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Royal Carribbean Cruise

This is a little photo album so everyone can enjoy. Me and my girlfriend took a cruise last year 07-21-03 thru 07-28-03. We flew out to Puerto Rico, where we boarded on the world's Largest Cruise ship, " The Adventurer of the Seas" from Royal Carribbean.

We visited St. Thomas, St. Martin (French and Dutch Side), Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados.

The first few pictures is from the American Airlines Jet. Which Left JFK in New York City headed to San Juan International Airport.

St. Thomas

These are a few pictures of beautiful St. Thomas

St Martin To Barbados

These are the remaining photos, didnt want to overload the computers so i snipped some here and there.


P.S II You can thank the Photographer... anytime...ME!

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