldberg pins Bagwell for the one...two...thre- but no, Buff kicks out! Goldberg picks Bagwell up and hoists him above his head. Buff fights his way down and then connects, while coming down, a DDT! Buff is up and stalking his opponent. Goldberg slowly pulls himself up. Buff goes for a Hurricanranna but Goldberg counters with a devastating Power Bomb all the way to the canvas! Goldberg picks Marcus Backwell up for a Jackhammer! Goldberg tries to execute his trademark manouvre but Buff nails a Neck Breaker! Buff goes to the top rope. Goldberg is up and trying to shake the cobwebs out. He turns around and Bagwell hits him with a stunning Missile Drop Kick! Buff goes to the top rope for a second time. Buff dives off with a Big Elbow, but Goldberg rolls out of the way! Buff Bagwell collides with the ring, hitting it hard. Goldberg runs to the top rope! Goldberg jumps off with a Leg Drop! This time Buff rolls out of the way! Buff leans on the ropes to try to help himself up. Goldberg slowly follows on. Buff charges at Goldberg with a Tornado DDT but Goldberg throws him off with a Spine Buster! Goldberg stays on the offensive as he nails a Belly to Belly Suplex! Buff is lying on his stomach. Goldberg puts his hands around the waste of Buff and pulls him straight off the ground and into a release German Suplex! Now Goldberg picks Buff up and brings him above his head for a Gorilla Press Slam! Goldberg then throws him out of the ring with the Gorilla Press Slam! Schiavione, “Bill Goldberg keeps on hitting Buff Bagwell with one high impact maneouvre after another. He is relentless in his attack!” Heenan, “Bill Goldberg is a monster. If he was an animal he would have been put down by now!” Goldberg jumps out of the ring. He picks up Buff and whips him into the steel steps. Meanwhile in the ring the ref starts the count out. Before the ref can get to the count of two, Syxx Pac hits him in the back with a chair! Goldberg rolls Buff back into the ring and himself back into the ring. Syxx-Pac slams the chair into the spine of Goldberg but no damage was done. Goldberg stares down Syxx-Pac. Syxx-Pac goes for a shot to the head but Goldberg blocks it and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex on Syxx-Pac sending him flying out of the ring! Buff picks up the chair and nails Goldberg with it sending the big man down. He stalks Goldberg and cracks the chair against his head again. Bill Goldberg begins to stand as the Buff Daddy watches on in disbelief. Bagwell charges at Goldberg, but is caught with a Power Slam! Syxx-Pac rolls into the ring but Goldberg cuts him off half way with a Spear. Buff is on the top rope. He dives off with a Cross-Body but Goldberg spears him in mid-air! Goldberg picks Buff up and connects with a Jackhammer for the one...two...three!
Winner by pin fall in 11:43: Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg has his arm raised by the referee as Buff Bagwell lies at his feet. Da Man’s music begins to roll as Goldberg climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the many fans with the benefit of flash photography. Schiavione, “Buff Bagwell put up much more of a fight than I was expecting but ultimately if was Bill Goldberg who secured the win with the Jackhammer even though Syxx-Pac had interfered with a steel chair.” Heenan, “Goldberg just had a nasty itch on his back and Syxx-Pac thought that he’d take care of it.” Bill Goldberg lifts the dented steel chair used throughout the match and raises it into the air. Buff Bagwell struggles to stand but the fans roar as Da Man drives the steel chair into his skull. Goldberg throws the chair to the ground and roars like an animal but his celebration is interrupted...
Vince Russo heads through the curtain as Syxx-Pac limps up the ramp. He checks on Syxx-Pac before taking a microphone from a stagehand. Russo, “First of all congratulations Goldberg, you took no prisoners. You stormed through that match and beat the living daylights out of anyone else who wanted in on the action. You’re beginning to look like a Number One Contender and you’re beginning to look like the next WCW Champion. But I’m not sure you deserve a title match just yet. How about next week you take on Syxx-Pac and if you win that then maybe we’ll consider letting you wrestle a championship match.” Vince Russo throws the microphone to the ground as Syxx-Pac’s eyes grow wide in fear. Syxx-Pac protests against Russo’s decision as Bill Goldberg glares at the commissioner in anger. Schiavione, “Another obstacle laid down for Bill Goldberg next week. We’ll see you on High Voltage.” Nitro goes off the air with Vince Russo grinning from cheek to cheek and Bill Goldberg shouting abuse at him.